Posted by: shannynmoore | July 31, 2009

One More Reason I Love William Shatner!

What a poet…what a fisherman! EatWildSalmon704

William Shatner has boldly gone where no actor has gone before: B.C.’s controversial fish farms.

The Canadian actor has written to Prime Minister Stephen Harper asking that salmon farms be removed from crucial wild-salmon migration routes off northern Vancouver Island.

Shatner said salmon farms are having a disastrous impact on “one of Earth’s most precious assets, the wild salmon and steelhead of B.C.” in the letter, which was also sent to Fisheries Minister Gail Shea, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell.

“There is one thing you could do tomorrow that would benefit the wild stocks enormously and all your citizens who depend on this fish — remove salmon farms from wild salmon and steelhead migration routes and encourage the industry to reinvent itself on land where other, more sustainable species could be trialled,” wrote Shatner, an avid sports fisherman.

Read the rest of the article here.



  1. William Shatner getting a lot of publicity and gaining popularity thanks to the dim-wit. I wonder what she’ll have to say about him? I bet
    Shatner is getting some “hate” emails from her
    supporters but the rest of us are all enjoying a good laugh.

  2. Now I love William Shatner more, too! I will only eat wild salmon – preferably, from Alaska. Thanks, Shannyn.

  3. Wow! He’s going up in my estimation every day.

  4. Beam me up Shanny, I’m on board! 😀

  5. Denny Crane!

  6. Lock & Load!

  7. Lonnie_ Shatner can take it! Have you seen his Comedy Central Celebrity Roast! ROFLMAOAPIMP!!!!!

    The Shatner is such a light in my life….

  8. And here I thought Shatner was nothing more than ego… he’s showing abilities he’s not shown in 40 years.

    Or, since before I was born.

  9. In an episode of Boston Legal, Alan is reading a book about the extinction of the North Pacific Salmon, noting that “It’s caused by sea-lice called cling-ons”, to which Denny (Shatner) asks, “Did you just say Klingons?”

    LOL. Shatner is a long-time supporter of the wild salmon.

  10. Well maybe William Shatner, aka Capt. James T. Kirk, aka Denny Crane, needs to be outfitted with a primo bumper sticker out of Southeast Alaska :

    Support Alaska’s Wild Fisheries

    Or maybe one of their tee shirts:
    shows a salmon riding a Harley bike and on the back of the tee shirt it says:

    I like my coffee black
    and my salmon Wild!

    If Shatner wants to learn more about what’s going on regarding the farmed salmon and cod fisheries, well some of us in Alaska would like to help inform him. Those bumper stickers are seen all over the country and since I know the person who produced them, I also know that she has distributed over twelve thousand of them. Just goes to show you, that many in the lower 48 do not want to see Salmon Farms anywhere near Alaska’s Federal waters, let alone the farms down on the coast of Canada, which is very close to Ketchikan, Alaska.

    A lot of great and accurate info out there. Alexandra Morton is amazing, and if Shatner is working with her, then he is in good company. She knows and understands exactly what’s going on.

    Thanks Shannon for posting this article…’s very near and dear to my heart, and it’s a fight that we here in Alaska take very seriously. Especially since they are looking at trying to put off shore (old oil platforms) in our Federal waters to raise farmed Salmon, cod and possibly Halibut. It’s big business. I could go on and on.

  11. Fish are not for farming.

    But abalone are. There are 13 abalone farms in California and there are bringing back the almost extinct red abalone. Studies are leading toward being able to repopulate the wild population. Recently the role of red algae in abalone growth and health. And studies on the black blight that is effecting wild abalone.

    Abalone farming is sustainable and does not have a negative effect on the environment.

  12. I’m sure you’d be the first that Sarah would tell, but is the news on The Alaska Report about the Palin divorce legit?? Inquiring minds want to know….

  13. Whoops. Sorry, I’m still not so swift at HTML.

    Here’s the link from Alaska Report, in case it doesn’t work in the above message:

    Tood & Sarah Palin to Divorce

  14. D’OH!

    Now Meg “Fixer” Stapleton is reporting on that noted media outlet Facebook that the divorce rumours are not true:

    No Truth to Latest Rumours

    Meg concludes:

    Less than one week ago, Governor Palin asked the media to “quit making things up.” We appreciate that the more professional journalists decided to question this story before repeating it.

    Right. This from the woman who continues to insist that she has prevailed on “every one” of the ethics complaints filed against her, and the cost of fighting those complaints has been “millions of dollars.”

    Not to mention the “hundreds of millions of dollars” her vetos of federal stimulus money has saved the federal government.

    You know what we need? Another call from French President Sarkozy to get to the bottom of the story…….

  15. If we eat the diminished resource of Salmon, they will all die. They will not return. The end.
    I wonder if any non vegetarians understand the consequences of this blood lust to kill off the tasty species. What will come next? Will you dine on rat in 2020 and declare it haut cuisine?

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