Posted by: shannynmoore | September 12, 2009

Fox News: Beverage Out The Nose Alert




  1. ROFLMBO! 😛

  2. Awesome.

  3. I was infromed once, but the Dr. cured me…

  4. MEDIC !!!

  5. Of all the cartoons I have seen this one ranks at the top. Click for your daily chuckle and take time to check out the site. It is awesome:

  6. a classic! right there with the previous winner:
    “get a brain moran”

  7. LMAO!!!

  8. Even better, whey you blow it up, America in the upper left is spelled wrong too. hahahahahah.

    • “America in the upper left is spelled wrong too.”

      No it isn’t. It ends in CIA. : – )

  9. Sigh….the dumbing down of America – also known as “Leave No Child Behind” – and certainly don’t encourage them to take responsibility for their own education!

  10. During the campaign last year a woman was interviewed at a McCain rally in rural PA. She was against Obama because she said if he won he was going to make all the women in the country wear black burquas. I’d love to find her now and see if she’s wearing her burqua.

  11. That’s what Fox News does, it INFROMS it’s viewers. I couldn’t have written a better sign myself.

  12. Proof people discredit themselves.

  13. I wonder if that person holding the sign is aware that Fox News has even sued for the right to lie to the public:

  14. Couldn’t even spell America right (see the writing in red, in the corner).

  15. That woman is either a false flag operative, or that picture deserves a Pulitzer! Thanks for posting it!

  16. One can only “HOPE” God will soon come and judge his people. The “LORD” knows they need it bad…Hurry! Please…..

  17. Oh my I+I you just cant make this stuff up. Only in “Amercia”

    • Yes, I didn’t even notice the “Amercia” until someone pointed it out to me. Did these folks not to go to school at all? I don’t mean to “cast asparagus” on people who are home schooled, but you have to wonder…

      • Ooops, I meant “not go to school.” Where the edit function when you need it? :blush:

  18. Ah, the morans strike again. :rofl:

  19. Fair and Balanced= Infromed!

  20. By all reports, that must be 50,000 hands hanging on to that sign not one.

    Don’t let your eyes fool you, FOX reports that 1.5 million idiots were there…………………..

    DOG bless America!

  21. Paul Begala

    A Sign of the Times

    The sign said it all. It was not some last-minute message some meth addict scrawled in crayon on a scrap of cardboard. No, this sign was professionally printed. White block letters on a blue background, the four-word message was in all caps. Someone had to have thought this through. Someone wrote it, edited it, planned it, designed it, ordered it, paid for it. Someone approved it, printed it, distributed it. And then someone thought this was a message he or she wanted to convey to the world. Thank goodness someone had the courage to take a photo of it, and then Huffington Post had the guts to post it on its home page.

    The sign made me nauseous, made me embarrassed, made me wonder if at long last there is no decency on the far right. The sign said:


    • The extreme right wing of the Republican Party is not known for it’s decency…or spelling.

  22. Oh, Lord ~ only in “Amercia“! (upper left-hand corner…]

    [I didn’t notice that additional little gem on my first half-dozen views of the sign…what with my being so overwhelmed with thankfulness to “Fox——– News” for keeping me “INFROMED” and all…]

  23. I think the fact that it was drawn in crayon was the best touch 🙂

  24. Great catch Beth, I didn’t see that either. I was trying to figure out if they had the 64 count box of crayons!

  25. The photo was hilarious.
    The sign Martha mentioned, BURY OBAMACARE WITH KENNEDY took me aback. When did humans become so inhuman?

  26. Only a fox right wing nut would have a sign that has two words wrong…”Amercia”-For normal people we spell it America…..and “Infromed’ where the normal folk spell “informed” ………………………….I so much hate Fox news and wish that somehow the name gets changed to Fox Entertainment…since the news is all phony like the blockbuster Acorn sting

  27. That is just TOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny! I am laughing outloud. Doesn’t it say it all?

  28. I find nothing funny about that, it just pathetic reminder of what a worthless country we live in.

  29. The sign maker is most likely dyslexic. Mixing up letters is classic. Doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have it proofread though.

  30. From another rally:

    Dyslexics Untie!!

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