Posted by: shannynmoore | November 28, 2009

Moore Up North

State wide broadcast at 4pm Saturday KYES Channel 5.

If you’d like tickets to this weeks live taping, email

Ethan Berkowitz, Steve Heimel and Rick Steiner.

Security provided by Tank Jones.



  1. I-we loved the show. What a great lineup. Only if you could have gotten Frank Murky to talk. Ethan talks a good talk but will he pull an Obama and just shit on the rest of us.Frank was a straight out jerk but we knew that. I would dream that the new Alaska reps would do something honest. Ethan should just do something else if he aint up to his words. What me worry?

  2. Are you doing your radio show today?

    • No, they had a sports event to air…

  3. Great show, Shannyn. I share AKjah’s concerns about Ethan Berkowitz but any of the dems would be better than Parnell. Tank Jones was funny – I think that’s the first I’ve heard him speak.

  4. Wonderful show Shannyn! That bit with Tank at the top was so funny! And who knew he had that much swagger! I could feel it without even being there. The guy is intense. He truly cares about Levi – I was glad to see that.

    Your panel was wonderful. Rick is so smart and articulate. Steve is ….Steve. What’s not to love? He’ll take the million and get naked! LOL! And Ethan is such a visionary. I know Alaska will be ready for him one day, but I don’t know if that day has come yet. I’m ready for him, but the popular vote?

    Great job Shannyn!

    P.S. I want the details on Thanksgiving dinner and I want them now! 🙂

  5. Will you be posting video from the latest installment of “Moore Up North” for those in the lower 48 to enjoy?

  6. I caught your show for the first time yesterday. Too much fun! The Tank bodyguard act was great. Though Tank made you blush a few times, you got him back and he blushed too (noticable even with his skin tone!).

    The panel was fanastic, and I like Ethan even more than I did before.

    I look forward to catching you regularly now on Sunday evenings!

  7. I love your show. You really do a great job of putting the people together for your panel. They really seem to be a nice fit. Keep up the good work. Wish I could see it live here in California.

  8. Levi needs to stop saying he’s telling Sarah’s secrets in revenge and start framing what he’s doing as a service to his country.

    • I agree with you Candy Knight.

  9. Thank you for the great show. Keep up the good work!

  10. What a great and honest panel. You picked a great panel and you all seemed to also have fun up there.
    Ethan seems to have some very good ideas and knows what he is talking about.Rick is very knowledgeable and knows what he is talking about. when it comes to how science is perceived in Alaska. Steve at his age really knows what is going on in Alaska .

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