Posted by: shannynmoore | September 4, 2009

The Cost of Palin Goes Up

This just in from the AP and Channel 2 news:

Early estimates put the cost of Sarah Palin’s midterm resignation as Alaska governor at a minimum of $40,000 — and that’s not counting a special legislative session partly linked to her departure.

The preliminary figures obtained by The Associated Press through a public records request show it cost the state almost $14,100 for the swearing-in ceremony of new Gov. Sean Parnell in Fairbanks July 26 after Palin formally stepped down the same day.

The price tag for moving the former GOP vice presidential candidate and her family from the governor’s mansion in Juneau amounted to more than $3,328.

Not included in the tally is the estimated cost of more than $100,000 for a one-day special session held last month in which state lawmakers approved Palin’s surprise pick to replace Parnell as lieutenant governor.

Palin said she was resigning as governor for the good of Alaska, but the father of her first grandchild, Levi Johnston, said in a Vanity Fair magazine interview this week that Palin likely quit because she wanted an easier, higher-paying job.

This doesn’t mention the state paying for Palin to sleep in her own bed at night, the ethics complaint she filed on herself or the Troopergate investigation.  It doesn’t include the $10,000 paid to Chuck Kopp when his past came back to boot him from Walt Monegan’s old job.

There is absolutely no accounting to what she cost Alaska in the way of reputation…

If only we could send her a bill.



  1. The true cost to the good people of Alaska may never be fully accounted. A shame, that.

  2. I’ve never been to Alaska, regrettably, but I feel bad for the shit she has smeared on the reputation of the state.
    Her ignorant, yet emotionally charged speeches are doing more damage than she could account for with money. Death panels, really? Did you see the way she was smiling when she said it? She was damn proud of herself, a true attention whore.

  3. The old joke goes…
    Why are divorces so expensive?…… Because they’re worth it!

    Palin’s vain selfish attempt to be ‘the Gov’ cost Alaska a lot more than money. The costs to get rid of her were well worth it.

  4. I didn’t know the state was paying for abortions.

  5. Any sighting of the 183′ ‘Rosehearty’ sailing yacht bound for Mexico? Rupe’s got her covered…

  6. 40.000 well spent.

  7. Just think how much more it would have cost to keep her on for the full length of her term.

    But what about the rumor that she’s available for a meal (lunch, dinner?) the ripe old price of about $25,000? Who does that benefit? And proceeds go where?

  8. Does the $40,000.00 pay for all those picnics that were given on her goodbye tour?
    And her travels with kids to say good bye?

    They fed an awful lot of palinbots at those picnics.

  9. Shanynn – On the local DC Area ABC affiliate WJLA they ran a story last night on the 11PM broadcast about this and I swear it was (almost) verbatim of your post.

    Keep up the good work.

  10. Also factor in the cost of paying a salary to a nonproductive governor.

  11. Levi Johnston is a grim and ominous reminder of all that might have been….

    “President Gidget von Braun”

    Can you even imagine?

    “The America that I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s “death panel” so his bureaucrats can decide, based on subjective judgment, of their “level of productivity in society”, whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil.”

    Sarah Palin
    from her Fascism….I mean, “Facebook” page.

    It’s amazing. That an imbecile like this failed ex-governor can mention something as idiotic as “Death Panels” and in the next instance it is a serious part of the national dialogue. Why are the American people so susceptible to such blatant propaganda? I have a theory if you’re interested in hearing it:

    We’re idiots.

    I don’t know about you, but I’m loving the Sarah Palin/Levi Johnson saga/soap opera. And to think that only one year ago, the geniuses on the Republican National Committee deemed her to be the best choice to be “a seventy-two-year-old heartbeat away from the presidency”.

    Are you surprised that the “party of Lincoln” is imploding? You shouldn’t be. You really shouldn’t.

    Tom Degan, Goshen, NY

  12. New book coming out. “Republican Gomorrah”
    lays out why they are behaving like they are. It’s a must read!

  13. But it must be a huge relief for Alaskans.
    Palin never cared how much she cost the state. If there were a way for her to grab handfuls of tax payer cash and go shopping with it, she wouldn’t have hesitated.
    She didn’t give a sh*t about Alaska or the people of Alaska.
    Palin was/is all about herself. Power and money and last but not least, me, me, me.
    I thank you Shannyn and all of the other bloggers in Alaska for bringing her to the attention to the rest of us. If it were not for you and your fellow bloggers, we may have never known the extent of her corruption. Not that I’d ever vote rethuglican’t.
    I’m just sorry that Alaskans had to endure her for as long as it took.
    Maybe McShame did us a favour, in a backhanded way. Now only if he would disavow her………..

  14. In the long run, it was worth the money to get rid of her. good riddance to bad rubbish. =)

  15. Hi Shannyn:

    I was really looking forward to chatting with you on your show! I tried but the connection just wouldn’t hold for some reason.

    Here’s what I was calling in to say, and it is a challenge to anyone who is accusing Obama of “being Hitler”. Under Hitler children in the classroom were subjected to the following:

    1. They were taught phrenology in order to help them determine who was racially superior. Kids from the classroom were pulled up to the front in order to demonstrate desirable and undesirable genetic features.

    2. They checked children’s backgrounds and ancestery – those that had “good German” characteristics were favored, those that didn’t would be ostracized, sometimes not even taught.

    3. Boys were coerced to join para-military style organizations through the schools, excused much of the time (about half of all school days) for marching and learning to shoot weapons.

    4. Girls were coerced to join the German Maidens League. When they were about 14-16 these girls were encouraged to sleep with Nazi soldiers and officers in order to “be Hitler’s bride” and have a child for The Furher.

    ANYBODY that tries to say Obama addressing kids is anything like what Hitler did through the schools is an uninformed ass, whether or not they are a racist.

    If you have the balls to through around Hitler’s name, have the balls to march yourself into a library AND LEARN SOME HISTORY.

    Thanks Shannyn for telling them “shame on you” and for your show. Your are witty and lively and you have excellent rejoinders to the nonesense. Yet I am glad so many mislead people do call you and are listening. I hope and pray they will learn some fact.

    Best Wishes,

    Helen from New Zealand
    Mudpuppy yes! and NailinPalinNow as well.

  16. I’ll say it again (with pleasure) in order to correct my typo up there –

    If you have the balls to throw around Hitler’s name, have the balls to march yourself into a library AND LEARN SOME HISTORY.

  17. They don’t need logic to spew their hatred. Theses people are the closest thing that America has to the Communist Party. If we don’t get tough and start to really fight back we may not get through the next four years. Our mainstream news media (for the most part) is more and more to the right catering to the hateful, mean spirited and extreemly dangerous Republican Party.
    After most of my life fighting for Civil and Human Rights, trying to live by the beliefs of the Democratic party and then to be called a Nazi brought me to my knees in tears. That they would accuse Obama of trying to brain wash our children by encouraging them to stay in school, work hard and do the right thing is absurd . To have our love of country & loyalty to America shakes a person to the core. The Right Wing did this in the 60’s. These people will stoop to any evil level to move their agenda forward. That agenda is to distroy our nation.
    Keep up the good work Shannyn.

  18. Shannon…Am I correct about this….isn’t the proof about Palin’s QUITTING to run for the money….that Alaska law forbids anyone in public office to sign a contract or take funds for a jor other than their state job? Isn’t this the de facto reason she resigned rather than wait until she left office? She couldn’t make any additional money outside of office so she just left. Keep up the great reporting!

  19. But she will surely make it all up to the peeps in AK. thru her new fund raising effort – Ebay.

    She is now selling dinner engagements (You and Sarah) on Ebay for $25,000…this winch is shameless..

  20. The $25,000 dinner engagement with Sarah Palin should at least include the opportunity for the lucky person who wins the date with Palin to bathe with her. Hope the winner likes a Crunchy Taco Bell Supreme or Moose Chili.

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