Posted by: shannynmoore | December 5, 2009

Moore Up North *Shannyn Moore Show * The 2009 Muckrakers Ball

It’s buckle your seatbelt Saturday! 

First up: 

Moore Up North on KYES Channel 5 Statewide at 4pm 

Photo by Jeanne Devon, 2009 Muckraker of the Year!

Join Shannyn and her guests: 

Anchorage International Film Festival Founder Tony Sheppard and Australian Filmmakers James Harkness, writer, producer and director of Birthday and Natalie Eleftheriadis, Actor and producer for Birthday which makes its world debut at the Anchorage International Film Festival on Monday, December 7 at 5:30pm at the Bear Tooth Theatre Pub

Shannyn’s panelists are (left to right in picture): 

Bob Shavelson-Director for Cook Inlet Keeper 

Elstun Lauesen-contributing author for Going Rouge and a Rural Development Specialist 

Eric Croft-Anchorage attorney, former mayoral and gubernatorial candidate, a 5-time elected representative to the Alaska House of Representatives from 1996-2006 and Springsteen fan 


ON AIR! 5pm-7pm AST/9pm-11pm EST

Immediately following Moore Up North, join Shannyn’s live radio show on KBYR Smart Radio AM700 from 5pm-7pm AS T/9pm-11pm EST 

Stream the show here

Live blogging on The Mudflats 

Call the show at 907.274.5297 


Top off the night immediately following The Shannyn Moore Show with the 2009 Muckrakers Ball!  

Cook Inlet Keeper will be honoring the 2009 Muckraker of the year, Jeanne Devon of The Mudflats.  

Shannyn Moore will be the emcee.  

The ball will be at Rumrunners Downtown from 7pm-10pm TONIGHT. 

Past Recipients are: 

2007 Ray Metcalf 

2008 Dr. Riki Ott

Rumrunners is located at 4th and E Street Downtown Anchorage




  1. can’t wait to watch on youtube this week 🙂

  2. looking forward to the YouTube 🙂

  3. With you in spirit from the lower 48 and can’t wait for the you tube vids!

  4. Love ya Shannyn! Have fun!!

  5. OT but ..

    Found this on Sarah’s FB site …

    QUOTE….Angie Cook Hi I am super excited to read your book. I kinda heard that you talked a little smack about my misguided biological father Andrew Halcro. I’m kinda THAT families dirty little secret. So I would love to get them him from another haters point of view 🙂 We can hate on together ENDQUOTE

    ANY Alaska blogger who can shed some light on this comment????

  6. Angie Cook? Riiiight! If that person thinks any of us are dumb enough to fall for this slick deception, she is mistaken. What a sad, pitiful, frightened bunch Palin has following her.

  7. Real journalism requires one to go beyond personal bias. You have not made that turn yet and by appearance it might be to late for you. Good luck with finding the truth.

    • Have you noticed…I have NEVER claimed the title “journalist”? I’m not.

  8. Do they serve water in a martini glass? That’s okey, it’s good to see you get your inspiration in a jug.

  9. Shannyn lets hope jason finially finds the truthnad not from a supposed journalist that does not know the truth from facts and does not fact check her self

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