Posted by: shannynmoore | November 22, 2009


Moore Up North was taped before a live audience at Bernie’s Bungalow Lounge. This weeks guests included: Rick Steiner, Anne Kilkenny, Andrew Halcro and John Bitney. The Opening spot with Alice Welling.

Original Music by Paul Hipp…a genius.  Because the show is an hour long, it is broken up into seven parts.  We’re still working on some production issues and the website, but wanted you to get a taste for Moore Up North.  Be patient with the sound, our mixer is working on a better copy, but this it the quick and dirty.  Also, note to self: Hip Waders are NEVER flattering on TV…whatever.

If you would like free tickets to a live taping, please email us at and let us know how many in your party.  Our next show will be 5:00pm, Tuesday, November 24, at Bernies Bungalow.

This weeks episode of Moore Up North:


  1. Oh…my…GOD!

    Just got home from a late night at the bars…forgot to TIVO KYES…Thanks so much for posting this…LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY!

    What an amazing show…Outstanding! Alice, Rick, John, Anne and Andrew…KUDOS to you all…

    I think Sarah’s not going to like this much…

    • I love the idea of you reading Palin’s “pablum” so that I don’t have to. I can’t even stand listening to George Will on Sunday, so I’m sure that Palin is worse.

  2. I live in Texas, so know the “Rogue” characters only from the wonderful Alaskan blogs, which I started reading well before the election. Thank you so much for posting this. It was great fun to watch. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to look away from the gory wreck that is Palin. It was great to have a good hearty laugh at the topic.

    I’d like to thank all the brave souls who are reading, indexing, and blogging the book. I would never buy it, but from the little I’ve seen, I couldn’t read very far into it anyway. Every time I see her called an author I want to scream. The library is like my church. For me, it’s pure sacrilege to see the Palin name on a book.

    I thank you, Shannon, (and all the other Alaskans – bloggers and others) for helping to save us all from disaster by exposing the crazy.

  3. Shannyn,

    Wow.. huge complements on your show! I love your fabulous edgy, humor…David Letterman style, only funnier. It was my pleasure to listen to your well informed, intelligent panel. Keep spreading the word about the lies and venom of Sarah, eventually it will spread to the Sarah supporters in the lower 48. Fortunately, here in sunny Florida, Sarah has only a few supporters.

  4. GO SHANNON I hope you can get Keith Olberman to run parts of this?

  5. OK ~ I just can’t sit around and lurk any more. You’ve done such a great job letting us know who the real Palin is during the election.

    But this is off the hook ~ I laughed so hard I cried. Just love your TV program and will be back even more than before to check for new programs.

    Love to Alaska from Chicago

  6. In a word BEAUTIFUL, and BEAUTIFULLY DONE major cudoes shannyn!!!!!!!!! OMG I am laughing SO hard!

  7. That was great, Shannyn. Thanks so much – I really needed to laugh out loud. I can’t wait ’til next week!

  8. That was a wonderful show. I laughed heartily all the way through it. Congratulations.

  9. talk about a power hour !
    really looking foreward to Mr. Stein’s return next week.
    It is so informative & funny that I must send this to family & friends here and in,TX,WA, NY, HI..
    Everyone is outstanding, Alice is fabulous !
    Thank you all for speaking up so eloquently for the rest of Alaskans !!
    I would like to go to next weeks show also, too.

    • My apologies Mr. Steiner.
      I am done commenting sans coffee

  10. Oh and BTW, a cudoe is something to chew on, a Kudoe is congrats, and yes I meant cudoes to you all.

  11. Thanks, Shannyn, for sharing these videos of your new show! Great job, such wit. I appreciate all the good folks coming together under that bus! I think Andrew’s comments about the mean girl needing to demonize made perfect sense. In other words, she tears down others to make herself look better.

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. OMG, that was hilarious. You should all send a thank you note to Sarah for giving you the material. Seriously. ROFLMAO. I look forward to watching the next one.

  13. Shannyn,

    Will you have a transcript in the future? I am very hearing impaired and love your work. I cannot hear even the tee vee well enough turned up full blast. I need to have closed captioning.

    If you do get a transcript put up, would you provide me a link?

    I thank you in advance for anything you can provide.

    BTW, I love watching you on Keith and Rachel. I wish MSNBC would give YOU a show.

  14. may I add my appreciation for what Mr. Bitner said regarding what he has learned about real friendship.
    Tibbles n Bits’ busted their tails for her.
    I second mary b

    • ~~I ment Mr. Jon Bitney

      • ~~~~haha i did it again!! sorry JOHN
        its a good thing i am so easliy amused , it balances out the embarrassment.

  15. Great job, Shannyn!

    Love the photo montage at the beginning. Reminded me of the way I used to think of Alaska before Sarah turned my image of the place into a parody of Wasilla Hicksville.

  16. Fabulous show Shannyn! I was so thrilled to find the video first thing this morning. It made my day, made my week. Thanks to you and your wonderful panel. I’m still laughing. Fabulous! Especially loved hearing that John & you agree with me that she is a sociopath and a narcissist. I’ll be there via youtube every week as I am for your radio show. THANK YOU!

  17. LMAO @ “She’s HUNGRY!!”

    Well done Shannyn.

  18. Great show! Thanks for posting it so I could see it here in Pittsburgh. Question for Shannyn or any other Alaskans: due to all the lies about Alaska in the book, and the name calling, so you think $P will suffer any repurcussions when she returns? Also, what did John Bitney do to incur her wrath? Thanks!

  19. Really appreciate Andrew Halcro’s perspective on the 3/7 You Tube…around 7:15 in. I tried to re-post it on my Facebook page (because I’m surrounded by Republicans that haven’t yet arrived at his realism). I hope someday a search by that title will allow it. I somewhat doubt it will turn their hearts, but haven’t yet resorted to the irish toast (of asking God to turn their ankles…when all else fails).
    Thanks Shannyn!

  20. Wonderful show! I look forward to the next one. I certainly had some good LOL moments.

    I also loved the opening scenes from Alaska. Truly beautiful.

  21. Excellent, excellent show – good job Shannyn and special kudos to your guests!!

  22. Why wasn’t Andre McCloud there? Did you ask her to appear?

  23. Shannyn, enjoyed the show so very much! Thanks for making this available for all of us…
    Loved Bitney’s comment ” is a sociopath sane?” lol!
    Who was the faux Sarah at the beginning? She was very good.
    Loved the show, Loved it!

  24. Wonderful first show! Good information and humor. Shannyn, you’re a natural! 😀

  25. Shannyn love your show Your panel was just great and it was good you could have people from the republican side on,shows you are or can be unbiased.

  26. I’m sorry, but I am going to be the voice of dissension here, and a source of moderate reason. Now, I am sorry that Halcro and company feel as if they have been besmirched, but I have yet to see where they are innocent of mudslinging, or damaging the reputation of another in order to elevate themselves. Also, while I am sure this Palin-mania is entertaining, it is a waste of time. We have more pressing issues to deal with in this state, and in this nation than taking time to make mock of a former governor. She stepped down, wrote a book, and for the most part has moved on with her life. I think it is high-time everyone else did the same, instead of going on about a subject that people are caring less and less about.

    • RYAN K??? Are you living in a frickin’ CAVE??? Sarah Palin changed policy from facebook. Sarah Palin took her cue from Lyndon LaRouche and Charles GrASSley took his cue from Sarah Palin. Author Max Blumenthal called it the 6-4-3 double play from LaRouche to Palin to Grassley. Grassley, sitting on the finance committee removed end of life counseling provisions from the health care bill-Palin called them DEATH PANELS!

      Palin is influening elections-NY23 backfired but non the less, she is the leader of the teabaggers and will more than likely fracture the GOP.

      Alaska Blogger Phil Munger wanted to move on from Sarah Palin and he, just this week, admitted he was wrong. The crazy woman is making a difference-not because of media coverage (although covering her every stop is BS), but because of her power over teabaggers.

      This show that you want to “dissent” turned into a response to Palin because of her work of fiction. I applaud the negative coverage of Palin. KUDOS to the bloggers for documenting her radical lies.

      Palin’s name was mentioned in passing on last weeks program and Shannyn hardly talks about Palin on her radio show. So if you’re reading this…I’m done writing and it’s time to stick your head back up your ass!

    • “She stepped down, wrote a book, and for the most part has moved on with her life.”

      Said what? Haven’t you heard news from that liberal media that she is tearing across the country hitting military bases and leaving fans in her wake as she markets her americhristian capitalistic sound bites? Better keep your eye out. That bus is stopping for no one.

    • Ryan K reminds me of the vido dude who would constantly comment on mudflats last year under the premise that he was keeping all the other comments in context… or something like that.

      Ryan’s been doing some similar stuff over at mudflats during the past couple of months – so much so that AKM yanked the plug on him. But here he is claiming that reasonable people are besmirching Palin’s reputation by pointing out her obvious flaws, lies and droopy drawers.

      Oh, and she has not “moved on.” Her bus half-time tour serves as the proverbial bird to the intelligent part of this country; we are just leveling the playing field by making fun of her less-than-ideal personality. That’s our entertainment. If our entertainment wastes your time, RyanK, then take your act somewhere else.

      Or risk getting mocked for the brown ring around your nose.

    • I’m sorry Ryan K
      I don’t see moderate reason in what you are saying.
      I see sticking your head in the sand and calling it moving on.
      We have enormous work to do in this state and in this country and a significant part of it is to figure out how we got ourselves into these messes.

      It includes asking ourselves what went so haywire.
      This show was/is part of that.
      Cuz one of our messes was Sarah Palin…
      and she’s still using us to advance herself.

      Thank you, Ms Moore , for making this available for those of us who don’t have TV. Thank you, as well, for gathering this panel of folks who are a better representation of Alaska than the gone gov could ever be.

  27. I hope Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow saw your show. I’m sure they would be greatly impressed.

  28. I was so happy to see you had posted your show. It was great; both informative and very funny. Keep up the good work!

  29. Good show. Thank you all for doing this.

  30. Great job!! I’m sharing this with all of my friends. If your show ever needs to change its name please consider: “The Bus Stops Here” as its new name. Anyone with any brains can see that is exactly what you are trying to do doing. Fine humor, wonderful insights. Thanks Shannyn

  31. Thanks for making intelligent sexy again.

    • Ain’t dat da troof!

  32. Excellent show! Great discussions of her having the chance to be a good Governor but she threw it away treating it more like a game. The panel spoke you know that word “truthfully”, giving her compliments but also speaking of her failures and continued lies. It was a well balanced show — not the ‘mean’ bullies many would expect. Add in the fun and comic relief — we couldn’t ask for more from you.

    Looking forward to future shows!
    Thanks to you Shannyn and all your guests 🙂

  33. Thank you Shannyn and guests for an informative view of Wasilla’s mistake.

    This Canadian finds Sarah Palin very wanting and needy. I hope she will be lost in the wilderness before too long.

  34. Wow…a winner first time out of the gate!

    Great show and a great panel. Lots of laughs but also a lot of very thoughtful moments and insightful opinions. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see the next show.

  35. Nice show, Shannyn. Very enjoyable and informative. I have just one teeny-weeny suggestion — please dump the phrase “sort of” in what seemed like every other sentence. It’s meaningless filler (articulated pause), like saying “umm” in between thoughts during a speech. I hope you will consider my suggestion in the constructive spirit in which its offered. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

    • noted.

      • To the Editor:

        As an attorney, I had a similar problem. I would say “Sort of” or “Let think for a minute,” or any number of other verbal tics. They are terrible distractions from the point you are trying to make. To stop it, I would consciously stop, just take a breath, and say “okay” in my mind (not out loud). After awhile, I was finally able to break that bad habit, and have people be able to concentrate on the substance of what I wanted to say.

        But taking a breath (not saying anything), and not worrying about the pauses…that would be my advice.

    • Putting the audience laughter a bit more into the background would help with sound problems. Distracts from the panel at times.

      • Laughter – might be technically correct, but I admit I loved that laughter a lot. Real laughter – very refreshing.

  36. Watched every video. Great show and I hope big things are in store for the future. Alaska and the nation needs this kind of politically intelligent and entertaining programming.

    Slight criticism. Spruce up the background with alaskan art or artifacts. Better mike placement. No shadows on back walls.

    Loved it. Will try and come to a show.

  37. Shannon this is the first time I’ve seen your show. I live in Massachusetts (and come your way via Mudflats). I read Anne K.’s missive on Palin when it first circulated the net. I checked out Andrew H.’s blog well before the VP debates. And Palin’s former friend (Bitney) was someone that I had heard of, but not known much about.

    How nice to see these people–who had been completely flattened into 2D images by Palin and anyone else who could get their hands on a storyline–actually as living, breathing, thinking and insightful people.

    Thank you.

    And, as an aside, my 8 year old son informed me that we look alike and that I should get your glasses to replace mine. So, brand name please? He may be onto something.


    And thanks for the view from under the bus. 😉

    • Ha! What is it about women from Alaska and glasses? Those are BeBe tortoise frames. Enjoy!

      • Excellent! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  38. OMG that was excellent. Shannyn you are very sharp and funny also, too.
    I thought you were going to spit when you asked then “Is Sarah sane”.
    Excellent show, great guest. BTW they really could have tore her up but they were kind about it.
    And yes people should have to take a test to be President.
    I read about 145 pages of her book today. According to her,SHE IS PERFECT. Oy Vey

    Congrats on an excellent first show.

  39. Shannyn, Congratulations on the debut of your show. Reading your blog, seeing your guest appearences on KO, and listening to the podcast of your show is always something I look forward to, and now to see you interact with your guests is the icing on the cake.

    Best of luck in this new endeavor. I’m one happy camper- your humor and interviewing style are spot on!

  40. Shannyn, I’m totally impressed with your show and am looking forward to more. Bless you for making me laugh when others could not.

  41. I don’t know if you’ve seen this yet, but someone has condensed Sarah’s interview with Oprah down to 35 seconds where she herself says she’s a quitter, not qualified, has unprotected sex, etc.

    I think it’s quite funny! Hope you enjoy it.

  42. Shannyn:

    As many have said, thanks for the laugh!

    It makes me cry that most of America will never see this or understand the menace that is S’error…

    Oh how I wish I could attend the Muckraker Ball and a taping of your show! Maybe Santa (dear hubby) woudl be so kind as to send me via miles….. Or so I could wish.

    Congratulations on a wonderful show! Please keep the humor, truth, and great guests coming forward. You may help to derail the Palin 2012 bus — that or you and your guests on the bus will run her over!

  43. Thanks so much for posting this online. I look forward to seeing you on MSNBC prime-time. This was really excellent.

  44. Shannyn that was awesome. It was most informative and confirmed every thing I’ve felt about Palin for the past year.

    I’m a staunch Liberal Democrat, but I would probably vote for Andrew Halcro – what a shame he’s not a Democrat. He definitely made a very good point, that this WAS the chance for Sarah to show that she had learned from her mistakes, and let people know more than she knows how to be a b*tch.

    Looking forward to seeing MOORE!

  45. Jolly good show … truly appreciated Halcro’s insights and many other tidbits of wisdom. Most appreciated was Anne’s compassion regarding how it is not good for the USofA to have the GOP failing so. It might be good to follow up on Palin when she pulls the blunder of going to Fort Hood and other bases for book signings during a time of war. Let’s hope she learns who and what the Commander in Chief is… especially if she intends to be one or support one in the future.. let alone while her son is in the military. (What does her book say on that?) Looking foward to many shows to come = a great public service.

  46. Thanks Shannyn. Great debut! Wonderful guests, civil conversation, and gracious humor. Winning combination.

    Can we expect AKM as future guest along with other AK bloggers and assorted AK mudflatters?

    South Side Chicago

    • She has an open invite…still a little camera shy. I may do a panel of bloggers one night…good Lord…help me!

  47. Hey Sauerkraut, I read your response in your e-mail, and FYI I have never commented over on Mudflats. Being a former webmaster, I know this can be confirmed by checking the logs for my IP address which, naturally, will not show up since I have never been there. Also, I am not a man, I am a woman, a biological woman, and yes I can prove this. As for the brown-nose comment, I am sorry if you disagree with me, but please do so in a respectful manner. I make my comment as someone observing this political soap opera, and find it boorish since there are more important issues to address other than a book by a former politician. Also, it will do you well in the future to not automatically jump to baseless assumptions when evaluating or in this case disparaging the character of someone who is taking advantage of their constitutional rights to freedom of expression and civil dissension.

    Ryan K.

    • Ryan, there is nothing in the First Amendment that insulates a speaker from having his words thrown back in his face. And isn’t it a little weak to be justifying your right to speak when your original post was chastising people for pointing and laughing at Palin?

      There is an old saying you might be familiar with: If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

      If you don’t want to listen to or read about a particular subject, don’t; but don’t think you’re going to get any sympathy by butting in and telling those who do that they shouldn’t.

      • Bravo Karen Marie, I agree with absolutely everything you’ve said and would also add to Ryan K.

        You say; “I make my comment as someone observing this political soap opera, and find it boorish since there are more important issues to address other than a book by a former politician.”

        If you find it so “boorish” as you put it, why did you not just move on knowing what the article was about, knowing that people are leaving their comments about Sarah? Why would you take those comments so personally?
        Are you seriously trying to pull a “Palin” and play the “habitual victim”? Are you not familiar with Shannyn’s blogs and honestly didn’t think it would be about Sarah, especially with the guest list announced at the beginning of the article?

        Me thinks thou doest protest too much Miss Ryan K.

  48. Brava!!

    I hadn’t heard the expression “under the bus” before the 2008 campaign. Liked Halcro’s bon mot — “under the bus” is the new “on the bus.”

  49. That was fantastic! I listened to it twice and picked up even more details the 2nd time around. You (or rather Scarah) chose an excellent, DIVERSE politically, ‘adult’ panel. But everyone came off feeling respected, adding to the comics, seriously adding to the discussion, no whining.

    I am so impressed by your panelists & your moderating. Looking forward to future shows!

    • P.S. – even though I’m a liberal Democrat, I think I will be donating to Andrew’s campaign. Really impressed by the guy.

  50. Great show, Shannyn and guests.

    Thanks for posting the video here, since I missed both the taping and original airing.

  51. Wonderful show even if it was about a mind boggling subject! What concerns me about SP is her ability to rile up people who have such simplistic views of how our government works. I’m convinced our country has been dumbed down by overconsumption of high fructose corn syrup and cheap televisions from China. Those who buy her book and exclaim how refreshing it is to hear such “good Christian values and support of our constitution” need to take the several months that would be required and actually READ the constitution. She inspires hate and spurs on the continued division within our country. Shame on her for that. Keep up the good work. We need to be able to laugh in the face of this idiocracy.

    • Agreed. High fructose corn syrup and radiation have taken a toll. And in those months of learning the constitution, they could also read the New Testament to firm up those Christian values they claim, but lack and seem ignorant about.

  52. Hi, wonderful interviews with Mr. Steiner and all the panelists. Very interesting and informative. And I love the forum in a Bar! The questions from the audience were hilarious and your reactions (putting some away!) were excellent.

    It was intelligent conversation with people who are not afraid to be themselves.

    Looking forward to Moore up North fun debates about everything…(else than Sarah Palin in future!! Wishful thinking here that she might dissappear with her stunt show once she has raked in enough cash.)

  53. Loved your first show… keep up the great work.. KO will love this

    It’s scary knowing that people like SP can have this much influence (twisted) on folks and how many more may be drawn in…

    If I needed a heart transplant, I’d pick the rock

    I’m sure BearWoman will make it to the Muckraker Ball…

    Keep up the great work!

    • I’d pick Palin’s heart. It’s obviously not been used much, as evidenced by how selfishly she treats her friends and family.

  54. Dear Shannyn:

    I don’t live in Alaska, and don’t have a TV anyway, so I was thrilled that you are posting your show on Youtube! Yay!

    I look forward to enjoying more episodes of your terrific show.

  55. Great show! Love the humor. I was super impressed by Andrew Halcro. What a smart, well-spoken guy. Please have him on regularly.

    I was touched by the obvious sincerity of Anne K. She really loves her country and is a class act. I bet she has a ton of dirt on SP, and I hope one day she can “tell all” when her sources no longer fear blowback from Miss “I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too”.

    Although John B. is in a good place right now, it is obvious he feels betrayed by SP whom he worked for and supported for years. What a shame she used her book in such a small, petty way.

  56. So happy you put the show up for all to see. You are loved in Iowa (please don’t hold grrrrASSley against us! We really hope to see him go poof in the very near future.) Oh do have a show with all of the Alaska Bloggers. What a hoot that would be.
    Enjoyed seeing & hearing A-Cro, visit his site also too.
    Keep on keeping on!

  57. LOL

  58. Watched you videos.
    What an amazing thing to see people of different political idologies carrying on an non contentious conversation.

    I didn’t think that was possible any more.
    Congratulations to you and your panel, jointly and severally.

  59. This past week, I have heard some pretty stupid comments from Palin supporters, but I want to share this letter to the editor appearing in the Kansas City Star this morning.
    Palin was robbed

    Sarah Palin is convinced that John McCain’s presidential campaign staff, once they realized that he was going down in defeat, acted to ensure that she lost as well.
    Otherwise, she is certain, she could have easily beaten Joe Biden and been a great help to President Obama.

    Michael Mardikes
    Kansas City

    • That writer actually believes that the President and VP are elected separately????

      No WONDER he supports Palin! LOL!

  60. Thanks for the posting the video so that folks outside of Anchorage can see it. After reading the book, I was very angry with the way Mrs. Palin slandered and defamed her fellow Alaskans who don’t have a national platform from which to defend themselves. Thanks for providing a chance for them to answer back. 🙂

  61. It was an incredible show, Shanny – thanks for posting.

  62. Sarah Palin vs. Darth Oprah

  63. In nearly all the interviews, Palin has been talking about the issues. I have been hoping that you would be posting a serious issue that she talked. Please don’t ignore me this time, respectfully.

      I can’t HEAR YOU!!!

      j/k . .. . .c’mon Mark, we all know you’re mischaracterizing her interviews. Had she actually put forth a considered view on an actual issue, ppl WOULD (once the shock wore off) comment on it.

      P.S. Many comments call this episode Shannyn’s first. Isn’t this one the second show?

    • To the Editor:

      I cannot believe that “Mark” has tried to read Private Citizen Palin’s book. The book is not about any “issues.” Rather, it is an endless string of platitudes and personal attacks.

  64. can we get a dvd from up north or kyes?

    • The whole show is up on YouTube. They are posted on this site. Not sure about DVDs…I’ll find out.

  65. To the Editor:

    John Bitney, arguably, is a not a “public figure” under Gertz v. Robert Welch, Inc. 418 US 323 (1974), so the NY Times v. Sullivan 376 US 254 (1964) “reckless disregard” standard may not apply. I don’t know how Alaska law is on slander (Oregon is terrible), but I think Mr. Bitney can certainly put together a credible claim of defamation. First, he is a non-public figure. Second, Private Citizen is not a media outlet (like a newspaper). Next, what she writes about is not a matter of public interest or concern. Finally, what she writes about is not simply a matter of opinion. Had she just said “I always thought John Bitney dressed and looked like a pig,” that would be a matter of opinion. Instead, she says that Mr. Bitney during a meeting had his fly down, with the shirt tail sticking out—very specific assertions of fact.

    To rebut it (to counter “he said/she said”), Mr. Bitney could collect affidavits from however many people he worked with, stating that he never went around like that.

    There was no reason for Private Citizen Palin to describe Mr. Bitney in that manner, other than pure vitriol.

    Even if Mr. Bitney were awarded nominal damages, it would embarrass (maybe) Private Citizen Palin…..I would be interested in helping Mr. Bitney, if he would be interested.

  66. Great viewing, fast paced and funny, but also worrying. Palin scares the hell out of me and so do her disciples. Just a suggestion: Confiscate John Bitney’s BlackBerry before going to air.

  67. great show Shannyn! I finally got to watch and was worth the effort!
    I’m still laffing at Bitney’s “Pauline Bunyon” line!

  68. Wonderful show! Thanks for putting it online.

    –a fan from Illinois

  69. As others have said, thank you for putting this online. The more this Palin person is exposed, the better.

  70. Screw it, I admit. I like Palin, bad moderate! Bad! Bad! Yet, I am mainly disappointed in her because she quit, she let down I and every other feminist she led to believe in her, to look past her positions, to think she was the great female hope, only to end up feeling betrayed and abandoned. My inner feminist still hasn’t recovered, and probably never will. I’m mad at her for leading me to have hope, and feeling like for once there was a politician I could trust and believe in.

  71. […] who were bad-mouthed in the book equal time on her show, video segments of which are posted on here on her blog, “Just a Girl from Homer”, and on YouTube. The panel discussion is very […]

  72. I enjoyed your episode on drilling in the Beaufort and Chukchi… You mentioned feeling different about offshore and land-based drilling, and I’m amazed at the deafening silence in the absence of discussion about the pipeline that will be built across the North Slope linking the offshore rigs with Prudhoe Bay. This state is beginning to look a lot like Wyoming.

  73. I am so glad that this show is available. I can’t help but worry that something will succeed in taking it off the air. Anything this honest, and released to the public, is usually shut down by the rich corporations. I am sure that corporate agencies, conservative representatives and energy officials want nothing more than to get rid of Shannyn Moore’s show. But for now, I just wanted to say that it is about time Alaska offered such a media program. Alaska’s general public has been being “played” on a daily basis, and I have had to sit by and watch my neighbors get played by people like oil reps, Ted, Palin and Parnell. I want the truth to be spoken, but have been forced to accept my frustrations because I thought that conservative Alaska would never allow the truth to be heard. Shannyn More has offered the service of truth and reality to my fellow Alaskan citizens. When I first watched the show I felt this overcoming sense of relief and excitement that maybe, just maybe, the public will hear her messages and realize the wool that’s being pulled over their eyes. Shannyn is quick, witty, intelligent, trustworthy, and a true representative of Alaska’s general public’s best interest. She is an inspiration to me and women everywhere. I just pray that she stays on air long enough to make a difference. I would pay BIG money to see her interview Palin, Parnell, or head oil reps, and put them in their place!!!!

  74. Hi Shannyn, just wish to say you are awesome. I love you for stepping up to the plate of truth and enjoying a mighty fine cuisine. I heard the other day, the state is building it’s own refinery. Is this true ? Will you help me understand what is going on with our past and present governors giving a half billion dollars each, to the oil companies ? Those monies are to be traveling the other direction unless I am once again mistaken. I have not heard jack s in regards to appropriate solutions for homelessness. I propose a giant dome, as a habitat, contained community, with at least a skelital amount of in house services to help resolve transportation and housing dilemas. Space, materials, and energy are the key concepts, by Buckminster Fuller. “The Critical Path ” . 50 to 100 feet wide on the upper level for rain water collection and recreational purposes . Thanky you so much baby, Robert Brown , Palmer

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