Posted by: shannynmoore | August 11, 2009

GLBT Community Wins Civil Rights Protection…Teabaggers Lose…AGAIN!

The Anchorage Assembly voted to ban discrimination based upon sexual orientation this evening at Tuesday Night at the Fights. The ordinance passed 7-4 and is subject to a potential veto from Mayor Dan Sullivan.

Those voting in favor were Patrick Flynn, Harriett Drummond, Matt Claman, Elvi Gray-Jackson, Sheila Selkregg, Mike Gutierrez and Jennifer Johnston.

Those who will someday find themselves on the wrong side of history are Bill Starr, Debbie Ossiander, Dan Coffey and Chris Birch.

This is the second defeat in as many days for the Teabaggers. On Monday, the Alaska Legislature voted to over-ride former Governor Sarah Palin’s veto on the energy and weatherization stimulus funds.

Back by popular demand is the collage of hate countered by Amy Ray’s Let It Ring


  1. “Painting Alaska BLUE, one stroke at a time” There is hope after all! I was really worried about this, even though there should not even be a question on what is the right thing to do. The homo-phobics must be coming unglued!

    Thanks for all your work Shannyn! You are an inspiration.

  2. Great news!! Thanks for all your good work!!

  3. If anyone is interested in helping the effort, please feel free to check out this article ( ) and then email us at if you want to do more.

    This is such a great day. Thank you, Shannyn, for keeping track of this even as you are heading out of town!

  4. Thanks for keeping up with this and supporting us. My post is up at Bent Alaska. Please ask people to contact Mayor Sullivan and tell him not to veto Ordinance 64! Call (907) 343-7170 or (907) 343-7100, or email him at mayor(at)muni(dot)org. Thank you.

  5. Shanny,
    I am working on a little Call For Art that I am thinking to call Obscenity in Anchorage. Hold your stomach and stifle the gag reflex. I intend to organize my supportive artist friends and we are going to render portraits of the obscene opposition, especially Prevo, all dressed in their birthday suits. I think Prevo’s portrait gets 13 pieces of silver in it.

  6. I laugh every time I see those Truth-is-not-Hate signs, because I always read them as Hate-is-not-Truth.

  7. I’m cheering for you all. Really. Those hearings were so hard for me to listen to. Even the live blogging was too hard at one point. All the hate.

    I KNEW that Ossiander woman was not going to vote for it… after seeing her in the red shirt!

    Can you say obvious much?

  8. Congratulations – what an ugly fight it turned out to be when it should have been easy to just do the right thing.

    Good job Alaska!

  9. anti-equality red shirts defeated! this is not just a victory for GLBT, but for all reasonable Alanskans.

    can i PLEASE have my Star Trek joke back now?

  10. I wrote this to all my State Reps and Senators you should as well.
    Let us start with Good Friday 1964. I do not have to total figure in dollars that was spent putting Alaska back together after that tragic event, but I am positive it was a staggering sum, all brought forth by the Federal Government.

    Are not a third of jobs in the state somehow related to federal funding? Highways and the military and health care and schools. How do you decide which federal funding was good and which is not?

    Another fact from is this. Alaska is #1 in stimulus funds per capita at $1.41 per citizen, and as of Monday with the veto override that sum has risen since that figure was released.

    “Cora Hoff from Big Lake said she was protesting in part because she was worried about the building codes, but also because she has a problem with federal spending.
    She did not like handouts, food stamps and welfare and free health insurance for pregnant women who don’t work. The government should stay out of people’s lives and leave states alone and teach personal responsibility, she said.” from ADN 8/12 Yet I bet she cashes every PFD check she has ever received come November as well as the $1200.00 energy rebate check she received in 2008.

    Bob Lynn said in the Egan center before the vote on taking the stimulus monies that the Federal Government needs to stay out of Alaska’s business. Mr Lynn is a Vet, I am sure he fought for the USA to support our Federal Government. He is also a retired Air Force fighter pilot, thus receives a check from the evil Federal Government every month as well as free health care. Just a Tad hypocritical there Bob!

    I heard other Legislators advocating ignoring or asking that the Federal Government stay out of Alaska. This secessionist talk scares me being an Alaskan who’s job depends on Federal Funds coming into Alaska to subsidize our Ferry System.

    For all who voted yes to over ride the veto of the stimulus money to improve living conditions for Alaskans I applaud you. For those who feel the Federal Government has no role in Alaska I say this. Without the Federal Government monies flowing into Alaska, Alaska would be faced with taxing the citizens of Alaska greatly to fund such things as Ferries, The Alaska Rail Road, and many other infrastructures that Federal Dollars fix.
    As well I want remind all who say the Federal Government money is somehow bad for Alaska that we have many Federal Military Bases in Alaska as well as Missile Defense systems that are totally funded by the Federal Government. I might also remind those people that every thirds person in Alaska who’s income is derived from Federal Funds VOTE!

    The Federal Government Employs more people in Alaska than the State of Alaska employs. This is a fact that should not be over looked bu those citizens in Alaska who speak out so loudly against our Federal Government.

    As for the United States National Debt I would like to remind those who are speaking out so loudly on that issue and blaming the current Administration for that deficit that in 2000 when GW Bush took the oath of office, that we had a budget surplus, were paying down the National Debt for the first time in over 200 years, and that it only took 8 years of a Republican controlled House and Senate to rack up a 1.3 TRILLION dollar deficit. Those are facts not fiction.

  11. The mudflats server is not responding. It is 6:20 pm Eastern on August 12, 2009. Pass the word if you have a similar experience.

  12. How sad is it that little children are being pushed into taking part in the events pictured in that video? I find it deeply disturbing and I have to wonder if that isn’t the next generation of bigoted homophobes to carry on the “legacy” of their parents…

  13. Dayam, Shannyn.. that video makes me cry every time. Every time.

    Here’s to the Assembly who passed Ordinance 64 (S-2).

    Hopefully if Sullivan is idiot enough to veto it, the assembly will find one more soul to stand on the side of civil rights for all.

    Lately I wish I were there, a native or at least a resident, so I could lend my voice to the cause.

    But if not now, soon. A wise person once told me, on laying out a plan for the future, that here and there a few people will simply have to retire or pass away to make way for what is coming.

  14. For the last several years, I’ve lived in major cities–Chicago, Washington DC, Philadelphia and now New York. It’s easy to forget these struggles when you live in bubbles like this.

    Thanks, Shannyn, for using your platform to remind us these are human issues no matter your location!

  15. Debbie Ossiander, the Default Chair, has done her work.

    ‘Nuff said.

  16. Teabaggers, deathers and Palins oh my! Why are people calling this gay rights? Isn’t about human rights really?
    The teabaggers, deathers, religous right, are not much better that the Taliban to be honest. The Taliban says live by our rules, if you do not we will make your life hell.
    Really is there that large of a difference here?
    These same groups gripe that the Fed Gov is in thier lives to much. The scream leave us Alaskans alone as loud as they can. Yet they all seem to want to impose or force thier beliefs on the rest of us.
    Go back to your places of whorship, your homes, live your lives how ever you choose. This is what I heard many of you saying loud and clear in Anchorage this weekend. We want to live free of outside influences. Take your own advice and please, oh please, leave the rest of us alone!

  17. Wonderful news.

    You gotta know that you Progressive bloggers and your photos and live blogging, showing the hate of the opponents, were a huge factor in balancing the voices that the councel herd.

    Well, done.

  18. From a Canadian perspective: I can only express my utter and total dismay of the bizarre political situation you guys are dealing with. It is absolutely fascinating! Progressives need to push back and use the same strategies that elected Obama POTUS! Don’t let the right-wing wing-nuts win this health care debate. It is way too important! Listen to this recent interview about the tactics used by a certain special-interest group bent on destroying the current Administration:

  19. I couldnt agree more. These people are nuts! I wrote a piece on them at Check it out.

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