Posted by: shannynmoore | October 8, 2009

Sarah Palin’s Fancy Flip-Flops

Sarah Palin, half term governor of Alaska, has herself a pair of fancy flip flops when it comes toFancyFlop-BlackCrown.jpg America’s wars.

In an interview with Alaska Business Monthly, in March 2007, an exit strategy seemed to have utmost importance:

“I’ve been so focused on state government, I haven’t really focused much on the war in Iraq. I heard on the news about the new deployments, and while I support our president, Condoleezza Rice and the administration, I want to know that we have an exit plan in place; I want assurances that we are doing all we can to keep our troops safe. Every life lost is such a tragedy. I am very, very proud of the troops we have in Alaska, those fighting overseas for our freedoms, and the families here who are making so many sacrifices.”

While speaking at a fundraiser in San Francisco, on October 5, 2008, we got the sense Palin had spent time watching “Charlie Wilson’s War”.

“They are also building schools for the Afghan children so that there is hope and opportunity in our neighboring country of Afghanistan.”

This week on her facebook page, the exit strategy seems less important…more war…more war…

“For two years as a candidate, Senator Obama called for more resources for the war in Afghanistan and warned about the consequences of failure. As President, he announced a comprehensive new counterinsurgency strategy and handpicked the right general to execute it. Now General McChrystal is asking for additional troops to implement the strategy announced by President Obama in March. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers in harm’s way in Afghanistan right now. We owe it to all those brave Americans serving in uniform to give them the tools they need to complete their mission.

Our allies and our adversaries are watching to see if we have the staying power to protect our interests in Afghanistan. I recently joined a group of Americans in urging President Obama to devote the resources necessary in Afghanistan and pledged to support him if he made the right decision. Now is not the time for cold feet, second thoughts, or indecision — it is the time to act as commander-in-chief and approve the troops so clearly needed in Afghanistan.”

– Sarah Palin

Palin’s advice to President Obama?  No cold feet?  Is that like “don’t blink”?  She was against the war before she was for the war.  Before she became host to the NeoCon body snatchers.


  1. Every time someone points out her differing opinions her head revolves 720 degrees. Keep posting, perhaps she will screw her head clear down to her tight abs.

  2. No Tantef. “Every time somone points out her differing opinions” OUR heads revolve 720 degrees. I’m dizzy and my head hurts.

  3. I like that phrase Shannyn – the Neocon body snatchers. You do have a way with words. 🙂

  4. You mean she even uses a ghost writer for her facebook page, for god’s sakes? Love your blog, Shannyn, all the way from here in northern Vermont. Keep up the good work!

  5. Half-term governor. Sums it up nicely!

  6. When I hear her talk it makes my head hurt just like when I wander over to Beck. I need a 12 step program.

  7. At this point I think she’ll say anything at all just to get noticed and talked about.

  8. Nice read, I addressed this issue in my blog today. Could it be that losing a son in battle will further her political sympathy card? Seems children are NOT her priority.

  9. First of all, we’ve all heard this woman “speak,” and if she actually wrote that, I’m the Queen of Sheba! Big words or not, she still doesn’t know her ass from an oilwell!

  10. She can take those flip flops and put them where the sun doesn’t shine!

  11. these very examples of her teetering opinions on just about everything, is all the more reason why nobody should be listening to a damn word that falls out of her lying mouth!

  12. I guess it’s time for me to dust off those old Palin flip flops sold around the state in 08!

  13. Oh, yes, I want Sarah to run in 2012. I want her to put on her jogging suit and run on the backroads of Alaska in 2012. She is one screwed up dame. She makes the “flip-flopping” Kerry look good.

  14. Bless her heart. Perhaps she doesn’t realize that war and bridge are not synonyms.

  15. “our NEIGHBORING country of Afghanistan.”

    She must of been in the same graduating class as Forest Gump.

  16. Palin’s , I mean , the neo con sock puppet’s, I mean Rupert Murdoch’s bit(h’s, opinions are more isolated, than that poor polar bear floating on small bit of ice…….

    Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

    Read more at:

  17. Can’t somebody please make Ms. Palin shut up? Please?

  18. I have a kitchen magnet that says
    “Queen of the known world”.
    Think I’ll mail it to Palin.
    Wonder how she’s picking up all this geography, history and you know, all this knowledge that she could not be bothered to learn in her quest to be VP.
    Her ability to string coherent sentences together has improved too.

  19. My “name” sums up my feelings for Princess Sarah. I doubt she can even spell “Afganistan” let alone know where it is. But with that said, she may be able to see it from her new digs in San Diego!

  20. 2008 – Track was deploying for service abroad
    This week – he’s home again

  21. Sarah Palin flip flops on everything.

  22. We need to keep in mind that Sybil Palin is allowed differing opinions since she has all those different personalities. None of those personalities agree with themselves much less with each other, so we know none of this will ever change. The challenge for us is keeping up with all their conflicting opinions.

  23. *TODD!..TODD!?..GET OVER ER! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?…DAMN*..I hallucinate..a lot, when it comes to the *lake louise omni-vorus NILAPHARAS{quiter}(loc-ness) monster* has been spotted on the SOUTHERN end of lake Louise. as we all know, L. a DEAD lake; the birds fall from the peutrid sky, a scant 200′ above the NILAPHARAS {quiter} infested lake.
    Halibut cheeks are gone! my sarah palin [quiter} BOBBLE HEAD IS NOW VINTAGE! as the CONCEITED sarah {quiter} has had her halibut cheeks ..CUT OUT!..OI VIEGH! gag me with a spoon! barf! ..e-bay! for sell sarah’s cheeks..daxies rule!

    • Lake Louise is in Canada.

      I think you mean Lake Lucille ?

  24. yes! moosehead beer got my spellmindedness numbed out thanks..

  25. the world has erupted! the palin horse is is not a thunder is a band of idiots..the tea bagers!

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