Posted by: shannynmoore | July 30, 2009

Palin’s Polls Plunge Past Pleasing

In this survey 400 respondents across the State of Alaska were asked about their opinions of Sarah Palin and Sean Parnell. JULY 29-30, 2009

Question 1
Would you say you feel positive or negative about Sarah Palin? And is that very (positive or negative) or somewhat (positive or negative)?
Very positive 120/400 30.0%
Somewhat positive 67/400 16.8%
Total positive (very+somewhat) 187/400 46.8%

Somewhat negative 65/400 16.2%
Very negative 125/400 31.2%
Total negative (very+somewhat) 190/400 47.5%

No Opinion 18/400 4.5%
Don’t Know the person 5/400 1.2%
Refused 0/400 0%

The same question July 24 -25, 2008
Do you have a very favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable, or very unfavorable impression of Sarah Palin?

Very favorable 179/404 44.3%
Somewhat favorable 144/404 35.6%
Total somewhat + very favorable 323/404 80.0%

Somewhat unfavorable 44/404 10.9%
Very unfavorable 21/404 5.2%
Total somewhat + very unfavorable 65/404 16.1%

No Opinion 12/404 3.0%
Never heard of 4/404 1.0%

Question 2 July 29-30, 2009

Would you say you feel positive or negative about Sean Parnell? And is that very (positive or negative) or somewhat (positive or negative)?
Very positive 104/400 26.0%
Somewhat positive 162/400 40.5%
Total positive (very+somewhat) 268/400 66.5%
Somewhat negative 22/400 5.5%
Very negative 9/400 2.2%
Total negative (very+somewhat) 31/400 7.8%

No Opinion 72/400 18.0%
Don’t Know the person 31/400 7.8%
Refused 0/400 0%

Nice to have the numbers to confirm what we feel on the ground.



  1. Ouch! That’s going to leave a mark. A permanent one, I hope.

  2. I think Palin is eating a whole lot of crow right now.
    I’m sure she is very, very sorry now that she did not take the advice of the knowledgeable republicans in Nov. to go back to Alaska, keep her nose to the grindstone and work hard to be a good Gov.

    She never was able to take good advice, believing that she herself was the smartest person she knew.
    I guess when you have been anointed against witches, you gat to be a know it all.

  3. I see a dead fish going with the flow.

    • Touche!

      • woof!

  4. It’s funny to watch her fans crying how this poll doesn’t mean anything, when they were happy to use this polling to proclaim her supposed 80% approval rating. They prove themselves to be interested only if it shows her in a good light.

    Perhaps if she had actually taken an active interest in the people she was supposed to serve after her return from the failed election bid, and did more than whine and complain about everyone picking on her, she might have kept her higher numbers.

  5. Politico picked up the story:

  6. Sarah Palin was thrown into a political world she was not ready for.

    • She wasn’t thrown… she jumped in.

      Too bad she was all pole, no fish.

  7. To the Editor:

    I’ll do some follow up reading, but I’m concerned about that big a drop in such a short period–even for Private Citizen Palin. I am wondering if the respondents were selected by a process sufficiently random, to be representative? Or were they just the first 400 who answered their phones?

    And while the closest I’ve gotten to Alaska is Jack London’s Yukon stories–it’s hard to believe that nine people in AK had “never heard of” Sarah Palin in the last week of July, 2008.

    But I certainly agree that Private Citizen Palin’s Going Away Speech didn’t win her any fans–at least from people who actually listened to it.

    As for beckybiller’s comment that Private Citizen Palin was “thrown into a political world,” I have to disagree. She jumped in sans blinking, let alone giving it a thought–or so she says. Shortly after she was named GOP VP, the cartoonist for Oregon’s largest paper (The Oregonian) called four mayors of Oregon towns, populations of 6,000. The cartoonist asked them if their experience as mayor qualified them to be VP. Two of the four laughed, and said of course not. The other two insisted it did, one of whom said he was still sitting next to the phone, waiting for the call to invite him. The other said that he could barely wait to announce his own candidacy for President (Note: Oregonians, as a group, can be very sarcastic).

    After all, Beckybiller, what would you say if Senator McCain called you, and asked you to be his VP? Would you not blink? Or would you do what anyone with a two digit IQ would do? Such as, say something like: “Lord John, I’m flattered beyond the capacity for rationale thought–but I think Senators Olympia Snow or Susan Collins bring much more to the table than I do, both in terms of experience, background, and geographical balance.”

    But then again–you probably wouldn’t use your official capacity to illegally fire your ex-brother in law, set up an illegal legal defense fund, have the contractors who built the Wasilla Sports Complex build you a house, etc. etc.

    NOTE: All comments in this response are the sole opinion of Bill Abendroth, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Ms. Shannon Moore, Shannon Moore: Just a Girl From Homer, this listserve, internet provider, or any rationale entity living in the western end of the spiral arm of the milky way galaxy.

    I remain:
    Seriously missing Douglas Adams.
    Bill Abendroth
    Samsara Samizdat

  8. To the Editor:
    WHOOPS! I’m the one who can’t read. There are 53 weeks (and not one week) between the two surveys.


  9. Interesting poll results. Has anyone else noted that the standard line of response for “Sarah’s Team” on various blogs and sites around the net is that the Hayes Research Poll is very inaccurate? They cite that the Poll was wrong about the margin of victory for McCain/Palin in Alaska by about 20 points and therefore what does that crazy bunch of libs know about anything?

    I find this particularly funny since the same “Team” endlessly touted the Hayes Research results in their claims that Ms. Palin was the most popular wonderful most god-fearin’ governor ever. Geesh.

  10. credit you for your report and it helped me in preparing my college assignment.

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