Posted by: shannynmoore | July 30, 2009

Palin Can’t Quit Quitting

It has been reported for weeks Sarah Palin would be speaking at the Reagan Library fundraiser on the eighth of August.  With just a week to go, the planners should be calling William Shatner to fill in.

This just in from Palin’s facebook:

As repeatedly stated to several in the media over the last week, former Governor Sarah Palin is not committed to attend the Simi Valley Republican Women’s event at the Reagan Library and in fact is not attending the event. Neither the Governor’s state staff nor SarahPAC has ever committed to attending this event or speaking at this event, and even requested that the Governor’s name be removed from the invitation several weeks ago. The Governor has other work and commitments to take care of at that time. She looks forward to visiting her friends in California soon.

All event requests must be confirmed with Meghan Stapleton of SarahPAC. Additionally, all invitations bearing the Governor’s name must be approved by her attorney before proceeding.

Thank you.
Meghan Stapleton

Sound familiar?

Last fall, after being booked for 2 months, Palin’s appearance was cancelled at a Coalition of Life event.

Her husband was sent in her place for the Washington Correspondence Dinner.

Palin wouldn’t commit to speak at a ceremony honoring the fallen soldiers of Alaska, then demanded to speak and on stage seating the morning of the event.

She was replaced with Gingrich at a GOP fundraiser in June, citing her busy job as governor.

It’s just as well, she may have walked out half way through…

Note to Meg, stop calling her governor…she quit.


  1. Isn’t there some sort of tradition of referring to former Governors and Presidents with that title? But I agree with you Shannyn, Palin doesn’t deserve that courtesy because she quit. Now, she’s just “Mrs. Palin.”

    • Remember she keep saying that she was “giving up my title” which I thought strange and then I realized she still thinking like a beauty queen.

  2. Yes there is a tradition of referring to ex governors and presidents and “governor” and “president”.

    Since Palin quit…she doesn’t deserve that title. BTW, titles don’t count in stolen elections either. George W Bush was NEVER elected president; stoled it both terms…he will never be deserving of the “President” title…

  3. True, former governors may continue to use the title, even after they’ve completed their service to their state.

    Key word: ‘completed’ 😉

    • Exactly right, MonaLisa. Since she had a hissy in the middle of her term that resulted in her upping and quitting, she’s never earned the right to be called Governor beyond her term. Indeed, her term still is not up so she waived any claim to be called Governor until Parnell is done.

  4. I am just amazed that she continues to screw up a good thing (for her) A speaking engagement @ the Reagan Library, no press & hosted by Ziegler? WTF is she thinking?

    Or is there something more to the story……

    • Yeah, I know… what gives? She kicked us to the curb so she could go do her own thing and make a little money; yet the first opportunity she gets she blows that too. I think she is may be feeling intellectually intimidated. After all, regardless of what one may believe about this organization/event, there are gonna be a bunch of folks in the room that have more than 10 words in their head to use.

  5. I was just thinking about how she sorta went *poof* and was gone. With FOX news reporting that most people think she should stay at home, maybe she is getting the help (er, clue) she needed.

    Shannyn, you and AKM are machines, I just don’t know how you do it. But good job, Alaskans owe you both BIG TIME (and Celtic Diva, and others I don’t know, I am sure)

  6. She’s just fiddling and tweaking her “I Quit” platform for a run at the White House in 2012. Part of the agenda of the “I Quit” platform is quitting in approximately 5 steps.

    1) I’m running!!

    2) I’m running, but where again?

    3) Hey! Look at me! I’m quitting.

    4) I’m quitting because that darn old media is biased against us barracuda type mavericks.

    5) I’ve quit in the interest of serving a higher cause. No I’m not going away, just quitting, because by quitting I’m not really quitting.

    • In the middle of all that are the only words important to Palin and which show what she’s all about: “Hey! Look at me!!”

    • Hey she doesn’t want be an old dead fish goin with the flow!
      Dead barracuda’s teath are still really sharp. She was born to play the Martyr.

  7. “Additionally, all invitations bearing the [Quitter] Governor’s name must be approved by her attorney before proceeding.”


  8. I’d say the odds are pretty good that Ms. Palin can’t commit to any engagements right now because she’s been committed herself.

    She’s probably whiling away the hours by thrusting her pointy little index fingers at the security cameras in the corners of the lockdown ward, and sputtering “patriotic” word salad platitudes at her adoring “captive audience”.

    • Bwahahaha…hehehe! Too funny and sad at the same time because it’s probably true. Because she does sound a bit unstable. Maybe she should get her thyroid checked out. That little gland is a pain in the neck that causes people with issues with it to be a pain in the arse sometimes….I’m just sayin’

  9. Dear Meg, oh, that harpy tone! I’m not sure that pissing off a bunch of wealthy and well-connected Reagan Republican women is really your best strategy at this juncture.

    • So true, so true, so true Cronopio. It’s apparent that Sarah hasn’t learned the basic rule of politics: Building solid connections, no matter how fake you have to be to get them, is what these women expect. A true politician knows that one can NEVER have too many people in the “COUNT ON ME CORNER” especially if they have deep pockets and spirited convictions. So not only are Sarah’s communication and leadership skills lacking, but clearly this stunt shows that her social skills are in the gutter too.

  10. Oh for goodness sake WHY would any organization want to chance having her ATTEMPT to speak at any event of substance? Her vocabulary is dismal and her attention span is less than limited. As one commentator at The Huffington Post so plainly stated, “unless Sarah could do the 3 W’s (winking, waving, and walking) don’t count on her for anything”

    Oh and don’t get me started on Meghan. Obviously she is a poor excuse for a professional at anything because anyone with a grain of dignity, professionalism, and common courtesy would NEVER ignore an invitation nor would they wait til the last minute to offer a bogus excuse unless it was an emergency or something out of their control. She and Sarah are the blind leading the blind. Sarah hasn’t done squat for at least the past three weeks, so I’m sure she could have confirmed or declined the invitation long before now. She is so trifling (an old word my grandmama used for everything distasteful)! Thank heavens she’s out of the Governor’s office.

  11. Why am I not surprised in the slightest?

    That GOP women’s club has been advertising this for awhile now and only recently changed the lingo to “invited guest”.

    Why is it Sarah and her staff can’t manage to get on the same page? If she can’t manage the people who work for her, how can we expect her to manage a nation?

  12. Barbie: I think it’s because some of these right wing wackos simply must have an icon, an idol, some higher being to look up to, and Hitler was taken?

    No seriously I agree – I knew she’d do this – she always does and people still think she’s a professional (maybe I’m misunderstanding what KIND of professional she is???)

    If you see and hear the type of groupies she has, you will understand just what she is. She appeals to the lowest intelligence and most common uneducated base the right wing has ever seen. Even Republican in general don’t want her.

    Her shooting star is shot. Poof! Tinkerbell has left the building.

    I’d love to be a mouse in the corner of that free house they built. Can you just not see and hear the tantrums being flung around?

    Unreliable, not dependable, erratic, flipflops, no wonder she fit in with McInsane so well.

  13. Bizarre. This was a private, members only, high ticket ($100+), closed-to-the-press event, just a perfect bubble of well-groomed women all set to beam with joy at the Quitter’s word salad.

    Events must be seriously awry at Casa La Palin for her to pass up on this tasty morsel of love.

    • She probably is so unorganized and scatterbrained and goin rogue. She can’t get it together to meet her commitments. Kinda sounds like the way she did her job as govenor…hmm maybe that is why she quit.

  14. Oh now now …

    We all know she can’t leave Alaska. It’s her turn to watch for Russians.

  15. Looks like she teased the folks in Simi, but failed to commit, and is now backing out.

    How about a resolution during that special session in AK to bar her from using the title Governor? She doesn’t seem to have earned it.

  16. Shannyn, If the number one priority at this point is talking to these LAWYERS… is that not a clue.
    She CRAVES Power.. or MONEY… BINGO!!

    I suspect the Lawyers are trying to find a ( legal )way for her to get her hands on the FREE AFT money. Because right now one Lawyer has said she can’t have it. She’s not going to walk away from FREE money. What Grifter would.

  17. Why, she’s probably AIP anyway; so, why would she want to go? LOL

    Thanks, Shannyn! Keep an eye out!!

  18. With regard to her title (or lack thereof) – even if she is still addressed as “Governor Palin,” she is no longer THE Governor, as Meg insists on calling her. Personally, I wish that she’d start tweeting again. I could use some comic relief. 🙂

  19. I completely support Mrs. Palin and her decision to go in a new new direction. I would strongly suggest, given the location of Alaska, that she head due north.

  20. House arrest maybe? Check with my attorney to see if I am able to leave the state. Who knows she is so weird. She does think of herself as the queen but she maybe duck taped to the throne.

  21. I gag as I say this but Meg did refer to her as ‘former’ governor in the first line of the release.

    As for the approvals by the lawyer, now that Palin is a private citizen, I can see why things would go through the lawyer as now there are contracts for speaking which would usually have fees and/or expenses involved. Palin do something for nothing — NOT. This is not uncommon at all.

  22. Maybe she is pouting because she did not get a radio deal. I have been in recovery for prescription narcotics for years and have for a long time suspected she may be addicted to some chemical substance. I can usually spot an addict from a mile away.

  23. Meg Stapleton. Political operative or a space cadet? If the former, her skills are understood only by Sarah Palin. Either way, why does Sarah employ her?

    Here is a plausible reason for Sarah’s teeter tottering schedule. The Palin management leaked the word that Sarah would like to speak at the Reagan Library. Why not? Sarah stopped short of calling herself Reagan’s political doppelganger. Speaking at his library has only an upside for Sarah. The word salad shooter will slice, dice, cut and serve and they will eat it.

    Maybe Sarah wanted more money, maybe something else. No deal means Meg can blame the media for starting a rumor. Those directly and previously affected by Palin’s on again off again scheduling won’t beg to differ, they will just differ with Stapleton.

    At least a week remains to change their minds on speaking at the Reagan Library. Sarah’s see saw teeter totters a lot.

  24. She’s upset because there won’t be any media there. A day without a camera is like a day without sunshine.

    She might have to answer the ladies questions and they’re sure to be more intelligent than she is. When will people learn and quit inviting her?

    When will she learn – you don’t s— in your own nest? I know – never. Yay!

  25. Shannyn wrote “Note to Meg, stop calling her governor…she quit.”

    A few weeks ago Meg Stapleton said that Sarah Palin doesn’t need a title after leaving office. So why does Meg continue to use a title?

    • Good point Duke. I believe for the very reason that she and Meg believes that being a Gov is a title, is the reason why we are better off with them gone. They refer to the JOB or POSITION of Governor as if it is a beauty pageant title. Here’s a BIG CLUE Palin …you were ELECTED GOV not CROWNED GOV. I believe she got it all confused and that’s why she, under Meg’s steady hand of guidance, believe that it was okay to QUIT or HAND OVER HER TITLE. She’s a nut and she needs help.

  26. And if you want to see some full-on crazy, wander over to the “Conservatives 4 Palin” blog. Anything and everything she does is genius. It’s pretty scary stuff.

    • I have been there. Can’t handle it!

  27. Is EVERYONE that palin closely associates with a dishonest liar, also too???

    I’ve been poking around Twitter and have not found palin’s Quitter-twitter username yet, have you?

    As alway, Shannyn…you’re doing a great job! Where is Waldo…I mean palin anyway? …she needs watching is all.

  28. Well, Shannyn, it’s apparent to me that you’re just too close to the good Quit-governor to recognize the obvious reason she had to renege on her speaking engagement. It’s because she’s wired in such a way that you can’t blink, Charlie.

    Position flexible, also, too.

    Hey….can I call you Joe?

  29. From the Simi Valley Repug Women’s facebook page:

    We regret to inform you that Governor Sarah Palin is unable to attend our event on August 8, 2009. As stated, we invited her to attend and we were honored by her consideration. We sincerely appreciate the support of our members and guests. We will refund ticket purchases for anyone who chooses not to attend. Contact us by end of business Tuesday, August 4, 2009 at with your name, address, and telephone number for refunds. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    • k l m did you read further down on that page on face book where it states the purpose of the group? I HOWLED when I read it. Here’s what’s posted to help you understand why I got so tickled when I read it. 🙂

      “The main focus of our club is education, particularly of America’s future intellectual leaders.” (Simi Valley Republican Women Facebook July 30,2009)

      • I did see that! Where on earth will they find them? And they were thinking Sarah would be a good inspiring speaker for ‘intellectuals’??

        And John Ziegler will be keynote speaker. A guy of towering intellect!

  30. How long do substance detox programs usually last, 28 days?

  31. Sarah Palin is the very definition of “unstable.”

    She has no leadership skills whatsoever. Just pathetic.

  32. Anon bloger. You may have mispelled should it not have been API.

    And K L M Thankyou thankyou thankyou for that email add. i am sure many will make use of it…..

  33. I really hope i get an email back from them!!!!

  34. The real joke is John Ziegler. This guy spent everything he had on media malpractice defending Sarah. He said on several shows he even remortgaged his home and if the movie flopped he would be bankrupt. Some intellectual he is. I mean why would a guy put himself in jeopardy for her? Like a high school crush or a nut crush. Anyway you think Todd has a problem with John and Sarah being around each other? His behavior is peculiar to say the least.

  35. Shannyn, she also never RSVPed to the organizers of the Juneau July 4th parade.

    Seriously, what is with her? This is beyond bizarre behavior. She wants to run for president, wants to be taken seriously, yet keeps pulling this nonsense. Once or twice would be bad enough, but this is a pattern.

    And why isn’t she Twittering? Her fans are in withdrawal. Is it perhaps because even she can’t come up with a way to spin what’s happening into something positive? Has she had a nervous breakdown? I keep seeing her on that beach in her waders, wailing, “You’re not listening to ME!” when the reporter asked her why she really quit. She expected everyone to believe her noble lie, and got hysterical laughter instead. Not easy to take when you’re already on the edge of insanity.

  36. Shannyn-

    Thanks for including the note to Meg- re; “Stop calling her governor- she quit”.

    It was irritating the hell out of me just reading it. She doesn’t deserve the title.

  37. Re: Palin’s title

    I’ve got a challenge for everyone. Who can come up with the best title for the former governor of Alaska (something that will really stick)?

    I’ll start: Half-term Governor Palin?
    Reneged Governor Palin?
    Aborted Governor Palin?
    Drop-out-governor Palin?
    The White-flag Governor Palin?
    The Pack-it-in Governor Palin?

  38. MAYBE she was DIS-invited?

    And why do invitations have to be pre-approved by staff AND HER ATTORNEY?

  39. Also, too, betcha Palin is falling apart.

    Remember, and think about this seriously for a bit, Palin does have the personality disorder of Narcissism. This is NOT just a label, or name calling, or whatever.

    THIS WOMAN IS NOT PSYCHOLOGICALLY STABLE and we have been watching this very self destructive disorder playing itself out on a public ( and political) stage.

    She has suffered IMMENSE rejection after losing VP, polls showing she is NOT WANTED, being forced to resign ( for whatever reason, likely more than one) and SHE HAS NO PLACE TO RUN TO IN ORDER TO 1) GET POSITIVE “NARCISSISTIC SUPPLY” AND 2) HIDE FROM THE NEGATIVE “NARCISSISTIC SUPPLY.”

    As a narcissist, she did actually reach a level of publicity, fan base etc to give her a REAL sense of being the powerful, loved, popular, self that really is based on delusion.

    She had a lot of REAL feedback supporting her narcissistic delusions.

    Now all that is fading. Her heightened delusional perceptions ( bolstered by reality as she ran for VP) are now very very hard to maintain.


    Narcissists have NO SENSE OF SELF EXCEPT what they perceive in the reflection they receive from their audience.

    She rose to great narcissistic heights.

    Now she is falling from that very high level.

    Sarah Palin is literally falling to pieces, and I feel has great potential for violence as her depression, paranoia and anxiety/fear levels increase. I fear most for her close family members, including Trigg, and Levi.

    MSNBC just mentioned how she takes advice from NO one, not Todd, not staff, NO one and that is because SHE TRUSTS NO ONE AND IS PARANOID.

    When her behavior reaches the level that national media see the symptoms of narcissistic failure, then her behavior is out of control.

    This is a play and it is a tragic one.

    Narcissistic do NOT improve, cannot be “cured” and always self destruct.

  40. I think Missy Quittypants was insulted that the women’s clud didn’t offer her enough money, 100.00 a person is beneath her, she wanted 1,000 per head, she does thinks she’s royalty.

  41. SHamus

    I posted this idea on Huffpo

    “fishwife formerly known as Governor”

  42. I think her attorney having to approve all invitations is a bit of an intervention…Ms. Fishwife cannot be trusted to make plans and communicate clearly with those seeking an audience.

  43. Maybe she will take some time off. Write her book. Examine her life. Take care of her kids. Learn. Read. Pray. Serve others. Make the best of the rest of her life…It could happen.

    Shamus and k l m, I think “Bailin Palin” is the one that will stick.

  44. Two things seem to be highly important to Sarah (other than her claim of caring about family and Alaska) — those would be money and her physical appearance.

    Simi Valley wasn’t going to pay a speaker’s fee from what I understand. So while Sarah was still Gov, she accepted the speaking engagement without the ethical issue of receiving money for the gig. But now as Sarah the Citizen, why not try to get some cash from Simi? It’s highly possible that Simi said “no”.

    Now as to the second important thing in Sarah’s life — her looks. Since we haven’t had a Tweet or a Twit (as she promised would happen starting on 07/27) and haven’t seen her, I suggest she may not be able to appear at Simi or anywhere else right now because she’s having cosmetic procedures/surgery to maintain that come-hither-look. She wouldn’t want the nasty old media to see her with bruises or swelling, would she?

    • That’s funny that you mentioned she might be having cosmetic procedures done. Has anyone noticed Sarah’s teeth? They’re not the same teeth she had last year around the campaign and election time. Do a search on some campaign photo close-ups, and look at some recent close-up photos. During the campaign, her upper front teeth were even at the biting edge, almost straight across. Now her front teeth have a scalloped edge.

      Now, I know this little piece of news is not as important as solving world hunger, or global warming, but I’m just sayin’.

  45. Interesting that Fox “News” (sic) is apparently ignoring the story. Do a search of their web site, and there is NO mention of the story.

  46. There is a lot of support for the idea that Nancy Reagon ixnayed SP. The former first lady openly supported Candidate O’Bama and purportedly highly disliked SP. SP. has now managed to tick off some highly placed repug women, don’t think she should have done that. Some elephants have long memories.
    I am of the opinion SP is on the dark side of a bi-polar episode or is secretly in detox,all her last public shenanigans give the appearance of total mental collapse. And–wtf–she left her husband behind after her last speech? Did she manage to gather up any of her props, er children, and take them with her?

  47. “When I listen to Sarah Palin, I go back and forth between thinking this person is just not smart enough to be president (and our recent experience of that has been scary enough) to thinking that she is indeed smart enough to be a very effective demagogue — stoking the fears and myths of the American people to build a frightening political future. Either way, I hope she stays retired from politics. So here is one big evangelical dissent from those who reportedly like Sarah Palin. She makes me wince, grimace, roll my eyes, and even worry a little about the future.”

  48. I just got my answer to the question of Sarah leaving Todd—She’s leaving Todd and moving to Montana,oh you poor beautiful Montana.

    Check out Immoral Minority–Gryphon’s site? Link above @ side

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