Posted by: shannynmoore | September 10, 2009

Something we can all agree on; We’re #37! The Musical Genius of Paul Hipp…

Why I love Paul Hipp!



  1. Its great. It’s accurate. Ah s**t.

  2. Love it! At the very end listen for the little voice saying “I want my country back!” ROFL!

  3. Thx for the intro to Paul Hipp. Love the video!

  4. “We’re #1 in war and #2 for brains (photo of Joe Wilson).”

  5. Gosh, just think Palin, Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity and the rest of the gang with loud mouths and no brains have a new playmate – Joe Wilson, Republican Poster Boy! Thanks for sharing Shannyn, Paul Hipp ROCKS.

  6. Paul Hipp is Pure GOLD! I have Blog of War…it’s a great CD! This video sums up the entire health care debate. Mandatory viewing. And…I also love that little voice at the end…”I want my country back!”


  7. Yep. #37. Right ahead of….Cuba.

    Aren’t we proud.

    (Go watch Sicko.)

  8. HAHAHAHA and nr 1 is, oh no, of all places, oh dear, FRANCE!

    Thanks I am a fan as of now. Hipp rocks.

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