Posted by: shannynmoore | August 19, 2009

Shannyn Moore on Countdown with Keith Olbermann @ 30 ROCK!


  1. Shannon,

    Aloha from Alaska – say hi to Keith for us…haha, take care now, we’ll be listening!

  2. Go get-em.

    and don’t forget to send me your details so we can send the formal certificate and your grant money for the Steve Gilliard Award.


    • Is there a video of Shannyn’s Acceptance Speech for the Gillt?

      • fingers still don’t work well….Gilly

  3. Shannyn, you do us proud. Enjoy every minute. You and AKM hug each other for me – for all of us.

  4. Great job Shannyn, and you looked beautiful, and you did not look nervous at all. And if you were nervous, you hid it well. =)

  5. Too bad Keith wanted to talk about fluff stuff.

  6. You looked absolutely stupendous!

  7. “Oops, I quit it again.” Just lovely.

  8. You looked totally poised and gorgeous! There is something about the energy of NYC that puts an extra twinkle in the eyes 🙂

  9. I have seen your earlier appearances on Maddow and Olbermann… and I saw you on Keith Olbermann tonight … What kills me is that you are Supermodel Beautiful ( I hope that isn’t insulting ) AND ( or is it BUT ) you are smart , articulate and compelling. I hope you have an exciting career in ‘TV journalism’ … WE NEED SMART PEOPLE like you informing us .

    Just sign me up as a HOOOOGE FAN !!!!

  10. What would be hilarious is if 30 Rock has a skit on anonymous bloggers – with Shannyn making a cameo. Or maybe that could be included in a reprisal by SNL… “Sarah Palin” takes on a girl from homer. …

  11. btw, Robert… Shannyn is too smart and articulate to be a super model.

  12. Shannyn — You are doing GREAT. I’m sure you are aware of these simple graphics that say it all re babygate:

    Wish you would explain why this story, which I keep thinking could be the KO punch, has no legs.

  13. I felt that Olberman (even as much as I like him and watch him almost daily) could have been more thought provoking w/his questions of you as to substance. I think he was just happy to have you ‘front and center’! You are much more quality than what was provoked…and he could have congratulated you on your award!


    You all have to read this! Sarah making stuff up AGAIN!

    Look for the comment entry there by “ChickyChick”, she’s come up with a wonderful name for Sarah, that a lot of commenters fanned & faved!

  15. Did you get to meet Rachel?

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