Posted by: shannynmoore | November 29, 2009

Moore Up North: VIDEO

A Tank, a Candidate, a Radio Dude and a Scientist…lovely.  I had so much fun with this panel.  Hope you enjoy this week’s Moore Up North.

My thanks to Tank Jones, Ethan Berkowitz, Steve Heimel and Rick Steiner.

If you’d like to attend this weeks live taping at Bernie’s Bungalow, please email for tickets.

Part ONE:

Part TWO:


Part FOUR:

Part FIVE:

Part SIX:


  1. great show Shannyn i enjoy it and find it relevant even here in Canada

  2. Wow! Enjoyed the show very much. Interesting and apropos topics and discussion. Way to go!

  3. Tank is a mess! Levi has swagger?!?! I don’t know which is funnier…the fact that Levi now has swagger or Tank providing the definition! Glad you had Tank on the show Shannyn and Tank is just one of the many “SWAGGERFIED” Black folks up here in the AK 🙂

  4. Love the show! One production note: the matchstick shades as a backdrop tend to blur in closeups – perhaps something less patterny?

  5. I love your show. I’m just wish I could come to Alaska to visit and see the show in person. Keep posting for us Shannyn, I love watching it. I learn so much as a resident in the lower 48 just from watching your show.

  6. This was great. I missed my Shannyn fix yesterday when your radio show was cancelled for college football. All the panelists were wonderful. So glad to see out of staters (above) tuning into the show to learn more about Alaska issues and learning more about the real former governor Sarah Palin. Hope more people tune in to the show. Very informative.

  7. What fun! A bunch of smart people having a sincere conversation…. Great way to start my day and thanks for all the info. I like to be informed and these conversations make me hungry for moore. 🙂

    How are you going to keep this high standard?

  8. Confess that I just ‘tattled’ to Anonymous Bloggers site where they’re trying to figure at the Victoria Briggs on Verge of Winter/ “By-catch/sustainability/CDQ issues. Telling them they really need to watch these Youtubes.

    “The first 2 were funny with Tank Jones, but then she pulled in her panel – Ethan Berkowitz, Steve Heimel and Rick Steiner. Okay, totally diverse group (wasn’t sure it would be interesting to me, to be honest).

    I’ve just now watched last 4 tapes twice, it was THAT good! What I would like you to see, if it’s the only tape you watch is Part-4, 5:27mark when that radio guy gets going on the Yukon River fish counter, cutting off sustenance. They really start getting into the meat of the problems. Part-5 they get into Pebble Mine, at the end they talk about Marshall fish poaching.

    If you have chance, I HIGHLY recommend watching them. I learned a LOT!”

    Shannyn, you have such a diverse panel there, but it was interesting, humorous, Dang! keep them coming.

  9. P.S. I really LOVED Tank Jones! It was refreshing to hear how that whole Levi job came together. Tank is a lot more articulate than I had realized, funny too. I knew what “swagger” meant when he 1st said it, and he was so correct when he described it. Levi would have been stew meat if Tank hadn’t taken him under his wing!

  10. love the shows, shannyn! keep up the great work!

  11. Great show!

    –a fan in Illinois

  12. Shannyn your informality is a great asset. What a change from the pre-sliced and diced formats. There were so many bon mots and zingers that had me laughing, but the “Synaptic Swagger” had me roaring! I have always bemoaned the prideful anti-intellectualism rampant in this country. That said, I agree that intelligence is the curiosity of the mind, which leads to greater understandings of the crucial interrelationships of all denizens of this planet.
    My thanks to you and your panelists once again.

  13. Watched your show on the internet from Seattle and I think it has the appeal to go nationwide. Palin gives you enough material to work with for years to come. Sometimes I think she was hired by the Democrats to bring down the GOP. Would have loved to watch with friends on tv. I was impressed by the positive energy from the audience and the bright panel.

  14. Shannyn, I love the balance of light hearted levity and serious and intelligent discussion about the issues we have all come to be aware of thanks to all you PJ clad Alaska bloggers.

    Getting a good look at people who really care about Alaska’s place in the scheme of things as a leader rather than as a private stash for the Corrupt Bastards club is a real eye-opener.

  15. I really enjoyed getting to see this!
    Thank you.
    We have almost no forums for talking about Alaskan issues from a questioning stance… this show is shaping up to be a good one.

    For all of us far, far from Anchorage and the valley, it gets tiring to see ourselves and our rural neighbors reported on almost as if we are foreign.
    This panel and Ms Moore somehow knit us all back together again in this short hour…

    And left me with at least a hundred questions – enough for many more hours of idea sharing!

  16. Wonderful informative show. Great to see / listen to intelligent panel discuss topics that need to be brought out…regularly.

    Keep up the great is appreciated.

  17. Thanks for gathering up interesting groups of people and getting to some real Alaskan issues. I’m really enjoying your show.

    Is there any way to get the volume on the videos posted here to stay constant, though? I’m not having much luck catching it on TV, so I’m watching it here and adjusting the volume frequently. Is anyone else having this problem?

  18. My name is JR and I am a vietnam vet . I have been an Alaskan for over 50 years..I love you shoew …you really get to the have no problem getting in to the face of Exxon or any other part of the Goverment …I like I love it …you should run for office ..Thanks fore what you do.

  19. […] Speaking of something to clear my brain, next up is Rick Steiner, who has been a guest on Moore Up North […]

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