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By Elstun W. Lauesen

Why is Dan Sullivan not telling the Truth about his budget, the cost of government and the financial condition of our City? I will deal with that question after I cast light on the Mayor playing fast and loose with the facts.

Contrary to Sullivan’s assertion, the budget that was approved by the Assembly last year did match current revenues, to do otherwise would be illegal and Mr. Sullivan knows it. The comments he made in today’s (12/8/09) Anchorage Daily News are tantamount to a criminal accusation, and he should apologize! When revenues posted a decline in January, adjustments were made to the budget by Acting Mayor Claman that included millions in ‘give backs’ by the unions. What had been a $17 M shortfall was reduced significantly to a $9 M deficit by the time Dan Sullivan took office in July. Thank you, Acting Mayor Claman. In September the Mayor announced that $5 Million of the remaining deficit disappeared because of the improved performance of the Stock Market, which has risen 3,500 points since the passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Thank you, Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress. By the 3rd Q of this fiscal year the financial condition of the City has improved significantly. How much? We won’t know until the Sullivan Administration books them and then without a doubt, Dan Sullivan will become a paper “hero” to his uninformed supporters. These revenues will not appear until AFTER this ‘smoke and mirrors’ budget passes, which it certainly will. Folks, the only ‘deficit’ is the one caused by Dan Sullivan through his refusal to fully fund the budget. Sullivan’s budget is over $10 M UNDER the tax cap. Dan can’t blame THAT on the Assembly.

So why is Dan Sullivan is not telling the truth about his budget and the financial condition of the City? Because he wants to do three things: he wants to attack employee bargaining units, he wants to reward his wealthiest supporters with tax cuts and he wants to strip our government of its ability to rationally regulate and manage growth and development, which offends Mr. Sullivan’s philosophy of laissez faire capitalism. Sullivan wants a KABATA-friendly AMATS, compliant community councils and a ‘hear no evil’ planning and zoning body.

What kind of vision is contained in the Dan Sullivan budget? A vision based on fear and regressive policy. That is not the vision I want guiding Anchorage into the second decade of the 21st Century.



  1. Thanks for your contribution today, Elstun! Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Great Piece Elstun! I am reposting my comment on Dan Sullivan’s bullshit whine at the ADN before they delete it!

    Mayor Fagan-Sullivan:

    What is this…GROUND HOG DAY???

    When is Dan Fagan-Sullivan going to roll up his sleeves, get to work and stop complaining? If we are in such dire straights, why did Sully take a paycheck that NETTED him $12,000 before he was sworn in as mayor? Though technically legal to do so, RARELY has a mayor-elect taken money-for-nothing! By Sullivan’s first day in office, the budget was BALANCED with a stock market surge. Begich inherited a $33 million deficit and never once blamed George Wuerch!

    The problem is Sully refuses to fully fund the city! He has access to $10 million in funds, but would rather play the part of Scrooge this Christmas and put those municipal workers and their families out on the street! Way to go Dan. I’m glad you got yours!!! Must be nice to have that extra $12,000 in your pocket you swiped before your first day on the job. I’m sure those workers and their children you’re firing could use that money this Christmas season!

    How do you sleep at night? Honestly!?

  3. Great letter Alaska_Willie!

  4. Good letter Alaska Willie.

    The word Honest or any of is derivatives should not be on the same page with our mayor.

  5. Another fun thing that he does is claim that a 5 year aggregate is one year’s cost. Take a look at his blog and run the numbers, either he is really bad at math or he is willfully misleading people on the most basic costs of the city.

    Also, I have pointed out these errors a few times, with no response.

    • Doug,

      You have hit on Dan’s weakness. He is innumerate (numerical illiteracy). Hit him directly with numbers questions. Complex ones. Watch what happens.

  6. Speaking of budgets. Anyone have an opinion on Senator Lesil McGuire & Senator Bill Wielechowski being in Cape Town South Africa at the expense of the Alaska taxpayer?
    So far just travel and this clas they are taking totals about $10,000.00
    Not to mention this same class was being offered in Texas in March 2010. Thanks for any comments in advance.

    • Are you out of your bloomin’ mind? Ah, the ridiculous Fagan…didn’t hear him ask Ralf Samuels about his trips did you? Did he ask about Stedman & Huggins (both republican senators) trip (sponsored by the same energy company) in London last year?
      McGuire & Wielechowski just spent 5 days on tour of a GAS TO LIQUID plant in South Africa. During Apartheid the country was cut off from oil import and created CUTTING EDGE technology to liquefy and transport their gas resource to their citizens. Alaska needs that technology badly. Oh, and when you say “the Alaskan taxpayer”…really? REALLY? How many taxes have you paid to the state of Alaska? Unless you’ve been on a cruise ship or bought booze & smokes…YOU DON’T PAY STATE TAXES. The money they are spending to learn about how to get our resources to market ARE PAID FOR BY THE MONEY THE STATE COLLECTS IN…wait for it…TAXING THE RESOURCES WE HAVE DEVELOPED. OMG, aaack!
      Texas doesn’t have the same class AND THE LEGISLATURE IS IN SESSION IN MARCH 2010.
      Don’t bite every fly floating on top…and for goodness sake…don’t swallow that one…it’s stick in your throat.

      • True true………….but point being South Africa LOL Im jelous hahahah. And yes shannyn I take everything Fagan says with a big ole grain of salt. And true to we do need the technology.
        Thanks for the response!

  7. Thank you Elstun. Right on Alaska-Willie. Shake-em up over at ADN. Yeah they will cut it out.
    T Baxter Dont know what this “class” is but they could not have picked a better time to be in Cape town. Hot days cool nights. A little north is Stellenbosch and Paarl. Great wine area. Old vineyards that are lovely to stay at. A little west of town are some REALLY nice beaches. What with the exchange right now that 10,000 could give them an extra week or so. Aside from driving from Hout bay to Bloughburg i would rather be here.

  8. Agreed AKjah in the hot tub on the deck starring at the great night sky here is the place to be :).

  9. We’ve got to get out the vote People,

  10. Get out to vote, and take at least two people with you. There are so many people who stay home! Make a pact with yourself to do that at every election. Find a couple of neighbors, before the next election(s), get them registered and go to your voting place together. Team Effort.

  11. OT, but I’m sure Shannyn will be interested in this headline over at HuffPo:

    “Obama Nominates Former Palin Aide To Head Alaska Pipeline Project”

    Who? Larry Persily.

    • I came by to say I sure hope Shannyn blogs on this. I’d love to know what you think of this tidbit Shannyn.
      Perhaps this could be the topic for a “Moore Up North”??!!??

    • Larry is a brilliant and wonderful man. I am thrilled with his nomination! Here’s what he wrote about Palin just a 11 days after her nomination for VP:

      • Thank you for that Shannyn! You are sooooooooo awesome. You are awesome in your awesomeness in fact!

  12. Elstun, is the ADN going to carry this as a Compass piece? If not, how about posting a link in a comment on Sullivan’s piece?

  13. Shanny, when i arrived here to ak 1974-5, my first job was illustrating the “unification ballot” 30 drwngs pat Parnell hired me! the son was selling plastic crosses and other religious stuff, just south of Sears cross Benson. yea the commission members were v.fisher, fink, t. Knowles, j.anvik and others. i don’t think sully is following the unifications (city/borough) charter this mayor is so elitist it stinks. can he be called out?

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