Posted by: shannynmoore | August 17, 2009


Today, Mayor Sullivan has a decision to make.  He can allow the Anchorage Assembly’s vote on gay rights to stand, representing the will of the people, or he can cater to the vocal, misinformed, bigoted and homophobic minority.

While other states are debating gay marriage, Anchorage is stuck in the 1950s, trying to figure out whether or not to allow discrimination against our neighbors and friends.

The barely literate religious right wing red shirts are flooding the mayors office with calls today. 

Make your voice known.

Call Mayor Sullivan’s office.  The number is 343.7100.  Repectfully request the mayor ignore the vocal minority and allow the will of the assembly and the will of the people, as well as our better angels to prevail.  Just say NO TO VETO!



  1. It appears that he will veto. This is so disheartening.

  2. I called in and as a business owner that caters to children I asked that he NOT veto.

  3. I have been following this topic since my sons and grandchildren live in Anchorage. I find Mayor Sullivan’s recent remarks comparing this decision to “sausage” ignorant, ridiculous and embarassing for Alaskans to have this type of stupidity broadcasted all over the lower 48. If Palin wasn’t enough to shine a bad light on this beautiful state then Sullivan is a close second!!!! Love your Blog!! Keep up the good work!

  4. Big surprise – he vetoed it. A vocal minority of intolerant sanctimonious hypocrites “persuaded” him to do what we all knew he would anyway. The delay was all for show to pretend he was thinking about it. One term mayor? We can only hope. Wish it would come to a community-wide vote, then the reasonable people would prevail. At least I’d like to think so.

  5. Once again loud and threatened trumps thinking and progressive. A sad day in Anchorage for those of us that value equality for all people.

  6. Sounds like it’s too late, and he’s vetoed it. So, it seems that now Anchorage residents just need to start working on the Chair of the Assembly to get her to change her vote so they could overturn the veto (it seems to be the thing to do these days!).

  7. Why am I not surprised at his decision to veto the proposition. Just one more example of how much influence the ABT has in controlling the political process in this city.

  8. Alaska is really more like the 1970s in some ways. I was in SF during the Harvey Milk era, the same crap was going on. They had religious nuts back then also, but there were more people on the side of civil rights then. I guess that is the more like 1950s part. As far as I can tell a huge number of people in Alaska have become pod people or have been drinking the kool aid. I am so pissed, I just called Sullivan’s aid and ranted. When one group of our brothers and sisters loose their civil rights we all loose out civil rights.

  9. I just called and was informed that the mayor had vetoed already.
    I asked that the aid also pass along this message – my spouse and I will be taking our money and spending it ANYWHERE but Anchorage.
    We will not spend it in a city that cannot even grant basic civil rights to people.
    We should organize an economic boycott of Anchorage – lots of us from the Kenai Peninsula and the Bush do a majority of shopping in Anchorage.
    Are you with me, people?

  10. When one of us loses our humanity, we all lose. So sorry to hear this about Anchorage… it’s off my bucket list.

  11. I won’t be visiting Anchorage and I won’t be spending any of my California dollars there unless the assembly overrules this cowardly and hapless veto. I am not gay but I believe that we must stand up against discrimination in all its forms.

  12. I just want to point OUT in the posting by aspiecelia… I was also in S.F. during the 1970’s. We had a gay friendly Mayor… George Moscone who was elected in 1975. In fact one of his first appointments was Harvey Milk. Moscone was well a head of his times… before it was fashionable to do so…when he showed up at many gay events… including political and sporting events, and often at times when there was no elections going on. There will always be religious groups against us… no matter what! Mayor Moscone lost his life, more than likely because he was gay friendly. And for the record… I knew Harvey and George as friends.

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