Posted by: shannynmoore | October 28, 2009

Shannyn Moore on Countdown: Levi Surprise


  1. I usually really like Lawrence O’Donnell but his intro to the Levi story, with statements like Levi ‘forced her to respond’, had me cringing. (Not sure I got the quote right.)

    You were awesome! I loved how you turned questions about Levi to responses highlighting Sarah’s actions…her lies, Wooten’s desk job, etc.
    Great job, Shannyn!

  2. Nice job, Shannyn! 😀 Maybe you can get Levi on your radio show. Just a thought. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know all he knows about winky. I hope he writes down what he knows and puts it in safe keeping in case anything happens to him. I wouldn’t put it past the palinistas to try to silence him.

  3. He does just sound like a big adolescent caught in the spotlight and defending himself, fighting back with what he knows. She, on the other hand, acts like a kid when she should be acting like an adult, so who would you believe? Seriously, any adult politician who spent her time bringing up all the dirt thrown around about her and keeping it all out there instead of talking politics, foreign policy, her job has always been suspect. As you say, she’s been caught too many times playing around with the truth (to put it nicely) to ever be believed. The way she acts in public, what Levi says about how she acts in private sounds way too credible.

  4. Great job on Countdown (as usual) Shannyn! I really wish he’d just spill the beans about her. Why cover it up? People should know the real SP.

  5. “Pop-up-book for Republican men.”
    Oh I laughed out loud.

    Google shows me that this joke has been out there for a while. I wonder who was the originator?

    Always good to see and hear you, Shannon. And, important point; Levi is a teen who was dragged onto the national stage by Palin.

  6. Hi, Shannyn

    Could you have Levi on your show. Even just for a short, friendly chat? It might progress things.

  7. when LOD asked about any lingering Palin issues , the FOIA and e-mail gate and the AK fake trust should have been mentioned……


  8. Tell us about “PIE SPY”….can’t wait to hear what that’s about.

  9. Maybe you could jump the shark with Levi into a regular gig on ET !

  10. Just saw Democracy now on KYES out of Anchorage!!!! You my dear should trundle yerself over there and get you an hour show. You could start with the Levi interview. Were gettin bluer every day!!!.

  11. Hilarious and intriguing. Sounds like Levi is sittin on a gold mine–literally and figuratively. haha

  12. He is a kid in a world far to big and savy for him. He thinks he can ride this wave for a very long time but he’s a jerk and his looks won’t last forever and when Hollywood has had enough of him they will chew him up and spit him out.He’ll hit the ground so fast he won’t know what hit him.If he’s lucky he get a one way ticket back to Alaska. If he was any sort of gentleman he would be a gracious young man and father and try finding a real job to support his child.
    Who raised this kid? Oh, I forgot……his moms in jail for selling drugs. So while he throwing stones he may want to consider his own families personaal situation.
    Shannyn, you have a lot going for you and God only know we sure love your blog but please don’t give this kid any more of a platform than he has already been given. He’s a real loser…..But hope springs eternal. Perhaps he will grow up one day and regret that he was so dumb, classless and mean spirited. My advice to Levy is that he says “You know, that lady is the grandmother to my child. No comment” and go on to be an up standing member of society that one day his child will be proud of.

    • Sarah? is that you? Pretty critical of a 19 year old who was basically hung out to dry by his future MIL. If not for her, they would have probably married. He should be able to pursue his own fame and fortune, even if is is only 15 minutes.

    • Oh yeah. And Sarah has no accountability in any of this being the “supposed adult” in the situation right?
      I hope that Levi becomes a huge success just to make you and your fellow Palinites cringe.

  13. Perhaps one day Palin will grow up and stop being ‘dumb, classless and mean-spirited.’ At least Levi has the excuse of Youth. The kid was dragged up onto the stage as a prop by the grandmother of his son. I’m glad he is not rolling over and becoming another of her personal casualties. To blame a ‘child’ for their parent’s mis-deeds, is pretty appalling. As is speaking in a string of cliches.

  14. she calls her kid a retard? not my idea of news….

    I think we have way bigger things to worry about with her.

  15. Late to the show, but watching that Levi interview. That is one hurt kid. I think he will rain hell fire down if he does not get some visitation rights. That’s why he is “holding” cards. He wants some custody. Good show Shannon, good wit as always.

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