Posted by: shannynmoore | September 8, 2009

Shannyn Moore on Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Oh…trip down the memory hole…

WHEREAS, one of the principal goals of Healthcare Decisions Day is to encourage hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, continuing care retirement communities, and hospices to participate in a statewide effort to provide clear and consistent information to the public about advance directives, as well as to encourage medical professionals and lawyers to volunteer their time and efforts to improve public knowledge and increase the number of Alaska’s citizens with advance directives.

WHEREAS, the Foundation for End of Life Care in Juneau, Alaska, and other organizations throughout the United States have endorsed this event and are committed to educating the public about the importance of discussing healthcare choices and executing advance directives.

WHEREAS, as a result of April 16, 2008, being recognized as Healthcare Decisions Day in Alaska, more citizens will have conversations about their healthcare decisions; more citizens will execute advance directives to make their wishes known; and fewer families and healthcare providers will have to struggle with making difficult healthcare decisions in the absence of guidance from the patient.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Sarah Palin, Governor of the state of Alaska, do hereby proclaim April 16, 2008, as:

Healthcare Decisions Day in Alaska, and I call this observance to the attention of all our citizens.

Dated: April 16, 2008

Sarah Palin was FOR “Death Panels” before she was against them?  Side of hypocrisy anyone?



  1. PLEASE, keep at it, Shannyn. Take her down, once and for all!

  2. Oh, ‘guano crazy’…never heard better of ‘buttercup’.

  3. I was watching live while on Mudflats. Here is what I commented. Didn’t realize you had a thread here. You were great!!!!!!

    Here is what I originally commented over at MF:

    Shannyn…you were smart, witty and HILARIOUS! Guano crazy…lmao! Great commentary!

    I sure hope Keith’s bid makes it through the “pre-approval” panel! That would absolutely be priceless. 🙂

  4. What a pompous A$$-

    What is this “WHERAS” crap coming from- some cheap Ceasar of Rome proclamtion?

    Whereas… if I use it I won’t sound like a dumba$$?

  5. ‘scuse the typo proclamtion = proclamation…

    BTW Shannyn- you were good- and it was hilarious when KO found out he had to be pre-approved by SP-

    The audacity of dope-

  6. What does Sarah Palin have against youth-in-Asia? I nearly hurt myself on that one!

  7. Yeah that was pretty good…

  8. This proclamation of Sarah Palin will be the 3ed post I will make to Sarahs’s Facebook. The first two were removed. This one should not last long. Love to get a before and after, but not set up to take a screen shot. Fact is I just forgot how to do it.

  9. Saw you on MSNBC’s. tonight, Very good and I got you on the radio a few weeks ago. You go girl..

    peter d Sacramento

  10. Guano crazy and Youth-in-asia. Great

  11. Well if your a “youth-in-Asia” I can bet you wont be sittin down fer vittles with the guano queen. Though i dont understand that as any “youth-in-Asianised” person would be on par for a conversation with the Buttercup bat.

  12. another great job

    when are you going to get your own show?

    you looked really good tonight.

  13. Yes, indeedy….”guano crazy”……bat shit crazy. Couldn’t have said it any better, Shannon!

  14. One of your best appearances! informative and hilarious! This following Saturday’s Republican “whack-a-mole” on your radio show…you’re on fire!!!

  15. Loved the show. You were great!

  16. Nice! Hope you guys win the dinner!

  17. what’s Sarah Palin w/o hypocrisy? The 2 go “hand in hand”.

  18. I hope you will put this on Huffington Post, if you haven’t already — Sarah was for her so-called “death panels” before she was against them. Priceless.

  19. Shannan, I have spoken to you a couple times on your radio show (Mark from Florida), but I must say your last appearance on Keith Obbermann Show was your best to date. I love your quick and witty responses to Obermanns questions and you certainly appear comfortable in front of the cameras. I have also enjoyed your radio shows and look forward to every Saturday night, just about as much as I enjoy watching Obermann each night. I like to wish you good fortune in the future and I’m sure you’ll go far.

  20. It has occurred to me that with every passing day we are all witnesses to what it looks like when a human being has ‘sold their soul’. Sometimes I wonder if there is even the tiniest bit of humanity left in Sarah Palin? Does she wake up some days and feel a twinge deep inside of her that make her wonder at what point she sold herself out completely? Does she ever feel the slightest remorse or regret that she no longer has control of her words, her thoughts, her opinions, her family or her self-respect?

    It is becoming more and more apparent that she has sold the ‘rights’ to Sarah Palin. She is now just a corporate shill marketing right-wing bile that she probably has no control over. It is both horrific and amazing to witness. One just can’t help wondering exactly what was offered that convinced Sarah to sell herself?

    Was it the promise of riches and fame and power beyond imagination? Or was it a darker more ominous promise that secrets will remain secrets and buried deeply.

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