Posted by: shannynmoore | December 23, 2009

Palin’s Enemies List: Alaskan Bloggers

“Call me, STAT!  This is Dennis”

Well, that’s one way to find out you are on Sarah Palin’s enemies list.  Yesterday morning, while working on my Shanta Claus projects and prepping for my television show, Dennis Zaki called.  He and Jesse Gryphen of the Immoral Minority, had driven to Sarah Palin’s Wasilla book signing.  Why? Well, it’s like storm chasers in Nebraska…only they’re train-wreck chasers.  Me?  Well, I’m busy these days and have had Palin fatigue since before most people have even heard of her.

Don’t get me wrong…Thanks Sarah!  It’s just that I really wasn’t interested. Two weeks ago, I had press privileges at her book signing at Elmendorf AFB that was closed to the public.  On that day, I was busy figuring out if my hair was oily, normal or dry.  Truth be told, I’m just not that into her.

Dennis and I have been friends since the Corrupt Bastards Club Trials.  He’s one of my favorite Hardy Boys. I met Gryph last year; we fight about half the time…the rest we spend laughing.  I’ll ask Sarah Palin to sign my copy of Going Rogue after it wins the National Book Award for best fiction…it’s richly deserving.  Besides, I’m having the “Under the Bus” folks sign it instead; John Bitney, Anne Kilkenny, Andrew Halcro, Lyda Green, Walt Monegan, Trooper Wooten, etc.  It’s just more honest.

Gryphen and Zaki were booted from the event.  My name was on the list to boot if I showed. There’s a fourth unknown and unwelcomed guest..who could it be?  Oh, yeah, fellas…the troops are fighting for Palin’s right to ban us from a public event!

When the Anchorage Daily News reported on the “Homecoming” event for Palin with the “flocking” of 750 people to the “public” event at the publicly funded Curtis D. Menard Memorial Sports Center with the publicly funded Wasilla Police Officers working security, they made a tiny mention of the bumped bloggers.  Nearly 2,000 people showed up for an indoor football game earlier this year at the same complex. Twice as many citizens of Wasilla have become members of the Mat Su Valley Sportsman’s Association as showed up for Sarah Palin’s glorious homecoming.  In “Real America” Palin attracted thousands of teabaggers.  In “Real Alaska,” the tea bagger capitol and Palin’s hometown, there were more people shopping at Wal*Mart.

The ADN also failed to mention that H1N1 virus vaccines were also being administered at the same time as the book signing. Good Lord, if only there were a vaccine for Palin’s word salad.

Whoopie Flippin’ Doooo!  Hell of a homecoming, did she get another crown?

You could find out what Alaskans really think of Sarah coming home judging by the comments on the Anchorage Daily News website…Oh wait…the ADN decided to ban public comments on the article.

Dennis Zaki, Linda Kellen-Biegel, Jeanne Devon and myself all passed the White House Security checks to attend the “closed to the public”troops only speech by President Obama a few weeks ago.  The only threat to Sarah Palin by the Alaska Bloggers is the truth. Yes, it’s scary.

I guess “Real Alaskans” aren’t allowed near an “author” who once asked a librarian if she’d ban books. Oh, the irony…or is it ion-ry…either way, I’ve been Palibanned!



  1. “Trainwreck chasers” Epic slapdown, Shannyn!

    It’s clear “thick skinned” Sarah is full of BS. She can’t stand bloggers, even though she is one herself.
    She can’t stand reporters and their gotcha questions, even though she was once one herself.
    She can’t stand corrupted politicians, even though she is one herself.
    She can’t stand people’s First Ammendment rights being curtailed, but has a huge problem with those same rights when it involves herself and dissenting opinions.
    The Bridge to Nowhere was just the beginning of things she was for, before she was against. Put an oil derrick in Wasilla, and she’ll be against drilling.

  2. I tried once to get thru but my message erased. My phone is 6****** & I’ll submit this first, then describe more in post #2. I was at the signing & had my signs confiscated by the security guard there.

  3. Shannyn –

    You have no idea how much I enjoy your pi$$y, er I mean, pithy comments concerning Queen Esther of the North.

    Warren Buffett said that if you are in a poker game for a half hour and you still don’t know who’s the patsy, you’re the patsy. Queen Esther fills that role to perfection. She has no idea that she is the ONE repuglican who embodies ALL their worst characteristics, and none of the good. She is like a chunk of plutonium, slowly poisoning the GOP by her own disintegration. Progressives should fall on their knees daily and thank Ewya for this gift from heaven. (For that of course, and for those Alaskan bloggers who restore in those of us from the Lower 48 our faith that Alaska has not entirely gone off the rails.)

  4. Gryphen got quite a story by being banned.

  5. Post #2. Anyway, I turned up at 12 in my Sarah Palin LIAR shirt & with 2 signs 1 of which had & 3 others with slogans. I planted them in the snow at the front door where I stood. After 45 min, bldg security told me to get rid of the signs cuz Palin’s publisher was paying $85/ hr for facility, (can’t remember exact amt )I said no. He said the cops would come. They were parked right there. I said FINE. They can just give me a ticket. Anyway, he took the signs before I could grab them since using a walker slows one down. He crumbled them up after refusing to return them to me. I did make him give me the sticks back.( one was my meter stick) . He asked for my ID. I refused. I told him I could stay out there & sing my slogans & he said I’d be taken for disturbing the peace. I didn’t sing cuz I really don’t & laughter was something I didn’t want to inspire. So, instead, SarahPalin LIAR shirt prominently displayed, I entered what I thought would be the lion’s den only to find an H1N1 flu clinic giving free flu shots. GEEZ. And lucky too cuz I had planned on getting one. The nurse filled out the form for me cuz I didn’t have my reading glasses on the picket line. I pulled my sleeve down for the shot hoping that with my SP LIAR shirt I wasn’t at the mercy of 1 of Sarah’s biggest fans. It didn’t hurt. The next 1/2 hr I spent displaying my shirt to a winding line of people passing by with their books to be signed. I talked with people getting flu shots, ate a few Palin Xmas cookies & let those in line see that yes, even in Wasilla, there was a real live person who considered Palin less than legitimate. Had I known there was a flu clinic going on, I would have been more aggressive about letting brown uniformed security man get my signs. Other than that, mission accomplished, at least on a personal level.

    • Yay! Dawn!! Love you Alaskans and value your opinions( especially
      regarding this harpy Palin) I am with you in spirit!

    • Yeah Dawn!!!!
      I hope everyone who’s rights were violated yesterday will not “sit down and shut up”!
      Didn’t the queen quitter herself utter those words?

  6. *clapping wildly for Dawn*

  7. I love the idea of your book being signed by all the real REAL people , Ms Moore!
    I wish my sister had made more than one “Don’t want to pass her on, Don’t want her back!” bumper stickers last fall. We could have sent you one as an oversized bookmark!
    Dawn’s story is even creepier than the banned press story…
    Aside from the picture it paints of a security guard wresting signs from someone in a walker , how is it that renting a portion of a public facility allows one to have control of the entire facility and grounds ? When a public event (flu shot clinic) is going on at the same time?
    Security concerns may have made the presence of police or guards desirable at some level.There ARE a lot of Alaskans who would like to add some rotten tomatoes to the gone gov’s word salad mix- like Dawn’s t-shirt did ( 🙂 WTG Dawn! ).
    But this smells like the phony concern for safety we saw over Troopergate …
    and it stinks just like that did…

  8. Way to go, Dawn!

  9. Dawn has more courage than Sarah has in her little pinky. Palin is now trying to take away our rights and she wants to POTUS? I don’t think so.
    Too many real Americans know her for what she is.

  10. *clapping wildly for Dawn*

    Yeah, I’ll bet that police officer/security guard feels real proud about confiscating signs from a lady with a walker, and “crumbling them up.”

    And the flu-shot clinic was the real draw, you can be sure.

    Having protested $P at an event in a huge suburban mall, at which “2,000 people” allegedly came to see $P, it was abundantly clear that a few hundred at most came for $P. The rest were Saturday shoppers.

    Shannyn, not that you would want to part with your copy of GR signed by the Under the Bus Gang, but if you had them sign another, you could auction it off for the Strongheart Fund or some other worthy cause.

  11. *huge applause for Dawn*

    Really, security? You wrested signs from a woman with a walker? What big tough men you must be.

  12. Shannyn,
    I live in Middle GA, and the local newspaper never has headlines or prominently placed articles about anything related to President Obama. It’s that doggone “liberal” media at work again.

    I salute you! Thanks for your bravery!

    I can’t figure out why anyone would want to buy Palin’s book and have her sign it after politifact has identified her as telling the biggest lie in 2009 for her death panels statement. If she knocked on my front door, I’d be standing behind the curtains looking at her, but I wouldn’t be home!

  13. Thank you Dawn! There are some truly amazing people out there. I love you.

  14. Dawn,

    For you stalwart defense of freedom, this grateful reader bestows an honorary listing in that roll of honor – the Palin “ban” list.

  15. Congratulations Dawn!! You are a woman who has true courage, unlike our Quitter Queen who has to be protected from anyone who doesn’t bow before her. And congratulations Shannyn on being the first to be banned from the Hallowed Homecoming. Loved the comment that you were more concerned about your hair!! Palin’s paranoia is obviously getting worse by the day.

  16. I just emailed several questions directly to the ADN reporter, Z. Hollander:
    1. Why no comment line on the story when every other lead story on their website has one?
    2. What are the editors afraid of hearing?
    3. Who else was banned from the event?
    4. Why were those names omitted from the story?
    5. How did “1,000” in the lead turn into ‘about 750’ further down? and,
    6. How did that turnout compare to other events in the same venue?
    Now I’ll wait to see if the reporter will reply.
    I’ll post that reply here, if I receive one.
    Have a great holiday everyone!

  17. If quitty pants thinks her ‘enemys list’ is only 4 people long, she must believe the earth is only 6,000 years old, or that she is qualified to run for public office.

  18. Dawn, you are a brave and beautiful soul!

    Shannyn, you were busy, and didn’t even go to the book signing event–that probably was more of a smackdown to the Quitter than Dawn’s beautiful protest!

    I deeply respect and admire both of you!

    • I second that!

  19. Dawn, I also admire you for showing up and staying tough as you did.

  20. Dawn, you’re the true American!

  21. Well, the reporter at least is a pro, replied to my email in about fifteen minutes.
    The question re. the missing comment line was referred to Pat Dougherty, the ADN Editor.
    The numbers: said that 750 were there at the start, about 1,000 cycled through by the end.
    Didn’t know all the other names banned. Will ask for the others.
    Noted that this venue doesn’t hold many book signings, most events there are hockey games, so declined to compare turnout.
    Overall, a fair response for a reporter who cannot control an editor . . .

  22. I sent this to Harper Collins

    All set to order James Rollins new book.
    And guess what? I read that you ordered 4 bloggers from Alaska banned from the public book signing by Sarah Palin yesterday.
    I cannot support that kind of censorship and and am surprised that a company that deals with books, information and authors either agreed to this request by Ms. Palin or decided to this on your own.
    I will not be buying books published by Harper Collins and will be informing Mr. Rollins of my decision and the reason why.
    Will also be encouraging my friends to do the same.

    • Diane, that is great. But unfortunately Harper Collins is owned by Rupert Murdoch of Fox News fame. So I am absolutely sure that he could care less. But of course it’s worth a try.
      A friend of mine who is a publicist said that Murdoch would love the publicity and attention.

  23. Looking forward to watching you discuss it with Olbermann 😉

  24. HA! GOOD Smackdown.. Sister deserves all she gets and more… to hear Gryphen’s description of the event (as ittle as he saw) it’s probably a good thing you decided your hair issue was more important !!


  25. We all know why Gryphen was banned: Queen Sarah is mad because he is close to finding the facts surrounding the actual parentage of the child Trig, the truth of which the ex-governor-in-name-only is trying so desperately to hide. Eventually Gryphen will bring his case to the public, and it will be irrefutable. You can\’t run Sarah!

  26. Hey Dawn, Well you said you’d do it & you did. I wish a couple hundred more would have joined you.
    I’ve always wanted to visit Alaska, if I ever get the chance can I look you up to shake your hand & give you a huge hug?
    You have more ‘balls’ than most!!
    Way to be a real American!

    • I wish there were more too but it was a workday& the event was held in Wasilla, about 1 hr from Anchorage. Also, people are afraid of being seen being demonstative & some are afraid of being ridiculed or just afraid of Palin. I’m retired so no excuses. It is my responsibility as a citizen to guard against usurpation of our rights. I’m really serious about that & when I taught I always stressed to kids, no matter the grade, they had to protect their rights by being involved, no couch potato complaining. I marched with King & went to Vietnam. No, I’m not afraid. I am worried tho that many out there just don’t get it (in the broad sense) & are either too lazy or too tired to participate in the politics of their own governance. Now, that’s scary; the sheeple that march like drones following a soundbite. So, I do what I do & hope. Sure, visit Alaska ! A handshake & a tale or 2 over coffee sounds good. Have a good new year.

      • I would love you to teach my children. We need more people like you, especially teaching.
        Bravo to you, Dawn!

  27. Dawn, I remember meeting you and your LIAR shirt at SP’s Quitter Picnic last summer. I love it that you infiltrated the signing. Good work.

  28. “I guess “Real Alaskans” aren’t allowed near an “author” who once asked a librarian if she’d ban books. Oh, the irony…or is it ion-ry…either way, I’ve been Palibanned!” LOL

    Hope the words “ion-ry” and “Palibanned” makes the Urban Dictionary list

  29. Dawn, you are a fine brave lady and I salute you! I hope your family and children are proud of you and the example you have set for them. If I lived in Alaska, I would have been there with you! Good on you. Big hugs.


  30. ADN story is now open to comments. Dawn should clarify their claim of “only signs in sight had to do with conservative causes or Christmas.”

  31. Great story again Shannyn. Left a comment on the Huffpo thread as well. Good visual there… ” train-wreck chasers “… Yes.. ” Suck it Up Buttercup “.

    I posted on Mudflats in AKM’s story with more info about repercussions and fallout from this hissy-fit temper tantrum she pulled.
    My question : Wouldn’t the Washington Speakers Bureau have ‘ rules or guidelines ‘ that it’s members must abide by..? Do you know..?

    What organization (WSB ) would want to be linked with and promote this kind of behavior. WSB should be asked for a response… she is a Member there. Would they cancel her membership?? Shows the type of people THEY pal-around-with. email them folks.

    • The Washington Speakers Bureau has not posted $arah’s fee schedule, but this description is offered: [QUEASY TUMMIES ALERT]

      About Sarah Palin

      Known for the meteoric rise that captured the hearts and minds of a global audience, Sarah Palin is a groundbreaker who speaks on her vision for energy independence, national security, fiscal responsibility, health care and small government.

      Sarah Palin is a trailblazer who understands the challenge of overcoming adversity on both a personal and professional level. Rising from small-town origins to become a dominant figure on the national scene, she served as the first female governor of Alaska and was the first woman nominated for vice president from the Republican Party. Palin is a fearless, resilient and independent voice who stands firm by the principles and values for which she holds dear. Whether working to protect taxpayers from wasteful spending or advancing the cause of special-needs children, Palin speaks passionately on her experiences confronting the issues of our time. She encourages audiences to look to the future and challenges leaders to do more to support our troops, responsibly develop domestic resources, rein in spending and shrink government while creating a fiscally responsible health care model that benefits all Americans. A powerful, no-nonsense voice for principles and reform, her memoir Going Rogue: An American Life was published in November, 2009 and was an immediate best seller. “

      • “Trailblazer” my a$$. The only trail she’s blazing is straight to her bank account.
        The only way she overcomes “adversity” is by lying and throwing people she’s used up under the bus. “Fearless”, yeh, right, she bans people who she is afraid of. She has no principles and values to speak of. It’s all a crock of sh*t.

        • You sure got it right Lonnie! And now she’s back on her Death Panel fear mongering. She just keep the lies coming.

      • What the hell kind of ‘adversity’ did Palin have to overcome?
        She grew up at least middle class. She is white. She has been given everything she ever stomped her feet for on a silver platter. She’s gotten away with breaking the law, God only knows how many times.
        She intimidates and threatens people she doesn’t like or who don’t agree with her.
        Where was/is the adversity??
        I could show her some real freakin adversity.

  32. Dawn, so brave of you.

    ADN has this :
    “The only signs in sight had to do with conservative causes or Christmas. Representatives of Alaskans for Parental Rights — a new group trying to get parental consent for abortion on the statewide ballot next year — trolled the crowd for petition signatures.”

    So obviously, only negative Palin signs were forbidden. All conservative signs Ok. If that is not a warning to SP’s agenda….

  33. Dawn – You are a lady after my own heart! I wish I could have been there with you!

    Now. Who can we contact at the Wasilla-bankrupting sports facility to protest the sub-human treatment of Dawn? I’d really like to know.

  34. Bitter

    She keeps adding to her resume 😀

  35. Dawn .. good job.

    Thanks for taking the time to share this story, I hope it goes viral, and I plan to use if on my own blog, if that’s ok?

    There must be many others who were banned or silenced.

    I guess “Don’t ever sit down and let others tell you to shut up” ONLY applies to Sarah!

    I can’t wait to see how this all plays out!

    • Of course, Archivist, USE AWAY! Let the truth about Palin get out there. Thanks.

  36. Hey Shannyn, your post on this is more than excellent. And I thought I had Palin fatigue!

    Dawn, bless your heart and I’m so sorry your signs got destroyed but very glad you got to show, by your shirt, how you feel.

    Let this be a reminder to us all of the clear and present danger should Sarah Palin serve (with her “servant’s heart) in any elected capacity again, even dogcatcher. She’d probably be stealing dogs from yards and tearing down the resulting “Missing” posters from telephone poles.

  37. Dawn, you are a true American who dares to exercise their right to protest. Something needs to be done about the Wasilla PD along with Palin.
    I’ll be exercising my right to protest as well, if only in a different venue.

  38. Dawn this Canadian commends you. You did a fantastic job. I am so sorry you were treated so hatefully by an abusive Security guard…working for the nasty, lying Sarah Palin.

  39. Perplexing, yet interesting, thoughs:.

    1) You had to BUY a book at the signing in order to get it signed.

    2) News reports on the ‘event’ state that a bookseller brought 1000 books to the arena, but only sold 1/3 of them. That’s around 333 books per my, old-fashioned, traditional, non-calculator based math.

    3) So, how were there 1000 people getting books signed?

    Inquiring minds want to know…

    • PepperzMom:
      I hope you don’t mind, I paraphrased your good questions in a post on the ADN site, which is finally open for comment. BTW, the comments are overwhelmingly negative.

      You’re right the numbers don’t add and the ADN story omits any mention of the H1N1 event held there at the same time. So it’s likely that the book-signing attendance was puffed by a factor of three. Great catch!

      (The Editor claims that their moderating function was down earlier today, and they didn’t dare open a thread on La Palin without it, given the ‘nature of the comments’ they could expect. The Palin-bashers are SO awful! You should just all hang your heads in shame.)

      • No problem on the re-post.

        Sorry to be so late – holiday fatigue finally abating.

  40. Oh the ionry, indeed! People are scribbling her name in her book, and selling them at a markup on the streets of NY, craig’s list, and Ebay, and they do nada, zip, zilch. A few bloggers show up, and they’re blacklisted. Maybe if they wore McCain visors blacked out with sharpie, they would have made it through security!

    Thanks Dawn! And Thank You Shannyn, for letting the quitter know that people aren’t thinking of her as often as she does.

  41. I bet the fourth banned person is Andrew Halcro.

    • I think she’s lying. I bet she has a long hate list and if Katie Couric showed up I bet she would have been banned as well.

  42. Gosh I wish Levi would come forth with that information that could bring the Wicked Witch of Wasilla down for good!

  43. Shannyn, this gave me a good and much needed laugh:

    “In “Real Alaska,” the tea bagger capitol and Palin’s hometown, there were more people shopping at Wal*Mart.”

    Given the just-before-Christmas mob reported there the last couple of days, I’d say you are easily right.

    Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel has a good idea – you could raise some good money for a good cause with another copy of GR autographed by the Under-The-Bus Gang. I’d certainly bid on a copy with those signatures, but wouldn’t pay a dime for a copy of it otherwise.

    Dawn, I admire your courage and determination.

  44. She’s tacky tabloid news…….on the Star mag and Globe. how famous……

  45. Honest to Gawd, you have Palin who bans bloggers, and the ADN who bans public comments.

    What a disgusting excuse for a newspaper. Compare the ADN to “The State”…the newspaper that broke the Sanford story and got his email…and then published them.

    Why is the ADN still covering for Palin? Not only do they NOT do any investigative journalism, they ban public comments to shield Palin from negative press.

    That’s a story that needs to be explored.

  46. Update Th. am, the ADN’s comment line on this story is still overwhelmingly negative. One writer reported what was done to Dawn and her signs by that rent-a-thug, was standing nearby and saw it all.
    Playing this story as a puff piece has backfired on them, quite badly.
    So Merry Christmas, everyone.

  47. Just did a count. In the top eight pages of comments on the ADN site, 37 critical of Palin and the event, just 9 in favor, and a post by the editor.

  48. John Marshall has a bit of a tidbit about who the Banned List came from:

    From TalkingPointsMemo:

    I’m not a Christmas celebrator. But I’m appreciating this little Xmas Eve gift. Remember how those three Alaska journalists got booted from the Wasilla, Alaska Palin book tour event on Tuesday after they were placed on special Palin “banned list”? Well, we got to the bottom of it. It turns out the list was authored by none other than Todd Palin, Palin’s husband-cum-enemies list enforcer.

    –Josh Marshall

  49. Even more gutlessness from the ADN: I just checked, again their story re. the Liar of the Year award.
    Still no comments line open on that one.
    Slap yer foreheads everyone!

  50. Un-friggen-believable….What is it gonna take before she stops? Honestly,,,she’s like “Michael” in Halloween or some crazy horror film monster that won’t die…How in Gods good name do you take a sign away from someone in a walker at a public event????How in the hell does she sleep at night???

    • “How in the hell does she sleep at night???”

      I think that is the #1 question for 2009. If only someone would ask Sarah that exact question and tell her WE ALL WANT TO KNOW.

  51. My Goodness, that’s such an EVIL looking picture of Sarah. It really does capture her true inner beauty, doesn’t it?

  52. One final checkin: a comment posted on the ADN story linked to a stringer who was there, and saw that only folks who bought books right there were allowed up to see SP.
    So the total ‘attendance’ was just one-third what the ADN reported. They also missed the sign-grabbing and also the H1N1 clinic, which drew most of the bodies in the center that day.
    Discredited sloppy puff-piece journo at its worst!
    Happy New Year!

  53. That was one great post! LOL!
    You are too smart to be near a Palin or one of their bots. I hope their ignorance isn’t contagious as to the people who were there for something other than Palin’s pack of putrid lies.

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