Posted by: shannynmoore | September 21, 2009

Tim Griffin Running…

unfortunately not from an investigation of his Alaska connections. Mr. Griffin is running for Congress. This just in from TPM.

Former U.S. Attorney Tim Griffin, a central figure in the 2007 U.S. Attorney firings, is now running for Congress against Rep. Vic Snyder (D-AR).

“The people of Central Arkansas deserve a congressman who shares their values and represents their views,” Griffin told the Politico. The incumbent Snyder has not had a close race since his initial 52%-48% win in 1996, and has been easily re-elected ever since. On the other hand, the district voted 54%-44% for John McCain in 2008, and Snyder could possibly be vulnerable to a strong challenger.

Griffin had a previous career in the 1990’s working on Republican legal investigations of prominent Democrats, and worked in opposition research for the Bush campaigns in 2000 and 2004, and was a protégé of Karl Rove. In September 2006 he became a special assistant to the U.S. Attorney in Arkansas, and was then appointed to replace his fired predecessor in December 2006, at the urging of Rove. Griffin was never confirmed by the Senate — his appointment was done in such a way as to circumvent the confirmation process — and he resigned in June 2007 in the wake of the controversy.

From an article I wrote this past March on the Huffington Post:

Attached to my email was a news article from the Northwest Arkansas News Source dated February 22, 2009.

NWANews: What are you up to now?
Griffin: I have two businesses. Depending on the time of the year, I am about 50-50 law and public affairs. I have the Griffin Law Firm. I primarily represent businesses in federal litigation in Texas. My public affairs company, I provide communications advice, how to develop a message that makes sense whether for corporate clients or political ones.

NWANews: Can you name a client or two?

Griffin: I went to Alaska last year over 20 times. Worked on a ballot initiative, which we defeated soundly.

NWANews: What was that?

Griffin: It was related to mining industry.

Wow! So Karl Rove’s right-hand man and special assistant to George W. Bush, under Congressional investigation for felony vote caging, got on a plane “over 20 times last year” to work against Ballot Proposition 4, the Clean Water Initiative? That’s a pretty big gun to get on that many flights-even if they were first class seats. Tim Griffin basically spent 40 days from May to August on planes going back and forth between Anchorage and Little Rock!

Ballot Initiative 4 was an attempt to regulate water quality standards in Alaska. The Target: the proposed Pebble Mine-an open pit, sulfuric acid mine. The Mission: to protect the Bristol Bay sockeye salmon run, the largest remaining wild salmon run in the world.

Today, I wonder why this man is smiling and running for Congress.   He should be thankful he’s not in jail.



  1. Wow, now he wants to be a lawmaker. There are so many environmental problems in Alaska, it’s just sad. Food source should be paramount, and water.

    Great post and great article on HuffPost! Thanks, Shannyn!

  2. Your final sentence sums up my sentiment for TG completely. It pains me each time I see him on the Ed Schultz program as a Republican strategist. However, recently I’ve begun to imagine vertical iron bars in front of his face on TV and it helps relieve the discomfort. Any digging left to be dug in all of those days he spent in Alaska?

  3. TG..JAIL? our new regime has a real go getter type guy, our new attny.general (zar.sic) TG, he would be one guy to get darnit!..jail would need a full frontal attack from the blue state’s “arm’d forces”..of lawyers, blogers, reseachers, and a feiw more Dennis Z’s around..”perhaps we blue alaskans should fund a legal team!..gotta feed my daxies..tim griffin is a big pig.

  4. I tried to tell my relatives in AR about him a while back and sadly they don’t get it.

  5. Can anyone in this form name one Senator who is currently in office, who is not a millionaire?
    I doubt it. Money buys power; power keeps the corrupt bastards clubs of America in office.
    We need for one term limits on Senator and House members. One term of 6 years, then you can not run again until 6 years pass from the time they left office.
    Any Senator who is able to run again and again and win has been bought and paid for by what ever industry he represents. Thus they no longer represent you and I, but the company they are beholding to for getting them re-elected.
    Of course they will all deny that. “I didn’t have sex with that woman”,”I didn’t take money from Bill Allen’s hands”, despite all the physical evidence to the contrary.
    So when we have a group of sociopaths running our States and Nation what do people expect in return? Sadly one day citizens will have to bear arms to fix a corrupt system.

  6. Nooooooooo! Progressives are having enough angst in The Natural State at the moment. Off the D reservation blue dogs, a Senator named in Sharlett’s book The Family and now this??? How much can one take?

  7. I own a left handed monkeywrench.

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