Posted by: shannynmoore | November 19, 2009

Mayor Sully’s Waah-Waah Moment

Watch Those Hands, Mayor Family Values!

After weeks of witch hunting, the Sullivan Administration has released the Wheeler report.  Mayor Sullivan has been whining about the budget, the unions and Mark Begich since…well…seventh grade.  OK, that’s an exaggeration, but since taking the helm of Anchorage, he has talked of little else.

If the city is in such financial disarray from the previous administration, why did Dan Sullivan take a mayoral paycheck for the weeks BEFORE he was mayor? Matt Claman was already being paid to be the acting mayor.  Because of Sully, the good taxpayers of Anchorage had to cough up an extra $12,115.20.  There is no record of any mayor EVER taking a paycheck between election certification and the swearing-in ceremony.  The legal loophole Sullivan took advantage of ought to be closed.  

Last week, Mayor Sullivan was shamed into showing up for President Obama’s first ever stop in Alaska.  The mayor selfishly turned down 10 tickets he could have and should have distributed.  Later, Sully said, while calling in to a local right-wing talk show, that he had to “watch his wallet” because he’d gone to see the president.  I don’t know if the mayor was worried because the president is a black man, a “socialist” or more likely, a black “socialist”.   If anything, it’s the Anchorage taxpayers that have to “watch our wallets” when Sully’s in the house.  How much money did the unnecessary fishing expedition that is the Wheeler report cost?  The only thing Sully and Wheeler caught were a bunch of suckers-i.e. the Anchorage taxpayers.

Mayor Sullivan claims to be concerned with the financial straits the city is in.  If that’s true, instead of spending time and taxpayer funds pointing fingers, he should man-up, put his money where his mouth is and give his $12,115.20 interim paycheck back.

That would be the honorable thing to do. But, instead of being accountable, Sully has relentlessly, maliciously and pointlessly attempted to scapegoat Senator Mark Begich. Perhaps the mayor ought to take a page out of the senator’s playbook: stop complaining and just get to work.

There are other ways of demonstrating concern and accountability.  If the Borough of Anchorage is in financial ruin, why doesn’t Mayor Sullivan do what nearly every other city administration has done and tax to the cap?  Instead, Sullivan decided to play political games with real people’s lives in a shameless display of politics and simultaneous self-promotion.

Dan Sullivan has an additional $10 million dollars that would fully fund the municipality.  But Sully and his have theirs.  They aren’t concerned with the little people; little people who depend upon bus schedules, libraries and emergency services-life and death matters that are measured in precious minutes.  Minutes that can never be traded for once they are lost.  Minutes that matter when a loved one’s had a heart attack and the closest fire station is closed-closed because Dan Sullivan would rather cut emergency services than access $10 million in available funds.

Dan Sullivan must submit a budget that allows full funding of the municipality.  Only then can his “concern” be taken seriously.  But Sully would rather put the “I cut taxes” feather in his cap-essential services be damned.  By not fully funding the city and utilizing the available funds, the city will be even more hard pressed the next fiscal year as the tax cap will adjust downward-in other words, next year, we won’t have a $10 million dollar potential cushion; it will evaporate with essential services and municipal jobs.

There has been a lot of shrapnel and fallout from the erupting war between the left and right factions of city government.  As a result, civility was one of the first casualties of the Sullivan Administration.  Some Anchorage Assembly members have behaved in ways that would get your children suspended from school.  They have exhausted every means possible to demonize Senator Mark Begich and the unions-the unions that represent the men and women that get the power grid up when it’s the middle of the night and 20 below; the unions that represent the men and women who respond at a moments notice and provide life-saving care and comfort in your hour of need; the unions that represent the men and women who put their lives on the line day in and day out to protect and serve.  To the Republicans, the Firemen and Policemen are nothing more than election cycle props.  They don’t want to honor their tremendous sacrifice and pay them a living wage.  When you hear the local radio jocks regurgitate those right-wing talking points about “the unions”, notice how they NEVER mention WHO it is those unions are representing!  That’s because they want it both ways.  They want to shake the fireman’s hand while stabbing his union in the back. 

According to the Wheeler report, it is important to note that former Mayor Mark Begich DID NOT violate the city charter.  AND, the union contracts that have been under constant fire are VALID and PERFECTLY LEGAL!

I could go on and on, but here is Senator Begich’s statement:

November 18, 2009
Statement from Sen. Mark Begich on release of Wheeler Report:

“It comes as no surprise that the report issued by Municipal Attorney Dennis Wheeler is
critical of me and my administration. We should not pretend that this review of the facts was objective, fair or complete. The Sullivan Administration, in concert with a handful of Assembly members, is determined to tarnish the record of my administration and this is just the latest step in that effort. “I cooperated with the Municipal Attorney, provided documents showing information the Assembly had about the state of city finances in 2008 and throughout my tenure as mayor, and supplied facts and information to put those documents in context. I sent Mr. Wheeler several letters inviting him to submit any additional questions he had, but it wasn’t until Nov. 12 – after receiving my fourth such letter and three days before he released his report – that any questions were submitted. I promptly answered those questions (see attachment).

“As I have said since day one, the Anchorage Assembly was fully apprised of all
financial information related to the Municipality throughout my terms as mayor. The suggestion that the Assembly was not fully informed about the Municipality’s financial condition is absurd and totally at odds with the record. We held multiple work sessions, issued reports and memos, and fully answered all questions. I could not, however, hold their collective hand to make sure they retained and analyzed the information provided. I think what we’ve seen is the result of an Assembly that eliminated its own budget analyst office and then was unable to keep up with the job they were elected to do. It’s regrettable that some have tried to gain political advantage calling into question labor contracts that were vigorously negotiated and contained terms that were fair, both to the Municipality and to the police officers and fire fighters who put their lives on the line for us every day.
“When I was elected mayor in 2003 and inherited a $33 million budget gap, I didn’t
complain about the previous administration. We got to work, closed the gap and pulled the city together. I would urge the Sullivan Administration and the Anchorage Assembly to stop trying to divide the community, deal with the budget challenges they face, and put the citizens of Anchorage above political games.



  1. Thanks for this.

  2. dan sullivan another da*n whiner, an ‘I got mine, how’d you make out’ kind of guy.

  3. Are all the republicans born with the
    “poor,poor pitiful me” gene?

  4. Absolutely immature and vindictive.

  5. By the way, I can appreciate the photo posted of Sully. He came into the bank, as I was headed to the teller. I am a half-way attractive woman, and yup, he was checking me out. Creepy coming from a Mayor. It was a few days after he won the election.

  6. This reminds me of the way republicans in Congress tried to gang up on Speaker Pelosi when she stated that the CIA had lied to her and other members of Congress. Sullivan and his supporters on the Assembly are trying to say that Senator Begich is lying, but they have no proof. I think Senator Begich is a stand-up guy because he acted honorably and according to the laws in existence at the time he was mayor. IMHO, this is just another witch hunting expedition to smear Begich while Sullivan and his supporters run Anchorage into the ground. I also have never heard of any politician taking a paycheck BEFORE being sworn in. Sullivan should give the money back to the citizens, use the $10 million to keep as many city services available as possible, and get to work like Begich did solving the municipality’s budget issues. Senator Begich is correct when he says he’s not responsible for the failure of Assembly members to do their sworn duty. Thanks, Shannyn for in-depth coverage of issues the MSM ignores. Although I live in GA, I am interested in what is happening in other states/regions, and I am supportive of all efforts to bring to light how corrosive many republicans/conservatives are to democracy because it seems that everything they touch yields results that are bad for the average citizen but good for them and their supporters.

  7. Sullivan is a spoiled, entitled brat who thinks his family name is all the “cred” he needs to be mayor. We will survive this one-term hack, but, unfortunately, we will not flourish as a city. So, in the meantime, Mr. Mayor – shut up and get to work!

  8. wait. He actually said on the record that he had to “watch his wallet” at the event? I’d like to see him come to an event in Hartford and say that to the press, or anyone else. When is SOMEone going to start calling these racist degenerates out? Seems like you have a few too many up there in the coldlands that are in charge. Between them and the gay-bashing xtians, I know that is a place I’d never ever venture to settle. And that is a shame. It looks beautiful. But not beautiful enough.

    • To Ripley in Ct,

      I agree with you 100%. It amazing that we live in a land where people chose to be divided STILL by race. It is unbelievable. I wish politicians would simply focus more on the issues that plague this nation, cities and towns, and stop fixating themselves on the fact that the Presidents skin color is a little different from their own; so therefore, they must halt themselves from ever moving forward on any basic or hard pressed affair currently afflicting this great state and nation.

      Charity S. Blanchett

  9. Once again Shannyn, great job. Your still like Rush Limbaugh by the way, except on the liberal side. His focus on Obama, yours is on Palin. You don’t have to switch gears real quick after comparing you to Rush.

  10. Thank you, again, Shannyn, for saying so well what I’ve been thinking.

  11. I thought this was already explained a couple months ago. And he needed the wheeler report for what? Oh right i forgot…dont look at the man behind the curtain.
    The people of Anchorage should pay very close attention to who-what they elected. I know i will, even though i cant vote in Anch. Seems Dan is more on self aggrandizement than doing whats right for the people he (supposedly) works for.
    Guess thats why i would never shake his hand had i the chance. ewwww.
    Thanks Shannyn-great job.

  12. The Wheeler report is a political hatchet job by Sullivan’s city attorney. Big surprise. He puts out the exact allegations of baby boys Coffey and Starr.
    When is the public going to say enough is enough, just get on with helping our city? They have spent so much time and money on hammering Begich.
    This is what happens when a successful Democrat rises to a top position in Alaska. Some will stop at nothing to bring him/her down. It is so sad.

    Thank you, Shannyn. You should take on Fagan.

  13. Wow, isn’t there a decent one among these republicans? It’s disgusting to watch them spewing the same v*mit everywhere. There is never a hint solutions to pressing problems facing us. They keep getting elected.

    Thank you, Shannyn, for your voice.

  14. Whats the difference between Sullivan and Palin?

    Since Palin got away with and continues to get away with, “blue murder” (just an expression, no need to start a prayer circle for me) it appears Sullivan is following in those ” naughty monkey pump” foot steps.

    He virtually stole $12000 from the citizens…before he even started!

    At least Palin worked up to it….I can’t believe I just said that…..good grief, sounds like I defended her….barf.

    Until a corrupt politician faces some bona fide justice in AK, these devils (again, no praying please) KNOW they can do what they please.

    Between “Uncle Ted”, the rest of the Corrupt Ba$tards Club and Palin they lead the rest to defy everything a “public servant” means.

    Instead of spending money on elections, maybe wanted posters with rewards would work better.

    Ethical, intelligent, diligent person for position of…. blank.

    Religion, sex, sexual preferences/persuasions and race unimportant.

    Collect bonus for sense of humor.

    Reward collected upon verification.
    Just a thought.

    I cannot imagine how frustrating it is for the many good folks in AK.

  15. That local right wing radio talk host actually lives in Washington. He does his show from the lower 48 while telling everyone how alaskan he is. Rydell doesn’t even live here. More lies from the right.

  16. Sullivan is expected to announce this week that he is canceling all the Christmas Trees that the city normally puts out every year. Sullivan says that we cannot afford them. We need to get the message out that Sully is a grinch

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