Posted by: shannynmoore | November 16, 2009

Palin Lied To Oprah…Or Hannity

In outtakes posted by Oprah today, Sarah Palin states she made the decision to run after consulting with Todd. It was a “mommy decision”…and she told her children after she had already decided.

Watch it HERE

While campaigning last year, Palin went into great detail about polling her children and not asking Track…about the decision to run. She answers this question in the first minute.

Sooo…I’m just reporting, you decide.



  1. The mark of a pathological liar…she will lie about the simplest of things then can’t keep her story straight. Let’s face it, she would lie if the truth sounded better.

    Why she couldn’t just say it like it was is one of the great mysteries of Sarah Palin.

  2. Good gods! Lie after lie after flippin obvious lie! I can’t even tell which is the lie and which is the truth. She’s definitely good at controlling the blinks when she lies. Guess that’s why she’s gotten away with it so long. Boy! I have a father, a sister and an ex that lie just like Caribou Barbie, so I’m not shocked that it’s possible, just that someone is contradicting themselves over and over again ON VIDEO!
    Didn’t she give a third version in which she said they told the kids they were going to Ohio for their wedding anniversary, and then, “Surpise! I’m running for VP!”

  3. Didn’t she have a third story, that involved all of the kids, with one shouting out a hearty “hell, yeah?”

    Honestly, does she think nobody remembers her colorful lies?

    The wrong people are taking drugs, that’s all I can say.

    • I thought that incident where one of the kids yelled “Hell Yeah” was when they discussed her quitting as Governor? At least that’s how we heard it down here in the lower 48.

    • I think that may have been at her resignation speech.

  4. Isn’t there a story that a staffer (Steve Schmidt?) had to tell the kids??

  5. As with many liars, YOU CAN’T KEEP UP!

  6. Shannyn, have you beeen doing opposition research too?

  7. How long will it take before the media will stop providing the pole for this attention whore’s dance, and relegate her to the same category as Balloon Boy’s Parents?

    It’s getting harder and harder to keep my head from exploding.

  8. If I had false teeth I would have spit them out laughing when she made reference to an “addiction to OPM – Other People’s Money’. Can we say SARAH PAC and Alaska Trust Fund.
    HYPOCRITE – LIAR – CON – FAKE – …………

  9. Do you think she knows about the amazing technology called “video tape” and the phenomenon known as “youtube” on the internets? I wonder is she knows about The Google?
    Again, this will be seen as a gotcha question by Oprah in a long line of leftwing media attacks on Sarah.

  10. Every time Sarah lies she purses her lips together…really tight. She did that a lot today….what a insane liar.

  11. Palin’s mouth was open. Words were coming out of her mouth. 100% certainy the words are either stupid or lies.

  12. She lied to both. SP decided to run without asking for advice.

    After all, there’s a THIRD way she decided/accepted (can’t remember the source, but I think it was yet another interview she did):
    SP said she didn’t have to think about it and just said “yes” when asked.

    So, Oprah version – talked with Tawd.
    Hannity version – vote.
    Third version – just said ‘yes’ when asked.

    Any other versions??

  13. Wow.

    She continues to amaze. It’s like the Truman Show… does she REALIZE these people use magic boxes that record images?

  14. She lies with such ease, unbelievable. She is living in a fanatasy land. She really needs a straight jacket on her or an orange suit.

  15. There is more to life than a hatred of Sarah Palin.
    You are wasting your undoubted talent attacking Palin. When you reach old age you will think to yourself: What was it all for? If you travelled to Africa and saw at first hand the hunger and poverty it just might change your attitude. You could make a difference by doing something about it. This is much more fulfilling than wasting your days sniping at Palin.

    • Many of us do things to improve matters for organizations, individuals and families. At the same time, we can actually take time to follow many people, pay attention to politics, run our homes, work, etc. It doesn’t take us all taking a trip to Africa. I’d much rather take the money to pay for the trip to apply to others needs.

    • You should mind your own business. This blog does a lot of good. It and other Alaska blog were instrumental is letting the people of all the states know Palin’s record as mayor and govenor. They did the job McCain should have done before he named her as his VP candidate. If they had been elected, it would have been horrible for the United States and the rest of the world. For your information, you don’t have to go to Africa to help fight proverty and hunger. The Alaskan bloggers (not Miss Palin, as govenor) provided great assistance to the original Alaskans in the past year.

    • You know. Some of us don’t even have to go as far away as Africa! There’s many children that are starving and homeless right here in America because of policies set by people just like your Saint Sarah.
      Are you seriously going to use the argument of doing things for the less fortunate after how your Saint Sarah responded and referred to Barack Obama in a derogatory manner as a “Community Organizer”?

      If I didn’t know better I’d say you are someone close to Sarah trying to attack unnecessarily.

      • Hatred of Sarah Palin you say? What about the hatred that Sarah Palin spews and her lies? The Alaskan bloggers are doing a great job of informing the rest of us the “real Sarah Palin” since all she does is lie, lie, lie.

        So what exactly are you doing for the common good of man?

  16. It’s interesting that while she was talking to Sean about it, and specifically when asked about and talking about the moment she answered John McCain’s question with, “absolutely, absolutely” she is actually making a negative gesture by shaking her head.

  17. I remember shortly after the nomination and her heartwarming story of running the ‘job’ by the kiddes, the Toddster came out with some info that conflicted with what she had said…I think he had said it was that it was a “suprise” when they got on the plane till shortly before landing. Too bad she can’t write. She has some imagination.

  18. What a big fat baffoon. Now, can someone make her go away?

  19. You should add a “Who Cares?” choice as well.

    That would be my vote.

  20. I would like to have Palin in an interview (Barbara Walters, are you listening?) and play both clips and then ask her, okay so what was the lie Sarah? She is pathological. She is pathetic. She is petty as someone on McCain’s campaign pointed out today.

  21. And the emmy for worst liar in the world goes to….Ta Duh! Sarah Palin!

    O.T. Watching Larry King- total laugh riot riot! Going Rouge, an American Nightmare getting great publicity!

  22. […] Palin Lied To Oprah…Or Hannity In out takes posted by Oprah today, Sarah Palin states she made the decision to run with Todd. It was a “mommy decision”…and she told her children after the she had decided to run. […]

  23. Shannyn:

    I know you guys in Alaska already think this deep in your bones, but it’s becoming more and more evident that SP is a congenital LIAR..!! She can’t help herself. It just spews out and once it’s started, it can’t be stopped….sometimes even by her!!

    I am astounded that more people thru out the world don’t realise that this woman is one of the top 10 losers OF ALL TIME !!!

  24. Palin was asked by McCain to run on the ticket and she said “yes”. She than asked the girls to give their input. Sounds more like a misspoken technicality, and not a lie. How many mothers haven’t made a decision on something, but still asked their children for input, after the fact? I know I have.

  25. Oprah threw underhanded softballs to Palin today…very disappointing. That said, Palin lied right out of the gate saying that she liked ‘how Obama said, ‘kids are off limits.’ and they left his kids alone!”

    As if Obama was talking about HIS OWN children. Oprah quickly corrected Sarah and pointed out, “just to be clear, Obama was talking about YOUR KIDS!”

    Palin: “Oh Golly…yes he did that too…And I appreciated it you betcha!”

    Her lies are now documented and ghostwritten into infamy.

  26. If you want a true interview where the gloves come off and the REAL questions get asked of Sarah, then either Shannyn or Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher, or Jon Stewart needs to interview her. This Oprah, Barbara Walters, and then FAUX NOISE people, they’re not going to ask her the real questions and then catch her in her lies…..Shannyn will, Rachel would.

  27. lol

  28. […] about the Sarah Palin Oprah interview that took place today. Maybe it was here. Or possibly here or here. The point is, it’s been all over the place.  So for a change of pace, I thought I’d […]

  29. My momma used to say, a sociopath is as a sociopath does.

  30. Now, looka here, people, listen to my story,
    A little story ’bout a woman named Sarah.
    You know somethin’, that poor mountaineer,
    They say she barely kept her family fed.
    Now lemme tell ya, one day she was shootin’.
    Ol’ Saraha was shootin’ at some food.
    When all of a sudden, right up from the ground there,
    Well, there came a bubblin’ crude.

    Oil, that is. Well, maybe you call it
    Black gold or Alaska tea.
    She gonna move next to Mr. Murkowski,
    And be a Wasilla Hillbilly.

    Before you know it, all the kinfolk are a-sayin’,
    Yeah, Baby, move away from there.
    That little Palin got her own cee-ment pond.
    That little Palin, she’s a millionaire.

    Now everyone said Wasllia
    Is the place that you oughta be.
    We got to load up this here truck now.
    We got to move to Wasliia.
    Hills, that is.
    Swimmin’ pools,
    Move-a-move-a-movie stars.
    Huh, looka that looka that.
    (Wasilla, Wasilla, Wasliia,hillbilly)
    Y’all come back now, hear?

  31. Another stupid and unnecessary lie by Palin:;cbsnewsLeadStoriesHeadlines

    Proving again that her need to bend the truth is pathological.

  32. LOL…..We all might as well face it, all politicions are liars, all the way up to the President.

  33. Do you kow how to tell when M$. Palin is lying? Her lips move.

  34. I always thought this video was weird in the way she talked about Track – the son who was just deployed to Iraq. She says “Oh, Track, he’s off doin’ his thing.” – with a kind of dismissive eyeroll. What kind of mother would say that about a kid about to go off to war?

    Plus the story about the girls’ vote is all about Sarah, and whether Sarah should do it, not an ounce of concern from her about how it would affect the girls. Yeah, the girls may not have thought about the affect, but the parent should have.

    I think this is actually a fabricated story on her part, designed to heighten her “family” image – its falseness is the reason she hits so many discordant emotional notes.

    • @ “g”
      I think you hit the nail on the head. Bravo!

  35. Why did she force Steve Schmidt to tell her children about her decision to run? What was that about?

    It certainly seems odd that Palin would have a stranger announce to her children that their mother was running for vice president. Though we can’t pretend to know for certain why she did so, one McCain staffer speculated to us that Palin thought that having Steve Schmidt make a grand announcement would add to the excitement of the event. Still, Palin’s lack of candor about the event in her interview with Sean Hannity is a perfect example of her tendency to wildly exaggerate the truth.

  36. I’ll bet she said yes before the invitation was finished! A narcissist that only thinks of herself!

  37. So…did the McCain campaign surprise Palin by uncovering Bristol’s pregnancy in the course of their vetting (as she stated in one interview)? Or…did Palin tell them about the pregnancy via the questionnaire she was required to complete (that she stated in another interview)? Or…did they even know?! According to Schmidt, he did not know:

  38. I think a good cover for a palin book would be the one of her wearing that T-shirt that says, proud to be valley trash.. perfect!! its says it all!

  39. I seriously do not believe that Palin could tell “the truth”, if her very life depended on it.

    First of all, she would have to KNOW the truth.

    All Palin has ever done is give whatever answer or opinion is the most convenient for her at the time.

  40. Hey, great post, very well written. You should blog more about this. I’ll definitely be subscribing.

  41. She lies as easy as breathing. The strange thing is, she even lies about things that can be easily fact checked in about 2 seconds, and she doesn’t seem to care that she gets caught.

  42. I think she’s so delusional and narcissistic that she lies to herself.

    And after you do that for a while, you don’t know what the truth is!

  43. In reguards to your question:
    To have it fair and balanced you need the option, “Neither”.

  44. In regards to your question:
    To have it fair and balanced you need the option, “Neither”.

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