Posted by: shannynmoore | September 14, 2009

Billionaires For Wealthcare



  1. The confused looks and the thumbs up from the flat earthers said it all. Priceless. They don’t even know when they are being mocked. “I will cut off my nose to spite my face” should be the tea baggers rallying call.

  2. These guys and gals are great. And the crowd thinks they are on their side. Over their heads. That is how we will pass health care. Over their heads. 😀

  3. OH NO! I laughed so hard I hurt myself! Thank the Lord and LBJ, I have medicare. I am officially socialized.

  4. As my British friend would say, “Jolly good show!”

    Rachel Maddow and the Billionaires for Wealthcare ROCK.

  5. What a hoot!

  6. Love it!! and I really needed a laugh..

    now I will go clean off my monitor.

  7. Dang that was great. Wish i was there. Years ago we started the FUNdaligionist society. Only to learn that someone else coined that one many years earlier. So we had to find a new name…None has as yet really stuck. Wer toyed with hysterical society but that is not really fitting. Altho it did work once. We commandered a bus from our local private college. It was to be used for the local “historical” society and we just told the driver we were the hysterical society and even made a sign for the bus that said as much. He said lets go and we did…right to the Grateful dead concert. That driver had the best time ever. Now this is the kind of activisim that we need to help turn this negitivism around. There are not that many of them so reach out. You all have old friends just reach out.

  8. This is priceless! These people are really creative and intelligent; a far cry from the loser rally crackpots.

  9. God bless ’em. The loonies never knew what hit them. That’s the way to do it, outsmart them. Shouldn’t be too hard.

  10. BTW, support boycott of tourism in SC at: Mention Joe Wilson as the reason.

  11. That was great! Smart, creative, fun; I’m so impressed with those folks. Way to go!


    Download your signs now!!!

  13. I just purchased Chantix to quit smoking. I have health insurance that cost between me and my employer about $10.680 a year. Yet They would not cover this $120.00 RX. Gee I wonder why we need health care reform!!!!!

  14. I came across this comment on Huff. Po. and thought it was spot on:

    osage wrote:


    Republicans ARE practicing seditious DEMAGOGUERY and insurrectionary OBSTRUCTIONISM intended to destabilize our economy for purposes of political exploitation.

    Republicans AREN’T making a sincere effort to STOP the bleeding THEIR incompetent leadership and failed policies created. Instead, they’re using conflicting economic theories as a smokescreen to conceal their subversive agenda, which is to cause President Obama and America to fail so they can blame Democrats for the consequences of THEIR calamitous mismanagement.

    Republicans ARE preposterously professing that THEIR disgraceful political WHORING had nothing to do with the banking, real estate, stock market and employment catastrophes that resulted.

    Republicans ARE trying to hamstring Democrats to prevent them from repairing the damage caused during a Republican presidency.

    Republicans ARE offering controversial arguments they know no one can agree on to disrupt and prevent progressive change. They’d rather divide America and create political gridlock than endure the political consequences of effective Democratic governance. That’s how they gained power and that’s how they’re trying to retain it.

    Republicans AREN’T the LOYAL OPPOSITION; they ARE the ENEMY WITHIN whose personal priorities have eroded their moral and ethical standards to the point that duplicity and betrayal are their preferred modus operandi.

    It’s one thing to advocate their conservative beliefs; it’s another thing entirely to willfully sabotage America’s government because a successful Democratic presidency would not be vulnerable to the greed, fears and hatreds that have produced and sustained the radical Republican corporatism and extremism that have poisoned and crippled America.

  15. Martha. It’s more than just republicans it’s dems also. It’s a whole mind set that has to be watched carefully. We cannot waver in our observance.

  16. Set your TiVo, DVR, whatever….Tomorrow night, Bill Clinton on the Daily Show….

  17. So FAR above their heads, the poor souls could not identify the craft. BRILLIANT work Billionaires! Even some of us us rural, farm folk easily discern the parody. Thank you Shannyn, once again, for penetrating the darkness of ignorance with a beam of stark light. Keep on keepin’ on, and shine on 😉

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