Posted by: shannynmoore | December 16, 2009

Keith Olbermann Is Right…

I wept while watching this special comment by Keith Olbermann.  Frustration, exhaustion, and anger; my own mirrored.  I wondered if “loss of hope” would some day be considered a pre-existing condition.  I agree with Keith and with Senator Bernie Sanders, better to have no bill than a bad bill.  The current bill is a bail out for insurance companies.

Senator Lisa Murkowski is against any healthcare reform.  I encourage Senator Mark Begich to vote against it as well.  Mandatory Insurance With No Public Option; No Deal. Not to mention the mandatory insurance I’d have to buy wouldn’t provide a woman’s right to choose.  You have got to be f8$@ing kidding me.

Are you willing to give up? I’m not.  Dr. Howard Dean said it best, “The Public Option is already a compromise.”

Part 1:

Part 2:



  1. Like you, I cried when I watched Keith’s comments tonight.

    I was not expecting to wear the coat of disillusionment this winter.

  2. I am deeply saddened by the results this evening. KO said exactly what I would have said.

    Ps..I don’t understand Pres. Obama anymore. How could he let this happen??

    • Two Words: Rahm Emanuel.

      • Three words: President,,NOT King!

      • To put a more realistic perspective on things, neither Rahm nor Obama are operating in a vacuum.

        Obama can only do so much, that is the reality. No matter how much he might hope to accomplish, or how much someone else might hope he can do, he’s still got to work through the dysfunction of Congress etc.

    • Two other words: campaign contributions.

  3. Then it is time for RE to go back to Chicago and stop “advising” President Obama!

  4. My disillusionment with Obama began when he picked Rick Warren to give the benediction at his inauguration. Today that disillusionment is complete.

    If Obama isn’t a traitor, he’s a wuss. There really is no third alternative.

  5. Can we march….? They do in other countries that want health care. Can we in a mass….voice our opinions? Can we bus in, walk in, drive in, and fly in? Can we march thousands strong in the streets of D.C. and other States? Can we organize this to save our President, support our president and show the world…..we can and will move forward like those before us? Just a thought….I will go wherever to march for health care reform.

  6. Keith’s special comment was right on. I feel exactly the same way. I have never felt so let down and quite frankly, angered. I don’t understand why it has come to this. Why can’t a Democratic President with a Democratic majority in the House and Senate, and the majority of the country demanding HCR not get this done? I am furious with the whole process right now and would love to give the whole damn bunch a hefty piece of my mind.

  7. Such deep disappointment, like the stages of grief tonight I feel so very saddened. I am waiting for anger, but there is not a lot of time to work through this. Like the rest of you, Keith spoke so eloquently and expressed exactly what I felt.

    So, I recommend that you all consider doing what I have done tonight. I wrote to my state Senators and to Senator Bernie Sanders. I let the DNC have it when a representative called to solicit a $500 donation to fight back againt Republican ads. The woman had the nerve to make the point that Joe Lieberman was not a Democrat, he was an Independent. As if he is the sole problem. He is a major as* and as untrustworthy as they come, but this mess is bigger than JL.

    Next, I am going to FireDogLake. Jane Hamsher will know what to do with a donation.

  8. I should have known better than to watch this in a crowded coffee shop after reading what you wrote.

    I really hope that some Senators or maybe the president listen to what Keith said tonight, what Howard Dean said yesterday, and what I hope the people start saying tomorrow when they call their Senators in DC.

    Please cover this on the radio on Saturday, it’s not exactly a fun topic but I don’t think there is a more important one right now. Begich needs to hear from those of us who have so far told him to support HCR.

  9. Keith hit the nail on the head, especially in the second part of the video. The President should strip all of the senators and reperesentatives of their coverage and go back to square one. They should feel the full brunt of what we all have to deal with, especially those of us dealing with catastrophic health issues.

    Rahm Emanuel’s in the back pocket of the insurance companies, and Senator Edward Kennedy is turning in his grave. He’s the only one who had one shred of compassion for those less fortunate.

  10. I’m not too sure why everyone is feeling that some catastrophic failure has suddenly come to their attention.

    Way back when, (when the starry eyed idealists were thinking all that had to happen was get Obama elected and the work would be done) back then, what everyone talked about was the need for a single payer plan, Congresspersons floated the idea, Obama threw out some strong hints, and the progressive activists had laid it out as a no compromise position.

    Once Obama was elected, where were the activists, and what happened to the single payer plan?

    The activists retired to their couches thinking they’d hired a miracle worker to provide for their salvation, and the public option disappeared at the first drop of the hat.

    Since then, whatever form reform has taken, it has steadily been degraded from there.

    Now to wake up at this late date and act affronted or aghast seems to me to be a bit of an over-dramatic display.

    The only organized and well funded effort has come from the right, the left hasn’t bothered to show up for the action.

    Now, you’re going to wring your hands and wail ‘why me’, ‘how can this be’?

    Under that drama, you know those answers.

    Best get to work and prepare to pay for it. Best be prepared to get dirty and work long exhaustive hours.

    Better learn to get some spine and start demanding better, don’t think you’re going to get by asking politely.

    The people should be out in the streets, the organizers should be able to keep themselves busy providing torches and pitchforks.

    The key word is should.

    That ain’t happening while this pity party becomes the narrative of this show.

    Snap out of it, get back to work.

    Single payer now for every citizen, or we’ll shut this damn country down from the top to the bottom.

    Now that would get some attention and it just might make some Congress critters sit up and take notice.

    No one is going to ride to your salvation, you need to do the work yourself, band together and get at doing that work.

    Either that, or start honing your skills at soothing each others hysterics about no one doing anything for them.

    You can’t believe you’re getting taken for a fool,

    and I can’t believe you’re not out building barricades.

    • You are right. As soon as Obama was elected the only passion from Americans came from the far right , filled with fear, hate and outrage, even though it was totally disgusting and based on misconceptions and lies. They got all the media coverage. Our President needed our voices strong a clear. We sat in front of our televisions watching and criticizing and laughing at the idiots with their dangling tea bags and ridiculous accusations. Why they allowed the Republicans to take control and shape this and destroy HCR and why they didn’t demand support from their party is confusing. It was so obvious what was happening. Could they not see the forest for the trees? I am disappointed and I know this is so very complicated but I am still behind Our President. I still believe he has what it takes to make significant changes, I just don’t know how. What I do know is I have to invest more time and energy into the true causes which are needed to make America a country of hope and of compassion and concern, and do it with love and not with hate. This doesn’t mean I have to turn my cheek but it means I need to become heard.

  11. It comes down to four simple things imho

    1 Completely
    2 Dysfunctional
    3 United States Of America
    4 Government

    Government by the corporations for the corporations is the truth about all of this !

    There is the change we can believe in.

    I support the President but honestly congress is

    Time to organize “get out in the streets” and Get the “Bums in the democratic party” gone.

    It’s the only way. “Mass Protest” “Mass Discontent”
    will send the message.

    President Obama, needs to look deep into his sole
    and ask the question “Are my advisors worth a shit”

    Do the right thing for the people.


    We the people voted for Positive Change. That is
    what is “REQUIRED” PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!!

    INACTION is not an option.

    I am so pissed off by this like most of you.
    It’s not acceptable anymore.

    Spread the word. “Time to take to the streets”

    This would not stand in “Europe” In Europe government is afraid of the people. In the United
    States of America it’s the opposite.

    Send the f****** Message

    It’s not acceptable.

    Single Payer is what we want. We want it now,
    not in 4 years not in 2. F****** NOW

    No more free ride for the insurance companies !
    Remove the anti trust exemption. Seek out the
    supporters of the insurance companies in the US
    Congress and VOTE THE BUMS OUT !


  12. With you, and KO, Shannyn.

  13. I was totally disheartened as well. This bill needs to die before and go back to reconciliation. As far as vote the bums out, they all have ties to the insurance companies, it’s just a matter of who takes more than others.

    better no bill than this one.

    PS: I am ashamed that Traitor Joe is one of my senators. At least I’ve got Chris Dodd too.

  14. Do you really think congress would pass the progressive bill keith wants? I mean come on… be realistic the progressives are not the majority. The blue dogs won’t budge, they won’t go back to their constituents and say they voted for a public option… that would be suicide.

    Is it funny how keith is now keith takes the exact same position that he criticized republican for? obstructionalism…. such a cry baby now after he constantly complains republicans do the same thing.

  15. How many polls do they need, telling them that the population wants a public option??

    NONE of them are listening and the GOP/Murdoch keep beating the media drum that they don’t.

    The people are not stupid.

    As usual the Democrats prove their ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory………

    And while we’re at it how does Lieberman and a handful of bluedogs with rethugs get to decide for…………330,000,000 people?!

    Even the following Borowitz isn’t funny enough to ease the depression felt by the majority of Americans………hey come live with us in Canada .

    It could be akin to the draft dodgers in the 60’s and 70’s.

    We get the benefit of the intelligent Americans until the US comes to it’s senses…..

    I feel so badly for you all right now and when Americans hurt, so do Canadians.

    We all know when our neighbors thrive , so do we.

    Anyway here goes a little Borowitz for you:

    Senate Unveils CompromiseCare
    Details of Healthcare Plan Revealed

    WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) – The United States Senate today unveiled details of its health care plan, tentatively called CompromiseCareTM:

    Under CompromiseCareTM, people with no coverage will be allowed to keep their current plan.

    Medicare will be extended to 55-year-olds as soon as they turn 65.

    You will have access to cheap Canadian drugs if you live in Canada.

    States whose names contain vowels will be allowed to opt out of the plan.

    You get to choose which doctor you cannot afford to see.

    You will not have to be pre-certified to qualify for cremation.

    A patient will be considered “pre-existing” if he or she already exists.

    You’ll be free to choose between medications and heating fuel.

    Patients can access quality health care if they can prove their name is “Lieberman.”

    You will have access to natural remedies, such as death.

  16. Look to some European countries for inspiration.

    If the governments of those countries even breathes a hint that they’re going to screw with the social benefits of the populace, by first light the next day the whole country is shut down by a country wide strike.

    What do we do?

    Yammer incessantly about who didn’t save us.

    No one is going to ride to your rescue.

    We need to shut the country down and demand single payer.

    We should be dictating terms, we’ll stop the strike when and only when we get single payer.

    Until that happens, no market, no services, no nothing, a total shutdown.

    If you want the government to pay attention to you, you have to show the government that you’re a force to reckon with.

    Otherwise it’s going to be business as usual.

    and, incidentally, all the talk isn’t going to do squat. You won’t even feel better for all your unloading, you’ll still be getting screwed and played the fool.


    • Well, I’m a European and I can’t remember I did something U suggest, rioting in the streets…
      French farmers do sometimes 😉
      Yes, HC is public here in Sweden even if the wind of change the last couple of years goes private!
      However, that’s for the HC services, not for financing…

      I do agree with earlier posts that there should be some more actions from the part of the population who’s now “formally in charge”. This is now done by MoveOn and let’s hope Lieberman feels the heat. If you’re lucky he may change his mind inventing some suitable excuse?
      If not, I don’t believe it’s a good idea to trash the entire thing. Clinton has some opinions on the matter at HP.
      In the end HC has to be funded,if by taxes or by income regulated personal fees is no big deal.
      The frustration about “giving in to HC business”…
      Well, HC costs is increasing by part because of more expensive treatments as a result of HC research, that,s nothing unique for US.
      It’s important that law preventing insurance companies throwing out people because of preexisting conditions comes to place. That legislation alone is enough reason to support it IMHO.
      Amendments can be done later when people like Liebeman has been kicked out!

      Happy Christmas / Roger

      • merry christmas to you too roger,

        I’m thinking you should maybe read some more news, the instances of European nations calling nationwide strikes over proposed social legislation changes is much more prevalent than you’ve supposed. Italy, Spain, France, Greece, ..look it up, happens with some frequency.

        My point was, by and large, the American public won’t commit to doing squat. That apathetic malaise is also demonstrably evident no matter how much you might hear some folks claim the opposite.

  17. Thank you, Shannyn. You are, as always, spot on.

  18. I’m commenting – but skipped listening recently to Keith, Howard, Harry, Nancy, Joe, President Obama, all the Repubs, et al. Mostly because what everyone is hearing today is the worst of the worst from both sides of the health care coin. The real truth lies somewhere in the middle of all of this. Oh, and because I can longer tolerate listening to the train wreck reform has become.

    I have been a professional in the health care and health insurance sector for almost 20 years. Right now, I have to agree that this bill needs to be scrapped, and scrapped yesterday, but for a different set of reasons than either the right or left believes as valid reasons to scrap it.

    Health care is complex, there is no question. At this point in the game, the only way to carry through true reform is to NOT take the whole industry (yes, industry and largest part of our GDP and probably the healthiest jobs sector in the nation at the moment) and turn it upside down all at once. It is simply too big to just take it all in one bite and spit back out and expect to have anything other than a vomit-ey looking pile of goo.

    As I said before, let’s not make this so complex that we have burdened ourselves into inactivity on reform. Congress did an excellent report on the different areas that are driving our costs through the roof. Too bad they lost their way shortly after they finished this report, and made their way into the 2000 page monstrosity of a bill they are currently infighting over.

    Single Payer: well, I simply can’t get on board with this, and there is one prime reason that most people either choose to ignore or simply don’t understand – we already have a single payer system (relatively close to it) in Medicare, but due to government payment regulations and criteria, it is a large factor in the costs the rest of us pay for non-Medicare insurance – the so-called “hidden tax” of up-charging by providers to make up lost revenues of treating Medicare patients….as well as treating Medicaid recipients, and the uninsured population who cannot afford their medical bills.

    Example: Last month in the course of my job, I was handed two bills from a provider for a course of breast cancer treatments including consultations, lab testing, chemotherapy drugs and chemo administration. One bill was for the patient while she was privately insured and the other bill was for when she was switching to Medicare in the next month. Providers who accept Medicare must accept the Medicare allowable for the services as payment in full. So, the second bill was for the same services with all the Medicare allowed amounts.

    Full billed charge under private insurance: $118,000 for her course of chemotherapy. Of course, the provider will not be paid this amount, because there will be a discount/negotiated rate, compliments of the insurance company’s contract with the provider. Suffice it to say, the discount is likely to be in the 35-45% range…. Now for the second bill with the same exact services but with the Medicare allowed amounts: about $12,000 total. That is a whopping difference of approx $106,000. This is exactly the reason why today, many physicians and providers simply will no longer treat Medicare patients. They can’t afford to. For those who do, they end up socking it to the rest of us and to private insurance to help recoup their negative income.

    If our whole system was government run single payer, we would have a bumpy road ahead, not to mention an initial watershed of jobs when we can least afford more jobs loss. Believe me, I challenge any one of you to go to the CMS website and look up the THOUSANDS of pages of Medicare payment and reimbursement criteria. Government run health care, not at its finest.

    Public option: yep, I agree, there should be a public option but not in the context of competing with private insurance. Private insurance can never and will never be able to compete with government set pricing and the example above is about as illustrative an example to be found. I’ll get back to the public option in just a bit.

    Private Insurance: well, I think we arrived at the place where it seems like the most likely place to reform our system and the most likely way to get something constructive done rather than waging interminable battles over private vs. single payer.

    Within the private health insurance system, there are distinct markets: individual insurance; small employer group insurance; large employer group insurance; labor and public sector employer insurance; and self-funded employer groups.

    Out of these distinct categories, the biggest pain point right now is in the individual market. It is the single market people have available to them after loss of group coverage or if they are ineligible for a group plan. This is exactly the piece and the only piece that Congress should be remodeling at the moment. Once this piece is addressed, then we can proceed down the list.

    What Congress should have done, and failed miserably to do on behalf of the American public was to pursue industry standardization for the individual market. Today each state regulates its own individual insurance market. Today, you can be rated higher for health in some states, not rated in others, have conditions excluded, etc. Frankly, it is ALL over the board with no standardization of any kind.

    First up for effective reform in the individual market should have been a state by state audit and review of current practices. Then, there should have been a standardized set of regulations for all 50 states and each private insurer to abide by. This could have been implemented just like they did when they raised the minimum drinking age to 21 – states whined, but ultimately every state hopped on board as soon as they were faced with loss of Federal Hwy funds. The same could have been done with pulling Federal Medicaid and SCHIP funds. You can bet your sweet bottom dollar, that each and EVERY state would abide by the new federal standardized individual insurance market regulations.

    What would that look like exactly? Well, after examining quite a few states’ individual health insurance issuance regulations, I would have arrived at keeping pre-existing conditions in place and medical underwriting in place, but highly modified. Stop! Don’t go away just yet….I know you want to, but do let me explain.

    Let’s go back to the basic premise of insurance: the spreading of risk. It is imperative that there are healthy people in the risk pool (whether it is private OR goverment run) to help offset costs of providing care to the sick. Strictly from a business standpoint, businesses (and governments for that matter) can’t stay viable if they consistently pay out more than they take in….ok scratch governments, they do that all the time. Just a simple matter of basic economics.

    Today, there is a huge slew of uninsured persons – some not by choice, but make no mistake, there are certainly more than a few uninsured persons who are perfectly healthy and who could afford insurance but choose not to. I just sat and counseled two of these people last week – a 50 year old accountant, and his 20 year old professional poker playing son. Both uninsured, but guess what? Now the son is having knee trouble so he expects to be able to get insurance now that he needs it, instead of having paid his fair share along the way. This is akin to someone wrecking the car with no insurance and expecting the auto insurance company to issue a policy the day after the wreck and fix the wrecked ca. These folks help drive up premiums for the rest of us.

    This is exactly why there must be an individual mandate in place. While the American public kicks and screams over this, the simple fact is…not everyone has the same sense of responsibility. How many would pay taxes if they didn’t have to? Same goes for insurance.

    Here is a true crisis story about guaranteed issue individual coverage WITHOUT a mandate: In WA state, legislation was passed giving residents exactly that: guaranteed issue coverage with no mandate. That was in 1993. By the year 2000, every single insurance carrier pulled out of the market place entirely and NO ONE could buy an individual policy. Why? More money going out, than was coming in. Why? Because people waited to purchase insurance until they were sick.

    Folks, you just can’t have it both ways….eventually if you think insurance rates are bad today, wait until you have guaranteed issue with no mandate. It is a recipe for higher and higher premiums. As if they weren’t high enough now as it is. And besides, why should you, Ralph Responsible buy a policy because you want to protect yourself and be responsible, and all the while, Johnny Come Lately is driving your premiums up because he feels no need to be responsible and do his fair share by keeping himself insured?

    Ok…..signing off for now….I’ll go into the Public Option, Medical Underwriting Reforms, and Pre-Existing Condition clauses, Insurance Regulation Changes, Insurance Company clampdowns, and how to pay for reform in my next installment 🙂

    • Thanks for that Reality Check!

  19. America is built on a false foundation. Is it men (human beings) or men (male) are created equally in this country?

    America is built on haves and have-nots. If you were haves, do you care about have-nots? No, that is exactly what is happening here in America. Congressmen and women are haves, they do not concern what people think about policies, they only think about themselves how far they can advance for own benefits, how they can win, how they can fat their own pocket. You all recall they gave themselves an automatic pay increase. It does not matter what the unemployment rate is, how many people are losing homes and jobs as long as theirs are taken care of. Someone has posted earlier, “Congressmen and Congresswomen for the Congressmen and Congresswomen” instead.

    Many contents of the bill had huge effects on Congressmen and Congresswomen’s bottom lines, therefore there are many revisions being made to the original bill. People should recognize whose toes being stepped on by the bill and who has been getting sweet deals for all those years for not doing anything about the healthcare in America.

    The politicians are only interested in “Wining.” Additionally, they work for the corporations that lobby the most. No Congressmen and Congresswomen are working for the citizens. People must know that, and stop pretending they are working for the people.

    If Americans are expecting the perfect healthcare system in this bill at this time, people will be disappointed. People must realize that. Often people compare what it is in the America and what it is in other country, this comparison will not work. Why? Because there are many different factors such as people, society, culture to name a few. As far as healthcare goes, America is way behind the other industrialized countries. The healthcare systems in other countries have been amended many times to get where they are now. Yet they are still not perfect. So are Americans shutting down this change because it is not a perfect one or willing to accept an imperfection, and strive to improve it continuously?

  20. Don’t be fooled the public option is not that popular… If it was the blue dogs wouldnt fight it tooth and nail

  21. I am with da O-man. F my previous employer. I will not buy in, I will not go quietly into the NIGHT. I will use the ER and provide a false name. I am NOT BUYING in to MANDATED private insurance.

  22. Freeper at 1:02 has a great point. Just aint going to happen in this economy. I would be happy to strike but wait i am out of work for a few months! I know i just wont by anything extra–ah no already doing that. Dang.

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