Posted by: shannynmoore | December 22, 2009

Moore Up North TAPING TONIGHT 5:30pm at Bernie’s Bungalow Lounge

You are invited to the final taping, this year and this decade, of Moore Up North with Shannyn Moore

Come on down to Bernie’s Bungalow Lounge TONIGHT, 5:30pm (half hour later than normal) for Shannyn’s Health Care Show! 

NO RSVP REQUIRED FOR THIS EVENINGS SHOW!  Audience members admitted on a first come first serve basis.  Doors open at 5pm!

The program will be broadcast this Saturday, December 26, on KYES Channel 5 and also posted online.

Thanks for your support!


  1. Hope your shows goes well Shannyn and make sure you mention that you were on the ‘ banned List ‘ as well. We want to make sure people tuning in all over Alaska ( and ones watching the podcasts later ) know that Miss ” Oily from Alaska ” is merely a ‘ scaredy cat ( Meeeeeowwwwww) and no Pitbull at all.

    Do you have time to give a quick interview with Olberman about your ‘ banning ‘ before your shows taping..?
    It looks like she is all for Tea-baggers 1st Amendment Rights but not YOURS. Isn’t THAT Un-American and called censorship…?

  2. I wonder who else was on the banned list…anyone from Juneau who might want answers about why nothing was reported and/or done about the threats against the Palin girls among other things.

  3. I hope you got it all on tape when you were informed that you were on the ‘banned list’!

  4. I love the show, I appreciate you posting them, so I can catch up.

    I heard you were banned from the Palin book signing. Is that true?

    You should have a signing for “Going Rouge” & INVITE Sarah!

    That would be funny!

  5. Shannyn,

    Isn’t there some kind of law or something, if you are being banned from a public building where an event was announced that it would be open to the public AND they used tax-payer funded police for security?
    Can anything be done? The wicked witch from the North West needs to be taken down quite a few pegs.
    I know you can figure it out.
    Good luck with the show tonight. Maybe you should ask Palin to join you. Kill her with kindness.
    She is such a pathetic joke.

  6. Have fun! Can’t wait to see the video.

  7. So, you and Gryphen and Dennis at the very least were banned from a PUBLIC book signing. WAY TO GO, S’error!
    I wonder if you guys could sue for discrimination?

  8. Oh darn, I wish I read this earlier. Too late to drive, park, to make it tonight.

  9. Great show tonight, Thank You!
    News of Wasilla booking and banning going viral quickly—KOS, Atlantic,comments not piece at Frontiersman, and a call for boycott of HC.

  10. So what about anti Scarah signs being confiscated? and what about political conservative literature handed out at a book signing? apparently Sally was making sure it was all approved by Scarah. But she allowed someone to distribute a magazine depicting our President Obama as a nazi?

    What the H is up with that, why didn’t security escort him out or take his crap away.

    And now her latest twitter? She should be blasted for inciting hate crimes. She is psycho! She is an awful, ugly, hateful human being.

    Oh, also too, her plastic surgery didn’t work, have you seen the Star tabloid mag? ha, front and center and lookin like she should.

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