Posted by: shannynmoore | September 26, 2009

Countdown With Lawrence O’Donnell & Shannyn Moore


  1. Great job as always Shannyn!
    It looked like both you and Lawrence were doing your best to NOT saying anything unprofessional about Palin.

    Will you be posting on the Diversity and Unity socials of last evening?

  2. You looked very good with Lawrence last night. You always seem to be able to slip ‘something’ in.

  3. Great job Shannyn…. you look hot! I make me wish I lived in Alaska 😉 can’t wait to see you on air again.

  4. Excellent job, Shannyn! Thanks for sharing that clip. Keep up the good work!

  5. Great job Shannyn.
    But you know what? No matter how large of a team you have coaching you, if you have no outstanding players, or players with no disciplines, you still just have a team of misfits who can never win a game.
    Sarah Palin did not have the discipline to finish as Governor so she quit. I am certain if she runs for national office that will be brought up. That and the point that as President she would hear many more dissenting voices than as Governor of Alaska. Will she quit then as well.

  6. I watch Countdown (& Maddow) all the time and I’m always glad when they bring you on to talk about SP. I see a lot of the other “daytime crew” on that network and there are more than a few who talk about Palin as if she’s legitimate and praise her, yada, yada, and it makes me ill. So nice to have balance from someone who knows about her firsthand. Thanks for the balance!!

  7. Great as always Shannyn. My the way, you looked MAHvelous! You really showed the nation that we Alaskans really DO clean up nice!!

  8. I just watched Shannyn Moore on MSNBC’ sCountdown. While Ms. Moore was talking MSNBC kept showing full screen of Palin and kids on campaign distracting from message Ms. Moore was invited to discuss. I think it was very rude of MSNBC, and more than rude, it is to show the camera hog Palin, and squash and truth about her actions in Alaska, and how she treated people there. There was no notice this same old same old was to be shown. As Ms. Moore spoke of how Palin used rouge in Alaska to destroy people, and now, as a cutes title for her so called book. I have noticed MSNBC has done this to other decent people trying to get out a message of truth. It is wrong, but am still happy to hear Shannyn Moore. Thank you .

  9. did not mean to spell rogue wrong.

  10. MSNBC shows always have file footage rolling on a split screen like that when guests are being interviewed. It is very distracting and they do it all the time. I’ve found that if you’re trying to hear an important point, it helps to just listen and not look at the screen. Much less distracting that way.

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