Posted by: shannynmoore | October 5, 2009

Levi Johnston Cracks A Nut & Finds Protection

…a little late. I couldn’t stop laughing…btw, pistachios don’t prevent pregnancy unless you hold one between your knees.  Tank Jones is type cast…get crackin’.



  1. OMG! Can they really not know that this is in really bad taste or could their group of writers simply not come up with anything better (no pun intended).

  2. Not sure about Levi, but Tank might have a future in the biz.

  3. He’s famous for allegedly impregnating the ex-gov.’s daughter, lost the job at the oil co. due to Grannie Palin’s big mouth, got dumped by BrisP. perhaps for another man, and his Mom is in the slammer for drug dealing charges…
    I don’t mind Levi making a buck off of the notoriety that he didn’t really ask for.

  4. This kid’s 15 minutes of fame seems to be never ending. He’s as much an idiot as Sarah Palin himself.

  5. While no fan of the wasillabilly crowd, one has to look at this companies whole add campaign to get it. They do have some clever commercials. And I myself think it as funny as hell hahahahah

  6. And By the way one can not blame this kid for making a living, even if you disagree how he makes it.

  7. I think it is hilarious also,too.

  8. I think my IQ dropped as I watched that.

  9. Why is this national news? WOW slow news day. It is all over MSNBC and CNN. The nut company could not ask for a better add campaign!!!

  10. I thought it was funny too!!

    WTG Tank and Levi!

  11. Hilarious! I love it. Good for you, Levi.

  12. Hi! You have been awarded the One Lovely Blog Award!

  13. I thought the ad was funny as heck, and very catchy. lol..I wanted some pistachios after watching it too.

    To those who feel that Levi should go away and be quiet, I have only this to say. He would not be in the media if it were not for Palin and her idiocy and phony family values. Leave the kid alone, and let him earn a living. He isn’t doing anything wrong.

    • Exactly. At least he’s making a living and not blabbering nonsense like Scarah.

  14. FUNNY!

  15. I’d rather watch Levi and Tank than Scarah and the Toad.

  16. I haven’t read the VF article yet but from what I heard reported, he told it like it was in the dysfunctional Palin household. Make all the $$ you can Levi, Mom’s legal bills must be staggering. Anything he does to expose the hypocrisy of SP is a good thing.

  17. I saw the ad last night during The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I’d seen it on the net before last night; still, for some reason, it was even funnier on the tv.

  18. Both Tank and his sidekick Levi did a great job.

    Very funny, especially when the entire ad campaign is considered.

    Come on people, it’s cute !

    And how sweet is it that this white, male, Wasillie redneck and Tank have such a comfortable friendship/mentorship going.

    Good on both of them ! I love it !

    So he got a girl pregnant. Happens all the time and now he has a way to support his son. Pays more than flippin burgers !

    Go Levi/Tank ! ! ! ! ! !

  19. I no longer crave pistachios….

  20. Levi gets cracking… unintended pun on his backside view in playgirl? (please don’t share that issue with us)

  21. Levi has the looks of Donny Osmond with the captivating nonverbal skills of Arnold Swartzenager.

  22. Don’t forget that Palin drew attention to Levi’s slope job in the first place. She had to open her big mouth and draw a target on him.

    Levi has done more for Alaska in the last two months than any of our sitting republicans who did nothing but enable her drunken political behavior and create uncertainty in this state.

    I’m actually hoping that Levi comes to the rescue of the entire country and blows Palin out of the water with his movie/story…wishful thinking…MAYBE BUT MAYBE NOT.

    Tick-Tock Winky

  23. Levi Johnston is going for the ultimate exposure — his bare body.

    Posing nude for Playgirl is next for the 19-year-old father of Sarah Palin’s grandchild. Johnston’s attorney, Rex Butler, said Wednesday that a formal agreement has not been reached with the online magazine but adds it’s a “foregone conclusion” it will happen.

    PERFECT lol
    Is Sarah next hahahahahaha

  24. I thought it funny.
    IMHO Tank has a career ahead of him.

  25. Levi is HOT .. and that ad campaign is edgy, not surprised to see him on it.

    Let the kid cash in on his 15 minutes, he’s had a tough year!

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