Posted by: shannynmoore | August 1, 2009

The Shannyn Moore Show

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Can you say “Are we there yet”???

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Top 10 reasons to tell your president & his party aren’t fighting for healthcare for everybody

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  1. The caller now who’s upset $300 MAY be taken from his paycheck, doesn’t realize he’s already paying for other’s health care with the system we have now, AND he’s getting the worst outcome for his dollar.

  2. Shannyn, I am enjoying your broadcast. It didn’t bump me off this week, like it did last week. Not yet, anyway. Thank you for talking about health care! I recently got onboard with the single-payer system and really hope we can get something like HB676 passed, rather than this “insurance reform” that we are debating now. Why do we need brokers for our health care? I can’t stand those damn insurance companies and drug companies making our health decisions for us. Go single-payer! 😀

  3. 2 hrs, once a week, is not enough time for you to spread and clear up the message….great show!

  4. Good energy on your broadcast, thanks for letting me speak about the insurance vs medicare bit..single payer would be great, but at LEAST the goverment option for those of us that would like to get out from under the thumbs of the insurance companies ! I know the Senate Fianance committee has caved, so I’m hoping Pelosi can pull this thing off, I know my congresswoman in fighting for it…..

  5. Thank you Shannyn, loved it and the coverage on health care is so necessary. Most of your callers had very good comments. Disagreed with the one I think of as the red kool-aid guy-but his opinions should be aired so they can be rebutted–and you and some other callers handled that so well. My heart went out to the man with the daughter needing transplant. I wish him and his daughter all the best.

  6. we were able to avoid the transplant at that moment in time..( still a possibility down the road). ..we had to use the insurance reccommended lab rather than the UCSF hospital lab for blood tests- the lab froze the blood to “batch test” with others for the ammonia levels, rather than testing for ammonia within 30 minutes of drawing…it caused REALLY high ammonia levels due to the freezing… the docs and we were pretty much set to go, regardless of the insurance denial, and was to be a “Living Donor” from good old Dad ( me) .. we had another test done at the hospital, and the results the next day showed her level as normal ! so the surgery was canceled, I was in tears from relief, 2 days later, the insurance co ok’ed the appeal I’s and my employer had submitted due to their denial…I told them the labs would be done in SF from then on, because THEIR lab had caused us so much grief – we’d had the kid on HIGH dosage of Prednizone trying to get her ammonia down, poor kid looked like Sta-Puff marshmellow girl form it….

  7. Hey Shannyn, good to talk with you this evening. Still can’t believe I called in….

    See you in Pittsburgh!

  8. just to be clear- I’m relating all of this to show how ins companies get between the patient and the doctor. just the opposite of what they are saying to us now….Federal Medicare has NOT gotten between the doctors and her, they are simply the payer of the care she recieves. We all have or know people with terrible medical issues..we saw this daily when she would play with the “bald headed” kids on the THOSE parents had it rough !

  9. Great show, Shannyn. I hadn’t realized a public option wouldn’t be even available until 2013. I needed to hear the different comments, and you encourage multiple viewpoints. Definitely SMART RADIO!!!

  10. I knew I missed yet ANOTHER great show, but after reading benlomand’s comments I’m really grinding my teeth.

    Good Luck benloman and DD! Wish I could have heard you! My niece 21 yo (#1 on the list) didn’t make her lung transplant in time last year, the CF beat her body. Her 22 yo brother (who became #1 on the list) DID make it in time several months later (just a couple of days before he would have lost the struggle too, the surgeons said). He’s doing fantastically now! You’re so right! With Federal Medicare, it’s not the battle like with private insurers who prefer for kids to die so they can boost the shareholders’ dividends.

    This Thurs I’m getting off dialup and onto Comcast internet svc, so MAYBE I will be able to finally access SM radio or even the podcasts that I can’t seem to access now either.

    SHANNYN: This is a little OT, but I so wish to give you the heads-up. I also posted over at Mudflats:
    – – –
    Today’s Seattle Times had a BIG & seriously good write up on Pebble Mine & Bristol Bay, from the LA Times, – with a big picture of Bristol Bay. Seems like the recent lawsuit is FINALLY getting the issues into the MSM. Yippee!

    “Lawsuit seeks to halt huge Alaskan mine”

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