Posted by: shannynmoore | November 11, 2009

Carrie Prejean Fingers Palin As Hero…Then Quits!

Yep, she said Sarah was her hero and then promptly quits half way through her interview with Larry King.  Good Grief! Are there any right wing women that aren’t completely guano crazy?  You can’t make this stuff up…

Carrie was taught to hold up her book but not to answer questions? It was like an audition for “The Price is Right.”  Sheesh! Reminds me of last years campaign, fancy pageant walking and not much else.  Was she seat belted into the set? Good Lord, if you’re going to be a diva…at least stomp off the set.



  1. No wonder Palin is her hero, they are both idiots …

    When they can’t handle the heat, they blame the Media …

    Why does the Media give them that opportunity, is what I would like to know!

    • Yes, why are we focusing on these two former beauty pageant’s with no brains? They don’t deserve the attention they are getting from the media.

  2. Carrie Prejean Fingers Palin! Ha, ha, ha, very funny in light of the subject matter of Carrie’s sex tape.

    What is with all these right-wing Christian women? Why do they make sex tapes and get themselves knocked up before marriage? Why did Sarah have her first child — full-term — less than 9 months before “eloping” with Todd?

  3. I agree with Archivist. The media is continuing the palin frenzy….geesh, there’s enough other news way more important. I don’t think any of her Facebook comments should be headlines much less printed. I am very disappointed with Oprah.

  4. U couldn’t resist the title could u

    • short answer? No.

      • ohhhh teen pregnancies, how ever do we ever prevent u

        • If you keep your legs crossed, yy, then you likely won’t become a pregnant teenager. That aside, why don’t you p!iss off?

      • Shannyn, your title was great, and here is another great blog post title:
        Right-wing America’s newest sweetheart refuses to discuss her most touching moment

        Please keep up the pressure on these bimbos, $P and CP.

  5. Another thing they share is wanting other people to lie for them.

    • Once again we are faced with hypocrisy of another self righteous christian fundamentalist. I am so tired, and I mean completely exhausted with fighting the hypocrisy amongst the Religious Right. When is the IRS going to go after these religions and revoke their tax exempt status?

      If you want to stop the hypocrisy on the right….you revoke their church’s tax exempt status. Then and only then will we have them stop with their rhetoric and lies.

      You go after the source like an exterminator hunting down the source of a rodent infestation. You get rid of the source and the rest seem to disappear.

      I’m so tired of Carrie Prejean and Sarah Palin. I wish someone would bring them down once and for all. ENOUGH of giving these 2 bimbos publicity.

      Now we find out she lied about being 17 when she did the video. Does her hypocrisy ever end? Does Sarah’s? NO. So go to the source.

      • Just because the Constitution says “Congress shall make no laws” regarding religions is no excuse for Congress to make laws making churches tax exempt. They should pay their share of taxes, like any other political/social/whatever organization does.

        • Actually I totally agree with you. If ALL churches were to pay their fair share, this country wouldn’t be in the financial crisis its in and they might actually follow more their so called “christian” guidelines.

          I agree with you Anonymous Reader. What a shame that you don’t give your name, because your statement says so much and you should take and receive full credit. Bravo to you for stating what you have. I agree with you whole heartedly.

  6. The Gang of Idiots – starting with Palin and Prejean.

  7. Really, what is the media’s fascination with complete morons like Lohan, Hilton, Bachmann, Spears, Palin and Prejean?

    We have troops in harm’s way in two different countries and yet the media go on and on with these turkeys as if they have anything valuable to contribute to society.


    • The fascination, tina, isn’t so much that as the hope that their cameras will catch a long moment of upskirt.

      Bimbo is going one further… she not only has no skirt on, she also had some great moments of staying in touch with herself. Perhaps she thought it was a wonderful teaching moment.

  8. I hope that this public obsession with the likes of Prejean and Palin goes the way of Spears…alas, I won’t be holding my breath.

  9. Have to leave? Go! Oh wait a minute, “I’m leaving and I can’t get up.” Can’t figure out, could she not grasp how to get the mic off, or was she just hoping to keep talking about..whatever they weren’t supposed to be talking about?
    If she can’t talk, why is she on a talk show?
    Hey Carrie, it’s in all the dictionaries: it’s called an i-n-t-e-r-v-i-e-w.
    And the whining. Her ideas about what’s appropriate or not are a bit skewed. Those moral Christian values of hers have been debunked for quite a while now, but she’s a little slow to get the message I guess?
    Oh, and about Sarah whose “done great things?” He should have asked her to name one. They’re two of a kind. Thick heads with thin memoirs.

  10. Don’t laugh too much. God forbid if Palin were to ever win the Republican presidential nomination, her running mate will be one of three people – Michelle Bachmann, Liz Cheney or THIS FLAKE!!!

    • Fortunately Prejean will not be old enough to be a candidate for a while.

      • Nor smart enough.

  11. Blog title & blog — Hilarious!

    Ha! She lies and blame-shifts to avoid answering questions. Then she fabricates an excuse to end the interview because of audio difficulty, thinking the camera was off when she removed the mic. Liar…Victim…Liar…Quitter. She is a true and learned disciple of Sarah.

  12. I wish the media would just ignore Carrie and Sarah and maybe they would go away….(but these two people crave the limelight and the money)

    They are the worst examples of Christian women I have ever seen!

    • That’s because they really aren’t Christians. Just because you say you are doesn’t make you one. Practicing true Christianity is through deeds, not words. Many on the right talk the talk, but never come close to walking the walk.

      Why is it so many like Palin and the 1st Amendment Expert, Prejean, care more about the health of the unborn then the health of the living? Not very Christ-like. They use the bible for political bomb-throwing much the way jihadist use the Qur’an for literal bomb-throwing. Both groups make me sick.

      • Chris in LV: I agree totally with what you are saying….My version of a Christian is the same as yours. I “cringe” when I see women like Palin, Prejean, Coulter, etc. thinking they represent the whole Christian movement….They do not……

      • Chris in LV; I completely agree with your post. Neither palin, or her knockoff, are Christians. I also agree with Dan. yes religious organizations should pay taxes.

  13. Thanks Shannon for sharing. I watched in aw, what is the ratio of walking off Larry Kings irrationally show to careers dieing? I sure the number has gone done in recent years. BUT WOW what a…..”little princess”?

  14. Titillating title, for sure. If these two really wanted to rake in the bucks, they would do a porn movie together, instead of just playing around the fringes. Both are capitalizing on their looks anyway, so it would not be a long stretch.

    • That’s it! That should be their next gig. I bet they fantasize about it, and think how the old gray balding Christian guys would go berserk over such a show. Heck maybe they could even talk Bachmann into it. I vacillate constantly on which has less brains than the other, just cannot figure it out.

      • Maybe Larry Flynt would help them produce it? He already produced the spoof “Who’s Nailin’ Paylin…

  15. Shannyn,
    A. Cooper and Erica Hill discussed her little hissy fit at the end of his show last night as well. They were none to kind to her. More than a few times repeating Carries comment ” Inappropriate… What does THAT mean? ” Translation: ” Is she crazy?”

    Cooper even sarcastically added. ” At least she was smiling the whole time…. BUT it did turn to sort of a frown there at the end”
    Neither Cooper of Hill were a bit amused… and it showed on their faces. It takes a lot to get Cooper to go ‘ sarcastic & snarky ‘… she did.

    • As Shannyn suggests, HIG, prejean is “guano crazy.” Personally, I prefer the phrase “simply batsh!it.” But I’m not as polite as is Shannyn. 😉

  16. She also reminds me of Barack Obama, who wouldn’t say crap about his relationship about Jeremiah Wright and Bill Mayers.

  17. OT, but Shannyn I just read that you got a press pass for today’s brief visit by President Obama. You go girl! Smile, wave, do something for me please. I truly hope to meet him and shake his hand before his term is over (8 years I hope and pray).

  18. OMG! Shannyn, What a title! I think I may have peed a little.
    Moore, Moore, Moore!

  19. Mark, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but Shannyn’s no Republican. That’s why we love her. And anyway, I’ll tell you why Obama doesn’t answer questions about a relationship with Bill Ayers…because there was no relationship with Bill Ayers! As for Rev. Wright…well, hasn’t your pastor ever said anything that you didn’t agree with? And speaking of church…When did Carrie decide that she was a good Christian girl? AFTER she altered the body God gave her with blow-up boobies? AFTER the sex tape, which she says she made as a child (who happened to evidently be having premarital sex)? AFTER the “religulous” right decided to uplift her as its purity symbol? She, like her hero, talks a good game but doesn’t measure up…no better than anyone else.

  20. Don’t ya wish your girlfriend was hit like me “Carrie Prejean ”
    Ok so I just threw up in my mouth a lil I think. I

    f this is what the American Educational system is producing for citizens these days wow are we ever in trouble.

    These tea party, lets start a revolutionary war folks are pure idiots. They have no idea what war is. what war does to a family when half are killed in combat, or any of the missery that comes from war.

    America has not seen full scale war on its soil since the Civil War. Do me a favor right wing nut and please read some civil war history. Michelle Bochman, Sara Plain, Carrie Prejean and other women like you, shut up or pick up a weapon and hit the fromt lines. Talk is cheap, war is hell, and your insightment to war or violence is just simply un american!

  21. […] Carrie Prejean Fingers Palin As Hero…Then Quits! Yep, she said Sarah was her hero and then promptly quits half way through her interview with Larry King.  Good Grief! […] […]

  22. She is nasal. Her voice is grating. I hope she doesn’t get another interview anywhere.

  23. She’s precious! also, too, did you notice how well she obeyed Caesar Milan off screen? Sit, Stay, Speak, Hold Book, Smile….

  24. On a lighter note….

    Sarah Palin Kills!

  25. Shannyn, you hit the nail on the head with the title. Funny!

  26. Even Campbell Brown made a comment that ‘When you do a sex tape, you have no right to call someone inappropriate’

    Question is, would Brown still have said it if it wasn’t for fact it was said to someone from CNN.

    Seems to me they’ve brought the Gong Show back but forgot to tell us and forgot to change the show title! Give her the hook!!

  27. Apparently, that’s not ALL that Prejean was fingering. (rimshot)

    Honestly, did she think that she could hype her book and portray herself as a latter day Joan of Arc Christian martyr without the subject of her amateur porno flick being mentioned?

    Nothing like a hypocritical sanctimonious homophobe claiming the mantle of oppressed, virtuous Christian maiden. Store bought bazooms, topless photos, amateur porn star, and a self righteous bigot. Yeah, the likeness to Jesus Christ is startling.

  28. Ok, Shannyn,

    After all the hoopla about Carrie Prejean’s “self-gratification sex video,” the title of your post – “Carrie Prejean Fingers Palin” put a very disturbing image in my head.

    • Perhaps Shannyn has learned how to properly bait the hook, gasman… but prejean is the real master baiter.

  29. Ms. Prejean has perfectly modeled her “hero’s” behaviors. She did this by quitting when the going got tough. See you later Ms. Prejean, your 15 minutes are over soon.

  30. Palin and Prejean are two peas in a pod. The only difference is that Palin has a group of fringe followers who blame all of Palin’s mistakes on the media, McCain, AK bloggers or ethics complaint filers. Palin is just the Britney Spears of politics and once the media catches Palin without her underwear, she will be history.

  31. Hey, Carrie P. is an “author” now. She loves being an “author.”

    As if she wrote one paragraph of that book . . .

  32. She loves herself so much she need to sell some books to buy batteries….

    • Well, according to prejean, she wasn’t using anything that required or used batteries!

      • Instant reply booth review is required.

  33. Palin/Prejean 2012!

  34. great article title. wonder if carrie sent palin the clip, too.

  35. Prelin. Paljean. Scarrie!

  36. Carrie is from the Mel Gibson wing of the wacko fundis.
    “It is not a sin if I do it, it is only a sin if you do it”

    As far as Miss Anything goes. It is a contest, why aren’t implants considered the same as steroids for athletes?

  37. Cain’t wait fer Ms. CpJ’s next tv interview. Estimated runtime, one minute or less. So don’t blink.
    “Welcome to the show, Carrie, how are you doing today?”
    “That’s an inappropriate question you unChristian SOB so I’m leaving.”
    And this time she will have been superbly well trained in the art of untangling herself from her entangling mic and waddling swiftly out of the studio in world record time.

  38. Haha, gotta love the conservative hate-wing hypocrisy at play here. They jabber incessantly about personal responsibility. But when their own limitations and failures come into question the immediate default position is “Blame someone else.”

  39. 7 more self loving tapes have been discovered in Ms. Hypocrisy’s vault as well as more pictures.

    • Prejean is going to make Linda Lovelace look like a choirgirl. And those hoary old toads in the grumpy old party will love her to death.

  40. Since Thanksgiving time is almost upon us, could someone please post that wonderful Thanksgiving video of Saint Sarah pardoning the Thanksgiving turkey in front of the turkey slaughterer? Just for old time’s sake and it being Thanksgiving and all!

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