Posted by: shannynmoore | August 13, 2009


I woke up to AKM making me a cup of coffee…it just doesn’t get better than that…oh, wait it did.

The available classes are daunting, it’s hard to choose. The 9am session I watched Richard Smith, Anne Richard, Robert Greenwald and Spencer Ackerman discuss all things Afghanistan and Pakistan. It was really difficult to hear how Obama’s administration is running a “Bush Light” policy. The consensus seemed to be a need to shift the conflict from military to social need.

10:30 session “Staying On Top of Congress’ Shenanigans.” Oh, yes, brace yourselves.

I’ll update as the day goes on.



  1. Good morning, I am so envious, say hello to Jane H. for me please. Peace is Fun! wilbo

  2. Sadly I agree with the “Bush lite” comment in many regards. However, that may in part because he needs us to help pressure him to lean to the left. If he went in there and completely reversed the last eight years, there really would be a revolt. Just look at the fit the repugs have thrown at Obama’s moderate changes.

    Obama has a lot he needs to do in office, and fighting to hard or too much on one thing might compromise his ability to get other things done. Although with a democratic majority in both the house and senate weakens that argument. If he can’t get things done now, then later if we lose the majority, we will be in real trouble.

  3. Sounds like you two are having a good and educating time. Looking forward to continuing updates from you both!

  4. Scavenger hunt? They don’t do that from helicopters do they?

  5. The mudflats server is not responding. It is 4:11 pm Eastern on August 13, 2009. Pass the word if you have a similar experience. Has anyone else been able to access AKM’s blog due to the server being down?

  6. Keep soaking up the information, Shannyn, we’re all waiting to hear it.

    sauerkraut–I just accesses a few minutes ago—seems ok from NC.

  7. thanks for checking in with us.
    waiting on everything that you and akm write.
    hope you both got plenty of rest last night.
    have a good time.

    sounds like you and akm are taking different classes.
    that will give us more info.

  8. Love to hear from you! Looking forward to updates.

  9. Don’t know if you saw on Huffington Post or not, but your Sarah Palin from up there is back in the news pushing her “Death Panels” beliefs harder and stronger.
    How you people ever survived this woman is beyond me.

  10. Thank you for checking in and am glad you and AKM are having such a great time. Be safe and be careful and learn, learn, learn.

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