Posted by: shannynmoore | December 2, 2009


What is it about “not liking drama” and being the biggest drama magnet on the planet? Good Lord, one more week on the “Bigger The Hair The Closer To Gawd” tour…how much more fresh hell will we endure?

The Mall of America’s public relations director apologized Wednesday to former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin after internal notes and comments were released to the Associated Press as the mall’s guidelines for covering her book tour stop next week.

Among the supposed guidelines: Reporters would need to address Palin, the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, as governor, and foreign reporters would be banned.

Note to the Mall of America and Sarah Palin: YOU AREN’T THE GOVERNOR.  YOU QUIT.  STOP USING A POST YOU WALKED OUT ON TO MAKE YOUR SELF FEEL SHINY.  Oh, did you know foreigners read books? Yes, they do! Maybe even yours…mmm, money!

To make myself feel better about the toe stepping Mall of America, I watched this bit of fun. 

Thanks, Lizz!


  1. Believe me…I really hate to mention this. As a friend named her, I much prefer the name “Your Lie-ness”…

    However, one thing I learned in 15 years of guv-ment service: once you are President or Governor, the title sticks forever…

    So, Governor Knowles will always be Governor Knowles. President Clinton will always be President Clinton.

    And…yes…Guv-na Twit will always be…well, you get the picture.

    However, that’s only protocol in formal situations. If you don’t want to follow it, call her whatever you want.

    • How is that possible, Linda, when Palin didn’t complete her first and only term as duly elected Governor, with the implied obligation of COMPLETING that term?

      She QUIT, rather than face the questions that kept arising about her promise of transparency in government and the actuality of secrecy, obfuscation, and apparent rule- and law-breaking, and statute-flaunting. You know about that better than almost anybody in Alaska.

      How has she earned the title she said she didn’t need?

      • Exactly. Thank you, Karen. She QUIT. QUITTERS don’t deserve the title. Unless of course, you want to call her “Quitter Sarah Palin.”

    • FYI:

      Business Etiquette – Reference name etiquette

      Former Governors don’t retain their titles after leaving office. US Senators are the only ones who do.

      Cynthia Lett

  2. Since when did a mall manager have authority to dictate to journalists how anyone should be addressed? What a self-inflated, authoritarian ego! Fits right in with the new GOP.

  3. Come on, Shannyn, can’t she at least be called “Mayor”? I think that might be more fun in the long run. Perhaps we should just revert back to Mrs. Todd Palin. I refer to her as QG (quitter governor) Palin.

  4. She might be quittin on the Mrs Palin thing also. Where’s Todd?

  5. Shannyn, someone on Mudflats asked for a german speaker a couple of days ago.
    I looked up the article mentioned. Der Spiegel is a five decades old, highly regarded political magazine with a reputation for inside and background information. True to form the writer was in full snark mode, pointing out the flying bus tour, calling her bus the “Mogel Paket” (Cheating Package) and her “Lese Tour” (Reading Tour) a “Schwindel”. Yes, they used the word swindle both in the headline and the text. Made my day!

  6. I thought she was all about affectin change without a title? Why is she hell bent on being addressed with a title she quit? I think she truly lost that privilege.

    Narcissist and sociopath.

    Halcro nailed it on his review – she embodies a person who shows no ability to for emotional, professional or reasoned growth. She is Arrested Development, I think she stopped progressing when she was 12.

    I called it when the luster wore off post-VP announcement – she was destined for more like the 700 Club rather than national politics. At least the followers / donors don’t hold their leaders accountable. This is more her style.

  7. How about, Governor Sarah “Crap on Alaska” Palin?

  8. And don’t call her employees, aids. Aids work for government. Staff or employees or nannys or henchmen or goons work for private citizens.

  9. right on shannyn !!!!!!
    she is such a fraud !!!
    and thinks she knows it all !!
    what was here college gpa. ????
    she did graduate right ?

  10. I think “Sister Sarah” suits her better than Governor, afterall, she’s preaching to her disciples.

  11. Love the title (and that it is being shouted) – my retort : YES, please somebody MAKE THEM STOP CALLING HER GOVERNOR! She quit, quit, quit QUIT!

    • According to Little Miss Quitty Pants, whose pants are pretty much on fire all the time, said she didn’t need a title. Apparently she lied. Oh my!

      English only spoken here. None of that furren mumbo jumbo because this is Amurika and we and God only speak Amerikan.

      I smell smoke. Doggone it Miss QP you’re a firing up again.

  12. The thing that’s really galling to me is that she’s the one who refuses to call President Obama by the title that he CURRENTLY HOLDS.

  13. She’s gotta put on a show up there in Minn…She’s competing with Michelle Bachmann for the “Lunatic of the 21st Century” award in Minn..

    But you guys have GOT TO be sick of this crap…..up to your eyeballs…. Has billy gramham’s gulfstream come whizzing by your place yet?? Ooops…sister’s ‘bus’….

  14. How do you know when you’ve actually made it in the publishing world?

    When your book tour takes place at a public mall, you have to issue guidelines on how you’d like to be addressed, and you bar national and foreign media sources! LOL

    Palin is sooooo afraid that her “image” may be damaged in the international political arena.

    It’s too bad that she doesn’t know that the damage was done LAST YEAR when the world celebrated the election of President Obama.

    IMHO, this is one of the things that sticks in the craws of McCain and Palin. Obama’s election was celebrated around the world. What a major smackdown of the McCain/Palin fiasco!

  15. Sarah Palin’s hypocrisy seems boundless. It’s telling in the extreme that she went on record (on “Oprah” as well as in her book) stating, “I don’t need a title to make a difference,” yet her Mall of America guidelines DEMAND people refer to her as “governor”, a post (and title) she renounced last summer.

    More should be made of this in the mainstream media. I hope Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow pick up on the disconnect.

    If Sarah wants to be called “governor” then people should at least have the right to clarify that she dumped the job even before completing her first term: “governor quitter”, for example, comes to mind.

  16. Very few governors quit in the middle of their first term for no reason. With such a small sample, precedent is almost non-existent. Consequently, the “it’s customary to say Governor x” is just plain absurd.

    I would politely say “Good Morning, Mr. President” to George Bush should the occasion arise whatever I might feel about his administration, because it is customary. But to Palin, the best I good squeak out would be something on the order of “why am I hearing your voice, I’m not in the kitchen”.

  17. Palin is simply afraid of more Canadian reporters coming to ambush her. After her disastrous radio prank last year (for all the world to hear then laugh about) then last week’s ridiculous performance done for the entertainment of viewers of Canada’s popular 22 minutes program (after all that woman had an accent that didn’t sound to Palin like an American accent), she doesn’t want any foreigners asking her questions.


  19. I am so glad you wrote on this very subject. I, just 2 days ago saw an article on HP where they referred to her as “Governor Palin” and I screamed; “BUT SHE QUIT. STOP CALLING HER GOVERNOR!!!”

    I can’t believe you heard me all the way from Southern California….LOL.

    • More appropriate to call her “Grifter Palin.”

      • After all she is the “Grift that keeps on Grifting”!

  20. If someone has to remind people of your title, you didn’t earn nor deserve it. Her open xenophobia is quite telling, her family must be so proud!

  21. I still think “Fish Wife” is a good title for her. Or else Miss Alaska Runner Up

  22. What is the reason HP has this loser on front page this morning? There the fake is ,questioning our president’s birth certificate.

    • What’s weird is that they quote Sarah as saying that she has provided Trig’s birth certificate, so why can’t Obama? It’s all “fair game”. I don’t recall seeing Trig’s birth certificate, but has Obama’s on display on their web site.

  23. So, does Jessie Ventura insist on being called, “Governor Ventura”? I don’t think so.

  24. Mr. Alben was what I was raised to call the former Vice-President Alben Barkley. Mr. Happy for Governor Happy Chandler.

    Perhaps the nation could adopt the Commonwealth’s habit and call that person Mrs. Sarah.

  25. Just read Mr.Halcro’s newest blog.

    Worth your while.
    Perhaps Ms. Twitter/Quitter resigned because she KNOWS her pipeline adventure will be a failure and did not want the stink attached to her?

    Think about it. Ms.’knows everything about energy and more then anyone else’ would not want this failure attached to her.
    SHe rammed this down Alaskan’s throats, much like she complains Obama is doing with HCR.

  26. And today she says we need to return to God and we will be provided answers to questions like health care. I want my answers to come from lawfully elected legislators, not from the voices in Sarah’s head. And how can she say we need to be “united” when she and Todd both belonged to the AIP? She’s insane!

  27. This is not quite on topic, but is so delightful. It is from Morialekafa probably the best written blog nobody reads — written by an 80-year old retired anthropology professor from UCLA.

    “See Sarah
    See silly Sarah
    See silly sophomoric Sarah
    See silly sophomoric Sarah sink scurrilously
    Selling souvenirs, successfully scrounging stupid supporters,
    Slowly, steadily, slovenly, saccharinely, sanctimoniously, sadistically,
    Slothfully, shooting salaciously salient sanguinary salutations sassily,
    Sans savoir faire.”

  28. For what it’s worth, Wikipedia notes the following regarding U.S. officeholders:

    “Continued use of a title depends on the office: Offices of which there is only one at a time (e.g., President, Mayor, or Speaker) are only used by the current office holder; titles for offices of which there are many concurrent office holders (e.g., Ambassador, Senator, or Captain) are retained for life.”

    Thus, as Alaska currently has a Governor, and that person is not Sarah Palin, it is improper to refer to her as Governor. She should be referred to by the term that is proper for her, which of course is Dumbass.

    • Your post cracked me up and I definitely agree!

      • That does have a ring to it as well as being apropos.

  29. I didn’t think deserters could keep their titles. She doesn’t even deserve a capital S for sarah. She is a real piece of work, and to be honest I still find her amazing…that anyone can be so arrogant.

  30. Twitter/Quitter Queen
    Is more appropriate.

    Whalin Palin might be too.

    Sister Sarah might invite a closer look at her crazy religious ties.

    What title is sarah not known for?
    Just plain ‘mom’.
    Has to be hockey mom

  31. If we organize and form a group called “Pray away the Nay”

    Do you think our prayers will be heard and she’ll disappear?

    • I’m willing do try anything at this point.

  32. I’m not entirely sure, but I don’t believe we in California refer to Gray Davis as Governor Gray Davis.

    So what does she want? We should call her Governor Parnell?

  33. Isn’t the Mall of America just the perfect gawdy, shallow consumerist forum for Palin?

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