Posted by: shannynmoore | August 5, 2009

“Just-A-Mud PAC” Pledge Drive!

What happens when you cross Just a Girl from Homer, Mudflats, and a trip to Netroots Nation?  A “Just-A-Mud PAC” pledge drive!

Well, it’s not exactly public radio, but we do have very public blogs, and they’re commercial free!  No pop-up ads!

Today, Mudflats and Just a Girl From Homer, are announcing the beginning of our first ever pledge drive which will feature a “Just-a-Mud Party” fundraising shindig on Saturday night,  complete with live blogging immediately following The Shannyn Moore Show on KBYR from 5-7pm Alaska time!  We are posting the adult beverage selections we’ll be enjoying, so you can prepare in advance, and sip along with us.  Anyone who donates will have their name put in a hat, and virtual door prizes will be awarded and posted Saturday night. Don’t you want your very own Brian the Moose, some Alaskan smoked salmon, or a chance to be a guest on an  upcoming radio show?lipstickpiggymud

This is all to support out trip to Netroots Nation next week in Pittsburgh!

Netroots Nation amplifies progressive voices by providing an online and in-person campus for exchanging ideas and learning how to be more effective in using technology to influence the public debate. Within that campus, we strengthen community, inspire action and serve as an incubator for progressive ideas that challenge the status quo and ultimately affect change in the public sphere.

Netroots Nation 2009 will include panels led by national and international experts; identity, issue and regional caucuses; prominent political, issue and policy-oriented speakers; a progressive film screening series; and the most concentrated gathering of progressive bloggers to date.

Through your amazing support by voting for us, we’ve both received scholarships that cover the registration fee and hotel stay.  But Alaska is a long way from everywhere, and we’ve got some other plans that we are really excited about.

After Netroots Nation and the big Mudstock Meetup in Pittsburgh, we will be traveling to Cambridge,  for, “An Evening with Shannyn Moore and AKM” at Harvard.  After that, it’s off to New York City where we’ll visit our friends at the MSNBC Studios at 30 Rock, and The Huffington Post.  And, since we don’t have our very own ShannynPAC, MudPac or the Justa-Mud Fund Trust, we are reaching out to you, our naughty little liberals, conservatives and everything in between!

The issues Alaskans face with Pebble Mine, the environmental impact on the arctic, failing fisheries, energy needs, the gas line, social issues, discrimination, jobs, and health care have not been solved with the resignation of the governor. We have a lot of work to do.  The purpose for this trip for us is to network, make connections,  and continue with our mission; to make Alaska better.

We also want to share our experience with you, whether you are in Alaska or Outside!  Our blogging community knows no geographical boundaries.  You were all here, supporting us and supporting each other throughout the last year, and we want to be able to share what we learn, and give you ideas and inspiration….and heck, a virtual vacation with two enthusiastic progressives!

If you would like to help us, please click the donation button in the upper right corner.  We plan to “split the pot,” so a donation to one of us is a donation to both of us.  Your generous support is very much appreciated.

Now, on to the fun!  You can stock up on the ingredients and sip along with us on Saturday night.  Click the links to whip up your very own batch of

Mudflat Slides or  Shantinis (Brian will have a Moosehead Beer!)

or pop some sparkling cider, or raise a mug of tea.

Our excellent adventure begins one week from today!


  1. I am a fan from Missouri and appreciate your spirit
    and spunky – ness!! Keep on keepin on. We in the
    lower 48 admire Alaskans (most)!

  2. Done and done (donation here AND at Mudflats)
    I can’t wait to meet you and AKM – see you in Pittsburgh. : )

  3. Clicked and donated over at the flats. Just had to comment here because I love the photo (and the lipstick on the pig). I wish I could join you but I work part time weekends. You speak for me anyhow!

  4. Most excellent picture! What a find!

  5. SM-
    Tell AKM to check her email from UGA VIC (and Ann S.) – she knows – I made a little offer to boost the effort.
    You can let me know if it is a go :-)))
    Wishing you both a quick rush to the goal of $ to send two VERY bright and right-minded (as in they know the right thing to do) ladies!!

  6. Leaving a small donation here also. You girls rock. I especially admire your persistence in keeping up the good fight. It’s more than I could do. Over 30 years ago I went door to door in Kodiak trying to get signatures to outlaw nuclear weapons – they all thought I was nuts!! Now living in one of the bluest parts of California – such a difference. I read you and AKM all the time – keeps me connected to my birthplace. Thanks for all you do!

  7. Hi Shannyn! I donated over at the ‘flats because I happened to read there first. I just LOVE this picture (I used to collect pigs) best laugh I’ve had all week!

    I know you gals will have a fantastic adventure! Actually, I think all the fans are even more excited than you two could be – one would think we were going to Netroots ourselves. On 2nd though, guess we ARE vicariously. Have fun & pack your best pajamas!

  8. My donation to you both is in AKM’s pot, because I saw this post there first. Enjoy your time together on the East coast.

  9. Enjoy your time in Pittsburgh, Boston, and New York. I am sure guys will have a great time, not so sure how sleep you get.

  10. Love the blog, love the picture.
    Have a great trip!

  11. It’s only a little something .. but I donated because I thank you both so much for my sanity for the last year! Have fun. I will try and be present to the fun this Saturday night …. hmmm, maybe a “Shantini?”

  12. I’m in for a couple bucks here and at mudflats.

    ya’ll keep up the good work!!

  13. Hi there Shannyn, Benton and I sent a small amount thru mudflats…Have a great time down there and feel free to use our small donation to be part of a nice tip to your server (the one that serves all the great drinks and the food I wish I was there to share with you all!)

    Thanks for doing what you do and I just wish that I had the intestinal fortitude to really put myself out there, at the public’s mercy!, the way that you and AKM do on a daily basis.

    Thanks for bringing us the news and the truth!

  14. I donated at mudflats but had to tell you how much I love that picture. Hoping your adventure will be everything you imagine and more!

    With appreciation for all you do, all you are….truth, integrity, intelligence, wit, civility…..!

  15. I just made a small donation at Mudflats and 1 here also. Thanks for all you do to keep us up to date with politics in Alaska. I admire your strength in standing up to Ex GINO!!!

  16. Hi Shannyn
    I donated a fair amount night before last over at Mudflats for you both. I hope it helps and I hope you have a great and informative trip!

  17. Ok a little lunch money on both sites. Have fun! Tell us all about it when you return. Tell Rachel we love her.

  18. Nice Blog…. Keep Sharing

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