Posted by: shannynmoore | August 9, 2009

Palin Wack-A-Mole Again…

Here’s the newest facebook installment…posted Sunday evening. Keep in mind, as governor, Palin accepted 96% of the stimulus money.

Tomorrow begins an important week for Alaskans.

On Monday, state lawmakers will meet to override my veto of stimulus funds. As Governor, I did my utmost to warn our legislators that accepting stimulus funds will further tie Alaska to the federal government and chip away at Alaska’s right to chart its own course. Enforcing the federal building code requirements, which Governor Parnell and future governors will be forced to adopt in order to accept these energy funds, will eventually cost the state more than it receives. There are clear ropes attached, and Alaskans will soon find themselves tied down by codes which will dictate how we build and renovate homes and businesses. The state has hundreds of millions of dollars already budgeted for conservation, weatherization and renewable energy development. Legislators don’t need to play politics as usual and accept these funds and the ropes that come with them.

Also this week, Alaskans will join Senators Murkowski and Begich in town hall meetings to discuss the current health care legislation. There are many disturbing details in the current bill that Washington is trying to rush through Congress, but we must stick to a discussion of the issues and not get sidetracked by tactics that can be accused of leading to intimidation or harassment. Such tactics diminish our nation’s civil discourse which we need now more than ever because the fine print in this outrageous health care proposal must be understood clearly and not get lost in conscientious voters’ passion to want to make elected officials hear what we are saying. Let’s not give the proponents of nationalized health care any reason to criticize us.

– Sarah Palin

It must be weird to go from press conferences to facebook.

This following post was published May 21, 2009 after Palin’s veto. “Dude, Where’s My Governor’s Head”

Gov. Sarah Palin dropped the hammer today on $80 million from the state budget. Her cuts include the $28.6 million in federal stimulus money designated for energy relief. Even though Juneau, Fairbanks and Anchorage municipalities are already complying with the federal building codes, Palin turned money down for weatherization and energy assistance to avoid the building requirements statewide. The governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, negotiated taking the money without a statewide code.

Alaska has the highest energy costs in the nation. Alaska has two seasons; winter and construction. Now would be the best time for window replacement, weatherization, etc.

In a “bring it on” move, Palin dared the legislature to over-ride her veto. I just spoke to a state legislature about the chances of a special session being called. It is possible, if not, the next session is January 2010.

Last fall, Governor Palin allocated $740 million in one time “energy bail-out” checks to every citizen in Alaska.

This year, $28.6 million is turned down.

Alaska loses.

Democratic Alaska Senator Mark Begich responded quickly, pointing out the hypocrisy of the Governor’s position, asking for earmarks and rejecting the stimulus.

“With Alaskans facing the highest energy prices in the nation, it’s disappointing that our governor is turning thumbs down on federal funding that could help our families and communities reduce their energy bills.

“The Republican-led Alaska Legislature determined that our state already meets the standards necessary to accept this funding. This notion about some onerous federal mandate seems to be little more than a political red herring targeted at an agenda other than Alaska’s.

“Of the more than nearly $5 billion in requests from Alaska communities and non-profits for federal funding my office has received so far this year, I’d estimate a third of them relate to reducing energy costs. My agenda will continue to be securing federal assistance to help Alaska families reduce their high cost of living.”


“A few folks have been asking about whether the Governor’s Energy Fund Veto can be overridden. Here’s a quick tentative answer – I think it’s correct. It requires more research – but for folks who disagree with the Governor’s decision, calling for a veto override doesn’t, at this point, seem like an effective tool.

1. The Appropriations bill appropriated funds subject, I believe, to receipt from the Federal Government. We haven’t received those funds because the Governor hasn’t applied for them. So, she’s vetoed funds we don’t have. Overriding the veto won’t bring those funds to the state. The operative action needed from the Governor would be an application for the funds, which she has refused to submit. I think she is the only Governor in the nation to refuse to request these funds to date. Anyway, the Legislature can’t force her to do that, unless Congress amends the rules.

2. Bill Wielechowski’s Office did the most interesting research so far – last week. It seems that until the Governor formally notifies the President she will reject the federal funds, they can be applied for at a future point. The door’s not necessarily closed at this point. So, assuming this is correct, those who believe we should accept these funds should work to either keep the Governor from the fatal decision – an outright rejection letter to the President – or encourage her to be thoughtful in reconsidering her decision so she’ll make the application.

I personally think the following makes sense – and should have been done in the first place. The Governor’s agencies – presumably with her input since she’s head of the state’ agencies (AHFC and AEA) – proposed to spend the funds on a number of efforts. All $29 million could have instead been spent on building renewable energy projects around the state, to achieve this state’s renewable and diversified energy goals. It’s odd to have renewable energy goals, like the Governor announced in her Winter press conference, and to reject funds needed to build those projects. I would encourage folks to run this proposal by the Governor – one she of course could have proposed in the first place – and see if we can encourage her to accept the funds for these purposes, if she didn’t like the purposes her agencies proposed in the operating budget.”



  1. The irony of it all. Yes, let’s not diminish the civil discourse, Sarah.

  2. Another Facebook thing. Does this mean she’s giving up on using Twitter? No more poetry by Shatner on The Tonight Show. Darn…

    • I think she was shocked and embarrassed by Shatner’s reading of her speech and tweets. That’s why she stopped and hired herself a writer for her facebook.

  3. “There are clear ropes attached, and Alaskans will soon find themselves tied down by codes which will dictate how we build and renovate homes and businesses.”

    Guess that would put a crimp in how Todd and his contracting buddies would have built the home on Lake Lucille if they’d had been tied down by pesky things such as codes.

    (Agree that it must weird her out to be press-conferencing via Facebook … )

  4. I still don’t understand how you all up there in Alaska can get homeowners/building insurance if the state/cities don’t require building code compliance.

    Its pretty basic stuff, and its intended to protect public and personal safety.

  5. She can’t call a press conference and issue a statement because someone might actually ask her a question and challenge her on her so called facts. All she can do is have someone write a post for her facebook page so she has total control over what appears. I hope the press catches on soon and stops reporting what she says in messages to her social network. If she doesn’t have the courage to hold a presser, it isn’t worth reporting.

    • Nicely said, John! I hope you don’t mind — I quoted you over at HuffPo — yes, they have dutifully reported Palin’s latest — with proper attribution, of course.

      I, too, wish “the media” would get a clue about this cardboard cutout of a sham politician (she isn’t even a paper tiger).

  6. Who does she think she is – the shadow Governor now?
    What T F?
    Where were her “statements” about anything other than tabloid rumors when she WAS Governor?
    When and How did her “strings” become “ropes?”
    Why is she sticking her nose in AK Government business ? Ok, I covered it – who what, where, when and why.
    Now, SHOO silly Sarah, let Parnell and the Legislators do their jobs.

  7. It also must be weird for the whack job to put her name on something urging calm and polite behavior. Her new ghostwriter sets an even tone. Hard to believe she is actually listening to suggestions – she sure didn’t come up with “play nice” by herself.

    And hey, I guess us progressives aren’t “conscientious voters?” Darn.

  8. After reading her latest FaceBook entry it doesn’t sound like something that Sarah would write. It is too calm, measured and not nutjobby enough. I wonder if someone else is ghostwriting for her.

  9. Lies, lies, lies and more lies. I wish building codes were enforced in the rural areas. People are living in bad conditions and there are some horrible landlords. The truth is it has been clarified that there are no code requirements, yet in the face of the truth she continues to lie.

  10. Palin’s just a private citizen posting to the web so what’s the big deal?

    If she as governor had written the formal letter to Obama refusing the funds, that would be a big deal.

    I’m a bit confused by the “update” from Gara– it appears to have been written while Palin was still governor.

    It appears to me the thing we need to be concerned about is making sure Parnell doesn’t officially refuse the funds.

  11. ADN-online covered Palin’s facebook post on health care. It drew over 550 comments. I read many of them and I didn’t see one comment in support of Palin. Not one. I’ve never seen such an overwhelmingly negative and one sided reaction to anything at ADN. Palin is toast.

    • That’s partly because, now that Palin is no longer Alaska’s governor, her minions at TeamSarah and C4P don’t care about freeping the ADN or Alaskan blogs on Alaska issues.

      They only care now about such important things as her national status, her wedding ring, her marital status, her hair loss (noooooo, deny, deny!), why she’s not twittering anymore…

      • After I said the above, I went back to ADN to look at the article and comments again. I discovered that there are now 850 comments on the article. The additional 300 comments since I had first visited are mainly pro-Palin spam. I don’t use the word “spam” to disparage comments with which I don’t agree–this pro-Palin spam is mechanically-generated propaganda which pollutes and obscures, it’s spam in the true sense of the word. If ADN allows this spam to clog these readers’ comments on this article, it risks having its comments section rendered useless.

        You can take a look at what I am talking about for yourself, here:

        • That ALMOST proves my point. Somebody at Freeper or TownHall or maeTharaS or P4C was asleep at the switch until this morning.

          Maybe the chief right-wingnut progressive-blog-lurker just got back from a weekend of traveling around to various town hall meetings and shouting “NO!”

  12. To the point: this Facebook posting not only undermines her legitimacy within the party, but the party’s legitimacy on the issue.

  13. And, she’s posting her thoughts on healthcare because…

    she’s been an outstanding advocate for the elderly and the differently-abled people of Alaska?

    she’s been the most conscientious and well-informed governor?

    I don’t think so.

  14. If a normal person were to believe in public advocacy and policy implimentation and they were to find themselves in the Governor’s Office, they would think, WOW what luck, this is where I can lead the discussion on these issues to best help push the my agenda. But not this twit. She Quits and now makes herself an empty-headed nuisance from the sidelines. A person who cannot finish their term in office should not be called governor by anyone. Remember she says herself that she does not need a title.

  15. Why are Alaskans even giving Sarah Palin the time of day? She embarrassed your state and the entire country during her ignorant, rabble-rousing vice-presidential campaign. Then she resigned as governor for “reasons” that remain implausible and suspect.

    Yet she’s apparently still allowed to be part of the conversation on important state issues. People should just start ignoring her twitters, her Facebook statements, and all her efforts to get attention. I know, Palin has lots of “news” value in the national media, but it seems to me that Alaskans would want keep their own dignity by not giving her a forum. She forfeited that privilege when she resigned.

  16. If Mr. Gara and the rest of the legislature had done the right thing and impeached Palin after the Branchflower report…………..they would not have all this mess to contend with.

    If they accept Campbell without knowing what he is really all about…………..history will repeat itself.

    I hope for the sake of Alaskans, that Mr. Gara and the rest of the legislature have learned a lesson.

    They had better grow a spine and stop making excuses about “no political will”.

    Those who have “no political will”, are obviously in the wrong job and the results have been disastrous for Alaskans.

    Although John McCain foisted Palin on the rest of the country, the only people able to stop her were the Alaskan legislature.

    I repeat…What does a governor have to do in Alaska to be impeached? Kill a baby on the steps of the state capitol at high noon?

    The legislature were the ones that found her to have excessively abused the power of her office.

    Now the entire country gets to put up with her nonsense.

  17. the boobybush, like the albatross of legend, wants to hang around the Alaskan neck like slow rot. an epic poem retold as hype. exactly what bush did to texas and then the nation. the species differs only slightly north to south.

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