Posted by: shannynmoore | August 1, 2009

Divorcing Sarah Palin?

My email and voice mail are full of questions regarding the bloggosphere’s reporting that the Palins will divorce.

This is one story where I will say: leave the Palins alone.

Over half of American marriages end in divorce.  Mine did.  It was difficult without the national attention.  I have no idea if the Palins are going through this or not, but think they should have privacy to figure out what’s best for their family.  I am tempted to revel in Schadenfreude given the hypocritical nature of the “family values” pageant winner, but I wouldn’t wish divorce on my worst enemy; it’s painful.sarah-palin-todd-palin

That being said, there is a disturbing component to the report that should be investigated. When spokesmodel Meg Stapleton responded to the allegations on facebook, she only responded to the topic of divorce and slammed the bloggers.  What about the manipulation of justice accusations?! Divorce is legal. Manipulation of the justice system is clearly illegal…yet, Meg was mute.  Gryphen writes about Sherry Johnston. (Mother of Levi Johnston charged with drug dealing):

“As some of you may know Sherry’s court date was moved from yesterday to August 19. The reason for this is that until just now the prosecutors REFUSED to make any kind of a deal, because of pressure they were receiving from the Governor. For some reason Palin was pushing for Sherry to receive the maximum sentence….

I cannot talk about what kind of deal Sherry may get, but the prosecution has become much more reasonable now that Sean Parnell is our Governor.”

Sarah Palin has a record of vindictive behavior.  The Branchflower report found her “guilty of abuse of power” in her treatment of Commisioner Walt Monegan for not firing ex-brother-in-law, Trooper Mike Wooten.  Because of Palin’s track record, I think this allegation of influencing justice should be investigated.  If there are other instances of aggressive prosecutions of the ex-governor’s enemies during her reign, they should be reopened.

Palin’s wake of political shrapnel across Alaska is thick and deep.  It will take time to sort out the damages, and will detract from other business.  The abuse of power finding is the legacy of Sarah Palin…and we need to find out who else was in her crosshairs.

So, for now, I’m turning off the “As Wasilla Turns” and tivo-ing “Law & Order: Alaska.”



  1. Shannyn, Gryphen also reported that prior to SP being tapped for the VP candidate, he and Todd had a “drawdown” and Todd pulled a gun on him.

    I agree, the divorce/or separation should be left alone.

    But the rest of the story needs to be explored.

  2. Of course you have evidence about the Sherry Johnston part of your post. Otherwise it would be libel.

    • VidOmnia–

      No, that would not be libel in any regard. If you care, I can take the time to explain why. But given the fact I am pretty sure you couldn’t care less about my explanation, I’ll just gainsay you.

      I remain:
      Troll bait.
      Bill Abendroth

      • Nicely said Bill, but it probably isn’t worth wasting your breath. VidO drinks his own Kool-aid.

    • Ah, are you already back from crossing the Rubicon? LOL.

  3. To the Editor:

    I am reminded of a classic cartoon from The Boondocks:
    Caesar: I know it’s wrong to take delight in others’ misfortune, but I feel there is some sense of cosmic justice in Rush Limbaugh being a dope fiend.
    Huey: Who told you that?
    Caesar: About Rush Limbaugh? It’s been in all the newspapers, and all over the television.
    Huey: No, that it was wrong to take delight in the misfortune of others?

    If Senator Barney Frank was married, and going through a divorce (assuming a variety of things were different), I would agree with you. However, the difference between Senator Frank and Senator Ensign, Governor Sanford and Private Citizen Palin is that Barney Frank does not preach down to me, saying that I am a bad person, because I do not embrace the latters’ moral philosophy. In fact, all three are very clear that they believe they are better qualified for leadership positions, because of their spiritual beliefs and practice.

    The fact they are hypocrites, that they are unable to live up to the standards they demand from others, that makes their infidelity and divorces newsworthy.

    Nevertheless, as a veteran of two divorces myself–you also have a point: even under the best of circumstances, the process is far from pleasant. Unfortunately, even multiple incidences of infidelity and divorce have not silenced the sanctimonious hypocrisy of the more crass members of the “religious” right. I’m specifically thinking of Mr. Rush Limbaugh and Mr. Newt Gingrich.

    Given the extreme unpleasantness and personal nature of Private Citizen Palin’s attacks–not to mention the lies she tells, every time she opens her mouth, then has the nerve to condemn people for “making stuff up” about her–I am not inclined to give her a pass on the separation.

    Second, divorces are notorious for opening the curtain behind financial shenanigans–such as, answering questions about who all built and paid for the Wasilla house. For that reason alone, I am going to closely follow the divorce stories.

    Finally, wherever we draw the line between the personal and the political, no one can deny that the history of our nation has been shaped by unseemingly disclosures from divorce proceedings. Just for example, there is the case of Jeri and Jack Ryan, when the records of their custody dispute were released, causing Jack Ryan to withdraw from the race for the US Senate. With Jack’s withdrawal, a little know state legislator from Chicago was able to easily win the open Illinois Senate seat. And the rest, as they say, is history.

    I remain:
    A schadenfreude partisan.
    Bill Abendroth

    • Well said, Bill.

  4. Regarding the wedding ring that SP threw into the lake: one day I know I will be rowing on that lake with a friend and I will see a shiny object in the water. It is my…. PRECIOUS!

    *************NOTE FROM SHANNYN****************
    Well, it must be the ring of power…start rowing….

  5. shannyn’
    i agree with your take on this.
    i have disagreed with palin on just about everything politically but her family chaos should be off limits.

    please be careful on the air today. it’s just something about all this seems strange to me. just a feeling.

    • I agree. Sarah & Co. are very small-minded people. Although not apparent to her, Sarah’s vindictive streak has reared it’s ugly head on many occasions. As for her splitting up with hubby, I’ll quote a line from GONE WITH THE WIND, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”.

      • Once again, we are reminded that Sarah is vindictive. I know about her behavior with Trooper Wooten, her ex-brother-in-law. But what can she do at this point? She has no power.

        As far as her marital failure goes, I’ll say what I said months ago after finding AKMuckraker, Palin Deception and Immoral Minority: I’m here for the schadenfreude. Pass the popcorn, please!

  6. Shannyn, Gryphen didn’t say they were divorcing, only that they were “splitting.” Some people live apart for YEARS without divorcing.

    Yes, divorce can be nasty, but a clean break is much better for all concerned than an ugly, corrosive staying together to keep up appearances. For the kids’ sakes, I frankly hope they do divorce rather than maintain a farce for the sake of money or her career.

    I’m with the guy who has hopes a legal split would maybe spill some beans. And having been sneered at and told I “hate” Sarah just because she’s happily married and I’m jealous (which is hilarious, because I really AM happily married), yeah, I’m human enough to indulge in some Shadenfreude.

    • How is this different from how their marriage has gone in the past 10 or so years? Do people always assume they are divorcing or splitting every time The Dud heads up north?

  7. After the hell Palin and her classmates(and other appointed sycophants) who were appointed to powerful positions screwed me over and allowed lies to be told about me I have no problem with what Gryphen is posting. I am not usually a vendictive person. I am tired of these kind of people getting in power, telling lies about their own lives, pointing fingers at other people’s lives, harming those who oppose them and manipulating their positons to make money off the backs of others. She has harmed a lot of people and I am one of them.

    • Just consider this, Sarah Palin made herself into a national JOKE. Comedians love her because they don’t have to “make things up”. All they have to do is add a punch line. Even reporters have said “She is the gift that keeps on giving”. You can’t make any of this stuff up because it comes from the horse’s mouth herself. William Shatner quoted her speech and tweets verbatim. She’s unaware how STUPID and PETTY she comes across when she says things like “Putin rearing his head” or fighting with David Letterman on the “knocked-up joke” and then taking a shot at Senator Kerry by using one of Letterman’s joke. She’s too stupid to realize she is an embarrassment to herself. She’ll forever go down in history as a mockery. Remember the saying? “He who laughs last, laughs best” and that is YOU who is laughing last.

      • And don’t forget when she got “punked” by those Canadian comedians. She actually thought she was talking to President Sharkozy. Please let me correct my statement “Sarah Palin is an international JOKE!”.

        • Don’t forget she is not smarter than a fifth grader she did not know the job of the VP yhe position she was nominated for she did not know what the ]ush Docrine was and she is a Republican. She could name one supreme court case that she took issue with. And she does not read. What else

  8. I think you all ought to start fishing that lake. You know a fish snapped it up.

    As to SJ, you betcha I think Palin was influencing the prosecutor. And I’m glad he delayed long enough to get out from under her thumb and do the right thing. I’m wondering what else might come out as I’ve heard rumors of other possible illegalities.

    And it was Levi. I believe Gryphen reported that Todd pulled a gun on Levi.

    But I am mostly interested in the Sherry stuff. Might this result in another ethics complaint? Or is it too late now?

  9. I’m with Shannyn on this one. Let them work out their personal lives. At least so the kids don’t have to go through more of the BS. Be the better person, and forgive her for her personal attacks. But as far as the legal ramifications for her actions as governor, let loose the wolves!

  10. I agree Shannyn. The crisis in Sarah’s personal life should be left alone by all media. You’re right that divorce, even on the best of terms, is painful.

    As for the rest, it certainly bears looking into without the hand-picked people to render it null and void.

  11. Ask Trooper Wooten if Palin ( either one !) deserves any respect for “what they are going through.”

    When you are as evil and as intentionally hurtful as both Palins have been to soooooo mmmmaaannny people, they do NOT deserve to be left alone.

    I fully intend to enjoy ever single minute of both their pain. It is my (early) birthday present to myself .

    Besides, I seriously doubt it makes one a better person to “respect their privacy” when “they” are so ready to hurt others without any respect nor compassion for the suffering they cause.

    In fact, I think they ( especially Sarah) actually enjoy causing pain to others.


    When all is said and done, I intend to review copies of the divorce ( or any other legal splitting) for all the dirt I can find.

    • I don’t know. Kind of puts you on the same level as sp. I would hope most here could be above that. Let karma run its course. Just sayin…

    • I concur.

      To be fair, we should treat SP and her personal issues with the same regard as we would do or have done any other public figure: AIR ALL THEIR DIRTY LAUNDRY!!

      This is what we did with Sanford, MCGreevy, etc. Fair is fair.

      • hear, hear!

        we should all take the high road on this one unless, and until additional, info comes out.

  12. “The Branchflower report found her “guilty of abuse of power” in her treatment of Commisioner Walt Monegan for not firing ex-brother-in-law, Trooper Mike Wooten.”

    Not forgetting that all came about because she was trying to acting out not against her own ex but against someone else’s, by trying to take away his income.

    There is also the word that the Dud threatened Levi with a gun. That’s alwo illegal.

    I think you might have come on the best of all possible reasons for the public to keep its nose in her marital problems, should they exist. She will try to punish her ex, and her children if they side with the Dud or wish to stay in Alaska, assuming she wants to leave Alaska.

    She now has money as could well try to use the RepoTaliban to harm members of her family who do not give in to her desires.
    There are children that may need support and protection involved here, should there be a divorce and should it turn nasty.

  13. There is something rather delicious about the idea that Grifter Palin would be paying the Dud support.

    Bill made several good points. Also, too Sarah still wants to be the Commander-in-Chief with lots more power to get revenge on citizens and with that breifcase with a certain code at her beck and call, should she somehow end up in the SH.
    Dubhya got the WH and if his poll numbers had been higher he probably would have nuked Iran.

  14. From a plausibility standpoint probably no surprise if this rumor on the marriage breakup, if true, would be a factor on her resignation. (Makes as much sense as anything else that’s been bandied about.)

    As far as actual thoughts about divorce — I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Not a pleasant time in one’s life.

  15. Meg Stapleton didn’t deny or respond to the “Todd pulled a gun on Levi” story either.

  16. Wise move, Shannyn… there are too many variables to the claims on IM and elsewhere. Some of the claims are unsupported.

    Why, for instance, has Levi Johnston said nothing about either the alleged pressure Sarah Palin put on the prosecutors handling her mother’s case or the allegation that The Dud pulled a gun on Levi (that one I can believe considering he knocked up Bristol)? Too many variables, too many sudden allegations but not enough FACTS.

    This divorce stuff is worse than the “indictments are pending” claim of a month ago or so.

  17. the only reason that the separation/divorce/what have you is of interest is that, if true, it shows the utter hypocricy of Palin and the fact that the “family values” image was nothing more than a fabrication. The “after 20 years of marriage, he’s still my guy” statements were nothing but spin. Now, I agree–many very fine people get divorced. But Palin sold herself based on an image which, perhaps, was simply false.

    As for the Sherry Johnston story, I continue to believe that Vid Om may be one of the dumbest people alive.

  18. I agree that the Palins should be left in peace to work out whatever they need to work out. My concern is that, no matter what the bloggers or media says will be pounced on by Sarah. She has to find someone to blame for anything that goes wrong for her.

    And the saddest thing is that her kids are the ones who will suffer the most. Sarah Palin just doesn’t know how to keep her mouth shut about private matters. We saw that with all the times she talked about her kids last fall and all winter and spring.

    But the Sherry Johnston thing and Todd pulling a gun on Levi? No matter what, those are just wrong if SP has interfered. And couldn’t Todd be in big trouble as Levi was still underage, or was he already 18?

    Just once I’d like to see Ms. Palin behave like a sane responsible adult and parent. But I’m not holding my breath.

  19. Shannyn I agree with your take on this.
    What ever happens in the Palin relationship is best left alone if for no other reason than for their childrens’ sake.

  20. My heart goes out to the children in this family. I can’t believe what they’ve had to deal with this past year. Whatever is going on with Todd and Sarah is their problem; I do hope they consider the children for once in their life and quit putting their selfishness ahead of the children’s needs.

  21. The information that the prosecutor in the Sherry Johnston drug case possibly was influenced by Sarah Palin to prosecute to the max is very very troubling.
    The case should be investigated.
    If Palin did interfere, can she still be investigated?
    These are things we should know about Palin.
    What she does in her private life is her own business, but she should not be held up as a family value candidate.

  22. I disagree Shannyn. I think once this rumor gets verified, and becomes true….it should be made public and is totally open season. This woman has reeked havoc on so many people. My God she’s even sponsored a “Pray Away the Gay” Seminar. She has reaped what she has sown.

    She looked directly into the camera and said; “How about to support our troops, you just quit making things up”.

    Well, if it’s the TRUTH…then so be it. In support of our TROOPS…spread the TRUTH and let the World know what this woman has done to Alaska, America, and to her husband and family.

    She doesn’t deserve for us to remain silent about this at all.

    Sorry, this is my opinion and I’m entitled to it and I stand by it.

    • I think thePalins should get the same treatment they gave the trooper and her sister. She started troopergate when her own sister was going through a divorce

  23. Anybody spreading this rumor is a tool- and should be ashamed of themselves… talk about desperate. Hard watching the Dear Leader crash-n-burn, I guess-

    Palin’s resignation obviously puts yet more pressure on Obama to finally get some results, as the soaring rhetoric isn’t hypnotizing the plebes like it used to… and now there’s another viable alternative waiting in the wings.

    Alaska was a pretty corrupt system until she stepped in. Her reforms took on entrenched politicians (inc. Republicans), a mafioso-style union boss, and Big Oil.

    Wouldn’t it have been nice if Obama had been principled and brave enough to confront the corrupt Chicago Democratic Machine? Or shady political operators like Tony Rezko? Racist preachers? Instead of doing business with every last one of them?

    IMO Palin could trounce him in 2012, when Americans would vote for the Gipper-in-Heels in droves- they’ll surely being looking for such an antidote to the Bolshevik con-artist who’s currently taking a wrecking-ball to this society.

    No wonder the far-left moonbats -along with Team Obama’s David Plouffe and his internet squads- are out to destroy her.

    Go get em ‘Cuda-

    • Speaking of tools, who let you out of the shed? Just come here to bash our president? That’s okay, you obviously are not the sharpest tool in there, but we’ll let you hang out. You are not as vulgar as the rest of your pack. Delusional yes, but civil so far. Now let’s sit back and watch history play out. 😀

    • Sweetie, really, calm down. Reagan was an ACTOR. He just thought he was playing the part of president in a movie. Nancy was actually the president. The EX governor Palin will never live in the White House. Sorry to burst your bubble. Peace and have a nice day.

  24. Palin divorce rumors just business as usual from the enemies of a real conservative GOP

    The Democrat left and GOP elites fear Palin’s popularity with conservative voters as well as her independence from their control and direction. They have done all they can do to destroy her marriage, family, children and her vision for America and will continue to do so.

    • Oh, you must be with Reaganite. I should have know he wouldn’t come here alone. Anyway, don’t break anything or pee in the corner. Enjoy your visit. Don’t forget to tip your waiters and waitresses on your way out. Better hurry. Your bus is getting ready to leave without you. You sure don’t want to get caught here after dark.

    • Ronnie, we don’t like EX governor Palin’s vision for her 2 Americas. If you’ll remember from Geography class or Social Studies, there is only one United States of America. If you want to start your own country, I’m sure Palin would be happy to be your queen.

      Palin will never live in the White House.

      Peace and have a good day.

  25. I agree. We are better than them. I wise friend of mine always said, “Be beyond reproach. Don’t give anyone a reason to point a finger at you.” We are after Sarah for breaking laws, not her marriage vows. Leave the divorce alone. Watch Karma kick her in the butt.

  26. Delurking. Thanks, Shannyn. I’m all for picking over the details that matter to the public, but divorces need to be handled differently. They have kids, for pete’s sake. Unless there’s something really crazy and “out there”, this sort of thing should be off limits.

  27. I disagree that the Palins should be left alone. For the love of all that’s good, such large-scale hypocrisy from a public servant, someone who was almost vice president for Christ’s sake, someone who touted family values and was in favor of denying people their personal freedom, this needs to be discussed/exposed.

  28. Well Shannyn- it is nice to see that you have a sense of mercy,fair play, and choose not to be vindictive. I on;y hope that the enemy spared will repay in kind- but I doubt it.

    Regardless, way to take the higher ground.


  29. To the Editor:

    For those of you not named Shannyn and as small minded and petty as I am, here is the link to Palin Attorney Thomas Van Flein’s letter threatening legal action against the blog Immoral Minority:

    Van Flein August 1 letter

    Alaska Report is also reporting they have independently confirmed the facts reported by Immoral Minority.

    Mr. Van Flein’s letter does not seem to be a complete bluff. While I don’t see Private Citizen Palin prevailing, she could be setting people up for a SLAPP suit.

    Finally, I want you to know that I searched long and hard to find the link to Mr. Van Flein’s letter, finally uncovering it after grueling hours of….Oh hell: I just copied it off a post by Teutonic13 from another website.

    I remain:
    A day late & a dollar short.

    Bill Abendroth
    Samsara Samizdat

    • Bill –
      So far Gryphen has refused to remove the post and appears to be standing by everything he wrote.

      Van Flein threatened to serve him at the kindergarten where he apparently works (oh isn’t that just oh so professional when he obviously has his home addy?)

      Anyway – Gryphen seems to be standing firm on his own ground. He obviously believes he has the tiger by the tail.

      SLAPP suits are meant to discourage POLITICAL speech by the filing of frivolous lawsuits. I don’t see how that would apply to Gryphen’s column.

      I hope he’s on rock solid ground here – it’s going to be a rough ride.

      And I think it’s pretty well agreed that none of this is about the split(?) – it’s about the potential for criminal charges with the Levi and Johnston allegations. These must be investigated.

      Thanks for your articulate and funny remarks…

    • Actually, Bill, AlaskaReport does not “confirm” anything; they simply link back to the IM blog entry.

      An AlaskaReport headline also states that Van Flein “balks” on serving Gryphen at the school, but considering the activities occurred on a summer weekend, where was the opportunity to “serve” Gryphen?

      It’s all very sloppy.

      As for Gryphen “laughing off” Van Flein’s threat to sue for defamation, let’s keep in mind that any person who continually baits a dog is bound to be bit. The bite might not occur immediately, but when it does occur it is bound to be painful.

      The more I read, the more I am of the opinion that the IM “story” was wreckless and without basis in fact.

      I’d say the same to Gryphen but my comments are never approved for his blog. Wonder why?

  30. I might point out, once again, that apparently, Sarah has never had her atty threaten any blogger who has questioned whether or not she is Trig’s mother.

    I continue to find this lack of pouncing on her part quite interesting.

  31. I might also point out that for Megletongue to have come out so durn quickly with her statement on facebook denying the story of an impending split–that she or Sarah are just as addicted to the Alaskan liberal blogs as the rest of us posters, because if they were just minding their own business and watching CNN for their news, they would have no cause for a denial, since they would not have heard about it.

  32. You don’t want to be a bubble-headed blonde kicking ’em when they are down…That may be exactly where Mrs. P* is and will remain…Down.

  33. I have to wonder what is going on behind closed doors. How do Sarah and Todd treat each other when no one is looking. If they are at the point of divorce, I think it would be better for the kids if they went through with it as quickly as possible. Because if they stay together for appearances but let loose when it’s just family, imagine the harm that will be done to the children witnessing that.

    Divorce is bad. But sometimes not divorcing is worse.

    • Three points:

      Basheert: Thank you. As for SLAPP, I was using the phrase in a more generic sense, meaning an action launched largely for the purposes of grinding down an opponent–as opposed to to an action with a hope of recovery. I don’t know Alaska law, but Oregon law is very good SLAPP and even better on free speech protection. But technically, you are correct: a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP) is traditionally political in nature.

      Yusef: I’m not blonde.

      Mlaiuppa: As to what life is like in La Casa Palin, I am reminded of the classic story of the three stages of marriage. There’s the “kitchen sex” stage of the early days, when you’re always doing “it” everywhere in the house (including the kitchen). Then, some time goes by and the parties calm down a little, and then move on to the “bedroom sex” stage: where their sexual contact is limited to the bedroom. Finally, more time passes, and the couple enter the “hallway sex” stage. That’s when their sex lives are limited to saying “[UNBELIEVABLY GRAPHIC TERM FOR SEXUAL INTERCOURSE] you” as they pass in the hall……

      Sorry….divorce attorney humour.

    • She probably treats him like one of the kids and once ythey are in public it is show and photo op time. She is a dumb drama queen.

  34. Excellent response Shanny. Very classy, good move turning our OCD minds back to the pragmatic and important aspects of sorting out the wake of the SS Sarah.

  35. When one is in the public eye, one does not respond to every rumor or innuendo, nor does one stoop to “their” level, giving credence to what has been written and the writer.
    In the case of the purported marital tensions in the Palin home, could Ms. Stapleton have been diverting the public from the bigger question, The Simi Valley Republican Women’s event? If so, people are taking the bait…”look over here at the shiny (sexy) object. I still want to know more. Supposedly she was invited in February. The national press started commenting on her appearance on July 12th. It took until July 30th for Ms. Stapleton, again using Facebook as the medium, to say to at least the general public, nope not going to attend. Had Ms. Stapleton actually contacted the media earlier, it would seem that somebody would have reported it, if only to question Ms. Palin’s ability to fulfill any sort of commitment.

  36. WHY leave Palin’s divorce alone when Stanford’s and Ensign’s and (I forget the third one) marital problems/splits are pertinent news.


    Then there are the extra marital affairs both have had and the public exploitation of their own kids with the RNC,Candy’s, Letterman etc.

    THEY have made their private lives extremely public. The “family values” they propose are just a facade covering THEIR INTRUSION INTO THE PRIVATE LIVES OF OTHERS, EVEN TO THE RIGHT TO REPRODUCE OR NOT and a split, divorce, whatever, is just further exposure of their hyprocity (sp?).

    These people have NO family values. That is all just a facade for pushing their control onto other people’s lives.


    I cannot emphasize that last sentence enough.

    To “take the high road” is wimping out. Sorry, but that is just another way of saying you would rather go into “denial” than face the truth about the ugliness in this world.

    I prefer to take the high and hard road of exposing evil when I see it, no matter how hard it is to look at or to accept.


    The Palins gave up ALL rights to privacy a long long time ago.

    Exposure is not a “low” road. It is how evil is cleansed.

    • I totally and completely agree with you! Sarah is an evil, evil person. She is vindictive, and totally hypocritical. The woman has laid the foundation for her KARMIC retribution to hit full force. When it hits, I wouldn’t want to be within 100 feet of her.

      This woman is like the little boy who cried wolf, and we know how she is with wolves. This woman is evil and her Karma will catch up to her.

  37. If you listen the tape when Palin was in Kosvoand leading into her Kerry joke she said Sanford was found off doing something he had no business doing. So as for as I am concerned she opened the door for people to comment on her personal life.. go back and listen to the video everyone was reporting her her repeating Letterman joke but she commented on Sanford

  38. And I think PALIN PLANTED THE STORY FOR PR. I think she have thrown her family underd the bus and now she is throwing her marriage under the bus. A friend of mine sqaid she received an email from SarahPac even though Palin has not plans but please donate to the Pac or fund to fight off divorce rumors is that legal. I thought the pac was to promote othhers candidates that do the right thing????? I think this is all about Sarah to raise money for her Pac

  39. Doing ad hominem shtick again?

    Run out of political ideas? Can’t find a rational argument? Or your politics just cannot endure the scrutiny of reason?

    The more you lambast Palin, the more popular she becomes.

    • Hi Friend, it’s Ann.

      Ex governor Palin will never live in the White House.

      Peace and have a zippity do da day.

  40. Palin may be smartert than people think she is getting that pity membership pretty high. She di diverting attention awy from something else
    And I think PALIN PLANTED THE STORY FOR PR. I think she have thrown her family underd the bus and now she is throwing her marriage under the bus. A friend of mine sqaid she received an email from SarahPac even though Palin has not plans but please donate to the Pac or fund to fight off divorce rumors is that legal. I thought the pac was to promote othhers candidates that do the right thing????? I think this is all about Sarah to raise money for her Pac

  41. How REPULSIVE is Palin and her henchmen? They have her Conservative 4 Palin lunatics blogging to KILL Grph the blogger using the gun she received in Alaska last night at an NRA banquet in Alaska. They have linked his real life with where he works with children asking someone to go fck him up.

    ‘Mommy, Why Does My Kindergarten Teacher Lie About Sarah Palin?’

  42. ok–I am a lawyer. I have handled defamation cases from both the plaintiff and defendant side. I have obtained one of the largest settlements in the country. And I can tell you–categorically–that Palin’s lawyer doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground and, to boot, is stunningly unprofessional. Whoever this clown is, he really doesn’t know what he’s doing from a substantive standpoint.

    As for the other posts and leaving the legal context, why on earth do these people continue to insist (a) that people are “afraid” of Palin; and (b) that criticism of her makes other people support her? With respect to the first, I am wholly unaware of anyone, anywhere, who is “afraid” of her. I do believe many people consider her incompetent and are concerned that anyone could consider her suitable for holding public office. Further, I am concerned about anyone holding her nutso religious beliefs ever being in a position of authority. But her? Please–the woman is a foolish, not terribly bright, inarticulate buffoon.

    As to “criticism makes people support her,” I think the polls consistently refute that. Nice try but you’re talking through your butt.

    • Thank you for your succinct thoughts. I could not have captured it better. It is beyond scary that she even has a following. Her lies and vindictiveness will catch up to her.

  43. Did you all hear the real reason that Sarah backed out of speaking at the Reagan Library down here in the LA area?

    She just learned that Ronald Reagan wouldn’t be attending, and she was so bummed, she cancelled her appearance.

  44. Donna… lawyer here too, who has handled defamation cases.

    When that lawyer’s name first came to light I checked him out and came to same conclusion as that in your post.

    As to the “afraid of Palin” comments made at times, that’s always been Palin supporters making that stupid comment. It was really common on ADN in response to anyone who criticized Palin. Her supporters would post that based on the number of critical posts ridiculing Palin, they interpreted that as people being afraid of Palin (hence the reason why people were posting, a manning of the fort, so to speak, to beat back Palin’s advance).

    It was very predictable. In every story ADN ran on Palin there would always be the same people posting “Boy, you all are sure afraid of Palin.”

    And you are right, what we were afraid of was the realization that there are people who actually supported Palin, who anyone with an IQ that shows up on the meter would know she is a confirmed moron, with many flaws (any one of which would disqualify others for office), and enough of a track record of evil deeds that she will be lucky to be sent to purgatory.

    When I see videos of her rallies, the hate people have, and see her encouraging that hate, that’s what makes me afraid, that some day we may have another civil war.

    And that will be Palin’s legacy. That she made it acceptable to spew hate. Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck and others all got the green light when Palin went around the U. S. dispensing her racist message.

    Palin does not deserve respect, courtesies or understanding. The more pain she suffers the better. Palin is evil in its purest form.

    • “Palin is evil in its purest form.”


      She’s a very ordinary person who was swept up in a very extraordinary way. She’s gone bonkers in the process just as any ordinary person would. Every indication so far is she’s kaputs as a public figure — evil in its purest form is thus a dud firecracker.

  45. Bravo Shannyn – especially for this – “This is one story where I will say: leave the Palins alone.”

    If we are willing to dehumanize the Palin’s, then we might as well just jump ship and join in with the birthers or someone because our contribution to the dialogue will be just as worthless.

    And thank you for shifting the focus of the story to more pertinent issues concerning justice in Alaska.

  46. The one thing I have noticed is that in Meg Stapleton’s denial Ms. Palin is referred to as Governor Palin, and Thomas Van Flein’s letter is signed “for Governor Sarah Palin”.

    Why is Ms. Palin still being referred to as Governor when she left that post over a week ago? Her staffers need to quit making things up.

  47. You know, I think maybe sp made this whole story up to keep herself in the news and to be able to call “FOUL!” again. She is such a conniver, ya know.

  48. Poolman… no doubt. Recall the Letterman feud, that was Palin making the connection between the joke and that he was talking about her 14-year-old.

    Palin got a lot of camera time , which she is addicted to. Look on YouTube at her interview with Matt Lauer. Look at her acting all bubbly when Matt says they were now going to talk about Letterman. She behaves like an addict that just got a fix.

    Look at the way she shifts in her seat and says “If we must.” That is someone who is happy to be in front of national TV, not someone who took offense of a late night joke. It’s the picture of feigned outrage, as Obama said one time last year, and definitely not a concerned mother.

    As I said before, Palin is running out of things to garner media attention so she has to be more creative (and more desperate). I said a few months ago that she would have to shoot Levi or engage in some other “Jerry Springer” type conduct.

    So focusing on a blogger and having her attorney send out a threat, I can see that.

    Sidenote: What a tool Palin’s attorney is, to threaten in a letter that he will have the teacher served at school.

    Attorneys have certain powers that should not be abused. One of them is being able to serve people so that the defendant is embarrassed (I had a client who was served on Thanksgiving Day, at his house where family members saw what was going on.)

    Lawyers who behave like that are a disgrace to the profession. Moreover, that kind of maneuver usually makes everyone involved in the litigation bitter.

    While that may not seem a big deal, being an asshat attorney causes the opposing counsel to pay the attorney back ten times over during the litigation process. So it does not pay to be a jerk, confrontational, bellicose attorney. Palin’s attorney must have skipped class that day in law school, the one on litigation tactics and professionalism.

    Bonus Sidenote: And it’s very unprofessional to threaten someone in that fashion, in a document the public will surely see. This indicates to me that Palin’s attorney is inexperienced or is simply incompetent. If it is just the way he chooses to practice, then he is simply a jerk who will someday get his.

  49. some jurisdictions recognize the tort of misuse (or abuse) of process. It’s related to but different from malicious prosecution and is based on the misuse of legal process for an illegitimate purpose–i.e., to embarass someone or cause them emotional distress. There would be no reason to serve Gryph at work, particularly given the nature of his employment.

    I am unfamiliar with Alaska tort law but if this turns out to be more than a bush league and unprofessional attempt at intimidation (which it clearly was), that’s worth looking at.

    MichaelSF–couldn’t agree more with you in terms of the results of unprofessional conduct.

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