Posted by: shannynmoore | December 15, 2009

Anchorage Assembly Chairwoman, Debbie Ossiander, YOU’RE FIRED!

Tonight’s assembly meeting hit a full tilt when the so called “Socialist Six” removed a member of the “Fascist Five” as their chair.

It’s so difficult for me…you have no idea.  Oh, wait for it…no, it’s about damn time.  Debbie Ossiander has behaved like the awkward girl in high school who got to sit with the jocks at lunchtime because she kept their water bottles full and cleared the lunch trays.  Please know this comparison has nothing to do with the physical appearance of Ms.Ossiander, but rather her pathetic and pandering perfomance.

During the much debated Ordinance 64 that sucked up much of our summer, Ossiander allowed bus loads of Wasilla-billies to testify their hate against the GLBT citizens of Anchorage.  Ordinance 64 would have added those citizens to an already existing protection to prevent discrimination in housing, education and employment.  Ironically, already provided protection; Religion.  The “Red Shirts” vs. “Blue Shirts” found sympathy in the red wearing chair. When the ordinance passed, Debbie Ossiander could have been the over-riding vote to new Mayor Dan Sullivan’s veto.

Weeks and weeks of bad behavior and a witch hunt on former mayor, Senator Mark Begich were tolerated by the chair.  Bill Starr and Dan Coffey are consummate bullies.

Anchorage has lost a great public servant with the retirement of Bart Mauldin, the MOA Purchasing Officer.  His service was lauded tonight and he left to a standing ovation.  As one assembly member told me, “they are dropping like flies.”  No one wants to stay on with a mayor running for Senate 2014.

The mayor is refusing to fully fund the city and running for Grinch by laying off 60 city employees.  He has made his choice, and by the time the citizens of Anchorage are standing in the voting booths in a few years, they will make theirs.

Debbie Ossiander doesn’t leave the chair without a legacy.  She could have taken a stand against hate.  She didn’t.  If you think I exagerate with the word “hate”…watch this…see if you have a better word.

There’s a chance to redeem herself, Debbie Ossiander could vote to over-ride the mayor’s budget veto.  I hope she does the right thing.

New Chair Patrick Flynn and Vice Chair Mike Gutierrez were elected by secret ballot and will hopefully bring some civility back to an assembly in much need.



  1. It’s a good start.

  2. Just too darn bad they couldn’t have done this before. She must have really teed some of them off, if they had this option all along I’m disappointed that they didn’t do it sooner.

  3. Go Patrick!

  4. oooh…secret ballot….that’s like unamerican…. bwahahaaa!

  5. There are those who half-expected she would do the right thing when she held all the power, but I wasn’t one of them – I expected only the worst from her.

    I hope this is just the beginning for Ossiander.

  6. Wow religious people are scary. Let rephrase that, extremist religious people are scary! Ratherit be Radical Muslim, Christian, Mormon Jewish Chatholic, or any other. Religion with out some tollerence in scary.
    That video above is scary! Why are so many others concerned about peoples lives and who the love or marry?
    I have been married for twenty years, that relationship is based on love not religion. We are not married for god or in the eyes of some god but we are married for eachother. It was not to procreate, it was not a god that we married. Quite simply it was a matter of love,finances and conveniences.
    A group of radical believing people spending way to much time and energy and what others want to do in thier lives has always been quite a curious thing for me.
    Live, let live and be free. And let the words “Don’t tread on me” ring loud.

  7. I think most of the progressives have favored a change of Chair for a while, but a couple were not agreeable as to exactly who.
    Very glad they accomplished it.

  8. Ossiander is now planning to run again for her third (and FINAL) term. When she was elected chair last spring, she was not planning to run. All you Shannyn fans in Eagle River, PLEASE find someone who can win to oppose her!

  9. Chair Ossiander pulled off something for the history books on Ordinance 64, representation without taxation.

    This shouldn’t be about a dead fish not going with the flow, that Ossiander isn’t a progressive – her pandering to non-residents was a huge disservice to Anchorage taxpayers.

    A single policy attempt did hijack Assembly business with reduntant, hateful and righteous testimony did monopolize a single policy

  10. REPOST: Error on last

    Chair Ossiander pulled off something for the history books on Ordinance 64, Representation without Taxation.

    This shouldn’t be about a dead fish not going with the flow, that Ossiander isn’t a progressive – her pandering to non-residents was a huge disservice to Anchorage taxpayers.

    A single policy attempt did hijack legitimate Assembly business with reduntant, hateful and righteous testimony. Ossiander’s indulgence for a religiously orchestrated non-resident platform on a proposal was a disservice to her colleagues and the people they represent.

    Ossiander deserved to be removed. I only hope this censure humbles her, the moving testimony of the disenfranchised residents certainly didn’t.

  11. Walt Monegan lives in Eagle River, I posted a while back on his on his facebook page that I would be glad to be represented by him. One person seconded it, but he did not respond.

  12. So happy to see Ossiander out. She did Anchorage a disservice last summer, but then she is not not from or for Anchorage either. Eagle River succession sounds like a good idea.

    • Yeah, Eagle River and Chugiak, secede already! You’ve spent enough public money STUDYING the issue and learned that it would COST YOU MORE to secede. What’s the matter, don’t like paying your own way? You like it when the rest of Anchorage pays for your new schools and public facilities, don’t you?

  13. “Honk if Ur straight” !!


    Yes, I’m straight but passing such a sign I would instantly turn Gay!

    Cristmas Greetings to all Alaskans except some residents of Wasilla.

    / Roger at N58°, Sweden

    Did anyone count the cars?
    From that I expect most Alaskans be gay!

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