Posted by: shannynmoore | August 3, 2009

Birth Baggers or Tea Birthers?

OK, reality needed.  This rant by Bill Maher (warning: it’s cable, if easily offended…well, don’t watch it.) really sums up the reason to debunk and push back the radical right theory of Obama’s Kenyan delivery.

Seriously, if it were true, the Clintons would have found it and dropped proof  in leaflets out of airplanes from sea to shining sea.  If this is all they have…”You, Sir, weren’t born in the US?” then he’s probably kept pretty clean.  It’s not like he’s messing around on his wife, or smoking crack, or taking money from an energy company…OH, NO, it’s he was birthed somewhere else.  Are they kidding? No.  This is part of the meme of an African-American not “being like us,” un-American, un-patriotic.

Lawrence O’Donnell just debunked the newly surfaced “Kenyan birth certificate” with some simple facts of history.  I’ll post it as soon as it is available.

h/t O’Toole!



  1. Are you going to debunk the Trig Truthers, too? 🙂

    • That is irrelevant. Your question is a prime example of a logical fallacy: Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc.

  2. I’m sorry – did you crawl out from under your Veteran’s rock to add something pertinent to the discussion?

  3. love Bill Maher

  4. Bill Maher is amazing – and smart.

  5. Bill Maher is also a Trig Truther. How smart is that?

    • very smart 😉
      After all we know Trig was Sarah’s easiest birth, lol. Yeah b/c she didn’t have him!

  6. Are you done fighting that war? Weren’t you blogging when you were supposed to be protecting your buddies?

    I mean, aren’t you some WAR HERO or something?

    Actually it only makes me admire him even more because he is obviously MUCH smarter than YOU are.

    • Oh, hey I thought you weren’t supposed to blog politically while serving in the military?
      How long have we been putting up with Timmy here??
      Tim…how was your recent visit to Alaska? Did you see Sarah? Any Trig stories for us?
      Funny you and RAM have been so silent on that, not sharing with the sea of pee???

  7. The “new” Kenyan birth certificate is so badly faked that it is a joke. A laundry detergent is the signature? The registration number is Obama’s age and his presidency number? Couldn’t they have been more original?

    • The kool-aid rots their brains…they probably modeled it after a 419 scam…lol!

  8. This VidO is not from here and does not speak for itself. This one is just part of the Borg continuum, a Palinbot if you will…

    “As with any group collective the Borg have a central nucleus with which to draw on, for order, decision making, and strategy for the implementation of long term goals. This comes in the fashion of a Queen, or ‘central voice’. It was the Queen’s decision to concentrate resources on conquering the Federation. A diverse, and advanced organisation with so many cultural and technological facets as the Federation’s would be of extreme gain to the Collective if assimilated. Over the years following first contact with them, the Borg have tried on several occasions to conquer the Federation.”

  9. The VidOm is from nowhere. And if you criticize “it”, you will be accused of hating a veteran (so he says). I did hear a juicy little rumor that he was blogging from the “front” and his superiors didn’t know it. Shame Shame Shame.

    The Kenyan Birth Certificate was certified by EP Lavendar – (that would be a brand of diamond”).

    Then again, look at the raving loon that is promoting the whole thing. You’d think they’d notice that the BC was dated before Kenya became a Republic?

    Even their forgeries are pathetic.

    • Not to mention Kenya wasn’t even Kenya at that time! lol!!!!! 😉

  10. my gosh, Vid Om–are you just lurking around, waiting to “spring” one of your tiresome “well, what about X” comments? The fact is that your adored Palin is a complete, utter, incompetent fraud. She was a disaster as a mayor, governor, and candidate. I don’t give a rat’s patoot whether the baby is hers or anyone else’s. What I do care about is that she (a) is not very bright and lacks the insight to recognize her limitations; (b) ascribes to religious beliefs which are scary in their implications for society; and (c) is a flaming hypocrite in her advocacy of values she doesn’t practice.

    • She Aborted her term “For Alaska” lol! To Progress herself! Only dead fish go with the flow!!!

      • She’s a very bitter Twitter Quitter.

        • Basheert–

          Be honest: just how much time did you spend dreaming up “very bitter Twitter Quitter”? I’d have taken at least a couple of hours, but I’m pretty slow.

      • Actually that is the ONLY thing she has done right, it IS for the betterment of Alaska

    • Donna VidOm doesn’t care, no one else likes him or speaks to him. He’s simply a boil on the butt of the blogs.

      • VidOm needs to brush up on his Latin.

      • a vile one at that !

    • …and she lies. A LOT.

    • Perfect in every regard, Thank you!

  11. Hi there Donna –
    Someone accidentally unlocked the cage door and VidOm escaped and is attempted to deflect discussion and drive it off topic.

    Sarah Failed!!!

    Woo Hoo!!!

    Sarah Palin is a LOSER!!!

    Woo Woo

    And how about this: I personally DETEST that fake phony illiterate idiot named Sarah Palin. I think she is crazy and dishonest.

    And Bill Maher totally rocks.

  12. Oops – forgot – SUE ME!

    • YEAH SUE US!!!!!

  13. basheert–as always, you rock.

  14. thanks ma’am – nice to see you too.

    I’m sure that Bill Maher is SHAKING in his SHOES that VidOm is challenging his beliefs as a Trig Truther.

  15. I wonder if VidOm is one of the people of whom Bill was speaking when he mentioned those who wonder where the sun goes at night.

    • He probably thinks the moon is the sun…then he can pretend he’s in the land of the midnight sun like Sar-rah!

  16. Maher was right on target with this weeks “New Rules”, right on target.

  17. Course, I’d have voted for Obama if he was born on Vulcan, so I don’t really care….. but it’s funny to watch the antics.

    • Whoa – you mean he wasn’t??????

  18. Hi all, I seldom comment as all you good folks here do it much better than I ever could.

    Just have one small observation, and that is: VidOm is, as my southern friends say, not from around these parts is He/she/it. Must be one of those Danged gum furriners from the City of Africa.

  19. I know Vid. He is not from here, and that’s OK, many aren’t. He is fully aware of my position on the “Trig Truthers” and I believe was trying to be funny.
    That said, I find it strange–were I a Palin supporter I would be more comfortable with the conspiracy than the official story.

    As you know, I don’t have a “staff” and have to work to support my blogging habit, so come to the table of thought AND BRING YOUR MANNERS.

    I’m sure I would feel differently if I read the “other” site, but I don’t.

    BTW, Michelle Malkin has gone around the bend.

  20. “around the bend” is being charitable.

    Shannyn–I apologize for being rude to VO on your blog. I made the mistake of going on the “other” site and it was the worst sort of nastiness. My bad.

  21. Shannyn:
    Michelle Malkin went around the bend a L-O-N-G time ago.

  22. Hey Shannon.. re: Malkin.. what do you mean “gone” around the bend. She’s an anchor baby in the COUNTRY of “Around the Bend”. She’s never *not* lived there!

  23. Thanks lidia – we needed that!

    Shannyn, under any other circumstances I would apologize as well, but VidOm viciously attacked me previously and frankly I don’t feel a need to make nice with his nastiness. When it comes to family military service, he crossed over the line with me.

    That being said, I will apologize to you for my elbows on the table, ok?

  24. Thanks, Shannyn, I normally don’t comment in order to not derail your threads, but the irony of a Trig Truther denouncing Obama Birthers was too funny to pass up.

    • You can’t derail my threads, Vid…well, not logically. There should be zero irony with my positions on TTruthers and the Birthers. I have the same position…weird, huh. Just like I have the same position about outing bloggers no matter what side of the coin they are on.

      • Yeah, I’m with you on all of that.

        • OK, I just want everyone to see — you’re with me on all of that. See, when you don’t read what other people write about you it is easy to get along…ha! Easy, that’s a joke…well, not really…but meant in fun because I’m way more fun than mean.

      • “. . . my positions on TTruthers and the Brithers. I have the same position…weird, huh . . .”

        Another expression that sounds dirty, but isn’t really.

  25. It’s looking like the Kenyan birth certificate is a forgery modeled after one from Australia. Of course, that won’t do a thing to convince the birthers.

  26. Bill Maher should get a medal for his New Rule on some things are not for profit. Like….healthcare.

    As for the so called Kenyan Birth Certificate. Orly Taitz had a meltdown on MSNBC after apparently having a less than productive interview on CNN. She’s been channeling Sarah Palin about the “lies of the mainstream media.” How dare we ask her gotcha questions.

    Bill Maher’s comments on the birthers are another hilarious example of why he should get an Emmy this year. Crab grass or Cirque de Soliel? Bwa ha ha!

  27. The whole birther thing: POTUS has shown his, SP has not shown Trigs, unless I am too lazy to have taken note.

  28. This is probably common knowledge by now but check out the following link from the Politjab site. It exposes the birth as it were of the faked Kenyan birth certificate. Someone apparently used an Australian birth certificate from a geneology site as a template for the “Kenyan Obama BC”. Pure amateur hour on this one – even the names of the bureaucrats who signed the documents are the same – the forger simply changed the initials but alas, forgot to change the currency. Tsk Tsk

  29. The whole birther thing: POTUS has shown his, SP has not shown Trigs, unless I am too lazy to have taken note.
    BTW I love your blog!

  30. Here’s my view on the birther/Trig business. Anadventurer, you have correctly noted that the President has shown his birth certificate. He also has otherwise ignored the issue. When asked about it, Gibbs has responded but that’s the extent of it. It has been treated as what it is–the perpetuation of a de-bunked rumor. The President does not spend time complaining about how he is portrayed by some–he pretty much ignores the junk.

    In contrast, Palin has exploited the rumors about the baby. She and those who speak for her (and her sympathizers) use those rumors to advance the picture of her as a “victim” of the media. Rather than ignoring the “junk,” she has made its existence the centerpiece of her speeches and fundraising. Poor, poor Sarah–the target of the smears. It’s the most crass sort of manipulation.

    I have no idea whether the baby is hers. I do believe that, taking her at her word about the trip back from Texas to deliver, she displayed horrifically bad judgment and a reckless disregard of the child’s well-being. But that’s as far as I’ll go. I do think that she has been rather clever in substituting her claimed victimhood for anything of substance–even though she was both an active participant in the creation of that status and could have easily debunked it.

    While it may be difficult for her to understand, she’s simply not that interesting. Had she genuinely wanted to put the issue of her baby’s parentage to rest, she could have–and that would have ended the matter. It is only because she has refused to do more than whine and complain that it continues and it is hard to avoid the conclusion that such contination is precisely what she wants.

  31. Fairly innocuous question, has any one ever even found proof that Obama’s mother was in Kenya while pregnant? I would think a newspaper posting about her attending a baby shower would a fairly failproof way to show if her child was born in Hawaii or halfway around the earth.

  32. There was a story in ADN some months ago about how they tried to debunk the story about the birth of Trig, but Palin would not cooperate and in fact got very upset about it. That makes it sound like it’s true, but I don’t really care. Like McCain, Palin has been a failure at everything she has tried to do. Frankly, I don’t thing she ever tried very hard and doesn’t have the attention span to run anythin.

    The new Obama “Kenyan Birth Certificate” is such a joke it makes you think that someone was just having fun at the expense of the Birthers.

  33. RE: that Kenyan Birth certificate.

    Wow – that was even a BAD forgery. It would have helped if Kenya had been established on the date they forged on it.

    Obama’s birth certificate has been authenticated. As a registered voter, I am satisfied. I totally approve of his ignoring of this situation. He has obviously decided it is simply another “tangent” and chooses to not sink to the level of defending himself against another manufactured rumor.

    Look, even Karl Rove said “it’s a forgery” – that should tell even the tin foil hat people it’s pretty bad.

    In all of these incidents I see racism, hatred and ugliness. It should be obvious by now that the majority of voters (excluding the Republicans) believe this is simply another attack. But I believe it goes deeper.

    This is racial hatred, flaming, screaming, dangerous, radical racial hatred – in our country. Oh we’ve had it all along, it just wasn’t popular.

    This all boils donw to the fact that “that one” (as Mr McCain, closet racist referred to Obama) won the election. The racist white guy lost. Elections have consequences.

    It is a sad commentary that we have chosen to return to the racist roots in our country. It is ugly and it makes many of us sad – and disgusted. Most of all, it is not something to be proud of.

    Happy Birthday President Obama !!

  34. what on earth is Orly Taitz about?

  35. Cocaine?

    Take your choice.

  36. Love Bill Maher! In a joking way, he tells it like it is.

  37. I was offended by Mr. Mahar’s mean crack at Cirque du Soleil.

  38. Bill Maher for PRESIDENT!

    The man is a genius.

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