Posted by: shannynmoore | August 27, 2009

Thanks, Anchorage Press Readers! You’re Sweet!

The Anchorage Press Picks for 2009 were just released.  Thanks for voting me 2nd favorite radio personality!

Two years ago you might have said “Shannyn Who?” but this year, Shannyn “Girl from Homer” Moore is in the No. 2 spot for favorite radio personality. Maybe it shows that raw talent (talking for hours without stopping is a talent, right?) can make up for lack of radio experience, at least if you’ve got something to say. Moore’s popularity is remarkable not just because she’s a relative newbie on the radio dial. She also pushes listeners to the left in a state where the push to the right can sometime feel overwhelming. The votes might also surprise radio listeners because at the moment Moore is a little hard to find (She’s Saturday only, 5 to 7 p.m. on AM 700 KBYR).

Voters also expressed a surprising affinity for public radio, and while your number one pick for Best Radio Personality was unchanged from last year (as seen above), this year KFQD’s Dan Fagan didn’t make second place; a liberal did. Which shouldn’t surprise us, given our voters preference for one particular primary color over another (but then again, since our online voting system allowed you to “write in” your vote, the smart alec who submitted “purple” when asked “blue or red?” actually garnered more votes than “red” did).

Really?  Yep.

Wow, thanks! Maybe I’ll be able to get more than 2 hours a week now! Senator Begich is still the favorite politician.  Representative Les Gara is a favorite legislator.  And the Great Alaska Bush Company is still the favorite strip club.  Check out the categories.  They should add favorite local blog as a catagory next year.

Thank you for your votes and for listening.  Back to work, painting a RED state BLUE!


  1. Good job! Keep up the excellent work!

  2. Shannyn: you rock! And thank you for being there this past year!

  3. you go girl

  4. Congratulations!! It would be great to see/hear you get more air time in the future. Keep on, keeping on!

  5. Congrats and cheers for this honor! I have a feeling your future in media is very bright!

  6. Congrats Shannyn!

    I wish you were on a lot more than just 2 hrs on Saturday!

  7. Eddie Burke? Who is that?

  8. Congratulations!!!!!

  9. Congratulations Shannyn!

    I didn’t even vote! I would have if I remembered. I think this is remarkable in that Bob and Mark are on the air 4 1/2 hours a day, 5 days a week! Since leaving KUDO, you didn’t have your own show again until this past April! Truly, truly amazing!!! You are the absolute best of the best.

    Hopefully, a 5 day a week show is coming soon. I do not understand how the Anchorage Assembly leans left, we just elected a Democratic Senator, and yet, the Anchorage talk radio landscape is all right wingers:
    Rick Rydell, Mark Colawhatshisname, Eddie B, Dan Fagan and Mike Porcaro…Could we please…have just at least one liberal show to balance all the right wing nutty teabaggers???

  10. Congrats! Fist bumps all around! When you’re good, you’re good.

  11. Well done, Shannyn!

  12. I demand a recount .. you should have been FIRST! 😀

    Seriously though, CONGRATULATIONS!!

  13. Hey girl, second only to Bob and Mark, IMPRESSIVE!

  14. Congratulations. Well deserved.

  15. Just moved here from Colorado. I was surprised when scanning the AM radio on Saturday to hear a voice of reasoned intelligence and conversation amongst the screamers/haters/fabricators. I told my girlfriend, “Hey, Denver only has 1 ‘good’ station, but Anchorage has 2! This is Shannyn Moore that I saw on television!” I looked at the station’s website and was shocked. Anyway, congratulations on the poll. I didn’t get to vote, but I would have and I’ll be tuning in at 5-7:00 Saturdays!

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