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Oh, so many parts….This weeks guests are:-Bob Shavelson, the executive director of Cook Inlet Keeper   -Elstun Lauesen, contributing author to Going Rouge: An American Nightmare
-Eric Croft, an Anchorage attorney and five term member of the Alaska State House.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

Part Five:

Part Six:



  1. Once again, Good Show!

    One thing that I did notice and actually may have meant nothing, but was very noticable at least to me. Beginning at 9:09 in Part 3, Croft shifted his chair when Lauesen said he was a ‘boy Evangelist at 12’, Croft said “I’didn’t know that” and shifted his chair away

    What was that about? Did Croft have a thought it could rub off? I don’t know.

    To me it stood out in that nowhere throughout the whole of all the segments was there a movement other than this one shift. It’s something that while filming the show, would not necessarily been noticable as people were involved in the panel discussion.

  2. I have been so looking forward to watching the show, but will have to wait until this evening. I checked out Pt.3, 9:09, and watched Eric scooting his chair back after Lauesen’s comment. It was very noticeable. I wouldn’t try and read too much into it though. Croft may have been stunned because he’s known and admired Lauesen for a longtime, and was amazed by the disclosure, or he had an itch that he was dying to scratch.

  3. Jesus never healed ‘the gay’! What a great insight…one I’ve never heard or thought of before, although now it seems so obvious! I love your brilliant mind!

  4. Great show Shannyn! Thank you for making it available to those in the lower 48 who can’t watch live.

    Wow, you guys covered so many good topics. I love your wit and everyone’s sense of humor while discussing serious issues, it eases the frustration.

    I think your show is a great idea for getting topics talked about and educating the viewer. I’m also enjoying getting to know your panel guests on a more personal level.

    One observation, it may be my computer, I don’t know, but I have all volumes turned on the highest level possible and had to listen with earphones to hear your show.

    Thanks again. You’re doing a great job and providing a valuable service to Alaska and the lower 48, well heck, much of your info covered affects the rest of the world also, too.

    ps…..I heard Parnell’s supreme court pick is from the same law office as Scarah’s attorney Van Flea, is this true? If so, what a small state you live in, eh?

    • I too noticed the volume was very low and had all my settings on high.

  5. meede, I think the ‘shift’ was just a move of exclamation saying wow, I didn’t know that. Nothing more. Kinda like, when a friend tells you something new after you’ve known them a while. No big deal.

  6. again, a great show 🙂

  7. Great show! I am greatful for the intelligent discussion of important topics that relate to more than just Alaska. Interesting and smart folks. Keep it up.

  8. Your show keeps getting better and better! It’s so refreshing to hear your point of view on all issues, and your guests this week were extremely informative and interesting.

    Thanks for the you tube vids for us geographically challenged folks in the lower 48.

  9. Great Show again…. You are stunning.

    I had to look at the last video twice, because I couldn´t BELIEVE that anybody would not want to or worry about paying for an upgrade on the Sewage System…..


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  11. Shannyn – once again you score a Big Win with your show. I find myself checking several times a day on Sundays and Mondays waiting for the video to be posted…I’ve NEVER done that before with a show.
    I’m actually addicted to “Moore Up North”.
    Great show Shannyn.

  12. Rape is rude? That’s the public service announcement? Mormon food?

    I’ve followed this blog for a long time and think that Shannyn does an excellent job of speaking the truth to Alaska’s issues. It is a perspective that I have very much appreciated from the lower 48. But, rape is RUDE?

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