Posted by: shannynmoore | July 27, 2009

Countdown with Lawrence O’Donnell & Shannyn Moore



  1. Great job as always Shanny!

  2. Be-autiful! Great interview (as usual) Shannyn – total class all the way!

    Congrats ….!!! Keep up the pressure ok? Just think of it as Alaska whack-a-mole…

  3. I giggle so much every time I listen to her. Palin is comedy gold. Her self delusion of self importance boggles the mind. I can’t wait for her to launch her “I QUIT” platform for the WH.


    It’s always a pleasure to here you discuss the situation as well Shannyn.

  4. lol, Sarah Palin must really scare reality for reality to keep attacking her like this. hello, reality! she’s already gone, beyond the hold of your petty truths! she’s free to construct her own glorious, compelling narrative and put the finishing touches on her carefully crafted sacred, iconic image. try as hard as you want, reality, she’s given herself to her adoring faithful, and you can’t touch her now with your silly little facts.

    we Alaskans are truly fortunate to have Sarah Palin break her oath to us. i can’t wait to be inspired by whatever she gives up next!

  5. Nice job Ms Moore.

    You are a good ambassador for Alaska…
    especially on the heels of what whatz-er-name did to our image…
    (our image was never very snappy but she pretty much made the state look like a heap of used toilet paper…)

    Thank you.

  6. Why the hell does she ALWAYS try to drag our troops into her mess? She needs to stop trying to pimp our soldiers the way she has pimped here kids. Lord..she sounds so IDIOTIC!

    Good job Shannyn! It’s good to let the rest of America know that not everyone in Alaska is eating all the crap that Sarah his dished up and you are so right…IT’S ALL ABOUT HER and ALWAYS has been even as far back as her days as a PTA mom.

  7. She pimps the military because she’s a political whore.

  8. Great job, Shannon!

    And W00T!

    We are so proud of you. And grateful for your clarity and courageous persistence.

  9. Great job Shannyn. I love the line “political schrapnel”. Keep up the good work. You are a credit to Alaska.

  10. Awesome job Shannyn, wonderful job, you touched on a lot of great points. Brava Shannyn. lol “Quitstock”

  11. Shyannyn-How can Alaskans thank you and all the other blogs for keeping the heat on Palin and her constant lies? You all are amazing and BooBoo thanks you!

  12. great job as always

  13. I liked what you said about having post-traumatic stress re: Sarah. I admit I’m suffering from Palin fatigue. I don’t want to see nor hear about her in the media. I hope the media chooses to ignore her except for any criminal behavior regarding the Alaska Trust Fund.

  14. Question, why did Sarah Palin pick on Shannyn when there are other Alaskan Bloggers? I’m asking because I’m new to this blog and can’t understand why Shannyn was singled out. It doesn’t make sense, she didn’t do anything wrong but report honestly and factually. Can someone clue me in as to why she had a personal vendetta against Shannyn. Thanks, I’m a new fan of Shannyn’s.

    • My own opinion on this is that Palin’s personal pitbull/attorney, Thomas Van Flein, is a lot of bark with little, if any, bite. The last ‘victim’ of his barking was Kim Chatman, being accused of leaking the ethics complaint findings. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Alaska Bar Association might not want to investigate Van Flein’s ethics after these unwarranted attacks. (The way that he makes the statements that he does — without facts to back up his assertions — reminds me of exactly how Palin would react. The difference is, he has a law license and supposed ethics to uphold.) JMO.

  15. I, for one, here in the lower 48 would like to know what the woman accomplished. She is so pro-Alaska. What did she do? I know she almost bankrupted Wasilla with the Sports Complex and she does fish and kill stuff from helicopters, but what has she really done?
    Remember, McCain said she was the most educated person he knew in the field of energy.

    She needs to go home and take care of her kids.
    And when she said that stuff about the media???
    OMG! Woman, you LOVE the media. How many freaking press conferences can you have to say “i quit, but im not a quitter”.

    God I am so sick of her. She has this entitlement thing going on. Its like she doesn’t even realize how under-educated she really is.

    Im sorry, but I am addicted to her stupidity. Its hilarious. And I thought Oklahoma had a bunch of stupid rednecks.

    • Palin’s speech was hilarious. As she listed her accomplishments and gave herself numerous pats on the back, telling us all the things she’d done which previous governors had been unable to do, you’d have thought she was the greatest governor we ever had. She was a terrible governor and that’ll only become more apparent with time.

    • Great observations…I just think Palin’s the modern day equivalent to Jethro Bodine in intelligence, class, and definitely communication.

  16. She is the female version of Bruno. “don’t look at me, OH LOOK AT ME!!!”
    Ish want to be famous……

  17. There’s some excellent commentaries on the “Sarah Palin” page over at Huffington Post just uploaded. The scariest is entitled “Is Sarah Palin Our Richard Nixon?”

    It does more than skewer her “accomplishment” claims and her penchant for turning fantasy into “fact” just because she sez so… …it might scare you just like the smug Palinistas claim we are.

    And there’s another that lets you laugh along with the writer at Palin’s “hack performance”.

    Did anyone watch Hardball 7/27/09? Start watching the above video at about 5:30. Chris Matthews asks Pat Buchanan what has been said by the media that is not true about Sarah Palin.
    Pat Buchanan said the allegation was floating all over the place reported by the media that Bristol’s child, or rather the child she was born with down syndrome was actually Bristol Palin’s.
    This is the very FIRST time I have heard anyone mention the “allegation” on television, and bless his little black conservative heart, it came from Pat Buchanan!! Sort of like a Grandpa Heath moment with the water breaking! ROFLMAO!

  19. Shannyn, you were great tonight, as always!

  20. @Lonnie……. she chose Shannyn because she knows Shannyn is smart enough to cause her harm. Palin is so used to snowing others she isn’t sure what to do when someone has the balls to stand up to her.

    Unfortunately for Palin (Fortunately for Alaskans) , Ms Moore doesn’t cave.

    Palin is a fool.

    • Thanks for clarifying. Shannyn has more “balls” than Private Citizin Sarah and I guess she is jealous of her intellect.

      • Lonnie: Shannyn is smart, attractive and intelligently articulate. She is unflappable and logical. She backs her comments and stories with facts and sources.

        On the other hand, $arah … give me a minute.

        Wait ..

        Let me think.

        Not sure but she must have done something memorable?

        Nope, nothing to see – moving on.

  21. RE: the Hardball video I posted above, I hope the MSM will use this prime opportunity to discuss babygate now since, as they say in court proceedings, Pat Buchanan “opened the door”. Keith? Rachel? Shannyn? Anybody??? Go for it!!

  22. the Babygate rumor was all over Alaska months before Ms Palin was put on the McCain ticket

  23. Excellent interview (as usual!) Shannyn. What I find entertaining, is that just yesterday the world was subjected to a 20+min Word Salad from a screechy SP – then everyone scratching heads trying to figure out ‘what WAS that she actually said’?

    Then, just the next day, here’s Shannyn being interviewed. Articulate, intelligent, even toned voice, making some big time sense in less than 4minutes – clearly withOUT the use of a teleprompter.

    Nice job! I think you & AKM are going to be the Bells of the Ball at Netroots Convention!

  24. IMO, the reason Shannyn was singled out for more of the SP & Co. venom, was that SM had a voice & a face. Talk show radio and being increasingly requested by Olbermann on Natl TV. Giving them laughs & fact-based points to ponder, small wonder intelligent people wanted to interview or watch SM.

    While the other AK progressive bloggers were providing intelligent discourse & lobbing jabs, they were seldom physically SEEN or heard (if at all) on Natl TV/radio.

    SM interviews provided such a ‘contrast’ from what Sarah was inarticulately scrambling to project. And that just made (Journalism Major SP) Sarah look worse to a substantial audience.

    Since SP couldn’t compete, she simply fell back on her Jr. High School ‘mean girl’ methods that she’s resorted to in the past. JMHO.

  25. girl-you did good!
    relaxed,cool and to the point.

  26. Gee, I wonder if Sarah is reading all the negative press she is getting? Oh yeah, I forgot, she doesn’t read newspapers since she couldn’t name one. LOL

    I bet she reads the bloggs thou.

  27. Shannyn..Great job as usual.

    Just a heads up for you, Laz @ OMFGAlaska has noticed that the SOA website has scrubbed all of those press releases by Palin regarding the ethics complaints…anything that showed her nasty side, has been removed from the website!

    The cover-up has begun!

    • They know nothing about screenshots or caching – or copy/pasting … none of this stuff EVER GOES AWAY.

      • Did anyone check to see if maybe it was the State’s doing? Do they normally keep up old Governor’s information? Might not be so sinister as you would like to believe.

  28. She thinks she got negative press before; she ain’t seen nothin’ yet!!!!!

  29. The state legislature really blew it when they did not impeach Palin for her abuse of power over troopergate.

    If that does not warrant impeachment in Alaska, what does?

    What does a governor have to do? Murder a baby at high noon in front of the state capitol buildings?

    The legislature gave her the green light to carry on and did she EVER!

    In my humble opinion, Alaskans should hold this legislature responsible for all Palin’s actions after The Branchflower report.

    What a waste of time and money for nothing but, MORE abuse of power.

    They say that there was “no political will”.

    All that means is that, not a single legislator, had the intestinal fortitude to protect the people of Alaska from a governor who THEY found to have extensively abused the power of her office.

    By doing nothing, the legislature made itself irrelevant to the people of Alaska.

    I know just how difficult it is to keep up with governor grifter.

    But the responsibility and blame sits directly at the feet of the legislature who knew better, and whose JOB it is to protect the people of Alaska.

    The legislature should have been the first people to look at the legality of the Alaska Fund Trust and SarahPac.

    If the legislature did it’s JOB there would be no need for citizens to file so many ethics complaints.

    I think it is the untold story, as everyone focuses on what scam Palin will come up with next

  30. The majority of people have NOT heard about “babygate” because it is NEVER mentioned. I did not know anything about the fake pregnancy until I happened to stumble across Palin’s Deceptions sometime after the election. It was never mentioned on television news, nor in newspapers. To this day, it is rare that you can get any comment past the moderators even on Huffington Post, and not everyone reads the comments or it is buried among the hundreds of comments. Sure, everyone here and on Mudflats, Immoral Minority, etc. knows about it, but I did not discover the wonderful world of Alaskan bloggers until January of this year. Furthermore, the subject is taboo among any Palinistas or Palinbots and if it is mentioned, they quickly shoot it down with Trig’s supposed birth date of 4-18-08 and Bristol “about 5 months pregnant” at the RNC. That alleged birth date had many or all of us at Palin’s Deceptions thrown off until we realized Trig was born much earlier. I never saw the Desperate Housewives episodes about Bree’s fake pregnancy, which I believe gave Sarah the inspiration.

    One more thing, I believe Cathy Baldwin-Johnson did not know Sarah was going to pull this incredibly stupid stunt until after Trig was born in January 2008.

    Pat Buchanan opened the door by mentioning babygate on Hardball last night.
    This is a prime opportunity for MSM to swing the door wide open.

  31. Negative press doesn’t faze her, it energies her because Jesus said one would be persecuted for following him.

    Now if she only would follow the commandments of Jesus, I could support her!!

  32. I think you, Shannyn Moore, are a pathetic mouthpiece for the HuffPo and the left. Sarah Palin wasn’t just picking on you, but all writers, and I use the term loosely, who wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the face. You better take a good look at what your boy Obama and his bunch of thugs are doing to this great country.

    • Thanks for your well thought out input, dianne4dees. I would suggest that you do a bit of research before you bother to post further. You’re correct: Palin wasn’t PICKING on Shannyn, but threatening her with legal action. There’s a big difference, although I suspect that it completely lost on you.

      From Van Flein’s July 4, 2009 Notice: “This is to provide notice to Ms. Moore, and those who re-publish the defamation, such as Huffington Post, MSNBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post, that the Palins will not allow them to propagate defamatory material without answering to this in a court of law.” It seems pretty apparent to me that there was NO defamation going on by those provided “notice” by Van Flein or they would have already been served.

      And what is this “your boy … and his bunch of thugs” BS? I’m not even going to bother getting into your racist and bigoted overtones with that dumbass remark.

  33. Poor Sarah really thinks she’s been treated unfairly, doesn’t she? How sad.

    Good job, Shannyn.

  34. OK I must mention William Shatner’s setting the Palin QuitSpeech to poetry.

    The man is golden and hilarious.

    For those who were NOT able to sit through the actual speech and listen to the ear piercing screech, check out the Shatner version. It will be a political classic – Immoral Minority has the video. I’m sure others do too..

  35. … jealous of Palin’s intellect? good grief.

    Yes I agree that Palin divides Alaskans, my father was at her quitstock and thinks she was a fine Governor. I had to gently remind him of the racial slurs aimed at members of the media crew that McCain addressed, but Palin ignored. Ahh! She should have kept her mouth shut. Then again, we wouldn’t have known the real woman.

  36. I have not lived in Alaska for many years now and i am still fairly young so i don’t know much about politics. I have also known Shannyn since i was a young girl and she has always made my think for myself. Because of her i have become more involved with politics and the concern for Alaska’s future. I am very proud to say that i know Shannyn Moore. Shannyn makes me want to stand up for all the misunderstood in my small town.
    Shannyn you make it so can be proud to be an Alaskan. Thank you!

  37. I Like your hair up Shannyn. Very coherent interview-


  38. You did a great job as usual Shannyn! I enjoyed watching your interviews and the way you slid in the Daniel Report about the so called Alaska Fund Trust. You also looked great!

  39. I’m just curious, but how much did her quitting cost you folks in AK in actual dollars? We all know it’s not free to make a transition like this.

    I assume this has been mentioned somewhere, but I haven’t seen the actual figures.

  40. “I’m just curious, but how much did her quitting cost you folks in AK in actual dollars.”

    well, i can only speak for my office

    replacing State letterhead: about $1,200
    replacing official Governor portrait: about $300
    getting rid of Winky Quitsalot: priceless

    Go to and read more about it!
    NO links from her twitter account are working, NO links to ethics complaint dismissals are working – EVEN GOOGLE has NOTHING!!!

  42. This was actually the most fact oriented, honest assessment of Sarah I have seen.

    Great job Shannyn and Lawrence! I think it is very imporant that everyone knows that you can stilll file ethic complaints for up to 2 months.

    Can you still do that if she moves to the Hampton’s? I guess that tells everyone she is leaving Alaska! Lucky Alaskans!

    • Diana, Shannyn said you could file the ethics complaints for up to 2 YEARS, not 2 months. I don’t think it matters where she moves.

  43. What’s all the facination about? Why waste your time on someone you think is so stupid?

  44. Great job Shannyn! Brava! Thank you!

  45. @ JustMe – WOW, looks like a cover-up. She really is a sneaky S.O.B. You know how Rush Limbaugh is wishing the Prez will fail? well I’m wishing Sarah will fail in her new endeavors.

  46. Rum & coke=good
    Sarah’s B.S.= nefarious at best!
    nough said!
    gonna fire up the Traeger and forgettaboutit!

  47. @Debra…this “fascination’ you speak of, saved you and your countrymen from perhaps making the most monumental mistake a country could make.

    These people…Shannyn and others…told the truth about Palin when others like the McCain camp and Palin herself were lying. We need Shannyn…she is a bright and shining light.

    Shannyn….you were wonderful with Lawrence and he sure didn’t cut Palin any slack either.

    Thankyou for what you do.

  48. Shannyn-in one of your 2 interviews on MSNBC I caught you saying something about her “so Eloquent” description of Alaskas beauty. Alaskan tongue in cheek sarcasm at its best. I LOVED it. Sarah sure is eloquent–it just takes Sarah as poetry blogs and W. Shatner to prove it. While it sounds pretty when translated there is still no sense in it — at all.

  49. Virtual peace and happiness to everyone who blogged for Alaska throughout her disasterous voyage. I am relieved she finally ran herself up onto the rocks….

    I don’t fault anyone but the Palin for her disasterous career. It’s about time she took her divisiveness out of the State of Alaska’s business.

    Who’s her next victim?

  50. ** Attn: Locals **

    Off topic for a second. I was just filling out the online Anchorage Press “Best Of” contest, and under the category of “Best Radio Personality” is Shannyn Moore’s name!

    The selections they listed are: Bob & Mark, Brendan Kelly, Eddie Burke, Rowdy & JJ, The Pipeline on KWHL, and Shannyn Moore!

    There are a whole lot of categories, but the contest says that you only have to select 10 categories to vote on.

    There are a lot of categories on the page you vote at, so just look for the box that says: Celebrity/Best Radio Personality. It’s 8 lines up from the bottom on the list of categories.

    The website is:

    On the r-hand side, top of screen you’ll see where it says “Press Picks 2009 VOTE”. (You have to quickly register, but they don’t send you junk mail)

    They also have the contest in the latest edition of the Press that you can mail in (before Aug 5), but they don’t have names on that and you need to write in Shannyn’s name.

    I hope Shannyn wins!

  51. To pretend that Alaska in 1959 is the same as Alaska post-1976 is disingenuous at best, and in O’Donnell’s case, just plain ignorant.

    Alaska would be far better off without a penny of federal dollars and the lifting of the restrictions on the vast majority of our land that comes with it.

    Through responsible natural resource development, we would be far better off without the federal government’s money.

  52. Shannyn,

    This was great!

    We had over a million hits on youtube with our video “Hockey Mama For Obama” (ie, Don’t Speak For Me Sarah Palin, to the tune of Don’t Cry for Me Argentina)

    Last month we released the Sarah Palin Resignation Song, “I Fell Quitty”, to the tune of “I Feel Pretty”. We hope it will be of some good to you–at least to make you smile as you keep up the good work!

    Sandy and Richard Riccardi
    (ie, Hockey Mama For Obama and piano-playing Moose)

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