Posted by: shannynmoore | November 2, 2009

Sarah Palin: Rogue Republican or Democratic Operative?

“Why do you still talk about Sarah Palin? Maybe if you shut up she’d go away.”


Sarah Palin isn’t going anywhere.  Look at her political history.  When Sarah ran for mayor of Wasilla, she had to destroy her Republican opponent, John Stein.  Once elected, she boasted she was “the first Christian mayor”.  Mr. Stein replied, “Really?”

Palin and Wasilla Republican and Alaska Senate President, Lyda Green, often clashed over politics in Green’s district.  On a local shock jock talk show, Palin giggled after the host called Lyda Green “a cancer”. Green had just recovered from cancer. Plunk, there went the district.

When Palin filed to run for governor against first term incumbent Frank Murkowski, people took notice.  Frank wasn’t loved.  His first act as governor was to nepotistically appoint his daughter to fill his vacated US Senate seat.  Within the Alaska GOP, a war ensued, including fisticuffs at the Republican Party picnic between rabid Palin supporters and the GOP faithful.  Oh, lookie, there went the state…copy

Many people regard Sarah Palin as a punch line.  That’s too easy.  In fact, she’s more of a threat.  If the Republican Party had half a mind, they would look at Palin’s history of party divisiveness, polarization and destruction and take heed.  In fact, they’d be smart to take her at her word.  She’s a self-proclaimed rogue.  According to, the first entry under their definition of rogue is:

rogue [rohg] Show IPA noun, verb, rogued, ro⋅guing, adjective

–noun 1. dishonest, knavish person; a scoundrel.

Case in point: New York’s congressional race in House District 23.  Sarah Palin’s meddling has a Republican dropping out and throwing their support for a Democrat! 

Today, Palin is interfering in the Virginia gubernatorial race and robocalling 300,000 Virginians:

PALIN: “Virginia, hello, this is Sarah Palin, calling to urge you to go to the polls Tuesday and vote to share our principles. The eyes of America will be on Virginia and make no mistake about it, every vote counts. So don’t take anything for granted, vote your values on Tuesday, and urge your friends and family to vote, too. Thank you.”

ANNOUNCER: “Paid for by the Virginia Faith and Freedom Coalition.”

Republican candidate Bob McDonnell was leading Democrat Creigh Deeds by double digits last week.

Palin’s imposition comes despite the fact that McDonnell’s campaign claimed it didn’t want the former governor of Alaska’s help.  And, with last week’s 11 point lead, what could Sarah’s robocall do except chase independent voters over to Deeds’ camp? It will be interesting to see what, if any, effect the robocall has on the outcome of the race.  If McDonnell wins, Palin will surely take credit.

Apparently, she can’t stay out of the New Jersey governor’s race either.  Republican Chris Christie continues to hold a three-point advantage over incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine in New Jersey’s down-to-the-wire race for governor.  Independent Candidate, Chris Daggett, is pulling votes from both candidates.

 Palin Facebooking this weekend:

 “Despite what candidate Chris Daggett is claiming, I have never contacted him or his campaign. I have never asked him to drop out of the NJ Governor’s race. Now, if a politician is going to play loose with facts like this, the electorate needs to know it.

So, to the good people of New Jersey, please know that Daggett’s claims are false. I’ve never even suggested he should drop out of the race. But, come to think of it…”

– Sarah Palin

That’s rich.  Daggett may be a liar, but Sarah is no saint. So, Palin is doing exactly what she threatened to do when she quit:

 “I WILL support others who seek to serve, in or out of office, for the RIGHT reasons, and I don’t care what party they’re in or no party at all. Inside Alaska – or Outside Alaska.”

-Sarah Palin, July 3, 2009

Apparently, Palin will endorse and campaign for various candidates against their wishes; talk about going rogue.  The ripping and tearing of Republican political flesh doesn’t keep me up at night.  Sarah Palin is either a treasonous Republican…or a brilliant Democratic operative.




  1. Sarah Palin, Democratic operative. I love it! Let her wipe out the moderate republicans. It only helps the Dems.

    Go Sarah! Sic ’em. (Or maybe it should be sick them.)

  2. Did you notice the re-emergent rounded vowels of the Northern Midwest? Persona. Persona Non Grata.

  3. Hee hee…
    Gosh I forgot about that show of fists at the AK Republican Party picnic!

    Methinks she likes it when republicans try and fist fight about her.

    Totally a Democratic operative!

  4. Apparently, Palin will endorse and campaign for various candidates against their wishes; talk about going rogue

    That while completely horrifying is typical Palin…..just doing what she chooses when she chooses and no one has stopped her yet.

    Her moves will become bolder until someone DOES stop her.

    She should have been impeached.

    She should be formally scrutinized and taken to task for her begging mechanisms ……AFT, SarahPac.

    Her “Stand Up For America”, should be a real humdinger!

    Palin is supporting, Perry of course, (her soul mate) over Kay Bailey Hutchinson in Texas.

    Kay is beloved by republicans and has built solid support over decades.

    It will be interesting to see how Palin could possibly demonize Kay and just what power Kay really has behind her.

    Palin WILL meet her match one day.

  5. Rogue? Naaahh! She’s just plain obnoxious.

  6. Political bullies like Sarah Palin have no real tolerance for freedom and do not tolerate those who practice real freedom.

    I cannot wait until she starts robocalling on behalf of Pat Toomey here in pennsyltucky.

  7. Somewhere, somehow, someday Sarah Palin’s karma will bite her in the behind BIG time. I only hope I’m not too old and feeble to enjoy it.

  8. I think Sarah Palin is the gift that keeps on giving. She is going to palinize the entire republican party. Definitely rogue.

  9. Where is The Mudflats Blog, have they been hit by a cyber attack? They are offline!

    • it is temporarily down due to high traffic. She will be back online soon. You can see her latest blog on HuffPo.

      • Thanks Shannyn, good to see the support network is operating.

  10. Palin is simply and evil, narcisstic witch. Her mouth will overload her butt.

  11. Palin is simply an evil, narcisstic witch. Her mouth will overload her butt.

  12. Wow! We liberals should be careful not to become too complacent. The rightwingers are clearly organised. How organised are we? Just sayin’!

  13. I was ready to give up Sarah as a waste of time anymore. Now i will watch for tuesday and we will take it from there. Really i thought she would head to boobble head oblivion. Now like a bad infection that wont go away, i will pay better attention. Nice piece Shannyn.

  14. Shannyn,I agree with you,however to go one step further(and I’ll tone it down ) her support group and her home base have repeatedly pushed her to the forefront (and we know who they are ) they have convinced her that she is invulnerable and being who she is she believes it . Her every move is orchestrated and its becoming clear that it’s headed toward the destruction of everything in her path until she’s all thats left . I know because I went thru this same cycle of brainwashing . It’s a deep pit to escape .And If you do your left with a lot of guilt . (until you see the truth)

  15. Get Your Head Out of the Sand–I don’t know what most libs have been doing, but quite a large group of us have been working behind the scenes on health care reform. This is why, when most pundits were declaring the public option dead until the final bill emerged in the Senate, we knew it wasn’t because our actions kept it in the forefront of Congress, even though the media thought Congress was the only player in the game. Next, we’re moving on to immigration reform, finance reform, repeal of DADT, etc. Please join us on DailyKos, FDL, Crooks and Liars, OFA,, or any other progressive blog, including Shannyn’s.

  16. I will only feel comfortable when Palin goes the way of H. Ross Perot (and if she looked like him she would have been gone before the 2008 election). She is a dangerous component to have mucking around in American politics. If a no-nothing, intellectually challenged and integrity lacking governor with less than two-years in office can be grabbed out of obscurity and pegged to run for the VP of the US (remaining in the spotlight after her 15 minutes is up); if George W. Bush can be elected to serve two terms in the White House; and if a right wingnut living outside of NY-23 can force a respected Republican out of that district’s congressional race becoming the blessed candidate himself because the conservative mofia from the rest of the country says it must be so, then we must realize that we’re living in precarious times where the unthinkable can happen.

    Thank you Shannyn for your diligence and thank all of you who comment here and work behind the scenes to make sure that the unthinkable does not happen…again.

  17. I love it when she says things like, “Now, if a politician is going to play loose with facts like this, the electorate needs to know it.”
    Why does she get so indignant when we point examples of her playing loose with facts?

  18. Great article and video of the night of the concession speech and how Mcain staffers pulled the plug on SP to prevent her speech…

  19. Let the crowing begin…Virginia has voted in McDonnell. So ashamed of my home state and more ashamed that the Quitter will get to take some credit.

  20. thank you Sarah! Owens won NY 23. hooray!

  21. Wow! The good people of upstate New York sure weren’t buying it, were they. They just did the unthinkable and “went rogue” to defend their didtrict against the Wasilla carpetbagger and her minions. Those are some tough, locally grounded, “real Americans” up there. Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and Tim Pawlenty aparently don’t scare those folks one little bit. My granparents were rural New Englanders, conservative, Republican, and solid as rock. They, I think, would completely “get” what the people of the 23rd just did. Outsider=carpetbagger, gets run out of town on a rail.

  22. And, quite frankly, I really don’t think that Glen Beck is the rural New Englander’s kind of guy.
    There’s no crying in rock farming. The 23rd just served those outsiders some home made wild blueberry pie!

  23. Look I know you ALL hate Palin as do I. But the fact is she will find her way on the Presidential ticket for 2012.
    I find this fact to be great. We all will need some good comedy relief in 2011 no doubt.
    My guess is she will sink her own millions as well as many others millions into that run for office, get defeated then move back by the lake in Hillbilly Valley where she belongs.
    After she loses badly it will be her family and her ……(these are her words as claimed by her daughters ex boyfriend) retared baby who will have to live with the rath of Sarah afterwords.
    Now while maybe it is offensive what I said about her baby, I would not doubt for one hot second that she actully calls the child that in a loving way.
    My hope is after she loses badly in 2011 in the primaries, that she fades away. but oh no I am sure another book will indeed come of it.

  24. Owens won!!!!!
    I am so proud of the people of this district did not bow to the out of state people who think They know what is good for us!
    De De had a great record and had been voted for by the people.
    Doug Hoffman was nasty and malicious(see his comments.
    He could speak when he wanted too, but REFUSED a debate last week here in Plattsburgh. He never had a nice word for anyone but Glenn Beck.
    No record on issues, no plan other then cut taxes, no abortion and no gay marriage.
    Well in this mostly rural, agricultural and poor district, solutions are needed.
    Drill baby drill? Not so much. We needed help and Mr. Hoffman did not or refused to realize what was needed here!

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