Posted by: shannynmoore | November 15, 2009

“I Quit” @ Second Run

iquitDowntown Anchorage, a fall day, lovely…I see this license plate and cracked up.  It was parked in front of the used clothing store formerly known as “Out of the Closet.”  Sarah Palin had named it her favorite store during the campaign as part of her “oh, lookie, I’m folksy!” tour.   The store had to change their name.  In case you missed that story, here’s the skinny: While on the campaign trail, Palin name-dropped Out of the Closet as one of her favorite shops. The spotlight sparked the attention of a Lower 48 thrift store of the same name…oooops… and long story short, the Anchorage Out of the Closet received a cease and desist order to stop using the name. Yes, Really!

I’m sure the owner of this vehicle didn’t intend the joke, but I’m never one to turn down humor. The new name of the clothing store is “Second Run”.  Good Lord, let’s hope this is a sign…”I Quit” @ Second Run.




  1. I wish sarahkins would say the same about “writing” books.

  2. Amen.

  3. Does Karma have anything to do with this?

  4. Oh come on folks, palin’s good book is giving us more amusement than we’ve had for quite some time!

    Keep writin’ Sarah! More books please!

    Rogue is like an “into the looking glass view” of not only Sarah’s life, but well, the campaign and everything that transpired within those months, and then a great take on Sarah’s political career here in Alaska. I’m thankful that she gave us her own “personal view” of events rather than the actual facts, because that would have been soooo boring. (also too just the facts would have left so many fact checkers without a paycheck. So too with her book she has provided a much needed economic stimulus providing out of work fact checkers with newfound employment opportunities…)

    Buck up or stay in the Truck! That alone is worth the price of the book!

    BTW, enjoyed both your TV and Radio programs last night, Shannyn.

  5. That is great, Shannyn! And yes, it is a sign. It is amazing how much garbage and discord we can find in S’error Barracuda’s wake.

  6. I knew the shop would be in trouble the minute Sarah mentioned it last year; it’s not one shop down here, it’s an entire chain of thrift stores linked to Magic Johnson’s HIV/AIDS Healthcare Foundation. There are literally a half-dozen of them in SF alone, with clinics and pharmacies attached.

    When Palin mentioned (lied about) where she shopped, my immediate reaction was, “Magic expanded to Alaska, cool!” I’m sure lots of other folks reacted similarly, thus the push to get the Alaska folks to change their name.

    And the license plate is a HOOT! Thank, Shannyn, for always shining that funny light. Love your MSNBC appearance with Keith and Rachel, too.

  7. Is that a Naughty Monkey peep-toe red stiletto-heeled pump pictured on the “Second Run” sign painted on the side of the building?

    (and by the way, why couldn’t they have sprung for a real sign instead of a cheap painted sign? Or is that on the front of the building? 🙂 )

  8. Look forward to your review of Sarah’s new book. Does she mention you in this book?

  9. Yeppers, everything the witch touches turns black.

    Her bs trail is unraveling as we speak, I’m lovin it.

    Levi is thriving and his career is taking off.

    McCain camp is coming after her, even tho he pleads for his sake I’m sure, that they ignor her, lol.

    Even Andrea Mitchell hit her on MSNBC Nighly News for her mean girl remarks towards her and the other media. It’s lovely!

    It’s just going to get worse! She had Harper Collins send a cease and desist letter to Patrick @ Palingates for posting pages of Scarah’s book on the blog. Now that act is going viral, lol, goodgrief, she’s own undoing as it should be.

    I hope she has to cancel her book tour just like disgraced BFF Carrie Prejean.

    I can almost breath again!

  10. and crap I forgot a biggie…….one of the rag mags says they’re divorcing, 5 million and Scarah’s heartbroken. someone saw it in the grocery store today.

    Suck it up Buttercup!

  11. Here’s a link to the cease and desist letter…..

  12. And “I quit” has a trailer hitch also, too. Got to be a punchline there …

  13. Sweet, sweet, sweet schadenfreude!
    (That’s one of them big, elitist words, Sarah.)

  14. Too Funny!

    Wonder if she “apologized” to the owners if her accepting the VP nod caused them any financial hardship?

    Love the Photo- It’s an Omen.

    So let me get this straight, Was Sarah “In the Closet” before she was “Out of the Closet”?

  15. There are many Out of the Closet stores here in California. Their profits go to help fund healthcare for people with HIV/AIDS, something I’m sure Sarah wouldn’t know one thing about. You know, seeing how she seems to be against any kind of “community organizing” or such.

    I too, the minute I heard her mention “Out of the Closet” knew, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, this is not going to be good for Alaska’s store of the same name!

    AHF (AIDS Healthcare Foundation) has many healthcare facilities throughout the Los Angeles County and moving to other parts of the State from what I hear.

    There’s even one right next door to the bar I worked at in West Hollywood or better known as (Boy’s Town) and when we’d take a break at work, we’d always run next door to see what the latest stuff to arrive would be. Many celebrities would donate their clothes to this one particular store since West Hollywood is right next to the Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hills!

    Just a little trivia!

  16. Before we all celebrate too much at Palin’s self- inflicted demise, take a look at these:

    I will never understand the American public. You can show them an fraud, a true idiot and they’ll turn her into a saint.

    • Yeah, but isn’t the WSJ published by Dow Jones & Co. a division of NEWS CORP. And who owns NEWS CORP….Rupert Murdoch, Mr. Fair & Balanced himself from FAUX NOISE.

      What do you expect them to write? They only have praise for Saint Sarah, you betcha.

      • True enough but the uninformed still read the WSJ and take its content as gospel. It wasn’t always the mackerel wrap that it is today.

        • The business articles in the WSJ are very good. The political articles, however, are very murdockesque.

    • 70% of Americans do not believe Palin is qualified (or a good candidate, I forget which but it doesn’t really matter cuz she s*cks in either capacity) to be POTUS.

      Only 28% precent like her. That’s a number I like cuz 28% ain’t gonna get her elected.

  17. Just thought I would mention, that Sarah Palin bragging about shopping at a consignment store, was very misleading. This particular store sells designer clothing. I consigned a David Green Fur at this store, when I moved from the state (didn’t have time to sell it on my own). My parka sold for $1,200 (I rec’d half). Formal dresses run in the hundreds of dollars. This is not a “bargain store.”

    • Palin said during her Oprah “interview” that she’s not much of a shopper… that claim seems as spurious as too many of her other comments.

  18. That’s great!

  19. It’s sad that nobody wants to see Sarah Palin to buy her book. Wait a minute? The media have made video look like a few people showed up, paid by conservative hate groups.

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