Posted by: shannynmoore | November 21, 2009

URGENT Vitamin Democracy!

YES!  This email went all across the country today.  How much “killing” can they mention to stop health care reform? Good Lord, what are they really calling for?

As in VOTE YES ON CLOTURE!  VOTE YES to do that all-American activity known as DEBATE!  Vote YES to DEBATE the health care bill.  The radical right across the country and IN THIS TOWN, have been inciting their rabid right-wing base!

Please call Senator Begich AND Senator Murkowski as soon as you can and urge them BOTH to vote YES!  Murkowski is voting NO!  She wants to stifle DEBATE!!!  The vote will be tonite at 8pm EST/ 4pm AST!

Senator Begich 202-224-3004

Senator Murkowski 202-224-6665

Please drop me a comment or an email and let me know you made that call!

Vitamin Democracy starts with YOU!



  1. I called both the Senators. Quick and easy! Sen. Begich’s office took name and email. Sen. Murkowski’s office told me they’d make sure she got the message.

    Quick, easy and fun! 😉

    • Ditto the response you got AKMuckraker. What a contrast in the offices. The individual I spoke with at Mark’s office was very cheerful and upbeat, while the individual at Lisa’s office was pleasant and subdued. Maybe they’re loosing in the public opinion calls.

  2. Shannyn, (OT)

    Could you possibly in your busy schedule of setting things right, which may I thank you personally for…could you possibly investigate the people (and how many are women) are on the panel that decided the new guidelines for mammograms and PAP Smears?
    I heard Bill Weir on the Weekend GMA say to a Republican doctor politician “Weren’t the majority of those on the panel appointed, not by Obama, but by George Bush?”

    I would love to know if this is true and how many men are on this panel and how many are in the pockets of Insurance companies and Big PHARMA.

    I know it’s asking a lot, but it might be a way to get that information out there and nip this latest bit in the bud about “Death Panels” and “rationing”.

  3. Shannyn, I don’t get an answer at Mark’s office, but I did get through to Senator Murkowski’s office. I said I realize that she’s a Republican, and she probably feels the need to support the party line, but that I strongly urge her to support cloture and at least get the discussion started. The nice young man took my name and address.

  4. I called both Alaskan senators this morning, it took a few tries to get through to them though. Murkowski’s aide just gave me a polite “thank you” in reply, but Begich’s told be that he believed the senator would be voting “yes.”

    We’ll see how things go tonight. This is an important issue and we need some real discussion based on the facts, not distractions and half-truths.

  5. I got through to Mark’s office on the second try. Easy.

  6. I got through to both offices.
    Both were polite, and took my mailing and/or e-mail addresses, and promised to pass along my request.
    Thanks for the reminder, Shannyn, to be a pro-active constituent!
    I can hardly wait to see Moore Up North this afternoon!

  7. Thank you for your tireless efforts to keep a breath of logic and reasoning in the political process. We did call both senators urging a yes vote. Begich’s office assured me a yes vote, Murkowskis’ office said, “Weeell, I’ll tell her.” Keep up the great work!

  8. Dan,
    I read on ThinkProgress that the study was done by United Health.

    • United Health… is that the primary sponsor of the Lewen Group?

  9. I called both Senators today. I had to try Begich’s office a few times…got a busy signal…they are swamped.

    When I called Murkowski, I was asked to please hold. Then they took me details down…YES ON CLOTURE!

  10. I just called both US Senators. Senator Begich’s staffer advised that the senator would vote “yes” for cloture. After Senator Murkowski’s staffer took my name and address I made mention of my point that the least the senator could do was vote “yes” so as to debate the bill. He said he’d “pass along my concerns”.

    Let’s go get ’em. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

  11. Thanks for the nudge– I emailed both senators and got my husband to do so also….

  12. Used Ameripac’s links to find my Senators number and website. Phones busy and voice mail was full so I used their contact form on their web sites and asked them to vote for the health care bill. Found it oddly satisfying to use a link from the ant-healthcare crowd to ask my senator to vote for the healthcare bill.

    For other non-Alaskans you can find your senator at

  13. Here is a compendium of $P’s pants-on-fire moments:

    I didn’t call the CA female Senators, but did sign a petition from Barbara Boxer.

    For those of you who are so inclined, here is a petition that I signed regarding the health care reform bill in honor of $P’s wite-out on the dr bill:

    She’s still a twit with her twitter, so you may want to send a reminder by clicking on the link above.

    I can’t paste into Immoral Minority, but if someone else can, please post there as well.


  14. They voted to discuss the bill… now to see who the real asshats are when the measure comes up for full discussion. My guess is that most of the asshats will have some affiliation with the terrorist group known as… the republican party.

    Or Grumpy Old Poops if you prefer to refer to them as the GOP.

  15. Murkoski like Palin is not concerned about Alaskans. She is concerned about her own ass and political career and not Alaskans health care or much of anything else.
    She is about blocking anything the Dems want to accomplish. I seem to recall not to many months ago the word obstructionist being kicked around by the very people in the Senate who are now being obstructionist!
    If she can do something to make Obama look bad she will.
    Mark did the right thing and voted yes. I also note he is being attacked by the right wing nuts of Anchorage.
    For years the Consevitives have had nothing but scare tactics and smearing of ones name and record. They have FAILED. And America will and is moving forward without them.

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