Posted by: shannynmoore | September 29, 2009

AK Blogger Double Header Tonight: MSNBC

Shannyn Moore will be on Countdown tonight. Jeanne Devon, aka AKM from The Mudflats will be on with Rachel Maddow. Yep, an Alaskan progressive blogger double header on MSNBC tonight!

Grab a Red Bull and strap on your seat belts…Sarah isn’t going to like this.

Shannyn & Jeanne with John Harvard

Shannyn & Jeanne with John Harvard


  1. Yahoo!! Congrats to the Tag Team!

    Yea to see AKM!!! No more mask!
    Will be watching when MSNBC uploads


  3. Incredible…

    I don’t have TV… can I watch it live on line????

    GO GIRLS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Guess that I know what I’m watching on television tonight!!! 😀 I can hardly wait either!

  5. Frankly Sarah, you’re toast!! This is awesome! Congratulations to Shannyn and AKM. Finally, the world is taking notice of all that has been going on the last year.

  6. This is amazing news! I am thrilled for you and AKM! I had the pleasure of meeting you and Jeanne in Pittsburgh, and I will never forget how lovely and intelligent you two ladies are. If you are still planning a trip to L.A., let me know – I will be your personal chauffeur. : )

  7. this is going to be good!
    good luck akm and shannyn.

  8. Super, you’re right, sarah is not going to like this

  9. I’ll be looking for it on youtube

  10. Shannyn: You were supposed to touch Harvard’s shoe for good luck. Guess you got it anyway. Congratulations!

  11. Go girls GO!!! Now…if only we had a local progressive radio show 5 days a week…

  12. wow. That’s all I got.

  13. Just saw your spot on Countdown. Nice touch, Shannyn, about adding sp’s book to the new testament. 😀

  14. Yeah Alaskan bloggers! Woohoo!

  15. WOW, Shannyn, you did a really, really awesome interview!

    Thanks for all your good work!

  16. Shannyn, you did a terrific job there. The new testament? LOL… right on the head, again!

  17. Both you Ladies did excellent segments!!

    Just looked at Diva’s site. What she has posted, it brought back the memories — not talking good ones — which in some ways feels like ages ago but in other ways, it’s like it was yesterday. Diva has a youtube segment of Staplemouth up within her blog writing on ‘rogue’. To think – it was only last fall that everyone had to endure watching Staplemouth doing the segments. Now — she’s like a ghost — nowhere to be seen. YEA!!

    Now we are treated to watch TWO intelligent Ladies!!

  18. Shannyn, you were excellent, as always! Loved the “adding to the New Testament” comment. LOL! What a treat to have both you and AKM on MSNBC tonight. You both were amazing!

    Keep up the good work.

    (Is David Shuster as cool as I imagine him to be?)

  19. Fantastic Ladies, both you & AKM were wonderful! I’m sitting here goofy that for the first time I got to HEAR as well as SEE AKM. She’s just as poised & well spoken as Shannyn M.

    You both hammered major points without being repetitious or duplicating. I bet SP’s swallowing anti-acid tabs by the fistfuls tonight, as the bile creeps up to her turkey wobble throat.

  20. As usual, very well done. Loved the new testament comment.

  21. Shannyn, you brought it to Countdown big time tonight!

  22. I posted this over on the Flats just now but also want to leave it here, I hope you don’t mind.

    There I was, on my 63 birthday in a motel deep in the heart of SOUTH CAROLINA (shudder). I had not been able to find NPR south of Virginia on the way down and even with the radio on scan had received an overdose of Right Wing Christian pap. On a pit stop I overheard a woman say that “that Argentinian hussy” was to blame for the Govenor’s fall from grace. How on earth was I going to stop my slide into depression? Turn on MSNBC for a dose of sanity was the decision. Oh! Great! Shannyn is on Countdown. I immediately perked up. I decided to leave the TV on while sleeping off the 10 hour drive. Much tossing and turning later what did my tired ears here? Mudflats! Mudflats is here! I am an ardent follower! Wooohoooo….sit up and put on your glasses Tante cause this is gonna be “cherce”. Very well done. Congratulations.

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