Posted by: shannynmoore | August 21, 2009

NYC Moments…

One of my favorites…

I’ll post plenty more later.  shannynrachel

PS. Thanks, Sarah Palin!



  1. Great picture of two smart women. Btw, are you going to do a post about Rachel’s debunking of Sarah Palin’s latest FaceBook entry. Please, please spread the facts about the non-reading Sarah stupidity as far as possible!

  2. Two of my favorites.

  3. Shannyn, you looked gorgeous on KO. And as always, you sounded calm, confident, and smart. You are good.

  4. You’re amazing! As is Rachel. We need more women like you two in the media.

  5. Oh, how awesome!

  6. Now those are two smart, intelligent women who ROCK!!

  7. Wow! I’m not sure who I’m more jealous of – her or you.

  8. Way cool.

  9. Teaaaaaaaser!

  10. Two of the coolest chicks together in NYC while the 3rd coolest snaps a pic! Priceless!

  11. Holee W.O.W.

    I could not be more jealous… but I’m not sure which one of you to be jealous about!!!


  12. WOW Shannyn , A truly amazing trip you are on and the great people you have met. Memories to cherish. I guess you could say thanks to McCain for picking the Idiot for V.P to thank for meeting KO and Rachael on MSNBC.

  13. Great Photo! How exciting!

  14. Is this the year of the woman? If not, I can’t wait ’til it is. The picture would make a great poster.

  15. Super picture. Two smart gorgeous women. Rachael sure is tall.

    • She’s almost 6′. Great pic, great women….great God almighty I’m JEALOUS!

      • Rachel had Sue Wicks, former WNBA all-star, on her program last Thursday to demonstrate in sports terms how the Republicans change the rules, raise the bar (or hoop, as it were) as “the game” progresses, and how the Democrats meekly say, “OK” instead of sticking to the documented rules.

        Wicks said on leaving the set, “See you Saturday at the park.” Hey, women can play pick-up basketball on a Saturday at the park, too!

  16. Two beautiful, intelligent women, who can hold their own with anyone! I bet you two got along well and had much to discuss, if you had time.

  17. Admire both of you for being truth tellers in a sea of media liars and synchophants.

    • What does it mean your comment is awaiting moderation?

  18. I love the picture Shannyn. Wish I had scheduled my trip to NY a little better, I may have gotten to meet you and AKM. Sigh…

  19. And the two co-hosts of MSNBC’s must see new program are…..

    • What a wonderful idea!

  20. What a thrill it is to see two brilliant women journalists in positions of power, armed with brains and the truth. How I would have loved to do what you two are doing, when I was your age…

    May you and Rachel go from strength to strength.

  21. Shannyn….I am reminded what a gorgeous girl you are! And SMART, too! MSNBC will come chasing you one day! You are great!

  22. WOW! Looks like just another day at the office…MSNBC should dump Ed “milk toast” Schultz and replace him with a take-no-prisoners liberal like Shannyn Moore! Congrats…love that picture…

    • I dunno about that…I’d rather they keep “The Ed Show” and dump Chris Matthews.

      • I disagree. Ed shouts too much, and strikes me as kind of a mirror image of the Limbaughs of the world. But I do watch and like him.

        Chris Matthews has a deep appreciation of politics coupled with vast historical knowledge. He’s the only one I’m aware of who, for example, points out the airhead Bush spokeswoman’s lack of knowledge of the Cuban Missile Crisis whenever the Republicans base an argument on know-nothingism.

  23. The camera obviously loves you both. (I concur.)

  24. Very nice! Congratulations to two (+the hidden one) very intelligent women.

  25. Wow – what a treasure that picture is going to be – for both of you.

    Two smart women – ready to take on the world!

  26. Real men LOVE smart women.

  27. I’m so jealous. I would give anything to get to meet Rachel Maddow! And the commenters are right, TWO VERY SMART AND BEAUTIFUL WOMEN!

  28. I’m glad the whole death panel BS has been mined and passed over and we are moving on to more important things like vanity and celebrity worship on the left.

    • 😥 Wah, wah, wah… This is Shannyn’s blog. She can do anything she wants. It doesn’t have to always be serious. Google death panels if you are still playing with that crowd. We are grateful to see pictures and see how far “just a girl from Homer” can go. Its her time to shine! 😀

    • Oh lookee.. a peelander has come to visit and uses a bigot’s name! Just goes to show that “ya can’t fix stupid.”

      Amen to poolman’s comments.

    • Yeah, isn’t it funny how EVERY ONE of the right wing liars promulgating that myth have been debunked, even the babbling Betsy McCaughey…

      I have a feeling, Yusef, that you’re just feeling cranky because your Facebook idol is “faceless” and apparently either muzzled or in hiding while someone else writes on her page. Can’t worship a vain celebrity who went from being seen EVERYWHERE to being seen NO WHERE.

      • Right on Karen! Who is writing for SP on Facebook? It certainly isn’t her style….the mysterious ghost writer……hmmmm

    • Yeah…true, we should be talking about serious issues like “death panels”…HA!! You are no more serious than the rash on your…….a$$.

    • Rachel Maddow has a PhD in political science from Oxford University – which she earned on a Rhodes Scholarship. She is a professional political commentator. She is no “celebrity”. “Yu” are a jealous weenie.

      • ““Yu” are a jealous weenie.”

        Best statement ever! Thank you for making my day and giving me a laugh!

    • Nothing wrong with worshiping a goddess 🙂

  29. Love it!

  30. Well that picture sure made my day! Right on Shannyn.

  31. This trip has gone a long way to redeem the State of Alaska in the eyes of the world! We are proud of you Shannyn, and AKM and I hope your scrapbooks are totally overstuffed with goodies to enjoy (and share, dare one hope) for many months to come. People like you two and Rachel Maddow make me proud to be a woman!!

  32. That’s a great photo! Love it. And, I really love both of the subjects, too. And, apparently, since it was pointed out to me here, I love the cameraperson, also, too. Wow.

  33. Can’t you guys be President and Vice President?

    You certainly have my vote.

  34. Beauty and brains x2

    Perfect picture!


  35. Boston meets Homer… sweet?

    Is Rachel really 6 foot tall??

  36. Keep up your work, but the rest of us see that AK is full of far too many stooooooopid people.

    It is time to cede texas to mexico and alaska to canada or russia (might be hard to get either to take it).

    This would DOUBLE the average IQ in the rest of America and increase the intelligence of our national dialogs by a factor of TEN!

    • Careful there, I am Canadian and I am not sure about us taking Alaska. Well on second thought maybe we could take the honest and the truthful citizens but you would have to send the Repubs to Texas.

  37. Wonderful shot, Shannyn. We are so proud of your success.

  38. Great! You did get to meet Rachel!

    You and AKM have officially hit the “Big Time” on this trip. And I can’t think of two more deserving women who have earned it.

    Keep up the great work!

  39. Neither of these two needs non-prescription eyeglasses to look ‘smart.’

  40. I am very proud that we have these two smart young women to help get the truth out there to the U. S. Citizens that are willing to listen and have an open mind! I now have more hope for our country with young people like Shannyn and Rachel giving us the facts!!!

    Choctaw Okie 🙂

  41. WOW! Rachel & Shannyn….’dem my girls! Ya’ll make a great team…the photo is very nice. Shannyn you do Alaska proud! YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  42. Cool Picture!

  43. Think finding out about Sarah’s little gifts was just from nosey, troublesome little people – then you should check out this link posted from the Federal DOJ regarding same offences:

  44. Sorry the DOJ link is:

  45. cool.

  46. Looking Good Shannyn

  47. You so deserve this! I am so happy for you!

    • I love how a girl from Homer can attract interesting artists like Ann to her blog. Nice glass work, Ann. Got any cardinal wine stoppers?

      • Don’t do stoppers any more….too many really cheap ones from China….no market. Thanks though!

  48. What a nice photo,
    2 super heroes, fighting evil throughout the US!!!

    Is Rachel as nice and aaas smart as she appears on tv?

  49. How freakin’ cool is THAT!

    Love the picture! and I don’t know which of you I’d rather meet

    Just awesome.


  50. What a great photo! I love it!

  51. I never thought I would say this, but yes, Thank you Sarah for giving Shannyn the opportunity to be where she belongs. In the public eye with her insightful and investigative clarity on one no other than She who once was Governor. Shannyn in the limelight and Sarah on Facebook with her ghost writer. Ya gotta love it!

    • Is that what we might call “unintended consequences,” Kathleen? Sarah’s loss is our gain!

  52. Yes. Thank you, BTQ$, for bringing us all together!

    Rachel Maddow as the Brian Party Candidate for President in 2016!

    And thank you, Shannyn and AKM, for taking us on your whirlwind tour with you!

    !!!so excited!!!

  53. You’re so pretty, you make Rachel look better. ;]

  54. Very cool. I just read where advertisers are running (finally) from Glenn Beck’s show… I can’t wait for your commentary.

  55. Two wonderful intelligent ladies, thanks and keep up the good work. You make women proud!

  56. And to counter this, the Repugs have… Palin and Bachmann?!?

  57. Wow! Love the pic of two beautiful and intelligent ladies!!

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