Posted by: shannynmoore | November 20, 2009

Palin Aborts Book Signing: Updated

Sarah Palin’s “The Bigger the Hair, The Closer to God Tour” hit a “bumpit” in the road.  At a book signing at Borders in Noblesville, Indiana, she abruptly quit her book signing, leaving about 300 families with unsigned books.  They didn’t like it one bit…shouting “quitter”.  Really? You think she’s a quitter? Welcome to our world.  Here is a link to a local Noblesville newsclip.  Good thing they didn’t have torches and pitchforks…

How horrific. Palin quit a book signing.  Apparently, it takes a personal stiffing from Sarah Palin for the Paliban to see the light.  Amen! Maybe they should have looked at her documented trail of flake-out before camping overnight in freezing temperatures and forking over $28.99 for her book of fiction.  The only thing that’s gone “rogue” is the truth.

Welcome to reality Paliban!


The response on this book tour has been overwhelming. We are truly humbled, and I thank you.
I’ve been told that yesterday there were supporters in Noblesville who stood in long lines for hours in the cold and rain, and the book signing event ended without a chance to say hello to everyone who showed up. I am so sorry. We are working on a solution for those who were left behind.
I apologize.
– Sarah Palin

“Left behind”, as in post rapture?



  1. A “bumpit” in the road – hilarious!

  2. Wow, that first line is priceless, Shannyn!

    This clip of the mob yelling at the mob leader has made the Driving Miss Crazy Tour much easier to stomach.

    • “The Driving Miss Crazy Tour”??!!!!! ROTFLMAO.

  3. MSNBC has picked up this story already. Wait till Keith gets a hold of it.
    The hair, could someone talk to her about the hair ?

  4. Shannyn, we bought the good book today. Rouge/Nightmare..can’t wait to get it in the mail.
    If I could only ask S’error one question it would be..Are you aware how full of crap you are ?

  5. I KNEW this would happen…..!!! (but not quite so soon.)

  6. Wow. Don’t care for Palin, and have always been a Shannyn Moore fan, but this crossed a line into mean-spiritedness that even I can’t agree with.

    Sorry, Shannyn.
    You lost me with this one.

    • definition:
      2 a : to terminate prematurely : cancel b : to stop in the early stages

    • Oh Please!!!!! “mean-spiritedness?” Katy are you S’error??? Why is it when any one TRYS to tell the truth about this woman, they are called names? Why!
      Would you rather have Shannyn say she “miscarried” her book signing?
      No Abort is THE correct word…NO WHITE out necessary!!!

      • What mean-spiritedness? She told the truth and her choice of words were funny.
        Also, too, I like what crystalowlf aka caligrl said. You betcha!

    • “don’t care for Palin, and have always been a Shannyn Moore fan”???

      Puh-Lease…Katy LaGrassa…I suppose that’s why I recognize your name…NOT! You’ve never commented here before that I’ve seen.

      Shannyn brings the snark on when appropriate. She has been far far far snarkier and that’s why I love her and read her blog every day.

      And if you don’t like Palin…why wouldn’t you like this post? Sarah Palin QUIT A BOOK SIGNING! She’s a QUITTER! Her own supporters and fans waited for hours in the freezing rain only to get what they deserve for having their collective heads up their ass; a good swift stiffing from Sarah Palin…

      Good Riddance…

      • Bring on the snark!!! Woohoooo!

        • Well said, Bravo Martha.

    • Mean spirited? Telling the truth about someone is mean spirited? M$. Palin quit her book signing. Like she quit being governor of Alaska. There is not one thing that is mean spirited about this, it is all true.

    • I’ve lost count of the times I’ve heard this term applied to cancelled sporting events, outdoor functions being cancelled because of weather and various other things. For God’s sake get a grip.

  7. And so it begins! Her die-hard fans will finally see the true Palin. Welcome to our reality, Palidiots!

  8. Appropriate use of the word “abort” too, there, Shannyn, as well.

    Love yer blog! Love the radio show! Cannot WAIT for the TeeVee version!!

  9. plastic or… a surgeon confirm that the quitter quit on her face.

  10. I especially enjoyed what one of her (formerly) adoring fans, Dawn Hatfield Ament had to say (emphasis mine):

    “TOO BAD I was ‘Palienated’ today in Noblesville. I waited SEVEN hours and never got my book signed. Only 600 of the 1000 promised wrist bands got in the door. Such a HUGE disappointment!”

    Any time I can, I am so going to use that term.

  11. I plan on protesting Sarah’s appearance in Fairfax, VA. Anyone in the DC area is welcome to join! Book signing time is Dec 5, from 11-2, unless Sarah pulls a “Prejean” and aborts the tour all together

  12. FW:

    “Pulling a Prejean” has a whole different connotation these days, I think.


  13. I love it! Here’s some silliness 😀

    Parasailin’ with Sarah Palin

  14. HAHAHAHA! I love this! She never intended to go through with all of these signings. She doesn’t have it in her. WAAAAA….she can complain and blame everyone else, but when the naughty monkey shoe is on the other foot, she can’t handle it. Keep it up, people, let her know what we really think!

  15. Seriously, what else did these lemmings expect from the Quitter Queen?

  16. LOVE IT!!!!! LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!!
    Shannyn, you rock!!

  17. There once was a quitter from Wassiler.
    Lost her marbles, wrote a thriller.
    Her wrist got a-tired as an autograph writer.
    She fled on her bus, certainly not what the crowd desired.
    God, please tell us the nitwit has now retired.

  18. I am glad that some of her followers are finally getting a clue. The Quitter Queen care not for you; it’s the money honey, always has been. Standing in the freezing rain, with children no less (many of whom probably have no health insurance)! Saw on one of the other blogs that she will use Trig as a reason to cut the book tour short, you know, being the wonderful, caring mother she is. Can’t wait to see what KO and Rachel have to say tonight.

  19. Love it…Palin Aborts. . . . . .

  20. Fortunately I don’t care enough about palin to hate her .

    However, I do not respect her whatsoever .

    Maybe now that some of her followers have been crapped on . They might become “shallow lonely people ” like me and the rest of her critics .

    BTW , she didn’t quit , she just had something else to do . ha-ha

    • “BTW , she didn’t quit , she just had something else to do . ha-ha”

      Yeah, nature was calling.

  21. Oh Shannyn – – – can’t wait to see how Keith handles this story!!!

  22. With all apologies to Mary Shelly, but wouldn’t it be the ultimate irony if Sarah met her maker and demise at the hands of her rapid, mindless fans who she has been inciting for the last 15 months because she was too lazty to sign their book.

  23. Can we at least get the little guy an “I’m with Stupid” t-shirt.

  24. How about the shirt with “I’m With Stupid” written in pig latin. Sarah will see it and brag that she is bi-lingual, (or bi-something) thinking it is French!

  25. A stinger, phew! Also tooish, Sherry Johnston was sentenced today, will ‘Ricky Hollywood’ derail the Pail’.

  26. I think the new hairdo is to distract people from the plastic surgery.

    • The “new” hairdo is a wig!
      click here use ctrl + to enlarge pic. Note at the top you can see what’s left of her natural hairline…
      too, also, there are a couple of pics that are being posted and she has a huge cyst or something on her R cheek in front of her ear….Way gross!

  27. sorry link is here

    • Wow! It looks like Karma is catching up to her. It will every time!

  28. Another Bush Legacy- “No Child Left Behind”

    What a Con Artist!

    The “Apology” is like rubbing salt into a wound, The Queens’s “We were told…” statement is balogna – What possible solution could they come up with?

    Epic Abort, Retry, Fail

    Shannyn, thanks (yet again) for making my day! Your way with words never fails to inform, educate, and entertain!

  29. Let’s see. 1000 wristbands handed out in Noblesville. 600 got in then Palin left. She finished about 60% of the job.

    Yeah, that sounds about right.

    • Maybe Tina Fey bribed the bus driver.

  30. Last night’s surprising news that Oprah has decided to end her show in 2011 gave me pause…

    Could she have made this decision because she, Oprah plans to run for president, or VP in 2012?
    …perhaps responding to a calling to run in opposition to SP?

    Wondering…just exactly what is my intuition trying to tell me -?

  31. “Chance to say hello?”

    Er, no. Blew $20-40 on a horrible book, got no signature so they can’t immediately hawk it on eBay, and either wasted 8 hours of vacation or gave up 8 hours of pay.

    Also, with the colds and sick children and such from the rain.

    Chance to say hello, my *ss. Try “blew a total of $200 for the privilege of seeing the back of your head as you scarpered out of there as fast as your hooves could take you. Also too.”

    But then, I reckon if she wanted to spend any more time in “real America” than she had to, she’d have stayed in Wasilla. Who can keep them down on the farm once they’ve seen gay NYC?

  32. She is going to find that this tour is too much like work and quit.

  33. I can obviously see that you ain’t focused on the issues, Shannyn. You’ve attacked Sarah every way as possible, just like all the lame stream media. Just sad that you can’t do it on the issues. Female version of Olbermann.

    • Mark,
      I think the issue is captured quite precisely. Palin quit again, this time on about 400 of her most devoted followers. Are you claiming that her penchant for quitting is not a valid issue? You apparently feel any criticism of Palin is unwarranted. If that’s the case, then you are a mindless fool attracted by Palin’s celebrity or her looks.

      Palin is an inarticulate clod who has great difficulty in expressing coherent thoughts extemporaneously. She is petty, vindictive, and she’s a liar. These are all valid subjects for anyone, including Shannon, to bring up. It’s too bad that you have to see your poster girl for conservatism excoriated so, but she’s the one who wants to remain a public figure.

      You are part of the idiot sheeple flock. You will probably have a very difficult time reading this and comprehending it. Let me translate it into something you might better understand:

      Bah, bah, baaaaah.

      • Oops!
        Should read Shannyn.

        One should not type before coffee.

    • So Mark, how long have you been in the Paliban?

  34. “bumpit” in the road – HA !!!

    Good one Shannyn….One of the best I’ve seen so far… Seems to be some REAL angry folks in Indiana…Hoosiers don’t take to this kind of treatment lightly…(although they have NO idea what you guys have been thru over the last few years)….

    BUT, this is GREAT press for the Destructo-Tour coming to a personal ATM-FOR-SARAH town near you…She promises…..

  35. More great stuff Shannyn, I for one am not the least bit surprised that M$. Palin couldn’t follow through with her obligations. I am very surprised that she didn’t bring her children into this, making up reasons why she couldn’t stay and sign because of her kids.

  36. How unfortunate that Mark didn’t take the time to read even a smattering of Shannyn’s posts in which she disagrees with Palin on the issues–and does so in a cogent and informed manner. But then, a sure indication of one of the blind worshipers is the use of her first name.

  37. As a former hairdresser of the 70’s when wigs were very much in, I can assure you that she is wearing a wig. The problem she doesn’t recognize is when they aren’t placed on a block when not in use, they look ruffled and “dirty” and stringy as her hair looked in her last book signing. Another indication is the different length of the bangs in photos. Anyone with any knowledge of wig usage knows that the placement of the front hairline is an important factor and it must be properly secured so it doesn’t shift. I know because I wore them, styled them and sold them.

    • Thanks for weighing in on that! The bangs! I think she’s been wearing them for some time now. Hairloss. From not eating right.

      • Hair loss from stress caused by KARMA!

  38. “I’ve been told”

    She was TOLD?

    She was on the freaking bus! Did she have her head up her a$$ and miss the commotion just outside?

  39. “bumpit in the road”, LMAO! That’s perfect!

  40. saw dick cavett on msnbc:
    he said he felt sorry for john mccain
    because he swung low and missed !!!!
    and called her the wasilla wordsmith,
    or was it witch ? was laughing so hard
    it was hard to hear………….

  41. question:
    that ugly bus:
    are they gonna put in the
    palin hall of (sh)fame ?????
    get outta town sarah, the witch from wizzard
    of oz, melted in the rain !!
    and as a good phillies fan, i can
    honestly say: booooooooo booooooooooo
    we be the best boo’r’s ever !!!

  42. Looks like she “quit” early in Rochester Sat. as well. At this rate she’ll probably give up the entire tour half way through. I think this was only the 7th stop? Her fans in line will have to start burning the books just to keep warm.

  43. […] Palin Aborts Book Signing: Updated Sarah Palin’s “The Bigger the Hair, The Closer to God Tour” hit a “bumpit” in the road.  […] […]

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