Posted by: shannynmoore | November 26, 2009

Levi Johnston’s Thanksgiving…

Right after Palin’s appearance on Oprah, I was a guest on Ron Reagan Jr’s radio show.  I had joked that I had a better chance of having Thanksgiving with Levi Johnston than she did.  I wasn’t sure what to say when I was invited a few weeks ago.

My day was full of my family and fixings…and a few hours at the home of Rex Butler.  Here a few pictures. I promised not to write what we talked about.  Entertainment Tonight was filming, but when the cameras were off, so were the brakes.

Catch my interview with Tank Jones on Moore Up North, Saturday 4pm on KYES Channel 5.  He made me blush more than once and explained “swagger.”

I keep getting that “an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind” sort of feeling…




  2. You rock, Shannyn!

  3. OMG! I love it!

  4. Cute couple. Go for it! 😉

  5. How fun Shannyn! When will the ET episode air?

  6. cute pics – hope you all enjoyed wonderful turkey and all the ‘trimmings’ –

  7. Shannyn, thanks for letting Levi know that he has a huge family out here who cares about him and his baby.

  8. HA!!! Awesome!!!

  9. You naughty Girl!
    Hope when Santa see’s this picture, he doesn’t add you to the ‘Naughty List’!! He just might not understand!!

  10. Did you get Levi to autograph PLAYGIRL photo? How about shoving a dollar down his shorts?

    • eeewwww, hobo. just eeeewwww!

      (my oldest one heard me laughing, came over, and asked if someone saw Levi’s “johnston.” teenagers… he’s way too interested in the Palin-Johnston stuff.)

  11. Shannyn, those are great photos. I never see a bad photo of you, or Levi, and the one of the two of you is particularly nice.

    Thank you for all you do.

  12. Best regards, ‘Pilgrims’. You’re stakin’ out new territory there, also, two…

  13. Great picture, Shannyn. The Queen Quitter will have a severe case of indigestion when she sees that picture of Levi and Tank whispering to you the secrets they know about Sarah.

    I take particular delight in the fact that Sarah’s “faithful followers” have sacrificed their last dime so the Queen Quitter can go on her just-like-you-folks “bus” tour via a luxurious private jet.

  14. Oh, also, too, while Sarah is traveling by luxurious private jet, Todd didn’t go to Washington state to have Thanksgiving dinner with the whole famn damily, nooooo, Todd stayed home “fixin’ the roof”, dontcha’ know, economizing to save all those millions, just like regular folks.

    • Wait a second… The Dud did not accompany his family to the T-day happenings??? Not much of a family man, is he? Could it be the rumors of family discord be true? Certainly seems her fawning over The Dud in the book are less than truthful (not that any of us have ever heard S’error being accused of being untruthful before).

      • What with both of them quitting their jobs to live off the book swag, I suppose they have to pinch pennies, heh heh. When I read all that mush about Dud in $P’s book, I thought that the lady doth protest too much. People with great marriages don’t blab-blab about them constantly, or in print.

        But yeah, Dud not showing up at the Thanksgiving groaning board from Quiznos–that’s what $P said!–is odd, given all that mush and gabble about how $P’s family is the most awesome evah.

  15. I have a huge favor to ask of you Shannyn and to those of you living in Alaska that are part of this cause to “set the record straight” about Sarah Palin.

    I’m in Long Beach, Ca. and our local newspaper has several letters to the editor today that are those type you know were written by Beck and Hannity followers. Please go to and under “opinions” read Friday’s Letters to the Editors.
    Then if you would, if a group of you from up North could write letters setting the record straight for the mentally challenged down here with all the factual talking points of why this woman would be a security risk and a disaster if she set foot near the White House, I and all of our Liberals here would appreciate it.

    Now the paper’s editor tends to run more “conservative” and “Right Wing” view letters, that’s why I would like to see them flooded from up north.

    You have to include name, address, phone number in your letter – but only name and city is published.

    The email address for letters is

    Please help those of us that are fighting the same cause, and write in with talking points from those who have lived under “Palinism Rule”!

    Thank you.

    • shannon, i just read the emails from .. I think, to read your blog and then go on a site like presstelegram .. it makes me wonder.. how does anyone know anything about sarah palin in just this short year…. while alaska blogs seem to have the ball in their court for info on their ex mayor and now ex gov. please shannon, make time to put some of your expertise on the subject of s palin… she is a celebrity!! nothing more.. women say .. she is like me, she likes to cook moose stew, she sounds like a good candidate for a talk show for these folks…. to talk turkey..
      lets be real america and presstelgram emailers, s palin will be over with after her book tour… even in ft bragg her books were not even selling the day she went there for the big non event .

      happy thanksgiving all and lets hope americans can get their huge population a
      a descent health care system… and please shannon… convince the right wingers down there that s palin is just a celebrity and i bet she loved her roll as one in alaska as one until her real colors appeared… in the form of $$.

      who did pay for her house actually? funny, the same time that big arena built by her hubbys gang in wasilla ,the palin gang got a big house built with the same building supplies… gotta love america*s ignorance sometimes..

      peace …out

  16. Wow! The pictures are great! I’ll bet you guys had a much better time than the quitter had in washington. Keep up the good work. She has to be reined in or stopped soon, she’s raging like a wild fire.

  17. OMG! Those are great pix! That ought to give S’error something to think about. Coolness!

  18. Did Tank, he has such great “style”, compliment your outfit? You look really nice Shannyn. Looks like you got an earful. I’m glad Tank and Levi have connected with you. Such great news today.

  19. Shannyn-

    You should invite Todd over for Thanksgiving leftovers.

    Bet it isn’t the first time he has had leftovers.

    Happy Thankgiving!

  20. This little morsel of a story ought to tighten up the tension in the hair extensions…

    Karma – ain’t it grand?!

    I have to go rest up…too much fun on one blog…peckin’ hilarious people!

  21. Great pics, Shannyn! I look forward to the YouTube of your show when it’s up.

  22. Sauerkraut: I believe Sarah’s statement for public consumption was that Todd was “fixing the roof,:” which may be Alaska-speak for “out in the cold.”

  23. I had a warm, fuzzy hopeful feeling reading your post and seeing the great pics; and I’m so glad you had face-time with Levi. Then, I read the last line. What a downer! We’ve got to stop “an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind” talk. It shouldn’t apply here. (Please ignore and forgive me if I’ve misinterpreted and am going off on a wild tangent or am being a “too literal” bore.)

    A robbery witness’ testimony (for example only), allows justice for the robber’s own actions and protects the community. The witness’ testimony isn’t anything like eye-poking’. Now, if the witness were to go and rob the robbers house, that would be another story. I do understand that some witnesses need to be in a protection program and…(sigh)…a replacement witness may be needed.

    Wishing only the best for TeamLevi!

  24. “I keep getting that “an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind” sort of feeling…”

    subtext: I got some juicy gossip but I won’t spill it.


    Another one bites the dust.

  25. I’m wondering….if the palins have made so much money and scarah can jet around everywhere…why don’t they hire someone to fix the roof instead of todd doing it????? Something just doesn’t add up.

  26. With all due respect, Shannyn, speaking of eyes, the red-eye in the picture on Gryphen’s site makes you look like the spawn of Satan. If you don’t know or don’t have the time to fix red-eye, send it to me, and I will do it for you. Seriously.

    • I sent her a cleaned up picture the day I saw them.

  27. I just received an e-mail praising Sarah Palin to the sky. It is by Cordova’s former Fire Chief. I would like to forward it to you, to see if you are interested in rebutting it, or at least in sending me some advice on how I can tear it to shreds. She must be stopped.

    • My email is Send it on over…I wonder how anyone from Cordova, Alaska could think much of her after her flip flops on the Exxon Valdez spill.

  28. Great picture of you and Levi, Shannyn
    Wake up America We all know the spawn of Satan is Sarah not anyone else except her partners,Beck Hannity Rush L and the Darth Vader family,JMO of course

  29. Move over Kathy Griffin!

    Great Pics!! So glad for Levi!- I’m sure this was another difficult holiday for him. THIS is what REAL friends are for.

    Can’t wait for the show saturday

    You Rock, Shannyn!

  30. Love the pics! Don’t think Scarah will enjoy too much. What’s great is that you all, Rex & Tank & Levi & YOU understand that you can better fight fire with HUMOR. Much more powerful.

    While many folks insist that Levi needs to Tell All Now, posters needing instant gratification, I think he’s trying (at such a young age) to walk a tightrope. Until his Mom gets out of jail, or his child custody fight is final, who knows what backlash could ensue?

    Levi seems to be smart enough to take advice from his handlers. I’m really developing a fondness for Tank & Rex for taking him under their wing.

  31. Ho hum, more celebrity poses on all accounts. And how does this advance the search for truth about Trig’s birth? How does it burst the self-righteous DS hoax that Sarah knowingly gave forth a special needs child so she could be given a halo by her political followers? Biggest political hoax over the American public in a century and all we get it goofy grins. Miss Audrey at Palin deception. Thankful there is Palingates.

    • Good Lord, please direct me to your blog…

      • Shannyn if you need rescuing just tweet.

  32. Looking forward to headlines on Levi shaking his booty for the liberal femme lechers in Green Bay at the “Hunks of PlayGirl” review. He is quite a celebrity?

  33. I sure like a clean shaving Levi better. He looks so clean cut and honest and dare I say a littler naive

  34. It always amazes me that Sarah’s references to Todd are all about looks. I think, most wives would describe their husbands as great fathers, loving husbands, good provider and wonderful partner. It really shows how much of a Shallow Hal the great Sarah Palin has become.

    If everything in Sarah’s world relates to looks, can you imagine what those poor children are faced with each day.

  35. It seems so superifcial to talk about looks. But Shannyn you look wonderful! The photo was so cute looking!

  36. […] Levi Johnston’s Thanksgiving… Right after Palin’s appearance on Oprah, I was a guest on Ron Reagan Jr’s radio show.  I had joked that I […] […]

  37. I think we should all spread the word to bulk buy Levi’s Playgirl edition to push the number of this mag’s sales pass FORMER (with a little “g”) governor Palin’s book sales.

    If the screechers on the far right can bulk buy her book of comedy/put-downs/errors/lies and “blame everyone but me” to push her to the top of the bestseller list why not give her a run for her money from the Levi?

    I think that would be a scream!

  38. What a great idea! I’m on board. BTW, I like calling her the Semi-Gov.

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