Posted by: shannynmoore | September 1, 2009

Palin Punked?

Many scratched their heads when it was announced Sarah Palin had been invited to speak in Honk Kong at an investment broker’s conference. Huh? As mayor, Palin left her hometown of Wasilla $20 million dollars in debt. Her mastery of finance wasn’t tested as governor; during her aborted term, the state was flush with cash.

Finally, the Business Insider explained it: “Hong Kong Broker Pulling a “Borat” on Sarah Palin”

Her invitation as keynote speaker in Hong Kong is so ridiculous that its absurdity can’t be accidental.

CLSA, the Asia-focused broker who invited Mrs. Palin as keynote speaker for an Asian investment conference, is well known for their cheeky takes on investment research.

In the past, they’ve polled Asian fortune tellers for index targets, hired anime cartoonists to draw Japanese research, and generally love to push the boundaries between entertainment and analysis. They are a real research firm, it’s just that they love to sprinkle in some hilarity every now and then as a smart marketing gimmick.

Palin probably doesn’t know what she’s in for. If you will, she’s being “Borat’ed” and doesn’t have the Asia knowledge to realize it.

Sarah Palin has a history of pulling a series of “Lucy with the football” for different organizers who have scheduled her to speak.  If CLSA’s purpose in hiring her is comic relief, they may get their moneys worth…that’s if she shows up. The CLSA may want to hire William Shatner as a translator. Asian word salad, anyone?



  1. Them ‘borating’ her seems to be the best bet, it must be.

  2. Ahhh… now it makes sense! For awhile there, I was pretty confused.

  3. Aww, I was looking forward to the YouTube video of her big speech.

  4. He, he…Shatner’s the best!

    Well, that settles it, Sarah Plain was invited to perform her word salad poetry slam.


  5. I’m kind of creeped out by her silence these last few weeks. I think she is being “groomed” by someone and a very powerful someone or someones at that.

    George the second was foisted onto this country by very powerful puppetmasters behind the scenes and granted, Sarah Palin does not have the family background or the educational background that George W Bush had, but still, I think we can laugh all we want but there are “queenmakers” working with her now and if we do not help Obama to get the Healthcare initiatives passes then we might have a backlash in this country that could lead to another George Bush scenario in the Whitehouse. This time it will be wearing lipstick and a dress.

    I don’t feel that we should always just “laugh her off” because that’s what her handlers want us to do (liberals, that is). They win when we let our guard down and laugh heartily at the silly fool knocking at the door of power.

    They want us to be distracted laughing at her and let down our guard and not be pro-active. It’s a sure fire win for them and we can’t let it happen.

    • I agree with you. Do you recall her saying she could beat our president in a race? She was talking about running. The Runners Magazine photo ect. At the time I did not think she was really talking about beating him actually running a foot race. I, like you, think she has big bucks backing her, and has been assured she can win.

    • Hi Alicia – Agree with all of you that there is something in the works, and we’ve been having the same thoughts over on the Mudflats forum. The consensus is Rupert Murdoch is the puppet-master. Just for the heck of it, I googled him and am not at all comfortable with what I read. I’ve posted a bit along with links. Just look under the Palin/Punked thread over there. If Murdoch is involved in this………..Whew…….where do we go from here?

  6. Alicia – agreed, there are plenty of self serving power-brokers out there trying to get Palin elevated to something better than a ‘nitwit’, for their own selfish benefit.

    The only ‘bright-side’ I see to this is that these power-brokers don’t have any experience working with a politician so completely deviod of intellect, ethics, and logic. I can only hope that the more of these puppetmasters get to know Palin, the more will abandon her (wishfull thinking, I know).

  7. Ya, I think she will probably go anyway.

  8. Bush was a puppet.
    We thought(I never voted for him) we were getting a good ole boy compassionate conservative and we got Cheney , Rumsfeld and Ashcroft instead.

    And that was even after they stole the election!

  9. I have to agree with you Alicia, something is in the works, and like you, I don’t know what it is. And that causes me concern.

    For someone like Palin who needs the public exposure..good or survive, this long period of silence is deafening. Sarah needs her “fix”

    Whoever or whatever is “handling” her must have tremendous power over her because Sarah is not one to be told to sit down and shut up..that is not her nature. She showed that in the past with the McCain staffers.

    • I agree with Alicia also, and with Wayne who says “something is
      in the works, and like you, I don’t know what it is. And that causes me concern.”

      Just sharing: I have been getting a feeling ever since McCain
      picked her for VP…that what it is about is ALASKA HAS OIL!

      (The Hong Kong investors surely are thinking along those line$)

      Lets not forget this point: in our present world, OIL IS POWER.
      There is a subtle but real power struggle taking place between
      the OLD polluting ways and the NEW responsibility of inventing
      a green economy necessary to create the clean world needed to sustain the lives of all of us!

      (…think Healthcare here- what is giving us cancer in Alaska-?)

      OIL is why they/the old regime want Sarah Palin…and so this isn’t silly laughable stuff, its VERY serious!

      Work for the Light/work for what’s right ~for all of us!

  10. She’s writing a book. Really?? If you believe that, I’ve got a Bridge to Nowhere to sell you.

    True – a book is coming out, but we will probably never know who is really writing it. Her Journalism degree is a joke – and so is she.

  11. I agree that Palin’s has a new puppetmaster……

    It appears that Palin has sold herself to the highest bidder.

    She is an empty vessel which make her the perfect puppet. All they have to do is give her cold hard cash and they will control her. That’s the only reason she is so quiet these days. Otherwise, she would be tweeting her fingers off.

  12. If the handling failed during the campaign, the handling will fail now. She didn’t suddenly wake up and become a good student.

  13. […] “Palin Punked?” by Shannyn Moore (Just a Girl from Homer). This entry was posted in Alaska politics and tagged […]

  14. If they secretly hired Shatner to do a voice over while she was speaking it would be EPIC

  15. The Repugs are always posting on their blogs about how “scared” the liberals are of Sarah Palin. You guys, Alicia and Wayne, should relax. I don’t care how she’s being groomed or who is grooming her, you can’t fix stupid. Even if she studies up for 2 solid years, she’s still stupid, manipulative, uncurious and condescending. There aren’t enough groomers in the world to help her. It might make you feel better to take a moment and picture her debating Barack Obama. If that doesn’t give you a chuckle, nothing will.

    • Thanks for your level head. It’s unfortunate that her cult followers refuse to accept that she’ll never run for anything again because she is *too*damned*lazy* to be a politician. Remember the “Where is Sarah” buttons, and the administrator who ran Wasilla, and quitting the Commission gig because it was too stressful having to show up every weekday?

      All she is good for is hate rallies, and that’s what she loves. Getting frocked up and primped and mouthing the first rant that comes into her head and having idiots scream, “We love you!” is everything she’s ever wanted.

      Going to the office every day? Nope, she never dreamed of that.

      • I agree. There will be no Palin 2.0. You can’t teach an odd gov new tricks.

  16. I fear she will try to run in 2012 and if she does all the liberal Democrats need to register as Republicans and vote for any other Republican running on the ticket during the primary. I don’t know another Christian woman who spews such hatred as Sarah has in the past year!

    • Don’t even worry. The Rethugs will eat her alive in a primary. Even the hateful fear mongers would HAVE to take a closer look at her if she would try a grab for POTUS.
      You really think Cheney, Gingrich or Romney wouldn’t play dirty with the Diva?
      They all have their eyes on the Oval Office.

  17. Once she gets wind of this, she, or rather her people, will say, “Speech? What speech? I never agreed to go to Hong Kong! They’ve got it all wrong! I don’t even like Chinese food anyway!”

    I still think that her spate of speech cancelations are because she has tried to extort more money, or just money, from these previous groups. She is a diva and feels that she deserves the fee that big stars’ get. She verbally agrees to come to an event, without signing a contract. She waits until her name is used to publicize the event, then when a contract must be signed, she hits them with some ridiculously inflated fee. The organizers balk and the Palin camp issues forth with their standard denial.

    I hope that CLSA has a signed contract and will hold her to it.

  18. Those who fear Sarah, worry not your troubled brows. Remember, Sarah is a moron. She is utterly incapable of being anything other than a moron. She is the personification of all that is moron. Moron, thy name is Palin.

    Also, the Republicans who would likely face her in primary battles would savage her like a pack of wild dogs. In her complete and utter imbecility, she presents an easy target for those of blind ambition who lust for the White House. They will see her as an easy target, whose greatest vulnerability is nearly total ignorance about affairs domestic and foreign. They will humiliate her. After being eviscerated from those in her own party, do you think that she would then want to be anybody’s V.P.?

    Furthermore, after witnessing what she did for, and to, McCain’s campaign, nobody who was serious about a quest for the White House would dare to pick her as V.P. ever again. They would be even less likely to be her V.P. Who what’s to be second fiddle to a moron?

    Sarah is a comical irritant at best. She attracts a tiny percentage of the electorate, even within her own party. Republicans at large know that she is kryptonite to the presidency. She will never again be on their ticket, as either #2 or #1. We dodged that bullet and will likely never have to dodge it again.

    Rest easy, chillun’. You can stick a fork in Sarah, cuz she is done.

  19. Sorry my earlier comment might have been interpreted as being scared of Sarah..far from it. My concern is that it is so out of character for her to remain this silent for this long a period of time.

    Because of this prolonged silence, it sets off a little alarm in my head that makes me wonder exactly what is going on.

  20. For what it is worth, over at The Mudflats they are saying that ADN has come out with a story that Sarah WILL attend HK speaking gig and Meg Stapletongue has confirmed. I haven’t checked Anch Daily News for confirmation yet.

  21. I think a likely scenario is that she will hire a speechwriter (eating in to her lucrative fee) that will put intelligible words in her mouth. She will perform brilliantly, as she did at the Republican Convention last year, and surprise (or more likely shock) her audience (again, just as she did last year). If she is not required (by contract) to answer questions then she will not do so and once again may get away with the charade of being someone of intelligence and knowledge (even if she doesn’t understand the speech she has just recited). My hope is that the CLSA contract will require her to give a media interview and that their membership will have access to her sage wisdom by being allowed to ask questions.

    • Claudia,

      I just don’t see any kind pf “brilliance” in her speech at the RNC. How so many pundits and other people say it was, I just cannot grasp that.
      The minute she opened her mouth at the RNC she just made me, well, sick.

      • Mary, I agree with your assessment about the content of her RNC speech but she did defy the critics who suggested she would fail to deliver any kind of speech. Similar to the VP debate, where she was expected to panic, throw up, faint, run from the stage or worse…the mere fact that she didn’t made some (not me or you or any thoughtful person mind you) sigh relief. The woman can’t do a lot but she can read a teleprompter and she has proven that she can deliver a speech (that has been written by someone else) just like any actor might do. She has also proven to be a utter failure when she tries to write and deliver a speech written by her own hand. That is why I believe she will hire a speechwriter and may actually deliver that speech to the surprise of her audience.

  22. Palin can probably memorize a speech and deliver it reasonably well so long as she doesn’t go into her cutesy “winkin, you betcha” act.” Unless people have lost all sense, she won’t be elected to another governmental office of any stature since she can’t be interviewed by any one even when fed the answers such as the so-called interview by Hannity. Remember she said higher oil prices were bad for Alaska because the State would just spend more money and that was bad for the people of Alaska. She also can’t think on her feet, forgetting the Exxon decision by the Supreme Court and other jibberish answers to Couric and Gibson. She just spews her word salad, which doesn’t say fresh very long. Other Republicans would rip her into in a primary. Too many thinking Republicans have her number, IMHO.

  23. As usual, great post!

    And thank you for it. It was a little troubling for me thinking that Scarah would be taken literally at this conference. How the hell could this knuckle-head be taken seriously……about anything at all?

    Having Palin represent the U.S. is a real scary nightmare. I hope to God it never, ever happens.

  24. Alicia, you are absolutely correct that there is someone or a group of someones behind the idiot Palin. And, it is more than obvious that Dubya was the puppet and the worst of the worst were pulling the strings. It would not surprise me at all if the old geezer Vichorie who is sometimes interviewed on The Ed Schultz show is behind the Palin thing. He is a big shot in the stable of extreme rightwing loonies and a religious freak……..that is her base.

    That being said, I think there are those in the Repub party who would not let it happen. They would indeed rip her apart. She has no experience in serious politics except for
    her aborted governorship. They tried to dress her up and create an image and that failed because when she opened her mouth she was still an idiot. But, she will do and say anything and that is appealing to some of the worst of the worst (Limbaugh and Rove and the dopes at FoxNews, for sure). In the end, however, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear………..and that’s the truth.

    Health care with a public option has to pass………everyone sit down and write an actual letter to the Dems who are fighting this: Udall and Bennet of my state(CO), Ben Nelson, Mary Landreaux, Blanche Lincoln,Sam Baucus and Kent Conrad to name a few. You can find addresses on . I may not have the last names spelled correctly on some but you can find them. I wrote letters and hand addressed envelopes and sent them out yesterday.

    How dare they say we can’t afford to give American people the right to live………”it isn’t in the budget”. Figure it out. There are lots of ways to pay for it. Repeal the tax breaks for the top 2%, tax internet commerce, put a tariff on imports. Please, if we can spend trillions on an illegal war in Iraq and throw millions at Wall Street shysters, do not tell me it is “not in the budget” to offer health care reform.

    Thanks Shannyn for posting this article. I will sleep better knowing that even in the international community they think Palin is a fool. You made my day !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Claudia,
    I could not agree with you less. If the RNC speech was Palin’s rhetorical zenith, then she is in trouble. She had as yet few national critics when she gave that speech. Most people – outside of Alaska – were willing to see what she could do. We were treated to a string of banal, mindless platitudes designed to generate TV soundbites. It was red meat for the base of the party and did little to convince anyone.

    She received a positive reaction to the way she looked on TV, not to any content or delivery. As to her performance on the VP debate, the expectations for her were so low, so long as she stayed upright, didn’t puke or drool, and didn’t mispronounce Biden’s name, people were inclined to think that she did better than they thought she would.

    Those two exceedingly lackluster performances are not the stuff that presidential bids are built upon. She is a stumblebum. A speech with content and big words will make her woozy. Remember, she has made a very big deal about using teleprompters. They are not easy to use if you are not used to them. If she is out of practice, she may have even more trouble with delivery than normal.

    She is also utterly incapable of reacting to the unexpected during a speech. As someone who has done more public speaking than most, I can attest that things rarely go without a hitch. She is exceedingly bad at rolling with the changes. If things are not ideal, it will rattle her. A rattled Sarah Palin is an even dumber Sarah Palin.

    She is not the graceful, polished speaker you portray. She is an idiot. True, she loves the limelight, but substantive public speaking is a world apart from fancy pageant walkin’. I have confidence that her idiocy will shine through no matter whose words she is mangling, teleprompter or not.

    • Gasman, I am sorry if I gave the impression that I thought that Palin was a “polished speaker” because I do not. All I said is that she can read a teleprompter and that she has delivered speeches that surprised many. I also said that she has proven to be an utter failure as a speaker when reading words written by her own hand.

      I agree that she is an idiot but she is an idiot that continues to make headlines and inspire other wingnuts (like herself), therefore a danger.

      I would be happy to never see her name or hear her voice again; alas, it don’t think that that time is coming any time too soon.

  26. Found this at HP…… warning….

    Borat has been hired as a body double to do some pageant/pagan walkin, and blowing a few toots from the flute..

  27. Claudia,

    “I would be happy to never see her name or hear her voice again…”

    From your mouth to God’s ear.

  28. I betcha’ her handlers wish they’d gotten a handle on her a long time ago. They have no idea how many bridges she burned in such a short amount of time.

    Makes me smile every time I think about it.

  29. Shannyn – a matter which deserves, indeed, requires your attention:

    I have yet to see a post from the most well-known and respected Alaskan blogs on this matter. I think it deserves some time on your Saturday night radio show. Please? Pretty please?

    • Ooops… did not link properly, but here’s the first part of WWRWTH’s comment:

      33 Women Who Run With The Wolves Says:
      September 2nd, 2009 at 7:37 AM

      It’s been a while since I have commented. It’s been an emotional summer regarding one of my posts in early summer. Re: what I feel is abuse that went on with one or more of our girls who went to State representing our school in Anchorage. For those that remember, I was concerned for many reasons, but the main one was when one of our players who was in a van full of high school girls traveling to watch the high school boys play. Two adults were in the van with nine players, all female. One of our players needed to use the restroom, the coach would not pull the van over so this young lady could relieve herself. Hey this is Alaska, and quite frankly, we don’t have freeways, like say….Los Angeles. There were areas this coach could have pulled over, but she did not. So this young lady had to crawl in the back of the van, crying and pull her pants down and start to urinate on the floor while the van was moving. …

  30. Sarah Palin is dumber than a bag of rocks! But what she does want is MONEY at any cost. I have been to Asia many times , and this hate spewing Palin salad mix will not work could even turn them against her. China allows abortions by the thousands, how can they keep the one one child law under control. You are NOT allowed in China to speak or say threatening things….so therefore Sarah won’t be able to speak…all she knows is hate talk. It is a communist country, and don’t forget it! All she wants is money and will destroy anyone(even her kids and family) to get her pot of gold. and to get back to Neiman-Marcus and Saks 5th Ave. to shop til she drops…all this outdoors life is a fraud. she will pimp herself and her kids to make her millions.

  31. When I first heard she was going I wondered how does China find someone that speaks both Palinese and Chinese to be able to translate.

    Can’t you see SNL doing this as a skit with all these Chinese sitting with headphones on listening to someone try and translate her words into their language? Hell, we can’t even translate her words into OUR language how will they do it?

  32. Big Scarah In Little China – Murdoch Will Have The Last Laugh

    “Is even the liberal free press a Murdoch pawn? Palin won’t be punked. In fact saying so is the perfect way to lower everyone’s expectations. This is an event designed and orchestrated by Murdoch himself. Sarah will appear (gasps, awe and wonder!), she will deliver a speech written by a literate Murdoch pick, and she will have practiced.”

  33. I have to disagree with those of you who feel that Sarah Palin can’t give a good speech. She absolutely can give a fantastic speech, as long as there is a skilled writer behind that speech.

    She is exactly what the Republican base loves. And as long as she sticks to the script and doesn’t deviate from it, she does a good job getting those republicans riled right up.

    She has something that Mitt, Huckabee and others don’t have. Sex appeal, a newness to her that is yet to wear off with her “base”.

    How often have we seen them diss her yet polling within the Republican circles still place her near the top.

    She isn’t someone to underestimate, especially with big bucks behind her revamping her and working on changing the image she has made for herself over the last year.

    Tell me that her silence isn’t at odds with what we know her to be like. If she didn’t have someone at work behind the scenes keeping her quiet and telling her that she can’t just lash out any longer if she wants to maintain any credibility with the nation at large, well she would have already had a message out via People Magazine or some other such media vehicle.

    This isn’t just about getting her book written, and prep’ing her for a book tour. Not by a long shot. This trip to Hong Kong is one indication of her new roll out, or at least that is the feeling I am getting deep down in the pit of my stomach. It’s also why we haven’t heard from her in such a long time. Seriously, when was the last time she went this long without some form of communication with the media? It has never happened since her VP nomination. NEVER! That in and of itself should give people ominous warnings about what could be next from her.

    I say never underestimate her. Who would have thought she could obtain the amount and level of devotion she has? She has some seriously hard core followers who will donate and work to do everything within their power to see in into office once again. We know that both they and she aren’t the brightest bulbs in the bunch, but with a little bit of work, she can and might convince people to give her another shot, and are any of us willing to take that risk?

    I’m not!

    • EyeOnYou…I agree wholeheartedly. She is a disaster on her own but she is not on her own anymore. The proof has to be in the latest silence from her camp regard the Vanity Fair article. She is obviously being coached and protected (from her own bad judgment). As long as she does what she’s told and recites the speeches that are written for her she may impress many who don’t know the real Palin. Just like her speech at the RNC, many who thought she would fail were impressed by her command and composure on stage (even though not one word she recited was her own since her entire speech was written by Matthew Scully). (I must add, since being blasted in an earlier post, that I did not like the content of the speech but her base did and even her critics acknowledged that she delivered it comfortably and almost professionally.)

      My hope (although it’s more like a fantasy) is that the MSM will cease to cover her unless she agrees to interviews where her own words will be heard instead of her speechwriter’s. Others are held to this level of scrutiny but for some reason she is not. Only by forcing her to speak for herself and publicly answer questions, that have not been previously submitted, will the real Palin show herself.

  34. She may need 5 college tries to make this work. We patiently await the queen of word salad.

  35. Rupert Murdoc-Sarah Palin-Hong Kong

    Very interesting reading here:

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