Posted by: shannynmoore | December 30, 2009

Palibanned Per Todd Palin

Sarah Palin’s Wasilla book signing had a few rules.  “Per Todd Palin”, three of us were banned.  “Public servants” in their police uniforms at a “public event” in a “public building” had a list of “public citizens” not allowed in.  For what it’s worth, I was an hour away, prepping for my television show.  I wasn’t even there!  Nor did I have any plans to show up for someone signing a book she didn’t write, that is chock-full of open and transparent lies!

That said, I was thrilled when I was given a copy of a list at a Christmas Party in Wasilla.  There it was in print.  What exactly did they think we would do? Throw tomatoes? Unlikely, Alaskans are much too frugal about produce in December.  The next morning, Dennis Zaki and Gryphen came over to take a look themselves.  Thanks again to the Wasilla resident who scored a copy and thought to bring it to me.

Poor Todd.  It must have killed him to put Dennis Zaki on a banned list.  You see, back in the day, the former shadow governor felt free to call Dennis and give him tips on Trooper Wooten’s snowmachine activities and information regarding a possible federal investigation into Republican Senate President Lyda Green’s home-information which was fabricated in a poor attempt to hurt Sarah Palin’s chief nemesis.  At the 2008 Governor’s picnic, Todd went on for fifteen minutes explaining his former brother-in-law’s unsavory activities to Zaki.

I’m not sure what Todd didn’t want us to see.  All the people getting their H1N1 vaccinations? Or maybe the Obama/Hitler pamphlets being handed out?  Whatever it could have been, it wouldn’t have been as big a deal as censorship.  Yet another example of “open and transparent” by Sarah Palin.



  1. Toads arrogance is absolutely amazing!

  2. Toads a Coward.

  3. Congratulations again Shannyn on having the honor of being on Palin’s Enemies list! “They are not welcome by the family and this is a private rental of the facility with a public invite and access limited list provided by the renters”! I guess they changed their mind about it being all about protecting you. Toad must have pointed Gryphen out because he is not on the list but as you recall was escorted out before Dennis, and was not even allowed to wait on him to come out. Geez, can we say paranoid?

  4. Gestapo tactics by the secessionists aka Sarah and Todd Palin. These are the actions of people who have lots to hide. Lots.

  5. Ok Shannyn: I am really getting tired of asking this question, but again I MUST! Did Todd not know that the resignation speech he hurriedly returned home from fishing for meant that she QUIT? Why are the instructions for the booksigning for a Governor Sarah Palin? Why is she still being called Governor? Why?

  6. ” What were THEY afraid of you seeing ?” That one is easy Shannyn. To use an old analogy … “Todd & Sarah’s ‘ dirty laundry ‘ hanging on the line “. THAT would be Tawds ‘Friends ‘ at those sign-up tables I would presume. And WHERE was the table for his AIP friends..?
    Like daisydem noted as well… I guess it STILL has not sunk in that she QUIT as Gov….Did they NOT get the memo?… or the Loons howling..?

    I’m also thinking that once Tawd ( climbed down off the roof ) saw this as an opportunity to flex his muscles and try to prove to everyone that Sarah does NOT wear the pants in the family.
    ” First Dud “??…. YES she does. Go back to baby-sitting and being the School bus driver for Willow.

  7. I guess Todd Palin thought it was a safe bet that Katie Couric wasn’t around.

    Todd Palin, you are a coward and a bully.

  8. where is Gryphen listed as denied?

  9. I hear Stalin got his start this way.

    How could anyone who claims to be a leader NOT look ahead far enough to see this coming back to bite them on the a$$?

  10. Wasn’t Harper Collins the renter of that area? So, you guys were banned by Harper Collins at the request of the family.

    Well, I am banning Harper Collins books from my home for good.

    Thanks, Shannyn. Oh, I really enjoyed watching your show over at Gryphen’s blog. That guy running for governor, I really liked him. Keep up the good work, you are doing a marvelous job!

  11. 16% of Americans list Hillary Clinton in a Gallup poll as the woman they most admire while FIFTEEN percent list Sarah Palin (see CNN Political Ticker). That is frickin scary!

    • Luckily that’s a very small sample of Americans. Most polls are.

      Unfortunately they seemed to have done the poll in western Pennsylvania, or perhaps in Arkansas or Colorado. Or perhaps all 3 places.

      I prefer compilation polls like you find at — not just Gallup, or CNN, or Bloomberg, or Rasmussen, but a cross section of several of them at any one time.

  12. Scarah and Toad are afraid of the big bad bloggers…cowards, hypocrites, liars, and frauds.

    Wow, shows you want kind of power you four obviously hold over the Palins…they are like puppets you can push and pull at whim.

    Poker face, Todd, Poker face….you can never and will never amount to anything other than the lackey husband of a sociopath.

  13. Not very bright. Not educated. Not successful. Married to a nut. I suppose this was his way of trying to feel like he’s ok. But he’s not.

  14. On the “banned” list at Wasilla book signing, THIS is how they spelled Andree’s name! Todd and Scarah, illiterate.
    “Andrea Mccleod”

  15. The Palins are proving themselves to be white trash with money. I was raised in a blue collar family often not far above the poverty level, but my parents taught me to value education, to live my life without bringing shame on them or myself, and to treat others with kindness and patience.

    What happened with them? They don’t seem to have a clue when it comes to basic decency, integrity, and humility.

    I feel so sorry for their children. The children of Todd and Sarah Palin are learning the wrong lessons about citizenship and what it is to be a hard-working, caring, decent human being. What a shame, what a waste.

    I wish they’d drop their mantle of faux religiousity and just try to be fair and kind. Their selfishness, their neurotic self-importance is bringing shame to their families, to themselves, to their state, and to our country.

    Our daughter just got back from a week in Paris. She was impressed with how well-behaved both parents and children were in public. She said she was almost shell-shocked by the contrast between how many Americans are behaving and how civilized the Europeans she met privately and observed in public were. We need to get back to civil behavior in this country. We are becoming a cartoon to the rest of the world.

    Palins: grow up and behave yourselves. If your parents failed to teach you the basics, get a book or get a tutor – but learn how to play nice and get along with others.

  16. The fact is that the Palins are bullies as are the Heaths. All bullies are cowards.

  17. I’d LOVE to see them BANNED from a public function. And if that were ever to happen you can just imagine the schreecing and screaming that would be coming out of the LYING PALINS.

  18. Hmmm, guess your “federal investigation” mention in July carries more weight with the Palin’s than does Gryphen’s “babygate” coverage?

  19. It really just p*sses me off (I do apologize for profanity) that this man and woman can get away with this.

    I do however praise the judge who denied the Paliban to keep their child custody hearing “private”.
    Can’t you find some way dear Shannyn to blog full coverage of the hearings?
    What better way to show support for Levi and blog, publish and put in print the full information of the entire hearing!

    Have a very Happy New Year Shannyn. I can’t wait for KARMA to make its mark on the Paliban.

  20. Todd and $arah are a reich wing wet dream.

  21. What a bunch of juveniles! An old friend and a chosen few bloggers get banned for what? They’re afraid of the contrast in intellect, poise, and grace will outshine the former Governor and the quasi “First Dude”.

    This just in…. Rush Limbaugh hospitalized for chest pains in Hawaii Guess he doesn’t read either, and blew a gasket when someone said the Obamas were vacationing there.

    • Yes that’s true about Rush. HP says he was rushed in an ambulance in serious condition too.

      • Thank heaven that so far nobody has posted a photo of Rush’s thighs!

        • The only thing worst would be a picture of Sarah’s thighs next to Rush’s thighs…a double dose of cottage cheese.

  22. Sheeeesh I bet Toad feels like a Dudchbag.
    What is it about Wasilly that makes people so stupid.

  23. Hey Shannyn – You should hold a mock court on your TV show – AKM maybe as the judge asking the ‘Banned Bunch’ (you, Zaki, McCleod & Griffin) – questions like “Why should we let you run around willy-nilly in Wasilla anyway?” or “Hey, is that a camera in your pocket Griff or are you just happy to see Sarah?” And then perhaps having everyone stand up and defend why they should have been allowed at the book signing 🙂

    That would be a fun show 🙂

  24. People are surprised that The Dud is unfamiliar with the US Constitution?? I mean, comeon… he is a hardcore secessionista member of the Alaska Independence Party. He wants to live in his own private Russia. One he can live in AT his house!!

    If I were you… I’d pop him in the kisser next time you see him. Give him a hanky, too.

    Hastings needs to resign, btw. As the de facto agent for the The Dud’s dirty work, he no longer deserves to collect a paycheck paid for by American taxpayers.

  25. Oh, and… someone ought to see if the palin got a preferential price on the facility rental. And who paid for the police presence? Was Putin popping his head up again?

  26. All I can say is WOW….they are a real piece of work.

    Congratulations on making the list Shannyn. I’d feel honored.

  27. Tawd has no power at home, he’s just his wife’s little lap dog so he has to try to show what a macho man he is by pushing bloggers and 19 year old kids around.

    It doesn’t work Dud. Some of us felt sympathy for you having to put up with the queen, but you’ve lost all respect by proving you’re nothing more than a bully puppet. There are always choices and you’ve made yours.

    Thanks Shannyn. Saturday’s show was another great one!

  28. My fondest wish for the new year is that Balin’ Palin, and her WHOLE family lose all relevance on this planet forever.

    Go away Palin’s, please go away. And take Rush Limpbaugh and his chest pains with ya. You betcha!!!

  29. don*t forget folks that harper/collins is owned by rupert murdoch the man who owns fox news.. all this fun for the celebrity sarah paid for by fox..

    what is she going to do after her Big signing is over? i bet fox bought half million books themselves just to make sales look good. its a thought.

    up here in canada, the book sits on the shelf and none are moving.. maybe when they discount to $
    2.00 .

    alll this will pass too.

    cheers, for a more intelligent 2010.

    • LOL! I was thinking the same when I checked our local Costco store – the same pile of books, with the same two books missing in the same spot for the last week at least…

  30. Canadian @ 06:50 today:
    I like your wish for a more intelligent 2010, but won’t hold my breath! It seems that ignorance can be contageous and spreading.
    Sauerkraut @9:26 yesterday evening:
    You have the same thoughts I had.. who paid for the “private” rental, an did the fee vary from the standard. Of course, the police presence should also be looked into, and inquiries be made as to
    established precedent.
    Dan, love your Pisces Equality avatar! Cool!
    Happy New Year! “Guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr”!
    May 2010 be a good one for all, Ing

    • I have questioned why police, and the military, with dogs, are offering security for a private citizen. HP just deletes my comments. Why was woman with walker turned away? Not just who is paying for this security, but why? She quit, and should not be entitled to this security. The military? The police? Yet, her father can stand by her bus and say very negative things about our president at Ft. Bragg, and nothing is done. I hope someone in Alaska will speak up and put a stop to this person whose only love is for herself, and money.

  31. First, thanks for all the great stuff you produced and fought for this year..Amazing and PLEASE keep it up..

    Second, what is it going to take for the rest of the media to finally wake up and realize that these clowns are truly spewing nothing but a bad load of hot dung – always have been – all of it is lies – and they keep doing it because it gets re-printed verbatim without being questioned??

    Rachel got it right on the money last night while driving a nail thru DICK’s forehead.. “Again, my friends and colleagues in the media have two choices in covering this. You can just copy down what the Republicans and Vice President Cheney are saying, and click “send,” call it journalism, or you can actually fact-check those comments and put them into context. Your choice. It’s your country. “

    • The people who parrot dickless cheney are the people who need to go on a hunting trip with him. …

  32. And re. that historical event and the ADN’s coverage . . . one commenter (a freelance stringer) who was there, wrote that no one was allowed into The Presence unless they purchased a book on-site, and that only about a third of the 1,000 books were sold.
    So the real attendance is confirmed at maybe 330 to 350, not the ‘1,000’ puffed by the ADN.
    Their reporter missed this, plus the rent-a-cop grabbing signs from folks, and the H1N1 clinic that most of the people in the center were really there for.
    And yes, banning people at a political event is chickenshit behavior. The First Dud is a clown.
    Keep the pressure on, Shannyn! Have a great New Year.

  33. […] 2. Banned blogger Shannyn Moore says she had no plans to attend. She also notes that Todd didn’t always hate Dennis Zaki: […]

  34. Winski @ 09:41
    Loved Rachel’s: “Your choice. It’s your country.”
    She is intelligent, articulate, and firstand foremost,
    I shall keep on keeping on, advertising her views!

  35. Amen, Winski, on Rachel Maddow’s commentary. She’s using her forum as well as any of us could hope for. She and Ed Schultz, and to a lesser degree Keith Olbermann, are the only ones I’ve seen on TV that bother to fact-check anything, and eschew the lame “well, we’ll leave it there” in favor of ASKING QUESTIONS!

  36. He looks all macho an’ stuff- but what a snipey lil’ wuss…..

    • The Dud looks macho in that pic? Hell’s bells but he looks alot like the dinner jacket from Iran in that shot.

  37. aww- lil’ bitch Sara hasn’t written her holiday sermon yet.

    Is she going to tell us all what a wonderful world it is- and how beautiful it’s all gonna be if we just pony up ?

  38. This is better than Nixon’s enemies list – I wish I knew how I could get on the list. Do you think she’s taking applications?

  39. what’s up with the title change on Huffington?

  40. Happy new year every one!

    Enjoy a laugh on RumpRoast:

    • That was awesome, baseheert!!! hahhahaa… made my year.

      • “Gosh” was that funny. Thanks for posting the link.

  41. This jaw-jutting scowl picture of Todd needs to be paired with the jaw-jutting scowl of Sarah which was taken on the podium with Cindy McCain but is often shown cropped.

  42. It’s sad that so many people still ‘think’ they admire this couple!

    • What happened to their divorce?

  43. Todd is a protective father and head of family. Why woudl anyone invite a pack of howling jackals to a event for Sarah? It is not a sign of cowardice to avoid drunks, rude louts, and obnoxious whiners. Happy New Year, and enjoy the elections of 2010 as a sign of a return to the future USA wants.

    • I don’t want a New Year lead by liars, cheaters, wimps and whiners. Continue to expose the Palins for what they are and thanks from the bottom of my heart.

      • Cheers, and keep your chin up! The year of the Tiger begins soon, and the slow of foot and dim of wit can enjoy their company in the tiger’s belly.

  44. If Sarah Palin becomes USA President then you have been warned of the Republikkkan Party plan for a totalitarian police state.

  45. Todd Palin……..King of Wassilla…..he speaks….police peasents obey……in this hillbilly serfdom.

    The valley trash have been “looking at Russia” too long…lol

  46. It is really sad that this Palin girl believes she speaks of all women in the USA. She is destoying what many woman have worked many years for to be heard, to be equals, to choose for ourselves, and to be respected. Instead she makes it as all women are stupid airhead above our head when she speaks. GROW UP SARA PALIN! You are no longer in high school.

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