Posted by: shannynmoore | August 24, 2009

An Oh-So-Special Prosecutor Appointed

Today, an appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate what amounts to war crimes is music to the ears of many of us who have imagined tortured screams.  Recently released reports of torture included threatening the lives of the children of a detainee.  John Durham, a career Justice Department prosecutor from Connecticut, will investigate potential CIA and contractor misconduct.

I published an article in April of this year pointing out how ridiculous previous investigations have been and asked what was taking so long to try war criminals.  Today, we take one step closer to the truth.

Deep Throat, Steriods & Torture:

“I grew up without a television and was convinced baseball was something that just happens on the radio. I’ll take a ballgame called on the radio over television any day. In the hands of an artist, you can smell the fresh cut grass and starched uniforms; radio is magic.

Why on Earth has Congress spent millions of dollars on the giant cavity search for steroids in baseball over the last several years? Seriously? Two wars, fraudulent elections, health care crisis, illegal wiretapping, Katrina, loose nukes…and we picked baseball? For twenty months, jacked up ball players were the priority. Over four hundred pages of findings…for what?

Who gives a shit!? I wonder what I’d get on my hotdog should I ever make it to a real ball park. I wonder how long my beer would stay cold.

So, you’re a die hard fan and want “organic baseball.” Solution? Make the National League the “Organic, Free-Range League”; no steroids, no Designated Hitter, and tofu dogs. Let the American League become the “Juiced, Super-Size-Your-Bat League”; mega steroids, they can keep the DH, and beer bongs. No interleague play until the Monsanto-Organic Valley World Series. Let the fans decide. Personally, I like home runs. But I LOVE low scoring pitching duels.

Don’t get me wrong…my favorite stories from my Pop, right after “then the bear attacked me!” were about his string of pitching no hitters.

How many hours did Congress preside over inquiries into steroid use in baseball? How many of those hours were we simultaneously waterboarding detainees?

President Bush said The use of performance-enhancing drugs like steroids in baseball, football, and other sports is dangerous, and it sends the wrong message — that there are shortcuts to accomplishment, and that performance is more important than character.” He also said, “We do not torture.”

In the final years of the Clinton Administration, we had a Paris Hilton-does-Macy’s moment; splurging over $40 million on Ken Star’s salacious porn gathering mission of the blue dresscapade.  I forgave Bill Clinton when I found out Monica wore a size 14 GAP dress; imagine that; the President of the United States likes healthy girls who actually eat entrees! If you’re the leader of the “free” world, you should have an “assistant” to insure you never become so stressed out that you push the red button out of sexual frustration. What? Think about it!

Maybe if W had an intern, we’d have never gone into Iraq.

As I write this I am still thinking, WTF?

A Presidential BJ and an “enhanced” ball hitter get full blown multimillion dollar Congressional investigations. I know, they sound related.

War crimes…well, hmmm…. we need to think about that! Why is this hard?

A-Rod, I am sorry.  Bill, I am so sorry. You were a matter of national security, apparently.

Dick, as in Cheney, no worries, baby. You kept us safe. Thanks.

Now, would someone please waterboard Sean Hannity so I can feel better about the lack of Constitutional Crisis Concern? Please?”




  1. Awesome. Funny. and sad. A-roid vs Dick the Master of Darkness in a steel cage match…

  2. John Durham is a serious, professional, fearless prosecutor. He has taken on the mob and the FBI and won. I would say that we owe him the benefit of the doubt.

    Investigations have to start somewhere, it looks like we have a man with integrity.
    Here is a link in more about him

  3. Hope this isn’t just for show. Agree that wtf on baseball, but there’s a lot of cheating for money. See Wall St Meltdown, 2008-2009.

    I say if those baseball players want to screw up their hormones, let ’em. Their human bodies will pay them back later for their stupidity.

  4. Holder intends to legitimize the torture memos by using them as baselines. Those memos will be used to define the period ‘interrogation’ was permitted, and to define the actions that were unauthorized. By illegal memos. But precedent is everything, isn’t it?

    This investigation will protect the past administration, while tossing cannon fodder into the arena as a distraction during the disappointment of learning that the present administration has no intention of enforcing the use of stimulus funds on education or employment for public works; the circus will keep our focus off the monies paid into war chests to ward off challenges to pharma/insurance interests, the continued deployment of exhausted troops, the loss of progress in gay rights.

  5. YES! Water Board Sean Hannity! I second that!!

    • WHY just hannity (although I admit he’s the worst)?? If we do them all, Cluster-Fox may go belly up with as much money as news corp. is losing every quarter…

      Keep rockin ….

  6. The corporates that run our government are willing to manufacture justice sometimes to appease us with distractions while they continue their schemes of self-preservation and control from behind closed doors. Welcome to the new world order.

  7. People have awakened to the fact that the “news business” is about entertainment, and we’re gradually waking up to the fact that government is entertainment, too. We’ll really wake up when our country is in ruins and changing the channel won’t fix it.

    This isn’t a problem of bad apples, but a barrel that can’t hold good ones. The costs of acquiring and retaining a Congress or Senate seat so far exceed the legitimate benefits that may be derived from it that we are guaranteed a government that balances large private interests against each other, and if it benefits the public interest it is a fortunate accident. Legislators put on a show while the real work is done by staff with lobbyist assistance and input.

    Wealthy private interests have always played a part in politics, but my perception is that, particularly with the growing reallocation of wealth to the top few percent, it has become overwhelming. Maybe the internet, with its lower costs for advertising and communication will be our salvation, but somebody should be thinking ahead to a constitutional convention.

    The “teabaggers” aren’t thinking logically, and don’t understand what’s going on, but maybe their animal instinct is valid — this thing ain’t working, except for the insiders who are doing all too well, and it won’t change until there is a real threat of disruption from the disgruntled.

  8. We spent millions of dollars because pampered athletes are juiced and we don’t have the common decency to get real health care reform done. That’s the Republican way.

  9. I said it 6 years ago, I will say it again today. GW Bush, Dick Cheney, and many other Americans in intelligence are guilty of WAR CRIMES.
    These are WAR CRIMES and the Hagues world court should introvene and charge GW and gang with those war crimes.

  10. For years I’ve stayed in a blissful state of apathy. Until the Obama campaign, I didn’t know the level of corruption in our Government. I’m stunned at the stupidity of our collective nation.

    Is it that We The People feel that unempowered that we just allow the people that be in Washington to CONTROL us this way? Or are the majority of us in that same blissful state of apathy?

    What will it take before we finally say ENOUGH?

    I wish I had the answers.

    • Sorry, It’s not even 6am here and I’m only on one cup of coffee.

      I did’t mean to suggest that the Obama administration was corrupt. I should have said, I got involved in the Obama campaign. I started paying attention to these yahoos in Washington ( I tried to block out anything Bush). But now I’m paying attention…(now we pick up at) …”I didn’t know the level of corruption in our Government”..etc. etc.

      (Makes more sense I hope)

  11. ..watching it all with a jaundiced eye..Demo’s collectively aren’t as vindictive as Repub’s..

  12. Few things actually make me lose sleep. Torture is one of those few things.
    I wish it would all “just go away.”
    But thats not how things work.

    There’s a common belief that if we have another big scandal and trial that drags out, it will distract us from our important work, and it will become partisan and stain our national reputation.

    If we condone torture by turning a blind eye to it, then the USA does torture. If we prosecute it, then its the criminals in our midst who do it, and we the good Americans who abhor it.

    Its not too late to write history’s account, and preserve our national values by prosecuting these crimes that violate the values I was taught were deeply and proudly American.

    These lessons were part of “fair play” and “Justice” and “doing the right thing.”

    • This matter needs to be taken out of the USA hands and put in the World Courts hands. Cheney, Bush and Rumsfeld should be prosecuted for WAR CRIMES!

  13. Glad to see that you are One of the voices ( and have been for some time ) that are speaking out about how these abuses were able to take place. People MUST be accountable for their actions… especially the Ones who were giving the orders.

    On an OT subject about the Healthcare debate one of AKM’s Mudflattters ‘ Mag the Mick ‘ was able to to get an open letter to John McCain posted in the AZ newspaper and asking Him to comment about these ‘ Nazi comments ‘ at these TH meetings and asks Him to respond.

  14. LOL … and well said.

    Regarding the American vs National League steroid thing … the poster children for steroid use that resulted in record performances are: Barry Bonds [Giants; National League]; Sammy Sosa [Cubs; National League]; and, Mark McGwire [St. Louis; National League] … those from the American league probably did “better” owing to chemical enhancement … but the power records of the era seemed to have all been National League players. Not that it matters that cheating is still cheating regardless of the results … but … cheating had been a staple of baseball for generations. Just saying.

    All that said, this whole torture thing is a massive stain on the soul of our nation, that since WW2, had been a paragon [granted, a flawed Paladin] of how to be a pre-eminent power in this world … we had our bad choices and probably did a lot of bad things, but on the whole, we where a mostly whitish knight in the world … after 9/11, not so much ….

    Heads should roll … most of them senior level officials that authorized, condoned and/or legally validated the rendition/torture programs.

    Unfortunately … IMHO … not in our life-times.

    I saw a movie back in the 80s about punk rock … as I recall it was called something like “the decline and fall of western civilization”. The powers that be appear to be doing it without the “slam dancing” or the music.

  15. If there is more waterboarding to be done, then Cheney has to have the first spot. Unfortunately, coward that he is, his session would last about 3 seconds.

    My hope is that once investigations start, enough evidence will emerge to make top level prosecutions inevitable.

    If Pres. Obama and Attorney Gen. Holder do not prosecute known war crimes and felonies, in what way can they claim to respect the rule of law to any greater degree than Cheney and Bush?

    Justice delayed IS justice denied. President Obama, quit delaying justice.

  16. ‘The Brothers Kennedy’ all together again…RIP…

  17. I sent an email Months ago (at least) to Diane Feinstein Begging to Please look into the illegal (and horrifying, IMO) activities of the Bush Regime. The response i got back? (paraphrasing). Umm… well, see . . yeah, we understand, but we’d rather look Forward then back . . . yada yada blah blah blah.” Whadda load of crap! Sadly, i’m even angrier now. Some of us believe in Justice For All, and it stuns me that people who have lost their own flesh and blood to this travesty continue to support it, even with all of the lies that have been exposed. But then i guess i shouldn’t expect much from people who consider blatant racist Hate-speech entertainment. Sigh. Frankly, i’m surprised they even bothered to look into baseball (though a diversion is a diversion, I s’pose). Be that as it may, i was so happy to stumble upon your site. Stay the course! 🙂

    • Diane Feinstein is Bilderberg group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations. Part of the elite that run things behind the scenes. They will not turn on their own.

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