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Letter from the Other Alaska

While I schlep through the pages of Going Rogue, I thought you may like to read my chapter in Going Rouge.  You are not to worry, I have corks on my forks and have been training for what could be characterized as the Iditarod of Lies. Order Going Rouge HERE.

Letter from the Other Alaska

By Shannyn Moore

Homer, Alaska

On the morning of John McCain’s announcement he had picked our governor, Sarah Palin, as his running mate and before she walked onto the national stage, Palin called in to the radio show I was on.  “Today is a great day for Alaska and Alaskans,” she proclaimed.  “You accepted?” was my response.  I couldn’t believe it.  There was an awkward silence. (Maybe she blinked.)  But I would have said the same thing if she had been invited to do medical mission work repairing cleft palates in third world countries.

I have more in common in with Sarah Palin than most anyone I know.  Raised in small town Alaska; both parents public school teachers; local pageants, state pageant, second runner-up and Miss Congeniality, respectively; hunting; commercial fishing; and a great pride in the independence and strength in being an Alaskan woman.  We both know the comfort of ExtraTuf Boots and fishing gear.  Part of me was proud and part of me knew she’d traded for a whole different set of heels.  Heels I’d never be comfortable in.

“I have nothin’ to lose,” Palin told Rush Limbaugh weeks after John McCain nominated Governor Palin as his running mate. Palin’s statement was the most honest thing I’d heard her say.  She had nothing to lose, and she didn’t.  John McCain lost.  The Republican Party lost.  Alaska lost.  But Sarah Palin didn’t lose.

Unlike Governors Clinton and Bush, Sarah wouldn’t relinquish her position to Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell.  Alaska state business was taken over by Storm Trooper-like forces from the McCain campaign.  To this day, political shrapnel is still surfacing.

More recently, Palin said about her upcoming and heavily discounted book , Going Rogue, “There have been so many things written and said through mainstream media that have not been accurate, and it will be nice through an unfiltered forum to get to speak truthfully about who we are and what we stand for and what Alaska is all about.” Who is “we?” How could Sarah Palin possibly know what “Alaska is all about?” No one can sum this place up; that’s what I love about it. We are too mavericky to have one voice define us.

But Sarah Palin stole Alaska’s voice.  During the campaign, “She Doesn’t Speak For Me!” bumper stickers were seen more often than McCain-Palin stickers.  Sarah Palin didn’t speak for all Alaskans, yet our mountains, oceans, culture, and wild things became props in her campaign.

The weeks after the election/rejection of Palin were intense.  Many of my friends—those who had become like family to me—had worked tirelessly, for no money, and managed to get the truth to the mainstream media about our governor.  Yes, we declared victory on election night, but we knew she was coming home, and she wasn’t happy about it. Neither were we.

Like it wasn’t bad enough, we’d been hearing loons talk about secession up here for years. In Alaska, the three top ballot seats—President, Senate and House of Representatives—have candidates on the ballot from the secessionist Alaska Independent Party. In two of the three, the AIP holds at least 4 percent of the vote. Meanwhile, the felonious Ted Stevens had convinced over a hundred thousand Alaskans what he couldn’t convince 12 jurors of a few weeks before the election—i.e., his innocence.

Talking heads had the temerity to ask if it’s too late to sell Alaska back to the Russians. Repeatedly. America’s liberal boy-wonder, Keith Olbermann, was breaking up with us. Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher, and various radio jocks suggested putting Alaska up on eBay.  I could only handle one break up at a time.

I’m like many Alaskans, just not the one America had been forced to get to know during the election. I knew what newspapers I read. I knew that Africa is not a country. I knew Stephen Harper is the Prime Minister of Canada and I even knew which countries obviously comprised NAFTA—which I thought was a crock when it passed.  My favorite birthday present in 2008 was the return of habeas corpus in a 5-4 US Supreme Court decision on June 12.

I was born in Alaska; Sarah Palin was not. I don’t have a “Fargo” accent that sounds like I make casseroles with leftover tater tots and mushroom soup.  Numerous brilliant, artistic, articulate and cultured citizens call Alaska home. On November 4, 2008, many in the Lower 49 got to shake their shoes of our Governor. They slept easier. Gone were the train wreck fantasies that kept them up at night; the 3am phone call and she, a heart beat away from the “nukular” codes.

But for Alaskans, she was back, and we didn’t know what that would mean.

Progressive Alaskans had a target on their backs for speaking out about her archaic philosophies and faith-based policies. We waited for January’s 2009 Legislative Session to include a bill allowing the aerial hunting of the exotic, endangered species, “Alaskan Liberals.”

At the same time Palin was coming home, Alaska was in chaos over the Senate race between Ted Stevens and Mark Begich.  Her ability to split her own party had left her with few Republican friends, and her campaign had alienated her from her allies among Democratic lawmakers.

The 2009 legislative session was one of the biggest wastes of time in Alaska history.  Wars raged between the administration and legislators on both sides of the aisle.  When word came of her book deal, there were constitutional questions about her dual role as governor and author as well as the resulting personal financial benefit.  At the time, I thought, that’s fantastic! Great! Get a laptop and a bottle of Adderall…you’ll be fine. If you get stuck…well, make it up. It’s worked so far.

But I knew she couldn’t write a book that would capture why, to me, Alaska is one of the best things about America. We are the last frontier. What once was wild in America still is here. It takes my breath; the northern lights over Denali can trump a full moon; a phosphorescent glow in the wake of my row boat; bears fishing salmon out of Brooks Falls; glaciers bigger than cruise ships.

First Alaskans thrived in a frozen land for thousands of years and left no foot print. In 1867, Russia gave us a hell of a deal at 1.9 cents an acre. The Klondike Gold Rush was a quick pay back, and gave Charlie Chaplin some great material.

Homesteading pioneers farmed, fished and flourished. In 1922, a Tlingit Chief, Charlie Jones was jailed for voting. His protest gave way to Native Alaskans getting the right to vote two years before Native Americans. In 1944, years before the civil rights movement in the States, Roberta Schenck, a Native woman, refused to budge from her seat in the “Whites Only” section of a movie theatre in Nome. She was dragged out and jailed. Schenck was Alaska’s Rosa Parks-before Rosa Parks.  Because of her bravery and the moving testimony of Elizabeth Peratrovich, on February 16, 1945, Territorial Governor Ernest Gruening signed an anti-discrimination law. Against the argument that the law would not eliminate discrimination, Peratrovich said, “Do your laws against larceny and even murder eliminate those crimes?”

We decriminalized abortion before Roe vs. Wade. Our privacy laws are the strongest in the country. A man told me he moved here after studying the Alaska Constitution at law school; it could have been Section 22 that allowed Alaskans the right to possess marijuana.

During WWII the Japanese occupied the Alaska islands of Kiska and Attu for almost two years. Because of the harsh conditions, frost bite became worthy of a Purple Heart. In 1958, the Inupiat Village of Point Hope protested the nuclear detonation of Project Chariot to create a port on the North Slope. As a “thank you,” the federal government transported the contamination from the 1962 Nevada Test Site to the Chariot location and buried it there. Cancer rates among villagers are staggering. Where’s Erin Brockovich when we need her? In 1988, Homer, Alaska voted to officially become a “Nuclear Free Zone” in response to proposed nuclear subs. That same town—my home town—20 years later, had the only known “spontaneous” Obama headquarters in the country.

It’s wrong to be hard on anyone for not knowing Alaskans aren’t all Palinbots.  After such a close Senate race, it would be fair to wonder if we suffer from Reality Deficit Disorder. Yet it’s easy to want to knock sense into folks who have ignored our history; rich with strength, true with characters and patriotism that deserve to be called American.

Not to play the blame game, but in the spirit of transparency you only get in therapy, the colonization of the 49th State by Global Enterprise has gone largely unnoticed. We could use some help fighting to insure the fragile wild salmon runs of Bristol Bay stay pristine against the looming threat of Pebble Mine. Your aid would be appreciated in keeping our wolves and bears safe from aerial “hunting.” And were your voices lifted with ours in a message to Exxon, maybe our fishermen would have been able to maintain their industry despite an unprecedented environmental catastrophe, still wreaking havoc 20 years later.

Alaska will eventually recover from the damage of the Palin phenomenon.  Will America take a lesson from us?  I can only hope.




  1. It’s not looking good Shannyn. Virtually every show I watched yesterday, including GRITtv, conceded that we’re stuck with her for the foreseeable future. My only hope is she will self-destruct in illusory world in which she lives or Ricky Hollywood will take her out.

    So much important news being buried because of her b.s. and illusion trumps reality these days as so eloquently stated recently by Chris Hedges at the recent panel he attended in Miami about the Death of Conservatisim.

    • Don’t you know? she wants to be the center of everyone’s universe. Like you, I wish someone would push her off the political stage and make her sit down and shut up.

  2. Beautiful letter, Ms. Moore. You do your state proud.

  3. Great read! You’ve done well by your State, alas better than the ‘other’ so-called-Alaskan with a national profile. She indeed has done a great disservice to your state here in the lower 48. You’re essay was much more moving, eloquent, and poignant a statement about the stark beauty of Alaska than the sum total of ‘her’ 12 months blather and 400 pages of scribbling.

    (Oh, and in the interest of disclosure I was one of those hoping that we’d put Alaska on eBay).


    Lorton, VA

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Having visited Alaska once prior to Palin I felt she sort of diminished the beauty and awe of such a great land and people.
    Thanks so much for sharing all these historic details that I never knew.
    Alaska is an amazing place!

  5. I am very grateful to you (& your parents:) for your clear, honest & strong voice in this wacker by the minute wilderness.
    My family has recieved the 1st check of blood money from exxon, we are banking it for my 10 year old’s future. That is what my Brother-in-law would have wanted. Like so many good men & women devastated by the spill & the pervertion of justice that followed, he died of sad circumstances.
    Though I think the fraud palin betrayed our State in many ways, the 1st & last time I was truely shocked by her agility to do a ethics 180, was when she spoke up for pebble mine, 2days b4 the kids said I turned white as a sheet watching her spewage on the news….by the time she ‘overlooked’ Valdez on KC’s infamous interview, I was sickened again, but not surprised.
    ~Muy mahalo, Ms Moore, you are a great Alaskan resource & inspirition.

  6. umm..make that ‘MUCHO Mahalo Ms Moore !1!
    it sounds a lil better..
    Big thanx sista, any ol way !

  7. Thank you and AKM for your well done contributions to “Going Rouge” While I wait my copies in the post

    Take care and don’t get sick going thru “Going Rogue”

  8. Thank you. I have learned from you.

  9. Don’t forget: The only nationally-known politician who is less popular than Sarah Palin right now is John Edwards.

    • Less popular? haha that’s pretty funny.

  10. Shannyn, your writing is so clear, strong and moving. It never fails to impress me. And it gets better all the time. And while this post, appropriately, does not reveal it, I love your wicked turn of phrase. If I didn’t love New England so much, I’d be tempted to go west to find the wonderful, intelligent and witty Alaskan writers.

  11. Excellent post Shannyn. I do disagree with one part. Those of us in the other 49 states are not free of Palin once she returned to Alaska. You know that. I am still scared. That is why I am still on your blog and the Mudflats daily. There is an upside to that. Everyday I learn more about our 48th state. Everyday I appreciate it and have come to have love and respect for Alaska and the people in Alaska and I want to learn more. I long for the day that I can consider my country safe from Sarah Palin and I can play on the Mudflats freely and talk about issues/politics/salmon/bears without fear.

  12. Beautiful writing, Shannyn. Let me assure you that we in the lower 48 never thought you Alaskans were all like Sarah Palin. You couldn’t be. What was chilling was to learn how many people in the lower 48 think they are like Sarah Palin, or perhaps I should say how many people think she is like them.

    As the crazy lady fades– we trust– into well-deserved obscurity like the residue of a spent skyrocket, people like me will visit yours and other Alaskan blogs less often, but this has been an educational experience I won’t forget.

    And who knows, in this interconnected age you may become a nationally-known personality and voice of sanity without leaving Alaska, which would be a very good thing. Part of the “real America” malaise that has nourished — if that is the right word — the Palin phenomenon is the sense that the only Americans who are heard, who have power, or who matter to those who do, are those who live in four or five major cities. Not just the news media elite, but the film/music elite, the corporate elite, and the intellectual/cultural elite, liberals and conservatives alike. Cities will always be centers of power and influence, but because of broadcasting and publishing networks, most of America has been off the screen of most of America, and that needs to change. God be with you.

  13. Shannyn: just keep painting… one stroke at a time…!
    This too shall pass, as they say, but more than that, let me quote an old german sentence:
    “Lies have short legs”. (and the terrain is becoming much more rugged for Ms P!)
    My sympathy is with her offspring, but my anger is focused upon the damage she does to the general understanding of Love, Honor and Duty.

  14. Great post, Shannyn… and I could write almost the same damn thing about Michelle Bachmann and Minnesota. We get a lot of crap – not the same as what you Alaskan’s get – because Bachmann is from here and was (narrowly) elected. We’ll just continue to work hard, continue to work for the progressive movements, and eventually, the crazy will be a thing of our past. Right? Right?!? I hope so…

  15. I read this entire post of yours or chapter, as you put it and I’m at a loss for what REASONS there are that you dislike Palin. From what I read, the only two things that come out that you must not like about her is your disagreement with her that you should be allowed to exterminate a living baby in your womb and her belief in G_d.

    So, I am supposed to hate Palin, like you, because she believes that I was created by a loving G_d and that she is not in favor of a suction device crushing the tender skull of a fetus who in six more months would be laying in a crib watching a mobile turn?

    • No one is asking you to hate Palin. I hate Palin cause I hate LIARS and it has nothing to do with GOD. And, by the way, Shannyn didn’t influence me but I do enjoy her writings. So if you don’t, just don’t be reading her stuff.

    • You missed the entire point of the post. The point was to reclaim Alaska from Sarah Palin’s warped version of it. Alaska was a different place prior to the corporate colonization of her resources; it was a blue progressive…LIBERAL State. The discovery of oil changed all that and brought with it people like the Palins-right wing simpleton demagogues.

      Sarah Palin is a pathological liar. I think she is mentally ill. Her lies are documented with video tape. The people that love Sarah Palin don’t care about the facts. And neither does Sarah Palin. She blatantly contradicts herself-LIES-every time she opens her pie hole.

      As for you…to paraphrase Shannyn…all you want to do is to grow government and create the Uterus Police! Keep your ideas out of your bodies! If you believe in a “loving God”…why don’t you trust God to take care people you hate in the afterlife? Why don’t you trust God???

    • I hate liars. I also hate people who are thoughtless in the truest sense of the word: people who accept uncritically false premises and parrot them. Now, if you do any reading about the exceedingly rare circumtances under which late term abortions are performed, you will know that it is not a procedure which is used for a baby that would otherwise be ” laying (sic) in a crib watching a mobile turn.” You would know that, in the great majority of the very tragic situations where the procedure is used, it is the only feasible way to respond to a severe prenatal abnormality.

  16. That was beautiful Shannyn. Make’s me want to visit Alaska. Can we look you up when we get there?!!

    Our B&N did not have Going Rouge in stock today. I thought it’d be out the same day as Going Rogue. Saw plenty of those though. Guess I’ll get it from Amazon.

    • It’s not available in book stores, there’s a link to, the publisher, at the top of her post.

  17. Namaste Shannyn.

    You are a great lady with a gifted voice. Keep soaring!

  18. Thanks for this article, Ms. Moore.
    Although, I seldom agree completely with your positions, I find your writing provocative.

    Please continue.

  19. Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing the wonder that is Alaska.

  20. Want to know why Palin is dangerous? Really dangerous??

    IF you watch NOTHING else on TV tonight, watch the 1st half hour of Rachel Maddow’s show and her segment with Frank Schaeffer; it’s powerful stuff …. and when the video of this segment is out, please pass it around as much as you can!!

  21. I’ve already ordered Going Rouge, and I highly recommend all your readers, listeners, and watchers to get it and to promote it as much as possible. Your contribution, alone, is well worth the price.

    The snippets I’ve read of the highly discounted “Rogue”, and the interviews she’s done so far, she’s grasping at straws and trying to unring a bell that rings true. She’s using her ill-gotten celebrity, for what? To tackle issues? To inform people about Alaska’s great sacrifices, contribution, and rich history? No, she’s playing the victim and settling scores.

    When the dust settles, I’ll read her book, in all fairness, from cover to cover, but only from a library- or hopefully a dollar store bin. I doubt it has any substance from the fact checking I’ve seen. It sounds like revisionist history and self-flaggellation for her base.

    I’m not a one-issue/one party voter. I’m male, pro-choice, pro- peace, pro reproductive rights, pro- equality for all and believe the seperation of church and state was put there for a reason.

    Shannyn, I can’t thank you enough for this post. I am from the lower 48 and I knew Mc Cain’s choice for a running mate didn’t reflect your state (nor America as a whole, for that matter), and the election results clearly show it.

    Thanks Again, for all you’ve done to educate and inform people.

    • MacAndCheeseWiz– Thank you for your brilliant post!!

  22. The last part of Rachel’s Show today was good, also. She and Ana Marie Cox were discussing Palin’s book of fiction.
    And Thanks, Shannyn. Finally watched my tape of Moore of North. It was time well spent. Can’t wait for the next one.

  23. Hi Shannyn ,

    I have commercial fished Cook Inlet, have a cousin in Homer (been to the spit)My Sons have fished Bristol Bay and Cook inlet. I appreciate and value your perspective . Good work!

    Alaska has been good to us .We Love Alaska

    Palin is a Fraud and a Thug .

    I am thankful to all courageous folks that have exposed those mean spirited negative behaviors and lies of Palin .
    BTW I am looking forward to getting my copies of Going Rouge (maybe tommorrow at the post office)

  24. I’m hoping she’ll go the way of the various abandoned canneries and other industrial waste… leave a lasting impression that has no influence beyond needing to be removed to avoid future problems.

  25. Dahr Jamail made mention of another Palin Fraudulent Claim About Alaska on on TruthOut:

    I guess she is the gift that keeps on giving…

  26. Superbly written Ms. Moore!
    No thoughts of AK on ebay here. Now climbing through the TV with hands around her neck – crossed my mind on more than one occassion. I’m not a person having much patience for “stupid” and she was over my quota!

    The comment recently said by Parnell that he still keeps in touch with her somewhat confirmed a feeling I’ve had for sometime about the FOIA requests. There being the ‘hangovers’ of her admin staff and the Parnell/Palin association, I believe the continued ongoing delays of the release of the documents, emails, etc. are to prolong it past the timeframe for which she can be held accountable for anything. I believe there was mention of a 2 yr timeframe when she resigned. That they continue to serve notice of further extensions or to take it to Court – they’re banking on waiting it out. ‘Pandora’s Box’. Just Sayin’ – My opinion.

  27. Beautifully written piece, with many references to early days Alaska I had no knowledge of.
    If only people could be vaccinated against Palin.
    She’s worse than the seven plagues of Egypt.

  28. Shannyn:
    Thank you for being such a lyrical, articulate voice for Alaska.
    You make me proud to be an Alaskan.

  29. Your right on about Palin, a sad testimony to my, our, ability to read people and the power of money. Keep swinging. Bob

  30. You did absolutely well, Shannyn!
    Please consider running for an Alaska office??

  31. Sarah Palin’s lack of leadership shows in ‘Going Rogue’
    The former Republican vice presidential candidate’s memoir instead illustrates what comes so easily to her: pointing fingers.

    By Michael Carey
    November 18, 2009

    The temperature was close to zero Monday as I left the house to buy Sarah Palin’s memoir, “Going Rogue: An American Life.” The book was almost impossible to find in Anchorage before its official release Tuesday. The salesman who finally sold me one asked me to promise I wouldn’t reveal his identity if he sold me a pre-publication copy.

    I made the pledge and put down my money. I’ve written about Palin since she ran for governor in 2006, interviewed her, moderated campaign debates in which she participated. I wanted to see what she’s like in prose.

    In “Advertisements for Myself,” Norman Mailer admitted “a desire to inflict my casual opinions on a half-captive audience.” That’s what Palin has done in her 400-plus-page advertisement for a woman who, at age 45, seems to have permanently attached the word former to her name — former beauty queen, former mayor of Wasilla, former governor of Alaska, former Republican vice presidential nominee.

    Palin is now beginning a book tour on which she will do what she does best: draw crowds, create controversy and stir up the conservative base. These things are almost certain to make her, like Mailer, a bestselling author. But they won’t make her the next president of the United States.

    During the 2008 presidential campaign, Palin, an amateur as a candidate, became a professional victim, blaming others when encountering political turbulence.

    Finger-pointing became second nature to her, and it shows in “Going Rogue,” just as it did when she returned to Alaska from the campaign and began feuding with legislators, reporters — and members of the public who alleged she had committed ethical improprieties.

    In many of the pages of Palin’s book, she portrays herself as an abused woman: It wasn’t that Palin was unprepared; it was that Katie Couric badgered her and showed bias throughout their widely watched interview. John McCain’s campaign staff censored her. Campaign director Steve Schmidt was callous and condescending. The national media — in suits! — swarmed Wasilla and in their haste and indifference made up stories about her.

    Palin’s accounts of her childhood and early life can be charming. She was born into a loving family and married into another.

    But there is a big something missing from Palin’s narrative: the voice of a leader.

    The book made me think about another outsider’s political memoir, that of Robert M. La Follette of Wisconsin (1855-1925). He too was a provincial Republican of modest means who, as congressman, governor, senator and presidential candidate, ran as an outsider like Palin. In his 1913 autobiography, subtitled “A Personal Narrative of Political Experiences,” La Follette’s voice is clear, bold, unafraid and without the trace of a whine. He expects mockery, rejection and contempt from the other side, and sometimes disloyalty from those who said they would stand with him. But he was a leader who remained unfazed by storms of words and emotions, focusing instead on organizing and mobilizing people for the struggle.

    Palin neither organizes nor mobilizes. There is no Palin movement — or organization of any depth and substance. There is no Palin philosophy beyond bromides about smaller government, the evils of abortion and the dangers of popular culture (which, right this moment, is making her a rich woman). While she easily won election as governor of Alaska in 2006, her victory was built largely on her fresh, attractive face and her predecessor’s unpopularity.

    In “Advertisements for Myself,” Mailer confides — in the first sentence, no less — that he has been running for president “in the privacy of my mind, and it occurs to me that I am less close now than when I began.” Palin is keeping her thoughts about seeking the presidency private, but clearly, her stature as a leader has been in steady decline since McCain introduced her as his running mate. The more she advertises herself — selling books, appearing in television interviews, making speeches — the greater the proof she is not qualified for any title higher than the “formers” she has accumulated.

    Michael Carey is a columnist for the Anchorage Daily News and the host of “Anchorage Edition” for Alaska Public Television.

  32. Be very afraid of Sarah Palin. She is a natural, gifted, master manipulator. I am a Christian woman and I do not like her brand of politics at all. I did not have anything against her when she was first introduced to the nation, because like many, I kept an open mind. However, as she began her maneuvering, I can see that she is vengeful, petty and ill-informed. Behind that easy smile is a scary woman. I watched one of her first interviews with Sean Hannity, who is practically her servant, and she still bombed… she spoke in platitudes and catch phrases, designed to show that she understands the issues and that she identifies with the average person, but the reality is she’s way over her head (and could care less) and can not provide depth or knowledge of real problems facing our country. Everyone can throw out words like patriotism and maverick and values. And why not when you can just blame the media for unfair treatment. It’s sad how she has all her ilks exactly where she wants, blindly believing anything she spews. What a sad state the GOPs are in. This is from a former Republican.

  33. Forget not that Ronald Regan too was liar. Ronald Regan too blamed others for the ills that haunted a country.
    He was elected President. I dislike a liar, I dislike Sarah Plain. But my fear is she could rally the right to the point of really taking away votes from real candidates in 2012. She could possibly speak her way into a nomination. That is a scary reality but it is there.
    Make no mistake about it this is pre-campaign rhetoric she is espousing. She does have all of the right wing commentator’s nuts in as frenzy.
    And remember too that GW Bush was elected to a second term even after finding his way into an illegal war, and committing war crimes via torture.
    So anything is possible. SP is one scary woman. She is dangerous and we can not loss sight or take our eyes and ears off of her for one second. We much expose her for what she has done and could possibly do.

  34. I love Letters!! Take care.
    If you had time to take care of issues, rather than having to fight off the nonsense from the ex-governor, Alaska would be a much happier place.

  35. Boy, when you put your mind to it you can really, really put forth some wonderful narratives. Excellent job on this one, thanks for sharing a view and history of Alaska that many would never have known if not for you. Keep up the good work!

  36. Great letter Shannyn. I was lucky enough to have been able to live in Alaska for a bit, mostly in Ketchikan, but I did get up to the Kenai-Soldotna area and was able to see what Alaska is truly all about. The beauty of the land is majestic, the wildlife is beyond awesome, and the people I met were warm and friendly. It is a shame that some people are going to associate M$. Palin with the state of Alaska, I am not one of them however. I take the time to let the people I meet that think M$. Palin is what Alaska is about know that she is most certainly not a true Alaskan. I will never view M$. Palin as an Alaskan, in fact I have a hard time seeing her as an American.

  37. Who helped you write this ?

    • why on the face of the earth would you ask such a question? Obviously, you assume it was not written by Shannyn–so what is your basis for that assumption? Or are you just a nasty, rude person who says that sort of thing because you have nothing else to contribute?

      Anyone who has read this blog is fully aware that when Shannyn uses other people’s material or ideas, she credits them.

      • OMG Shannyn bots are you serious. Quit acting like Palin bots in your responses it was a question, yes perhaps a stupid question, but as my father use to say, there are no stupid questions.
        fNow if Shannyn felt this was an idiotic enough question to respond to she would. but do not do the Palin thing and attack a person for asking a fairly simple question.

    • That is one of the rudest questions I’ve ever heard. Shannyn happens to be a very talented, intelligent writer with many fans because of all the lovely and educational articles she has written. She knows Alaska and makes it sound extremely interesting and beautiful. Take the time to read some of them, and if you don’t agree, then I feel very sorry for you.

  38. Now you know what natiive born Texans have gone through for their life times. And we talk funny, so that’s an added bonus to the anti-Americans biggots.
    Doesn’t matter that Texas has more universities and colleges, more major universities than any state in the union. We’re stupid shit kickers, all of us.

    Politics and big money define our states in the eyes of the rest of the country. And big oil brings really big money.

    That is a truism and it is a sad commentary on the shallowness of other state’s residents thinking.

    And it does hurt.

  39. thank you !!!!!!
    however, why do they this this ditz so
    much on “morning joe” ????
    even mike seems to stick up for her
    all the time……………
    she is a thug and a fraud.

  40. Shannyn-I just read the excerpt from your book. !!!!!! Wow! I am sorry for our failures regarding your beautiful state…. Thank you for sharing your
    rich history–we have much to learn! Hang in there, keep doing what you
    do and don’t give up on us! You and your state have many admirers down here in the lower 48.

  41. Ronna says it better than I could. I echo her sentiments, word for word.

  42. As a progressive from another red state (West Virginia), I can totally relate to these sentiments.

    Not everyone in West Virginia is racist religious fanatic, just as not everyone in Alaska wants to blast wolves from planes.

    And like Alaska, we were once a relatively progressive state.

    But like Alaska, we have fossil fuels, and the big interests that want to profit off of them are very good at turning people into willing serfs.

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