Posted by: shannynmoore | October 20, 2009

Oprah Goin’ Gotcha?

Announced today:

CHICAGO — In a world exclusive, Oprah Winfrey will interview former Alaska governor Sarah Palin for an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show to air Monday, November 16, 2009. Winfrey and Palin will meet for the very first time on the episode, which will mark Palin’s first interview to discuss her upcoming book, Going Rogue: An American Life and her first-ever appearance on the Oprah show.

Soooo, what would you like to hear Oprah ask Palin?

Will Oprah go all Gotcha with questions like, “What do you read?”  Can you already imagine the SNL skit in the making?


  1. If Oprah makes Palin’s book part of her book of the month club, I’ll lose all respect for her.

  2. Ditto on that Sean.

  3. I don’t care what questions she is asked because I don’t care what the quitter has to say. She is only relevant to a tiny fraction of deluded fools. I may be a fool, but I’m not a member of that group.

  4. If the Oprah show with Palin is “live” anything can happen…..regardless of what Oprah claims she is going to ask the Queen.

    We all know Oprah does not like Sarah so we can hope! Hope she asks about the legality of the Alaska Fund Trust and where all that money is going…..”Chateau Palin?”

  5. I am disappointed in Oprah. I wish she wasn’t doing this at all. Of course, Palin may not show up. We can hope.

    • I doubt she will now.

  6. Well, jimzmum, she has an excellent record for canceling appearances. Maybe she hopes to benefit from the publicity generated by her being scheduled for the show without the actual risk of looking foolish, dishonest or tacky.

  7. I hope Oprah asks to see Trig’s long form birth certificate so we can know is Sarah is in fact Trig’s mother or if Bristol really is!

  8. Naw, not even worth bothering with.
    If it’s live, Oprah will be heavily restricted in what she can say or ask.
    If it’s recorded, anything interesting will be edited out.

    It’ll be a little love-fest for Sarah, even if Oprah had grander ideas.

  9. I hope she roasts her over hot coals

  10. I wish Oprah was not doing this. It’s already Sarah 1-Oprah 0 for giving SP this platform.

  11. Oprah may be planning on sandbagging SP, although SP has a history of requiring the questions in advance and in writing for her approval. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  12. I think Oprah will let Sarah talk about Levi for a few minutes and then ask her why she said those things about Obama last year.

  13. I can’t see Oprah allowing Sarah to screen her questions in advance, and if Sarah did require that I would think Opral would announce it and would cancel the interview. At least that is what I would expect, and hopefully Oprah will follow those guidelines. Anyways, I don’t see Oprah holding anything back and will ask Sarah about statements Sarah has in her book and will make sure she answers her questions completely. I believe Oprah will make Sarah look like her ignorant self.

  14. but what if she does well in the interview would u still think she is ignorant and Oprah gives everyone her questions in advance no one comes on her show and gets sandbagged

  15. How lame! I don’t know why Oprah would give SP the platform to hawk her almost assuredly pitiful book – but maybe that’s part of the plan. Don’t know if I can stand to watch it, probably not.

  16. I could care less what Oprah asks “The Quitter” on the show. I won’t be watching, and I could care less what Ms. Quitter has to say about anything.

  17. Palin will be properly trained for interviews. Im sure there will be no mistakes. Im mad at “O”

  18. Sarah Palin’s Armageddon

    Sarah Palin on the Oprah Winfrey Show!

    What a coup! This is a ratings bonanza- the talk shows will wait with bated breath, and I think it’s a very clever thing Oprah is doing.

    No question in my mind that Ms. Winfrey will put some difficult questions to bear. And it will be fun to listen to SP’s stress level in her voice rise by the minute.

    I am sure SP and OW will rake in some serious cash, but greed may be SP’s final undoing here once the canary is finally cornered in the cage by a very capable cat.

    Finally- a forum with no decorum- no “Can I call you Opie ?” moments allowed. And the racial tension that SP brings to bear at all the events she has stirred crowds up with- well that won’t be forgotten or lost by Oprah.

    Two cunning women, but one with an intellect and a a moral conscience- the other a non existent mind running around in a Barbie suit.
    This is like Brier Rabbit talking to Pig Pen about personal digressions.

    I put out a Poll on the Daily Kos Diaries-

    See what you think and add your own opinion 

  19. Sarah has NO POWER here. She is left overs on the verge of going bad. I am thinking that you don’t give conditions to Oprah to be on her show. Either Oprah’s way or you can try the Daily Show (now that would be funny!)

  20. The more I think about this, the angrier I get. I really don’t care for Ms Winfrey’s show. I am appreciative of her power, and thank her for campaigning for my Ex-Senator Mr. Obama.

    However, I just do not like the fact that Ms Palin is getting perhaps another chance to send her minions into orgasmic ecstasy with middle school answers.

    I hopewonderangst that the Twitter Quitter will not show. I know that is childish, but I am in my delining years, and take that as a free pass from time to time.

  21. I won’t be watching. I’ll wait for the YouTube.

    I do hope Oprah doesn’t give her a pass. She should ask Ms. Palin serious questions about serious issues and not let her get away with a bunch of memorized talking points. Oprah has lots of fans – if she can draw out the true Sarah Palin in this interview, it might be a good thing.

  22. I am guessing Oprah will ask the same nothing, fluff questions that Greta Van Susteren asked during her ass-kissing Wasilla interview–I am sure Quitty will have the “questions” tightly scripted beforehand. I predict she will “give a shout out” to the troops, mention the sweet Special! Needs! kid she allegedly gave birth to, and criticize the government.

    Sarah is just jumping up and down to get the attention of wacko conservatives and potential book buyers (hey, it’s down to $9 already and hasn’t even been released!) The fake facebook posts obviously are being written by someone with more intellectual depth than 5-watt Sarah, and so she’s getting nervous….time to get her name in the headlines again! But don’t expect her to discuss the ideas in the Facebook posts with Oprah or anyone else in great detail, ever, because she can’t.

    Even if she seems to be pandering to Palin by giving her air time, surely Oprah is too smart to feature this book full of made-up stuff. Remember liar James Frey? Palin’s pack of lies would make Frey’s “autobiography” seem like kid stuff.

  23. Oprah said a long time ago that the biggest mistake she mad was speaking with a self admitted Klansman in her audience.

    Those were the days when Oprah used to go through her audience ala Phil Donahue for input.

    She was doing a oldies but goodies program and showed the old footage.

    She said she would never do something like that again, because it gave that person “a voice”, that there were folks out there who would and do agree with him and all she accomplished, she realized, was that she gave him voice on national TV.

    One of her “ahha moments”.

    Oprah had come to the conclusion that you do not give people with outrageous, egregious platforms a voice.

    So I guess they’ll be disusing “death panels” on the program.

  24. Oprah will never challenge anything Sarah says. She’ll ask questions, Sarah will blather her lid du jour, and Oprah will nod and ask another question. She certainly won’t ask any questions of relevance- she’ll focus on the book: why did you decide to write a book? Where are you going to promote it? What do you hope to accomplish? Nothing about any scandals. Oprah didn’t get where she is by challenging people. See that Frey guy who wrote the “autobiography” that was fake, and that alleged psychologist guy- I can’t even remember his name. She’s business smart, not people smart.

  25. She is going on Oprah because she has to get rid of books and Oprah gives one to each audience member.
    She is building her castle and airplane hanger to store all those unsold books she bought so she can say she was a best selling author!!!!

    I wonder if Oprah agreed to limit her questions?
    And what politician goes on Oprah after writing a best seller? NOBODY!!!!
    They go on serious talk shows. How the mighty have fallen!

  26. Relevant to the book, I would hope that Mrs. Palin would be asked about her resignation speech in which she claimed to be quitting (although she’s not a quitter) so that she could do greater service for Alaska. Oprah should ask her what she is specifically doing for Alaska now. You know like, founding or funding organizations, speaking tours around the state, working with native groups, forums that she is organizing to bring attention to important state matters…that kind of thing. She should also ask her about the progress of the pipeline that she continues to claim (through her recent NR op-ed and no doubt in her book) is under construction. She should ask her (too, also) what specifically qualified her to be VP. Was it her education, years of specific involvement in national and/or international affairs, years of service to her political party, nationally recognized awards for service….?

    These are just some soft ball questions that might just provide a little entertainment value to the interview.

    • The only thing she is progressing in Alaska is expanding her property. She hasn’t done anything worthwhile for the state. She is all about the money and being in the spotlight.

  27. How many times will she answer a question starting with “In what respect Oprah?”
    Should be very interesting.

  28. Oprah has lowered herself by agreeing to pimp for the quitter.
    Oprah could surprise me if she asks “how has quitting helped Alaskans these past few months?”, but I expect it we’ll hear a bunch of touchy-feely questions and nonsense answers.

  29. Oprah hasn’t learned the lesson she said she would never repeat…………..

    Publication Information: Book Title: American Skinheads: The Criminology and Control of Hate Crime. Contributors: Mark S. Hamm – author. Publisher: Praeger Publishers. Place of Publication: Westport, CT. Publication Year: 1994. Page Number: 55.

    Because Metzger had contributed so much to Oprah’s television ratings, she invited the former Klansman back for a second visit in September of 1989. But this time Metzger said little about the skinheads. Instead, he defended the Ku Klux Klan’s right to broadcast on cable TV. Unlike before, Oprah had nothing to tell the press after this show.

  30. I just wish we wouldn’t be helping sp’s popularity, but it seems she is here for a while. sigh. I was not an Oprah fan, but I think less of her now, too.

  31. I would like Oprah to have Shannyn as a “surprise guest” on that particular show.

    • Now wouldn’t that be perfect!

  32. One question and one only:

    “Who is the mother of Trig?”

    This question will not go away. Multiple Websites have put together sequential pictures of Palin which clearly show she was not “pregnant” until just before the alleged birth date. Unquestionably she has put on a faux pregnancy outfit, but why? Why would she lie? Her doctor put out a carefully worded, ambiguous statement about the birth, when she could have said, “I delivered Trig Palin of Sarah Palin on such-and-such a date and time.”

    I want to see Palin get a straight question with no wiggle room and see if she will lie on national television. She WILL be found out. The question is when?

  33. It’s one thing to want to interview Palin when she was running for VP………’s quite another to give her a voice, after she quit her job as governor.. ……..only to cash in………AND in so doing aide her, in her quest for cash.

    Palin is nothing more than a ………..tin cup grifter… ………. …out for all she can get her money grubbing hands on.

    Palin has all her ducks lined up in a row…….one internet site where you can:

    Give to SarahPac

    Give to the Alaska Fund Trust…….even though she has been informed by the law not to accept money and return what she has taken.

    Buy her “book”

    Give to her new endeavor………Stand Up for our Nation

    Stand up for our Nation will be launched the same day as her “book”

    It has no purpose other than to collect $$$ for the tin cup grifter………

    Oprah is not ONLY helping her promote her book ……she is helping her launch…. the biggest tin cup project so far………


  34. My first question is/was: Does Quitter GINO know that Oprah is black? After all the race-baiting during the campaign, this could be, in the words of Arte Johnson on Laugh-In, “Ver-r-r-y Interestink.”

    I don’t believe anyone of Oprah’s wattage would be bound by submitted questions, and I can honestly envision SP leaving in the middle of the interview. I’m not an Oprah fan, but this is too delish to not watch. I’m going home early that day!

  35. It won’t matter what questions Oprah asks. It didn’t matter during the VP debate, either. Mrs Palin will answer the questions in her head.

  36. I am not opposed to those things. ,

  37. I would like Oprah to ask, and keep asking what, specifically, Sarah has learned from caring for a special needs child.
    What has she learned about the kinds of stimulations and training a child like that needs? What is this child’s future? How are the Palins planing for his care for the rest of his life? What lengths is the Palin family going to to help this child grow to be all he can be?

    What other health issues have arisen or are likely to be a problem.? Is Sarah concerned dragging her young children around to public evens in a time of H1N1?

    Sarah never discusses the child except when she uses him as a political prop. I’m willing to bet the needs of this baby have been totally ignored or passed off onto Sarah’s youngest children.

    Oprah likes to come off as really sympatric. She can play that role with the child as the target and find out tons about the real Sarah and the real Palin family.

  38. It won’t matter what questions Oprah asks. It didn’t matter during the VP debate, either. Mrs Palin will answer the questions in her head.
    By: Aussie Blue Sky

    Very well put. Like Bush she lives in her own self defined reality.

  39. The questions I’d like to hear is, “What does your family do for health insurance now that both of you have quit your jobs?” “Is Trig’s Downs Syndrome considered a pre-existing condition?” “Does it cost more?”

    Have they had, or plan to get, the H1N1 flu shot for her kids. Would she take one herself? How much did it cost?

    What does Bristol do for health insurance for herself and her baby. (probably off limits ? But I bet it’s Medicaid)

    Why are the Republicans so down on socialism when Alaska is the biggest socialist state in the nation (not just area-wise) and she was their governor and proud of it–giving back oil revenues to the residents? (She bragged about it with Sean Hannity.)

  40. Anyone opposing Oprah might as well jump on Palin’s bandwagon – they love stirrin’ things up and this is her latest GIG. So pecking predictable. This is the divisiveness she got elected using in Alaska. I’m not falling for it for a second, it’s just so obvious to Alaskans by now. Same show, different venue.

  41. I hope Oprah “kills her with kindness”, asking legitimate questions and allows Sarah to answer in her own rambling, hillbilly way, which always ends up showing her true side. Then when sp is finished, Oprah should point out her rude, greedy inconsistencies(like cutting funding for the Alaskan Special Olympics) and
    Sarah’s lies, all with a smile on her face.

    I know Oprah can do it with style and grace. Maybe offer an after show book burning too.

  42. Yes and lets ask her how much money she made extorting someone elses trust fund…

    What do you think made her twitter on the resgination?

    She got caught red-handed in the cookie jar.

    Now who will need a pit-bull attorney?

    She is a Hilter – planning, schemeing with others.

    Where are the e-mails?

    Some one get a copy to Oprah.

    That would make a good interview.

    As Oprah takes what looks like notes, and reads her e-mails.

    Watch Palin Tweet again…babbling…incoherent

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